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Just Like You

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“No, no, no.” The blonde in front of you shook her head. “Dean doesn’t do laundry. He makes Sam do it!” She stated with a smug grin. You let out a small huff feeling a small anger bubbling in you.

“I’m telling you. Dean’s soft on the inside! Just look at how he was with Lisa!” You said it fairly loud. The men in the booth in front of you heard. They froze in their seats. The taller one gave the shorter a sympathetic look.

“Okay- okay…I get that but Lisa was probably just a one time thing,” The blonde shrugged opening up a straw and stabbing it into her glass of water. “I get that he did stay with them but if he knew Sam was alive then he would’ve went with him. Plus Dean was just using her for s-” A loud bang caused both girls to jump in the booth. The entire diner went silent.

“Sorry.” A male voice came through. It was coated with anger and he no doubt talked through his teeth. The diner went back to it’s busy state and your friend went back to talking.

“Anyways enough about these stupid books. So my boyfrie-” She continued to speak but at that point you stopped listening. Of course you did listen to her sometimes but most of the time you spaced off ignoring her speech. Your favorite book series ended abruptly without an explanation. Some said that the author died, some say he didn’t want to write anymore, some say he demanded more money. None sounded like him. “-and he has the audacity to tell me that I’m the one with the attitude! You think I’m right, right?”

You look over at her with a bored expression. Instead of answering with words you just nodded. She opened her mouth to rant once again but her phone started to buzz on the table. Her eyes immediately landed on it. A smile forming on her lips.

“Sorry, Y/n we can catch up later.” Your friend stands, bag already on her shoulder. She swipes her phone from the table and walks off without another word. This tended to happen often though you thought it was normal.

“Alone again…” You mutter leaning back in the worn out seat. Neither of you ordered anything except water considering you two were going to catch up. Your water sat on the table still full. Maybe if you waited long enough the ice would melt and let the water overflow.

“Hey, couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.” The man that the voice belongs to slides in the seat where your friend once sat. A taller man slips in next to him. They wear flannel…many…many layers of flannel and jackets. You look at them both prepared to get out of the booth and run. “We’re fans of the book.” He adds seeing your uneasiness.

“Yeah. I like Sam more. Dean’s an idiot.” The taller man speaks earning a hit under the table from the other. You raise a brow leaning forward to rest your elbows on the table.

“Dean is not an idiot.” You defend. Even if you didn’t know them personally it felt like you did. The books related to you in more ways than one. Not that you actually killed monsters but their other struggles.

“What makes you say that? I mean the things he’s done-” You cut off the taller man by putting up a hand.

“The things he did were for good. If he didn’t do them then who knows what would happen. I want to be just like Dean. Even if his brother does get mad at him, Sam knows what Dean does is for the greater good.” You explain feeling the green eyed man staring at you.

“Yeah. No. You don’t want to be like Dean.” The shorter man scoffs shaking his head.

“Yeah I do. Flaws and all. He’s not supposed to be perfect, if he was I probably wouldn’t want to be like him.” You lean back once again. Your eyes flick between the two men. They did seem like they dressed like Sam and Dean. They were fans so why not. “He’s perfect in my mind. Even if he did make mistakes, I want to be just like him.” The two men look at each other. One wearing a shocked expression while the other gives a sympathetic one. You decided to continue your rant. “He’s my hero you could say.”

“I’m no- Dean…is no one’s hero.” The green eyed man shakes his head. You look over at him locking eyes with him.

“I relate to him. I know it wasn’t said in the books but I’m almost positive John hurt Dean. My mom- she…well anyways.” You quickly change the subject remembering these are strangers. “He helped me through tough times. That’s why he’s my hero.” You break eye contact with the man. They stay silent for what seems like hours. One clears his throats but you stare at the table.

“Well…we should go.” You can hear them slide out of the seat. It was maybe two minutes before you felt a hand on your shoulder. You jumped looking up meeting those green eyes.

“By the way. I do the laundry most of the time.” He gives you a wink before walking off. You sit there frozen. They aren’t real- are they?

