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I Love You for You.

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Author’s Note: First pairing and request. It works due to my username.
Request from Anon: Can you please do a one shot with pre!serum Steve?
Words: 1379
Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Reader

The body needs its rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle.

So why the actual fuck are you waking up at this god forsaken hour? You groaned, while using the heels of your palm to rub the sleep out of your eyes. You turned to your side to look at your clock on your nightstand, reading 6:16am. Shaking your head, you turned back to your stomach to go back to sleep.

Knock, knock, knock.

You shot up from your bed to a sitting position. Who the hell would wake you up so early?

“Y/N,” someone whispered from the other side of your door. It took you two seconds for your brain to process that voice came from your boyfriend of 6 months Steve Rogers. You were puzzled as to why he needs you now. Usually, he was on his morning run by now. You would’ve loved to join him, but you hate waking up early and you hate running. So that didn’t really work out.

You pushed the covers off your bed and scrambled to put pajama pants on. You usually slept in a T-shirt, underwear, and knee-high socks. “Hold on,” you responded. You quickly put them on, then walked to your door.

You opened your door to see no one. It was then you looked down and saw Steve. But he was a foot shorter; he was at the same eye level as you now. You blinked hard twice, trying to see if you were still half-asleep. But your boyfriend was still the same size, with a mortified expression.

You grabbed his wrist and pulled him in. “Steve, what happened?” you asked.

He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He was looking around the room, like he would find the answer somewhere on the wall. He stuttered, “I-I don’t know. I woke up this morning to go on my morning job, when I realized I was a foot shorter than usual. It looks like I’m back to my pre-serum self.”

Unintentionally, the back of your hand went to his forehead, which was now easy to reach. You knew that back in his day, he had the worst medical conditions. “Oh honey,” you said while wrapping your arms around his neck. He arms instinctively went to your waist, using you as comfort. His hands had a more delicate touch, and his fingers were more bony. You pulled back, but your arms still remained around his neck. He was avoiding eye contact with you. “Stevie, look at me. What’s wrong?” you asked.

You looked down and realized his clothes were much too big for him now. His shirt’s length was all the way down to his thigh, and his pants were dragging on the ground. He looked like a lid trying on his father’s shoes on for the first time. “I’m tiny. How am I supposed to lead my team when I’m the size of a peanut?” he babbled nervously. You smacked his arm. “Ow,” he whimpered while rubbing his arm.

“Hey, I’m your height right now. Do I look like a peanut?” you accused. He shook his head shamefully. “And I know that’s not the real reason why you are upset right now. We may have only been dating for 6 months, but I know your tell-signs. What’s really wrong?” you continued. “And why won’t you look at me?” you said while lifting his chin.

“I’m worried that you won’t love me anymore now that I look like how I looked like back in the 40s,” he explained.

You gasped, “Steve, don’t ever think that. I love you for you. You are the most kindest gentleman I’ve ever met.” You made him look at you again. Your hands were smoothly grazing his facial structure. He still had the same beautiful, blue eyes. “I love how your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve ever seen. I love your genuine smile.” He smiled to this. “I love your soft, tender kisses.” You say while your fingers brush against his two lips. “I love the feeling of my hands in your hair.” Your hands were massaging his scalp, stroking his blonde hair. You looked back down at his eyes. “I love you for you.” Steve looked at you like you were his everything. You smiled at the way he was gazing after you. His eyes immediately looked down at your curved lips and then back to your eyes.  “I love you,” he declared in a gentle voice.

You kissed him softly but compassionately. His grip on your waist tightened, while your hands went back to his hair. You pulled back, removing your hands from his hair. You went to your drawers to grab your big, comfy t-shirt and basketball shorts, both unisex. You turned around to hand them over to Steve. “Here,” you said.

He put them on, and they were the perfect fit on him. You grabbed onto his wrist and turned back to your bed. “Come on,” you demanded. “It’s still 6am. I need sleep.” Steve hear him chuckle behind you but followed you anyways. After laying down, you felt him lay next to you. He pulled the covers over the two of you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You turned to look over your shoulder to see Steve with his eyes closed but a smile on his face. You kissed him one more time, before turning back and falling asleep.

