why is danny not a series regular


As BTAS shifted into the New Batman Adventures, they updated several of their character designs to fit the more uniform style established in Superman: the Animated Series which would become more or less the standard all the way through to JLU.

Several of the changes go unexplained, The Penguin going from a more Danny Devito inspired look to a regular person, for example, isn’t really explained. Ditto the Joker loosing his lips and getting black eyes.

They do explain the change from Selina Kyle being blonde to brunette, and Poison Ivy from caucasian to having green/white skin, however. Cosmetic changes, but with DRAMA.

With Selina, we get a storyline about why she and Bruce are on the outs in TNBA, where it turned out that she actually dyed her hair, but stopped after she learned her brand was created a woman running an illegal animal testing lab.

The falling out occurred when, after Batman showed up to rescue the billionaire from Selina (and to inform her that her activities had been revealed to the press), the woman thought that it would be a good idea to kick one of the cats on the way out. This results in Selina clawing up her face, an act so horrible that this permanently ends the Selina/Bruce friendship apparently.

With Ivy though, the tie-in comics explanation actually is more widely tied into the changes she’d undergone in both BTAS, TNBA and the comics themselves. See, while Pamela started as a regular person but her continual self-experimentation first leads to her being immune to all poisons and toxins, then her seemingly turned into an actual plant-person like the ones she’d frequently been creating in vats in both shows.

Note my use of the word “seemingly“, it’s eventually revealed in the story the Flower Girl, that when Pam left Gotham for South America in the episode House and Garden, she never actually came back… And instead sent an unknowing plant duplicate back to Gotham to keep Harley company as she’s the only human connection Pam has.

So yeah, the reason for Ivy’s pigment change (and over-reliance in plantfolk) is because that wasn’t actually Ivy, as she’d gone to hang out with pre-Swamp Thing Alec Hammond in Louisana instead. Kind of makes sense that she’d make a friend for Harley though, this photo album was one of the few things Pam managed to save before fleeing in her final episode.

Impulse control, the fear response, and you, Danny Fenton.

               a post about Danny Fenton’s brain

Something that stands out to me are the differences in Danny’s behavior between his human and ghost forms. Even for a teenager, Danny is pretty chill and he doesn’t seem to take a lot of risks in his day-to-day life (getting revenge on Dash via ghost powers notwithstanding). Danny expresses a pretty normal range of emotions. For the sake of this post, fear– for his own security and that of others– and self-doubt are most important. As Phantom, his emotional range seems to be limited to “come at me bro”, a recklessness that doesn’t appear in Fenton. This difference is most-obviously in “My Brother’s Keeper” and “Maternal Instinct”. Canon has already established that the “ghost” part of a person is somehow divorced from “human” emotion (as seen in “The Ultimate Enemy”). It’s possible that this is due to ghost-form-induced differences in the way the brain functions.

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A message from Adrian Hodges
A group of us recently got together to write to certain people connected with the show on behalf of the Primeval community regarding the show and we thought we’d share the lovely response we received from Mr Hodges with all of our followers:   “First of all let me say that throughout our experience of making Primeval Tim and I always relished contact with our amazing fans and we are so grateful for your support and love for the show. Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans aren’t like any other - they care more, they love the shows more, and they contribute in all sorts of ways. I love that passion and am truly grateful for it.  I can’t answer all your points but will try to give you a response to a few of them.First of all, the decision to end Primeval wasn’t taken by me or Tim and had we had the choice we would have carried on. We loved the show and would like to have picked up the story where we left it. The fact is that ITV, who were our main broadcaster, felt that we didn’t get sufficient ratings to justify them carrying on investing in the show, and so that’s why we finished. That said, there were many reasons why the ratings might have declined and I think you are right in some of your views about the time slot, the day and so on. Being up against Doctor Who didn’t help and neither did the fact that our time slot was never fixed and often varied by a couple of hours or more. It was very frustrating. Unfortunately direct to DVD or Kickstarter and other non-broadcast ways of making the show aren’t really viable as we just couldn’t raise enough money that way for what is a pretty expensive show to make - good sfx, which we pride ourselves in, don’t come cheap sadly and neither do good actors. So although we have never given up hope of reviving the show, at the moment there are no easy ways to do it. But please don’t think we don’t want to, because we certainly do. I can tell you we still have hopes of making a feature film one day, and that’s still a strong possibility.I do think most of the cast would return if we asked them as I know they too loved the show. And if we did do that, I would certainly be looking to bring back one or two cast members from the earlier days, such as Claudia Brown and perhaps Danny as well, alongside the regulars in the last series.  I understand you might want to know the answer to some plot questions but just in case we do come back one day or make the film, I hope you’ll understand why I think it’s best not to answer them in detail, though I can tell you we did have answers prepared for all the questions you ask, which would have featured in season 6.But I can tell you that although I wasn’t personally involved in Primeval New World, it was, as far as I know, Tim’s intention that it should be set at the time of the original arc under Nick Cutter, and therefore before the events of Seasons 3, 4, and 5. I should also say that I’ve visited the Tumblr page and think it’s fantastic. The level of love and care for the show is truly incredible and it makes me very proud to have written something which means so much to people. So thank you very much for that, and rest assured that if the chance ever comes to continue the Primeval story, Tim and I will be there in a heartbeat. And you will be the first to know. Thanks again for your support and your lovely letter. It means an awful lot to us.All best wishesAdrian Hodges”   If by any chance you see this, Mr Hodges, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to us and thank you, again, for being part of the wonderful team that brought us Primeval.

… And as if we needed another one, I’d happy count this as a reason the show should be brought back: Because it matters as much to those who created it as it does to us.

The apples, though.

Like they are SO RANDOM.

If they’re just regular apples, what was the point? What did they bring to the scene in and of themselves? Nothing, really. That’s why I think there’s a bigger deal to them. I mean I don’t think Jordan would have just written in, “Danny brings apples” as a way of bringing Danny into the scene. There are many reasons for Danny to be showing up there. Why the fucking apples?!

And Danny seemed so unsure of herself and OFF this episode. I’m telling ya, there’s something up with the apples.