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Snow Drop

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 2- Hypothermia

Summary: A storm rages and Pidge fights to get an injured Lance to safety.

Notes: I blame Star Trek V for what happened here. Please excuse mistakes. 

Warnings for injuries, a little bit of blood and the onset of hypothermia (obviously).

Snow Drop

The storm had come on quickly. Faster than they had thought possible. Lance and Pidge had just been doing a little surveillance on an icy planet, checking out the remnants of a little Galra outpost. Their other team members were surveying the rest of the planet when the storm kicked up out of nowhere and disrupted their communication.

The last thing Shiro said, before the com went out, was to get to their Lions. So in the sudden blizzard, Pidge and Lance made their way back to Green and Blue. Pidge was walking behind Lance, letting him cut a path in the building snow. Their progress was slow. The planet was mainly ice and they had landed the lions amongst the craggy cliffs and fissures that stretched out for several miles before them. They had thought that the icy cliffs provided them with perfect cover in case the Galra decided to show up after all. However, now that they were trekking back with low visibility, it turned out to be a mistake.

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Blue Brain team finds 'Multi-dimensional universe' in brain networks

For most people, it is a stretch of the imagination to understand the world in four dimensions but a new study has discovered structures in the brain with up to eleven dimensions – ground-breaking work that is beginning to reveal the brain’s deepest architectural secrets.

Using algebraic topology in a way that it has never been used before in Neuroscience, a team from the Blue Brain Project has uncovered a universe of multi-dimensional geometrical structures and spaces within the networks of the brain.

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I honestly can't understand why u get worshipped for your stuff (I've read it) but u seem to be a ss shipped which means u don't get to have much brain cells left so why do people do so 🤔

If you try hard enough, maybe someday you’ll realise the irony behind saying that I lack brain cells while you call me a “shipped”.

As for why people like my content, you’d have to ask them, but I’m sure you’d rather just stay in your comfort zone, cowering behind the anonymous veil because you know you don’t want to get into a war of words with me. At least you understood that much from my posts.

the story of heart breaks | the first

This isn’t a story of how you fell in love or how you gradually lost your love. It is more than an ending and a beginning. It’s your journey of realizing that you need him because you’ve always knew that you love Park Jaebum—Jay; the reasons for your sorrows but also your purpose.

This is the story of heart breaks.

JAY PARK SERIES -  the first; the new girl

[chap 2]

Did you remember Jay?

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Five Days

Originally posted by tahyns

— you and yoongi had a huge argument and you packed your stuff and left.
pt. 2 / 2(?)

gif isn’t mine!!

yoongi x female! reader

warning: my lame writing i’m sorry

note: this can be read alone, the other part/s are just extra

Four days passed since you had that fight with Yoongi. Usually, you would forgive him right away, but this wasn’t anything like the fights you’ve had before. You thought back to the other day.

“You just get in my way!” he yelled at you.
Your eyes widened, and so did his, as soon as he realized what he said.
“Oh? I just get in your way, huh? Well, I’m sorry, for worrying and caring for you. I didn’t know that was such a bad thing. I’ll just take my leave then!” you yelled back. You didn’t mean to, you were just taken back that he had said that to you. 

“Wait, [Name]- I didn’t-”

You were walking around his room, gathering your things that you had left there. 

“Stop-” he tried to stop you but was cut off by the harsh slam of the door.
You walked out the door, where you found Namjoon and Jin standing there in shock. You assumed they probably heard what happened.
“[Name], are you okay-” Namjoon asked, but you ignored him and continued your way to your vehicle.
You started your car, tears at the corner of your eyes. You tried, oh, you tried, to keep them there. You knew you failed as soon as cold tears had hit your thigh.
You arrived at your house. As soon as you entered,your housemate, Jaeyeon, was startled by the door slamming.
“Whoa, [Name]! Everything okay?” she asked but when she saw your crying face, her question was answered. “What happened?”
“Sorry, Jaeyeon. I don’t feel like talking at the moment. Just, leave me to gather myself and my thoughts for now.” you wiped away another tear.
“Ah, okay. Just tell me when you’re all good.” she smiled at you.
You nodded and tried to give her a smile back, but you probably gave her a sloppy one.
You walked to your room and closed the door softly.