You woke up for the second time this morning to your alarm. This time you were more awakened. You turned off your alarm then faced Steve who was struggling to hold stay asleep. “Come on Steve,” you said, your fingers caressing his left cheek. “Time to get up.” You ripped the covers off your yourself and got up to get ready for the day. When you came back out of your bathroom, Steve was still in bed, but he was awake. “Steeeve,” you whined. “I’m hungry. Let’s go get some breakfast.”

He let out an exasperated sigh. “Y/N,” he said. “I can’t go out there looking like this. They’ll make fun of me.”

“No they won’t,” you comforted. “And if they do, I’ll kick their ass.” It’s true. You can easily take down any of them. You were very much like Natasha, but you had super strength as well. “Please,” you pleaded.

He sighed once again, before getting up to follow you to the kitchen. You walked into the kitchen hand-in-hand. More to comfort him. When you entered, everyone’s eyes were on Steve. But before anyone could make a statement, you stated, “Anyone who makes fun of Steve right now will get their asses kicked by me.”

“What happened?” Bruce asked. He was the first to shake out of the shock.

“Oh my god,” Tony said.

Everyone looked at him. “Tony? Did you do this?” Steve accused.

“In my defense, I didn’t think it would actually work. My dad had these serums that de-soldiered anyone for 24 hours. My curiosity got the best of me.” Tony explained.

Steve sighed, and you tightened your hold on Steve’s hand. Steve looked down at you, while saying “I have a meeting with Fury in 5 minutes. I have to go.”

Clint remarked, “When will you be back from Santa’s workshop?”. Everyone chuckled.

Steve just glared at him, which wasn’t at all terrifying.

“Yeah, we still have training today. Maybe you can teach me in song, my sweet Oompa Loompa,” Pietro added.

Steve asked you, “What’s an Oompa Loompa?”. But before you can answer, Natasha questioned, “What say you, Tyrion Lannister?”

Everyone laughed. Tony interrupted, “Hey, hey, hey. Steve doesn’t understand any of these references. And honestly, I think you guys should stop with the joking. I too want to joke about short people, but you don’t see me stooping to their level.” Everyone was busting up laughing, stomach-grabbing, tear-jerking, red-faced laughing.

Steve stormed out of the room, and you chased after him to comfort him. But not before hearing Sam say, “If I catch you, will I get a bowl of Lucky Charms?” Boy do you have to do some damage control.

Mental vs Physical Health

Depression is something I deal with on a daily basis. I was first diagnosed when I was 14 years old, and have been re-diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These things are important for me to acknowledge as I continue to work on my physical health.

I often say that I’m tired “but I don’t know why,” when the truth is that the “why” is very clear. I work as a full-time freelancer while also trying to fit exercise and healthy eating and a new lifestyle into my plans, while my depression and anxiety cause me to sleep poorly at night and never feel truly rested. In addition, my own body works against me - being as big as I am, it’s hard to find a spot that’s truly comfortable for more than a few hours. Something’s always going numb, or cramping up, or starting to hurt.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to push myself to be healthy when all I want is some ice cream and caffeine. Sometimes, it’s hard to even get out of bed to do the things that I need to do with my time. But I just have to take things as they come and keep striving towards my goal. And I also have to be okay with the days where I can’t get out of bed, where I can’t make myself eat healthy (or eat at all), where everything seems pointless. Because that’s just one day. And I’m on this path to make sure I have the rest of my life to have the good days, where everything is working right in my brain and my body. 

Day 30/31

Daily Reading:
1 Corinthians 6:20

Daily Devo:

When you know you have been saved, and you know you’re not just floating through life and that there is actually a purpose for you, you will begin to know just how much you’re worth, even when it comes to your body. In 1 Corinthians 6 the Apostle Paul reminds the church that our bodies are sacred; a place where the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us. This physical part of us is more than just a being, but it belongs to the One who created it, because we belong to Him. The reason why this is important is because when you know that you have been set apart and you know that you have been rescued out of darkness, it calls you into a completely different way of thinking and a different way of life. You’re no longer focused on your outer appearance and earthly things because you know where your worth is.