Don’t You Remember (All I Ask part 3)

 Characters: Dean X Reader

Summary: You knew Dean many years ago during high school. Suddenly, he shows up when you least expect it.

All I Ask (part one) When We Were Young (All I Ask part 2)

Here we are! Part three of All I Ask. My brief hiatus from Tumblr prevented me from posting it for so long. I hope you like it <3 

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All Bets Are Off

Requested by anon: Reader and Dean make a bet over a Supernatural video game. Reader wins a steamy night with Dean.

Word Count: 1700+

Warning: smut

“Dean! Dean, get out here!” You couldn’t hide the laughter in your voice as it echoed through the bunker. You looked at Sam, who was opening the item you had purchased at the store, the item that had caused your excitement.

Dean hurried in the room, hunter instincts making him slightly concerned at being called so urgently, even if you didn’t sound scared. “What? What is it?” He looked at both you and Sam, and you could almost mentally hear him assuring himself that the two of you were safe.

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I let out an undignified squeal of happiness when I finally got my commission from consulting-cannibal, it’s fanart of my favorite fanfic, If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

Thank you so much!!!! I really liked it and I didn’t get a chance to upload it since I was really absorbed in this fic that I couldn’t tear my eyes from. 

It really means a lot. 

Children Issues

► Summary: The Winchesters and a spell which make them behave as a five year old children. So funny for the reader.

► Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean and Castiel

►  Word Count: 1,138

► Warnings: None

► A/N:  Writting this for  “Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge” created by @one-shots-supernatural. The prompt for this week was: “Be quiet, they’ll hear you”. Hope you all enjoy it! :3

“Castiel, what the hell…?”

When you arrived to your apartment the last thing you expected to see was Castiel running after the two Winchesters, who were running and laughing trying to escape from the angel.

“Y/N!” Both Dean and Sam ran towards you and started to fight to see who hugged you first.

“She loves me more Sam, leave us alone!”

“Y/N tell him that’s not true!”

“It is Sam, accept it”

“No it’s not!” Sam said almost crying.

“Okay guys you need to stop! What the hell is going on here?”

“You shouldn’t say those things…” Sam nagged.

“Why do you have to be so perfect all the time?” Dean tried to annoy his brother.

“All right, that’s enough guys! You Dean go and sit on the kitchen without moving and Sam, same to you but you’re staying on the living room!”

Both of the brothers obeyed, leaving you alone with Castiel.

“I’m so sorry Y/N but your apartment was the best place I could think about to bring them”

“It’s okay Cas but… What happened? Why are they behaving like two kids?”

“Do you remember the witch we were after to?”

“Oh God… Let me guess, she threw a spell to them and now they’re acting like… what? Five year old kids?” Castiel sighed and nodded. “Perfect… Okay so… seeing that you’re not very good at kids I’ll take care of them while you search for a way to remove this nightmarish spell.”

“Are you sure you can handle them two by yourself?”

“Yes” You smiled “Just go, we’ll be fine”


Two hours after the two of the kids were sleeping.

It was really a nightmare; they spent the whole two hours bothering each other, insulting each other, making a mess of your apartment…

That was the last thing you need those days. You were a hunter but you didn’t want to quite from college life on the last year and psychology was something you really liked; besides it was useful even for some hunts.

Those days you were having the last exams of the year and two unruly kids were not the best company that you and your stressed head could have.

You ended trying to sleep in your sofa because they didn’t want to share room or bed, they were mad at each other. Sam was mad at Dean because his elder brother ate his dessert and Dean was mad at Sam because he messed with his leather jacket. Then the Where do we sleep argument arrived. Both of them wanted to sleep in your king-size bed instead of the individual bed your guest room had.

After a rock, paper, scissor game Sam was sleeping in your bedroom and Dean on the guest room, leaving the sofa to you. You had slept there a few times, but you were drunk and you didn’t feel how uncomfortable it was then.

You were about to fall asleep when you heard some moaning from the guest room.

Dean was writhing on the bed when you came in.