Surely he didn’t mean it, right? You understood how his work can be frustrating and sometimes too much for him, but did he really need to yell at you like that? Did you overreact? Questions started to flood your brain. Why did this have to be so hard? Your thoughts were interrupted by your phone ringing. It was probably Yoongi again, you thought, but still went to check just in case it wasn’t. You looked at the caller ID, your phone screen displayed “Jaeyeon”.
“Hello?” you spoke.
“Oh gosh, hello, [Name]!! Jisung just came home from vacation and asked me where you were!”
“Oh.” was all you could manage to speak out.
“Anyways, Yoongi came by today. Again. Asking if you were already back. He tried to make me spill where you were, but I respected your privacy and the fact that you needed to be left alone for now so I didn’t tell him.”
“Ah, thanks, Jaeyeon. Also, I’ll call Jisung later, telling him what happened. Unless you already told him.”
“Yep, I already filled him in. He threatened to beat Yoongi up but I somehow persuaded him not to. He’s so overprotective sometimes, it’s almost-” she was suddenly interrupted by someone yelling at her, but you couldn’t really hear it. “Jisung’s yelling at me to make dinner.. I’ll talk to you later, [Name]!”
“Okay. Bye, Jaeyeon.”
“Bye!!” was the last you’ve heard of her before she the call ended.
“[Name]!! Dinner’s all ready!” you heard your mom yelling at you from downstairs.
“Okay!!” you replied and ran downstairs.
You sat on a chair and watched your mom serve the food.

“Hey, mom?” you called as you put your plate into the sink.
“Yes?” she responds, setting her glass of water down.
“I decided, and I’m going back.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure. These past few days gave me enough time to think.”
“Okay. I respect your decision. I was getting worried that maybe you and Yoongi would end it this time around. I really like him, seeing that he makes you happy.”
“Thanks, mom.” you engulfed her in a hug.

You were woken up by the loud alarm clock.
“Aish.” you grumbled and looked out the window.
Today was a brand new day and you were ready to start. You managed to drag your tired self downstairs to the kitchen. You found your mom making breakfast.
“Oh, hi, [Name]!! Good morning! How was your sleep?” she smiled sweetly at you.
“Good, I guess.” you muttered.
“Well, are you ready to go back?” she asked you, her back turned to you.
“Yeah. I’m pretty nervous though.”
“Don’t be.”
“Thanks, mom.”

Your mom had just dropped you off at the boys’ dorm. Your suitcase trailing behind you, you nervously and slowly walked to the door. You hesitantly pushed the doorbell. You could practically hear the boys from the inside fighting who would get the door, and you giggled at that.
You heard grumbling and groaning and then you saw the door opening, only to find the man that was inside your mind for the past few days.
“Yoongi. I came here to apologize.”
“You don’t need to. I’m the one who needed to apologize.” he pulled you into a hug, a little scared that you’ll push him away, but you didn’t, which took him by surprise. You just hugged back.
“Oh god, Yoongi. I missed you.” you mumbled.
“I missed you, too. Oh my god, you don’t understand.” he broke the hug and leaned in to kiss you. You didn’t stop him.
Neither of you pulled away for a good minute, until he broke it off to get air.
“Min Yoongi. I love you so much.”
“I love you so much too.” he flashed his signature gummy smile.
You two were about to kiss again but the cheering of six particular boys interrupted you.
Yoongi rolled his eyes, “I swear to god.”
You giggled. It was only five days, but they were long ones. You missed this too much, and you were happy to have it back.

oh my god i finally finished writing?? sorry if that sucked, i’m literally a “rookie” at writing >< but anyways this is the end of that!! hope y’all enjoyed that >< that was pretty short i’m sorry ah aLSO I felt like i needed a title so my lame self named it “five days”



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HERE IS A PROMPT FOR YOU...ShieldShock - “They can’t prove anything, if we stick to the story.”

Why are you so intent on making me use my brain? This was hard! Thank you for the wonderful prompt, Holly. It kickstarted my muse.

It was just his luck to walk by the science labs when Jane Foster was going on a break. The astrophysicist grabbed his shirt and pulled him in, giving him big sad eyes that she knew Steve would be unable to resist.

“Look after my machine for me while I get coffee?” she asked hopefully.

The machine in question was small, considerably smaller than those in Tony’s lab, and it whirred and beeped quietly in the middle of the room, looking for all the world like a cheap, old age coffee machine. On the other side of that metal contraption sat Jane’s assistant, Darcy, ears plugged and working on her laptop, her head bopping away to some godawful loud music that Steve could hear all the way to where he was standing. He raised an eyebrow at Jane.

“Isn’t that her job?” he asked, nodding toward the assistant.

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me: hey let’s be productive tonight

also me: thinks about Megatron and Starscream and Soundwave at the beginning of the war, before it all went to shit. do you think they stayed up late, holed up in safe houses, planning their next move? do you think they talked about what they wanted to do in this new, better world they were going to make together? do you think they laughed, had in jokes, were close? that they fell into recharge knowing that someone was going to watch their back? that they were friends?

