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Television: A joke about TV.

The Flash scales ten spots to No. 7 after the debut of its musical episode.
RuPaul’s Drag Race (No. 12) lip syncs for its life and returns for the first time since October.

Movies: Something witty about film.

☆ We see London, we see France, we see Captain Underpants debut at No. 6.
⬇︎ The excitement behind The Lego Batman Movie (No. 14) is crumbling like so many neglected Lego structures.

Music: Referencing one or both entities below.

Gorillaz made a giant, silverback seventeen-rank jump to No. 1.
☆ Last week, Tumblr mourned the fourth anniversary of My Chemical Romance’s (No. 12) disbanding.

Celebrities: Famous people are regular, like us.

Meryl Streep returns to No. 8. Sing it out loud if you know why.  
Darren Criss is back at No. 17 thanks to The Flash.

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Games: Observational humor surrounding video games.

Splatoon 2 debuts at No. 18 after a Global Testfire took place over the weekend.
⬇︎ The sun has nearly set on Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s hanging in at No. 20.

Web stuff: The last section.

The Adventure Zone hopped up to No. 1 after the newest episode was released.
⬇︎ JonTron, seemingly intent on saying the most offensive thing at any given time, falls ten to No. 13.


[Tumblr’s Top Ten Heartbreaking Moments] - #9 Harry First Sees His Dad

I open at the close…

Too Late [a Sebastian Smythe/Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Sebastian Smythe and Barry Allen crossover in which Team Flash wants Barry to admit his feelings for reader already so they brought a doppleganger(seb) to make him jealous.Turns out seb falls for reader too.

a/n: idk guys i needed a glee crossover to prepare for my bday and darren criss…

“Who is this guy and why does he look exactly like Barry?” you immediately ask when you enter the Cortex, eyes wide as you take in his appearance. His tan sweater is pulled over a white polo, both collars popped up like a guy from an old movie. You carefully circle around him, cocking an eyebrow, “Or did Barry get an upgrade or, like, I don’t know, get hit with a confidence gun? I’m lost?”

‘Barry’ scoffs, folding his arms over his chest. “Yeah, I don’t think so. Upgrade? Maybe in some other timeline.” he sneers, looking you up and down; you pull at your striped black sweater. “I’m Sebastian Smythe, Barry’s cousin.” he introduces himself, tilting his head. “And you are? Well, besides super hot.” he smirks, green eyes glimmering playfully.

You bite your lip, feeling your cheeks heat up like a campfire. Damn, he’s so forward, almost the complete opposite of Barry. “I’m Y/N.” you say brightly, readjusting your brown messenger bag on your shoulder.

Smirking, Sebastian comes closer to you, unfolding his arms and letting them hang loosely at hs sides, fingertips hitting his blue jeans. He pouts, squaring his shoulders, “Why does Barry get all the cute ones? Everyone in Ohio is…yikes.” he grimaces, making you giggle. “Huh. That is definitely a sound I could get used to…” he compliments, grinning wickedly at your pink face. “Pretty, smart, if you can sing, you’ll give me a run for my money-”

“Sebastian!” the speedster fumes in a warning tone, plucking off his gloves. Sebastian rolls his eyes, spinning on his heel to face his cousin. “Why must you…you be a flirt?!” Barry huffs, frowning; Seb tries not to laugh, folding his arms. Okay, so maybe Barry needs to work on his insults… “Sorry about him, Y/N. I…he…just showed up…” he mumbles awkwardly.

When you open your mouth, Sebastian scoffs. “Look, Wonder Boy, not my fault Y/N is hot as fuck.” he says nonchalantly; you look down bashfully. “It’s not like you’re gonna make a move anytime soon either.” he shrugs, scrunching his face. “I think you should just go back to what you do best, saving people,” he nods mockingly, “and leave the dating thing to me, cus.”

Cisco presses his fist to his mouth, brown eyes wide, awaiting Barry’s response. The speedster clenches his hands at his sides, face turning bright red like his suit. “You can’t just come here and start flirting with people I like!” he fumes, setting his jaw while he glares.

