why is a cat marrying a mouse

What I Want - Dick Grayson x Reader

Alright, since I got these two requests with the same number at the same time, I’ll go with Grayson because there’s too much Jason in this blog (as if it’s a bad thing) AND mixed with another request.

Can I have 20 w/ Dick Grayson? ♡
Can you do the prompt 20 where the reader(fem) is about to get married but Jason comes and interferes the ending up to you
#19 I can’t buy you things like him w/ Dick Grayson one shit please 💛 I’m also new to your blog and I’m excited to read some of your work 😃

20. “Please don’t be with someone like her/him. I wouldn’t be able to handle it”
19. I can’t buy you nice things like him.

Fluff and a little heat

“You’re what?”
“I’m engaged… To Freddie.” Your voice came out in a low tone
“You don’t even have a ring, that’s ridiculous Y/N” Dick said a little louder as frustrated he was
“Can you not make a scandalous about this?” You frown your eyebrowns berating him “I do have a ring, I just came to talk to you before he makes an announcement.” You look back to the living room that was fill with your friends and people you consider as family “I thought… I thought it would be better if I did”
“Better for who? You’re gonna married with this stupid suit and tie dude?” Dick’s voice didn’t calm down at all as he gets more red
“I love him!”
“Don’t lie straight to my face. You never even like weddings before” He recalls the one time when the two of you had this conversation.
Oh yes, Dick Grayson was your ex boyfriend. It started in the early days of Nightwing and he really needed his own “Alfred” to his missions, so he hired you. A ex intern from Wayne Tech who had discover Bruce’s identity before he ever did, you were brilliant. Eventually you became this is huge hacker and lived on your own until he knocked on your window.
Of course you two fallen in love. With his flirts during the mission talking to you in his microphone, the Wayne Gala’s that he made you go so you could “complete a mission on the ground” and the late nights chat turned into something you couldn’t even imagine.

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anonymous asked:

malec prompt-magnus doesn't crash the wedding but when lydia goes to draw the rune on alec it doesn't stick/work. everyone's like wth? the silent brother explains that it can't work unless the two marrying are actually in love & want to marry (cos it's too sacred a union among shadowhunters to be for politics, something no one realized cos majority married for love anyway). alec realizes he loves magnus & put them both through hell for something that wasn't gonna work anyway & goes to him.

Alec closed his eyes, standing outside of Magnus’ apartment. 

He did not know what he was doing here. 

Actually he did know but it was the hardest thing he ever had to do, stand here and go inside of Magnus’ apartment and explain to him what had happened. The look of complete and violent disappointment on his parents faces were still burning in his eyes, but he was unsure as to whether or not those expressions would ever stop haunting him. 

Alec inhaled and exhaled softly, going inside the apartment, making a mental note to convince Magnus to start locking his door. 

“Magnus?” he asked, trying to make his voice sound deeper. His anxiety was greatly getting in the way of that. 

“Alexander,” Magnus was sitting on his sofa, looking out of the window. “What is it you want, now?”

“I didn’t get married.”

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Rec Additions

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  • Building From the Ground Up by EmilianaDarling

    Length: 28678 words
    Rating: Mature
    Tags: Post Winter Soldier, Stalking, Identity Issues, Brainwashing (Past), Memory Loss, Recovery, Side Pairing: Steve/Peggy (Past)

    He is the Winter Soldier. He is James Buchanan Barnes. He’s not one and he’s not the other, and he’s not sure if that makes him anything worth saving.

  • Hope is a knife by OddityBoddity

    Length: 3483 words
    Rating: Mature
    Tags: Post Winter Soldier, Unhealthy Relationships, Multiple Personalities, Self-Harm, Sexual Abuse (Mentions, Past, Threats), Self-Hate

    The Winter Soldier has two jailers, Steve Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes.

  • devil’s gonna follow me (wherever I go) by Lyaka

    Length: 63086 words
    Rating: Teen
    Tags: Fix It, Therapy

    The man who used to be Bucky Barnes lined up his shot. His finger twitched, only once, very precisely. Help me, the bullet sang. Ninety-eight floors below him, the bullet glanced off a vibranium shield with a musical ping. And Steve Rogers looked up.

  • The Supersoldier’s Amnesiac Groom by casspeach

    Length: 48240 words
    Rating: Explicit
    Tags: Arranged Marriage, Mind Control, Dubious Consent, Virgin!Steve, Bottom!Steve, First Time, Happy Ending

    Steve Rogers has always known that the supersoldier serum was a gift, and he’s never been afraid to do what’s right. When Uncle Sam asks him to unite the two sides of the Cold War by taking part in a symbolic union with a fabled Russian assassin, Captain America doesn’t hesitate to do his duty. Little does he know how thoroughly his world is going to be turned upside down.



