why is colorado just so perfect

Murkoff Pizza *rp with Shotgun-Asylum*

The news of Freddy Fazbear pizzeria was huge. Chuck'e'cheese became more poplar due to the haunted pizzeria. In Colorado USA, a new pizzeria called “Murkoff Pizza” was created, somewhat mimicking FFP. Though the animatronics were… Different. They were human. But not a plain animatronic, nor possessed. The Murkoff incorporation created cyborgs of sorts. These animatronics are human, they can’t age, they can work without getting tired and they look animatronic yet human, but they need the necessities of both humans needs and robot needs. The pizzeria has Eddie, Waylon, their children, Marble, Todd, Harley, and Georgie, Mickey, Miles, and Elska. The owner of all this is Jeramy Blair. Though the business was getting close to shutdown for good. The bot known as Elska had a wife named Hania. They were a hit with the kids, but Hania had heart problems and soon passed on. Elska ever since has been looking for his true love. He has stuffed women into spring loaded animatronic out of “love”. Blair had managed to say these women willingly went in the suits but now it’s getting close to further inspection. After hours Blair search the data base of Hania to find relatives to replace her. She has no family expect her cousin. Problem was it was a male. “Scott Brushel… Ohhh a murder record, no where to be found…” Though further research showed that he changed himself. His name was Brush Kosher now. He lived right in Colorado and a half hour from the pizzeria. “Perfect…” Blaire called in Elska. “Elska… We have issues. Your murdering will be put to an end. You know why? We found you a girl.” He showed Brush’s picture. “Just like Hania. Related actually. Cousins. So Elska. You like her?” He said smiling.