Remember this when it comes to living (or seeking to live) a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to eating the right things and taking the time for exercise, don’t just let your motivation be:

1. All of the other women you’re around are more in shape than you or have what is perceived as a more ideal figure
2. You want to be more physically attractive
3. You’re looking for a confidence booster
4. You want to be able to wear different kinds of clothing or showcase certain areas of your body

Let your motivation be this:

“My body belongs to the Lord and His Spirit dwells inside of me, so whether it be joining a gym, exercising more, or eating healthier, I am going to spend everyday of my life taking care of the body He has given me.”

Daily Study:
1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Today’s devotional was written by:
Morgan Harper Nichols, QWC Founder
Instagram: @itsmorganlife

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That’s the most important thing is to speak about things we care about because now we have a bit of leverage. I think we can carry this on and use it to our advantage to speak about things that are really important to us and that we really care about. But most importantly, just inspire. Not even just young people or footballers in general but everyone in our country to just want to succeed and live a healthy lifestyle and believe in their dreams and their goals. Believe that they can accomplish that because we have completed that and the dream has come true for us. We want to share that with the world and why we’re so passionate about what we do. -Ali Krieger

And so, thrown in sharp relief, we have this notion that it is worth researching proper sex, clothing, foreign words, travel distance…

But ask to show that same level of care to culture and people and it becomes A Problem.

You wouldn’t trust a writer who knew only cursory information, only the bare basics of bdsm to write about a healthy safe relationship right?

Oh wait

Remember how folks thought then that the stuff contained therein was harmful, gave the wrong impression, and on an objective level wad just plain bad?

So why can’t folks respect the notion that RESEARCH is just as important when writing about PEOPLE you don’t know that much about as it is with lifestyles and kinks??

Nobody said"don’t write".

All was said that if you must, THINK. Put in the WORK just as you would for anything else you don’t know so your representation doesn’t end up being HARMFUL, tropey ,pedestrian, schlock.

But thinking, apparently, as with common fucking decency, is too hard.

anonymous asked:

any tips on how to lose weight ?

tThere are so many different bits of advice that people will tell you, but I’ll share my personal experience as a health sciences student (and health-food enthusiast!). please ask yourself why you want to lose weight though, are you doing it because a doctor recommened it or because you don’t think you’re thin enough? i want you to be safe babe, don’t let society pressure you into thinking you have to be a specific size. these are a few tips that are important to everyone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which means you might lose some weight if you’re currently living unhealthily :)

eat healthy. it sounds really boring and a bit generic, but it’s important to eat balanced meals and get enough vitamins (that doesn’t mean you can cut off all the junk food, but reduce it to once a week). remember to stay hydrated and if you can, try to drink some green tea. It’s helped me improve my metabolism :)

work out the way you want to (for muscular endurance, power, strength, or whatever) but don’t forget about cardio! if you’re looking to lose weight and/or build muscle at the same time, you want to make sure that you’re doing exercise that requires aerobic respiration. that means a lower heart rate (so no sprinting); fats are burned through this type of respiration (biology students HELLO). so try to go running/swimming/biking/etc for 30-40 minutes a few times a week, keeping your heartrate at around 60% of your max heart rate (226-age for women, 220-age for men).

STAY POSITIVE! and see if you can grab some fellow workout buddies to stay motivated. it’s easy to get bored or tired, so I love to go on the treadmill while watching netflix or listen to music while i’m running/hiking xxx

These days so much of our time is focused on adopting healthy lifestyles, restricting ourselves from anything that is “unhealthy” and making sure we have the perfect image and the perfect body and the perfect diet and the perfect exercise program…
And this is why this post is so wonderful. Because yes it is important to be healthy, but it so important to also ENJOY life. I’m not saying you cannot enjoy life if you’re healthy, but we all have cravings, we all have guilty pleasures, and too often do we restrict ourselves from this… Why? What is the point?
From time to time as said above, it is important to indulge, to let loose and treat ourselves, because that is healthy for the soul.