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Replaying DMMd: A Review

!!! Spoilers ahead !!!

(I do actually enjoy the game, okay?)

Koujaku Route

  • aka The Only Romance That Actually Makes Any Sense Route
  • you two do know there’s actually this thing called talking, right?
  • You’re right, Aoba. All those sculls that Ryuuhou’s wearing totally don’t look suspicious at all.
  • Bad end: evil shadow queen Aoba, hell yes. sign me up

Clear Route

  • aka The Innocent Child Route
  • how dare they dirty this pure, innocent child with bullshit, like *scoff* some romance or whatever
  • seriously, where the hell did the romance even come from? how? why? it’s like molestig a child??
  • the sex scene is so creepy? like, he’s breaking down in front of you how do you even feel like having sex in that situation?
  • I just want to pet Clear’s head and tell him how much of a good boy he is
  • Bad end: uhmmm… okay…?

Noiz Route

  • aka Let’s Not Bother Trying to Understand This Kid and Just Get Angry All the Time Route
  • fuck you Aoba, you don’t deserve this kid; I’ll take him instead
  • the chemistry just so doesn’t work here?
  • I want that allmate, okay? they’re so cute
  • Bad end 1: the game is just so funny and the ending leaves this creepy feeling and I love it so much
  • Bad end 2: Noiz, my baby, it’s… it’s gonna be okay. I… *sob* I hope you’re happy now at least…

Mink Route

  • aka The Stockholm Syndrome Route
  • “OMG! He has a tragic past and he’s so troubled! Of course that totally excuses him ordering his people to gang rape Aoba, raping him himself 3 times, and beating him up 5 times. Absolutely.”
  • hell no. fuck you, Mink
  • you know, I’m all for fucked-up love stories but this is a totally wrong kind of fucked up
  • if they didn’t try to excuse it all, at least…
  • the only good part of the route is how Scrap totally owns Mink everytime he comes out
  • it’s glorious
  • (which is why I actually love the bad ending in re:connect; Scrap is such a crazy, masochistic queen and I love it)
  • yes, I have a lot of complaints and emotions about this route
  • Bad end: …can’t get much creepier than that. I highly approve

Ren Route

  • aka The Zoophilia/Mechanophilia/Incest/Selfcest/Childhood-imaginary-friend-cest Route
  • aka The Only Route Where There’s an Actual Point in Aoba Going to Platinum Jail
  • (why would anyone willingly go into a place called “~whatever~ Jail” anyway? it’s a mystery)
  • Main Cast:
    Seragaki Aoba - A too-young mother of two rebellious teenagers. Single, but has several suitors. Trying hard to pretend the boys aren’t in a ‘difficult phase’. It’s not working.
    Seragaki Ren - “You just don’t understand, mom!” he screams as he slams the door to his room shut loudly. Emo music starts blasting seconds later. Loves chokers.
    Seragaki “Scrap” Aoba - “I am the dark, amazing, udefeated ruler of this world! My followers call me The Destroyer! Look at me wrong and I will break this world apart (and maybe myself along with it)! Muwahahahahaha!!”
    Toue Sei - The tired, yet incredibly gentle and patient aunt. “They just need a hug, Aoba. It’s not that complicated…..”
  • the Father of the Year Award goes to Aoba’s father, for his amazing performance of “Let’s adopt this random child, give him a purpose, and then just leave him because responsibility is for the weak.”
  • and the Worst Villain of the Universe Award goes to Toue. seriously, who aims to rule the world, but once they get beaten in an online game by absolute chance, they just go and kill themselves? that’s… actually quite pathetic? I mean, if losing incapitated him in someway, then by all means, but it’s not like something significant happend with that fight
  • Sei is just too good for this ugly, terrible world, and we do not deserve him
  • he deserves anything and everything good in the universe
  • the relationship between Ren and Aoba is creepy on too many levels to comprehend
  • Bad end: …does Aoba constantly regenerate or is Ren just an incredibly slow eater? oh well it’s okay, I guess…
  • Virus and Trip end: You’re taking the “crazy fan” idea to an extra special level there guys. Not my type of crazy though, sorry.

A special shout out to the ending wallpaper. The longer I stare at it, the better it gets.

[DMMD Fic] After School Days [1/3] (KouAo)

After School Days (Part two here, part three)

Word Count: Roughly 4,000 in this part, with the second part being longer.

Rating: T for now but M in upcoming chapters.

Summary: Anon asked for a drabble of a generic high school AU  with Koujaku and Aoba, and it spiraled out of control and turned into a full, multi-chapter fic. It is legitimately as cheesy and dumb as you would expect. Many thanks to Niji for beta'ing!

    When Aoba reads over the whiteboard for the third time, he understands it no more than when he first read it.

    It’s not that he doesn’t want to concentrate, but that he can’t.

    It’s half-past two, and in twenty minutes the bell will ring and bring his final period to an end. The sun is shining perfectly, casting lazy afternoon rays across his seat, and he thinks this must be how a cat feels when it sleeps in a sunny spot.

    When Aoba looks out the window, he sees the transfer student– the one from Germany– playing hookey and smoking behind the volleyball nets. Their eyes meet, and even from a hundred yards away, Aoba can see the look of disdain on his face.

    That, and the way he points to his eyes and then to Aoba in a kind of I’m-on-to-you gesture, makes it entirely more impossible to concentrate.

    At least until there’s the snap of papers hitting his desk and Aoba jolts so hard the pencil he doesn’t entirely recall tucking behind his ear falls from its perch with a clatter. He looks from the small stack of papers, to the hand holding them, to the person it’s attached to.

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