“Dean. Hey, Dean”

“Don’t touch my pie!” His eyes opened when the nightmare he was probably having ended “Oh Y/N” he hugged you while he was whispering some things you couldn’t understand.

“Dean… What happens?”

“Shhh! Be quiet, they’ll hear you

“Who is going to hear me?” You asked whispering like him.

“The gnomes”


“They want to steal my pies, they can’t steal my pies and they’re mine!”

“Honey… no evil gnome is stealing your pies”

“How do you know it?”

“I’m going to make sure of it; no one is touching your pies”

“I could have them for breakfast?”

“Just if you relax and sleep, you need to get some rest okay? And obey when I say something or when Castiel does. Clear?” He nodded

“Is Castiel mad at me?” he asked pouting

“No honey, he’s not, but he’s an adult and you have to do what he says, okay?” he nodded again “Now try to sleep and forget about the gnomes, would you do that?” He nodded again but with a smile on his face.

“Thanks” he hugged you tighter and kissed your cheek

“Goodnight Dean”

You were about to scream when you got back to the living room and Castiel appeared just in front of you.

“For God’s sake Cas! Personal space, remember?”

“Oh yes… Sorry” His face made you know that he wasn’t bringing good news at all.

“What it is?”

“There’s no way to remove the spell”

“What!? Please tell me you’re kidding me…” He shook his head

“The spell will run out in a few days, if we’re lucky, maybe hours”

“Okay, just a few days… Just a few days…”

“You need me to do something else?”

“Actually… yes. First of all we need to find that witch and… I’m needing someone to take care of him tomorrow morning while I do my exam”

“Sure, I’ll be here at first in the morning”

“Thank you Cas” You smile sweetly “Oh and… If you could bring some pie tomorrow… It would be amazing”

“Pie?” You answered him with just your stare “Dean” You nodded “Okay, I got it”

“Thanks Cas…” You said when he was already gone. “Now my dear sofa, I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but please… I need some rest”

But that night sleeping perhaps would be more difficult than you thought…

“Y/N…” You heard Sam’s voice by your side. You opened one eye and find his face inches from yours, which made your face gone violently red. “I had a nightmare…” With both of your eyes opened you could see tears were about to fall from his.

“Sweetheart it was just a nightmare…”

“But it was horrible!” he cried resting his head on your lap and hugging your legs

“What did you dream?”

“You died on a hunt… I don’t want anything bad happening to you”

“Oh no…” You started to stroke his hair “Nothing’s gonna happen to me. I’m staying here for so many years” you could feel that he was still shaking.

“Would you please sleep with me?”

“Sam… Maybe you should sleep by yourself to face your fears and…”

“Please, please, please, just for tonight…”

Again with that puppy face, who could say no to that face?


You tried to stay on your side on the bed, but Sam’s shaking body insisted on being as close to you as possible. Okay, he had the mind of a kid but the body was still the Sam’s body you knew and let’s be honest it was a hot body.

His head rested on your chest while his arms wrapped your waist.

“You feeling better?”

“Yes… Thank you Y/N”

“Not at all. Now have some rest”

They were going to be a few long days…

His loss, Dean’s gain

Dean kept his eyes on the guy as he walked towards the bar. He took the seat next to the guy but the man didn’t look up. Dean took a breath and opened his mouth.

“Are you celebrating something?” Dean asked with a grin and the man quickly looked up to him before looking back down to his drink and shaking his head with a chuckle.

“If the situation was different I would be. And I wouldn’t be doing it alone.” The man said and looked right in front of himself as he took a sip of his drink.

“What do you mean?” Dean asked a little confused. The man put his glass back down on the bar and looked down to it for a moment before he turned to look at Dean.

“I got proposed today.” The man said.

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“Fool Me Once, Don’t Cheat on Me Twice“ - Some Thoughts on Demon!Dean and the Influence of the Darkness

I found myself thinking about Demon!Dean today and with that also about early S10 and I realized finally why the “Liason Amoreux” Mindy Morris had and because of which Lester Morris sold his soul was expositioned and re-emphasized throughout the season again and again.

