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[DMMD Fic] After School Days [1/3] (KouAo)

After School Days (Part two here, part three)

Word Count: Roughly 4,000 in this part, with the second part being longer.

Rating: T for now but M in upcoming chapters.

Summary: Anon asked for a drabble of a generic high school AU  with Koujaku and Aoba, and it spiraled out of control and turned into a full, multi-chapter fic. It is legitimately as cheesy and dumb as you would expect. Many thanks to Niji for beta'ing!

    When Aoba reads over the whiteboard for the third time, he understands it no more than when he first read it.

    It’s not that he doesn’t want to concentrate, but that he can’t.

    It’s half-past two, and in twenty minutes the bell will ring and bring his final period to an end. The sun is shining perfectly, casting lazy afternoon rays across his seat, and he thinks this must be how a cat feels when it sleeps in a sunny spot.

    When Aoba looks out the window, he sees the transfer student– the one from Germany– playing hookey and smoking behind the volleyball nets. Their eyes meet, and even from a hundred yards away, Aoba can see the look of disdain on his face.

    That, and the way he points to his eyes and then to Aoba in a kind of I’m-on-to-you gesture, makes it entirely more impossible to concentrate.

    At least until there’s the snap of papers hitting his desk and Aoba jolts so hard the pencil he doesn’t entirely recall tucking behind his ear falls from its perch with a clatter. He looks from the small stack of papers, to the hand holding them, to the person it’s attached to.

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