You look between the two, lips set in a perfect ‘O’ shape, fingers playing with the end of your striped sweater. Damn, two guys are fighting over you! Two cousins! Sebastian spins on his heel, leaning to your level, placing the side of his pale hand the corner of his mouth. “Go on a date with me.” he stage whispers, adding in a cheeky wink at the end.

Blushing, you nibble your bottom lip. Barry has had the chance to ask you out, but he never did… “Okay, Sebastian. On one condition.” you smirk, matching his. “You sing to me.”

A cheshire cat grin appears on his face and he crosses his arms, screwing up his tan sweater; his collar touches his jaw. “I never say no to showing off… Right, Barr?” Sebastian teases, peering over his shoulder. Barry inhales through his nose, storming into the medbay. For the fastest man alive, he always seems to be too late.


Lea Michele Reunited with Her Glee Co-Stars in NYC: Lea Michele talks to Jimmy about singing at former Glee co-star Darren Criss’ Elsie Fest and why she suddenly stopped performing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” during Glee’s tour.


When they say you can’t love
I think you’ve got it wrong
They say you can’t feel
With a heart made of steel
But you can’t say that steel ain’t strong
Well if that’s who you are,
Just a meaningless star in the sky
Tell me what is the meaning
Of what I am feeling if you are the reason why.

–Darren Criss (Tootsie Noodles: Starship: The Way I Do)

So I’m gonna be a totally tinhatter and I’m gonna to do this, because I’m masochist and I know it.

So we all know that Come What May has a deep meaning for two lovers who swear each other etarnal love, no matter what happens.

Come what may

I will love you

Until my dying day

We had this beautiful Klaine version of this song which brough us all the love that these two characters have for one another. But - always a but when it comes to these two - we not only had the love of Klaine, we had something much stronger, something that is at a much higher level, something that is so intimate that I myself am in embarrassment.

I always say that when Darren and Chris singing you hear all the feelings they have for one another. In each duet they sang this happens, but with CWM feels even more.

The same way I will love you / Until my dying day I sing, but they are shouting to each other.

They make love when they sing this song.

Darren yesterday said that one of his favorite performances is that of CWM. Among the numerous duets they did, why this? Perhaps because it hides a meaning so deep that it doesn’t know anyone but them. Perhaps because it celebrates exactly what their love, a forge ahead, always do it despite all the shit that they found on them every day, every mistake they make and overcome all obstacles that are in front of their street, the only thing matters is that they love and will do until the end of their days.

Even this embrace itself contains two of them. There isn’t the minimum space between them, all the parts of their bodies fit together exactly with each other. Darren’s nose of the crook of Chris neck and I’m sure he’s leaving him a kiss, and Chris kissing him back on his shoulder. They are so them that I could cry.

Darren said that he was touched to see how it later became the scene. And I want to picture them as well: in their tight embrace and perhaps with tears, because even if dressed by their characters, beating hearts and the words that were spoken were only them.

Now I’m gonna stop writing because I can’t

Why I’m looking forward to the SuperFlash crossover
  • DARREN CRISS. Enough said.
  • Melissa, Grant, and Darren know each other from glee
  • People finally showcasting Melissa’s voice some more, so that we get more of her voice apart from her glee songs
  • Same for Grant, tbh.
  • Speaking of glee: ZACH WOODLEE is the choreographer????
  • Grant, John, Darren, Victor, Carlos, Jeremy, and Jesse all have Broadway backgrounds (Grant for tour only)
  • Speaking of Broadway: PASEK AND PAUL wrote a song for this show
  • Carlos and Darren are both Starkids
  • (Yes, Carlos is a Starkid)
  • Darren played Harry Freakin Potter and Tom played Draco Malfroy so ‘holy Harry Potter’
  • There will be a song called Superfriends, which reminds me of Starkid’s Super Friends (I just love Starkid a lot)