And I realized it actually had not so much to do with Sam going to really dark places (while remaining completely human) to find his brother, but it served as a really interesting small side story heavily relevant as a parallel for the myth arc of S11.

It was never entirely in detail solved or explained how much of Demon!Dean was pure Dean id and how much of his erratic behaviour was amplified and driven by the mark and, in extension as we now know, the Darkness. Crowley of course always emphasized that “the mark needed to be sated” and Dean himself in 10x03 “Soul Survivor” said that “he’s got a hell of a lot more running through him than just demon juice”. So I suppose he was to a good extent influenced by its powers and that, I think, showed extremely well when he killed Lester, the client.

We know that Dean even as a demon had his morals (even if a few shades darker) and still stood up for those who were being mistreated, simply because that is just something so very very Dean, to stand up for those who have been hurt and have suffered because of others. That is why to me it was never, not once, surprising that Dean would opt to protect Ann Marie (even if going completely too far there) or kill Lester either. Now though with S11 almost over, I cannot help but see an interesting pattern here, that I think not only may perfectly capture why Dean was the perfect person to carry the mark and so receptive to the Darkness’ powers (because he stood up for women mistreated by men), but could also show that in these instances Dean was further influenced by the Darkness. Because if you get right down to it, these women and their stories have a lot in common with the Darkness and her story of betrayal in which love always played a MAJOR part (which is why imo it would still make most sense if God stole love from the Darkness or sth as I said a few times before).

Just last week I wrote a long piece on God and the Darkness in relation to 10x16 “Paint It Black” and Isabella’s story. Now I realize though, that the pattern that Dean made out back then

has been an important one when Demon!Dean - heavily in the hold of the Darkness’ powers - killed too. And you know why this is important to remember?

Because those stories, the people Dean stood up for as a Demon!Dean, share Amara’s/The Darkness’ story. Take Mindy Morris who Dean was sent to kill, but didn’t kill. She was only messing around with a lover after she had caught her husband cheating on her first. Meaning she was betrayed in her love first. Likewise it seems Matt did not treat Ann Marie any better either. They sure had issues. Of course we don’t know of what sort, but it seems they had been in a romantic relationship until Matt had done something to cause Ann Marie to walk away.

In both these examples Dean sided with the women. And in Mindy Morris’ case he even decided to kill the client instead of her. Nevermind also right after he told him that “for men it’s different”, that it’s “evolution”, that they’d have to “spread their seed” and couldn’t be held accountable for screwing around with other women than his wife.

Isn’t that fitting that the Darkness would feel bound to empathize with both women and have Dean opt to kill the one who did the damage? I think it would make perfect sense as she was betrayed too and then locked away. All kinds of telling then isn’t it? That “after heated words were spoken” Mindy filed a divorce and demanded half of everything Lester and her owned (which drove Lester to make a deal). I find that very reminsicent of the Darkness, who was stolen something vital (love/light) by her brother so he could form creation (so there would be “evolution”) and then locked her away, because he didn’t want to share but have the universe all for himself even though he was the one to have fucked up first. No wonder then that Amara/the Darkness after being freed after eons wants EVERYTHING as she “was the beginning and will be the end” (all the endverse feels for S12), because that’s what she says is what “she deserves”.

Almost ironic, isn’t it to see Mindy and Lester Morris’ story here? Because in the end there too, Mindy who was betrayed and would have been okay with only 50 percent of their estate (much like Amara in the beginning just wanted to speak to her brother but had no issues with his chosen and only is driven to more and more drastic measures because he keeps ignoring her) ended up being the one still alive, even though her husband wanted her dead, and also - since Lester then was killed by Demon!Dean - is the one left not just with 50 percent, but actually ALL of their estate. Just saying…


I knew that Destiel (as well as other fandoms) exist. I decided to explore it. I have just one question.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Dean (omg, he’s so perfect) and Castiel… But if you think about that, they would never work as a couple. They are like Robin and Ted. Perfect friendship, but as couple they just don’t fit. Don’t hate me, please.