  • With Wings by levicas, Morgana_Jones1

    Length: 107754 words
    Rating: Teen
    Tags: Alternate Universe, Highschool AU, Human AU, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Suicide (References), Wing Fic, Asperger Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Discrimination, Abusive John Winchester, Homophobia, Manipulation, Domestic Violence, Blow Jobs, Sex Toys, Oral Sex, Virginity, Basically a lot of Triggers

    Castiel Novak is different, and this is something he’s know all of his life. It’s not just the fact that he’s a highly intelligent awkward loner who finds it practically impossible to communicate like a normal human being. What sets him apart the most is the fact that he has a pair of wings sprouting from his back. However, due to the stigma of society and his wish to remain primarily unnoticed in high school, Castiel is forced to hide his wings from prying eyes. Things take an odd turn when Dean Winchester appears to begin to take an interest him, especially since it’s never been much of a secret that Castiel hates his guts.

  • Let the Altars Shine by tiptoe39

    Length: 70395 words
    Rating: Explicit
    Tags: Alternate Universe, Arranged Marriage, Character Death (Minor), Frottage, Bottom!Castiel

    For the sake of his family, Dean agrees to marry an angel he’s never seen. He’s not expecting true love, nor to uncover the mystery behind why the angels are taking husbands in the first place. But sometimes in marriage, the unexpected happens.

  • Catch Me If You Can by iamsuperwholocked

    Length: 9738 words
    Rating: Mature
    Tags: Alternate Universe, Serial Killer AU, Graphic Violence, Character Death

    Dean and Cas are two world renowned serial killers, and begin a game of cat and mouse, leaving each other messages in their victims, winking/waving at each other on security cameras. Eventually, it’s going to come to a head when they both pick the same victim; Sam Winchester.

  • The Sharp Edge of Earth by dotfic

    Length: 29242 words
    Rating: Teen
    Tags: Hell Fic, Graphic Violence, Torture

    Having sold his soul to save Sam’s life, Dean finds himself in Hell at the mercy of the demon Alastair, who is intent on breaking him. But all that Dean was and is, everyone who’s had an impact on him, are still a part of Dean, and he won’t break easily. As Dean takes refuge in his own mind to escape the torture, angels gather, ordered to undertake an unusual mission: rescue The Righteous Man from Hell. Castiel knows an invasion of Hell will be difficult, but he has no idea how much this mission will demand of him, how wrong the best-laid plans can go – and how much everything is about to change irrevocably. Meanwhile, Dean’s defenses and his hope start to fail. He thinks no one is ever coming to save him. He’s wrong.

Even just sleeping on it, this flashback is bad. It makes both Regina and Snowing look bad and should feel bad for it.

That’s my issue with a lot of the more recent Snowing and Regina flashbacks. In trying to expand on their backstory and struggle against each other, it reduces what should be a rebellion against a magical tyrant into into a silly little cat and mouse game. It cheapens not only their characters but also all the lives lost during the war (fun reminder that Regina is currently sitting at three massacred villages as of 5A in addition to her other kills).

I saw one person who’s fond of the Snow Queen friendship comment that this is proof Regina never “really” wanted to kill Snow. Okay one, no, we have ample proof otherwise, but beyond that…why would someone who claims to be a fan o Regina think it’s a good idea to undermine her whole motivation? Regina orchestrated Leopold’s murder, hell, married the man in the first place, so she could kill Snow out of misplaced retribution. It was classic disproportionate evil payback. And now you want to say all those years of tyranny, all those massacred villages, all those lives ruined…and you don’t even think Regina’s motives were sincere?

Get outta here. If Regina didn’t sincerely want Snow dead, then even more of her quickly-failing Evil Queen menace gets canned.

After this sneak peak it is hard to find any respect for Regina as a magically dangerous tyrant (guards taken out in an instant, no offensive use of magic even when Snow’s group merely surrounds and does not attack) or Snowing as rebel leaders (don’t press their attack and easily let Regina get away).

That is why so any people are frustrated. We want to like these characters but the show keeps finding new ways to ruin them! Give me, idk, Regina hitting a dwarf with fireball as a distraction to then teleport away. Or the rebels going in for an attack and she teleports to safety then. Something more than “okay, Regina, b-day ruined, now we’re going to hold still so you obviously have a chance to escape and prolong this rebellion so more people get hurt.”

Seriously, why does the show want me to dislike Snowing so much? I don’t wanna! They used to be so cool!