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When Zelo thinks he ‘failed’ in aegyo which is an aegyo itself (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

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I remember this boy from my elementary school. 
He was really pretty, he looked just like a girl and he was really delicate and had a really kind smile despite the other kids were constantly making fun of him because he was abandoned by his mother. we’ve spent 5 years in the same classroom, but we barely ever spoke to each other. I was the little bookworm,extremely quiet girl that would have done anything to please the teachers. He never did his homeworks, was very loud, and he would do the exact opposite of what the teachers told him to do.
We had nothing in common,despite those moments we shared twice a week, when we had to eat at the school dining hall. We both didn’t like to eat much, and the food there was awful. But while the rest of the class, after finishing their meals, went back to the lessons, we had to stay there, alone, untill we would have finished everything that was in the plate. We would just sit there silently, staring at our unfinished scrambled eggs (but they tasted more like sawdust) untill we ate it out of frustation. 
I remember one day, outside was snowing and this time in front of us there was some of those disgusting fried sticks of fish. They were cold and looked really sad, I looked around me and the boy was crying. He didn’t really make any noise, the tears were just sliding down his cheeks while he was staring at the snow falling down outside the big windows. For a moment i felt really uncomfortable,like an intruder in his private life. I started crying too. He looked at me like he just woke up from a dream, dried his tears with the sleeves of his jumper, stood up, took my plate and throw it out the window. So i run over the window, and looked down shocked: our sticks of fish disappeared and just left some holes in the snow. For some reasons we found it really funny and burst out laughing holding our hands while we were still looking down the window. A teacher came in that moment, she gave us a mark for bad behaviour: “the two students throw their food out of the window and laughed while holding hands. They wouldn’t stop laughing when the teacher scold them ”. That was the first bad mark i’ve ever had in my life and also the first time i felt accepted just for who i was.
We never really spoke again after that day,but i still think about that boy sometimes…

Everybody’s gonna love today ~ Lance video tribute


aaaaah thank you so much for the 2000+ followers!!! it means so much to me, it really does ;w;. i never thought this blog would get very far, but i’m honestly surprised. thank you so much!! i’ve been working on this for a while now, i would have finished it sooner but i kinda lost motivation halfway through. i still like how it turned out though! i hope you guys like this little tribute to everyone’s favorite blue paladin as well :D

song: Love Today by Mika

one of the most amusing things i saw in anime north today were like four swords links cosplayers going to tim hortons together.

My life


lupus-solitarius  asked:

your guts is amazing, shut your sweet mouth

My Guts? Do you mean yourself, Guts? Are there other Gutses, who aren’t MINE? I also didn’t know you thought my mouth was sweet, I’m flattered.  ❞

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No ribs, no rishta.

In the past week I’ve been turned down by two different guys. The first one turned me down because I’m not skinny and the second one turned me down because I’m “too confident.” As a shy introvert, I didn’t even realize the second one was a possibility. 

So the list now includes: 

  1. dark-skinned
  2. glasses
  3. not enough make up
  4. too desi
  5. not desi enough
  6. not super-model tall
  7. not model thin
  8. not a doctor
  9. too shy
  10. not shy enough
  11. confident

Here’s to all of us fat and confident individuals in the world!