Markiplier plays “I Am Bread” - sentence starters - Part 1

1. *Indecipherable noises of panic/rage/frustration/distress*

2. “I literally know nothing about this game.” 

3. “There is nothing, nothing, that infuriates me more than bad controls.” 

4. “Let’s just calm down, think of the cute kittens or whatever.”

5. “At least the music’s bangin’.” 

6. “Oh no. I remember. I remember now why I abandoned you.” 

7. “This looks just as stupid as it was before.” 

8. “Yes, throw the bottle in anger.”

9. “I legitimately literally hate this game.” 

10. “Don’t insult me with your bullshit, I’m not gonna use your magic pills.” 

11. “If you listen closely enough, you can hear the anger neurons firing inside my brain.” 

12. “Why is it so hard to crawl over a pair of pants?” 

13. “Well, that changes a lot of things. I didn’t know I could go straight up a wall.” 

14. “I just want to get this done now, so that I can bury it for the rest of my days.”

15. “I meditated. I didn’t really, but I thought about peaceful thoughts.” 

16. “Let’s all pretend like that never happened.” 

17. “It’s broken! It’s broken! Do you see this here? It’s broken!”  

18. “This doesn’t make any god-damned sense!” 

19. “Okay, here we go again. This time I’m going to have a positive attitude. Positivity is everything.” 

20. “You have to have a positive attitude in life, or else you’re just going to get a hernia and die.” 

21. “God, that noise is so annoying. Why did they pick the most annoying sound possible?” 

22. “After all my trial and tribulation, I’ll finally be good at something.” 

23. “Well, at least I got some ants on me. That’ll add a little protein.” 

24. “How is this supposed to be easier?” 

25. “Screw it. I’m going the long way.” 

26. “I AM ANGRY!” 

27. “Nothing about this game is meant to be good in any way.” 

28. “I broke that. I’ll pay for that.” 

29. “Where am I even trying to go here?” 

30. “I hate life, and everything about it.” 

31. “Nothing has ever produced more real anger out of me. Nothing in my entire god-damned life.” 

32. “I don’t care how much time I take. All that matters to me is that I get to the end.”

33. “How do I get these things out of my way? Can I just push them off?” 

34. “All we have to do is not get in the toilet.”  

35. “Can I make that jump? I think I can.” 

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You're brain tries to work through trauma and stress by projecting a whole bunch of things - it doesn't always necessarily mean anything aside from the fact you're stressed & an overthinker. Night terrors do often have an "escape route" & maybe you're phone is a comfort to you during times of anxiety, so that's why it saved you in the dream? It's hard to know, brains are so complex and complicated! But I hope you're doing okay and that you find a way to overcome whatever is plaguing you ❤

this is such a gentle and kind message you have the spiritual energy of a wise talking tree thank u so much i love u 

Koushi had a lot of reckless urges going through his system. He wanted to fight for Daichi’s merman rights, he wanted to hold Daichi’s muscles between his arms and feel their strength, he wanted to say really stupid and really corny things.

Merman Melody

So, I’m writing Sailor Song sequel and comments are amazing, and yet they affect me way too much. I know everyone has a different view of our fav characters, and I did believe Suga was going through the right path, —albeit he still need some adjunsting—, but now I can’t keep writing. I feel the story is boring and shallow and Suga’s not as accurate as I should had made him and well. The struggle is real, ‘cause I want this fic to be a real thing, I love this fic. It deserves to have an ‘END’. 

I should woman-up and grow some confidence and just WRITE no matter what, I know. I guess I’m working on getting there, somehow. 

I remember my mom told me bologna was actually slices of some boy’s butt who hid behind the store. She said this as if to deter us from eating it but my nasty self would still eat tons of it even after believing what she said to be true.

jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

I have been watching a lot of Ted talks lately for my psychology class and last night I had a dream that I was in the audience of one. The lady who was speaking was mainly talking about how children are raised in different cultures. The thing she said before I woke up was, “in America, children learn most of what they know from their parents, but in Lithuania, children don’t learn anything from their parents because their parents have nothing to offer.” And I’m laughing so hard like why did my brain have to go after Lithuania like that

When you sleep

One of the reasons why both Ren and Stimpy share the same bed.


In 1997, John Kricfalusi, the creator of Ren & Stimpy and The Goddamn George Liquor Program!, confirmed in a magazine that both Ren and Stimpy are homosexual, because they both share the same house and the same bed together.