why is altar decorating so fun

Where my Witches at?

I had to delete my old blog because i STUPIDLY posted a link  to my FB (while drunk- sigh) and yes, I’m a closet witch (here’s a great example of WHY I’m a closet witch: My step dad wigged out because I said I wasn’t concerned about getting my baby baptized because I want religion to be her decision).

So anyway, I’m looking for people I used to follow and anyone that blogs MAINLY about:

witchcraft, spells, divination, hedge witchery, kitchen witchery, crystal magick (Yes I spell it with a K) paganism- frankly any kind of magick related content (I’m not interested in working with the fae, and I’m not a Wiccan but I like doing the fun stuff for the festivals- like decorating my altar- but that’s about it)

Please reblog this if it applies to you and I’ll follow you!