why i'm not posting this on my personal idk

Things I noticed since being in Japan:
-Literally every girl I met and some guys called me handsome
-Some guys called me cute too rip
-Almost every highschool/middle school girl looked me up and down and I have never been more worried in my life. What do they see? Why are they looking? Was it a good or bad impression?? I will never know 
-People avoided eye contact with me when I didn’t smile
-People stared when I smiled 
-Both of those made me embarrassed 
-People complimented me a lot?? Why???? 
-I was embarrassed 98% of the time 

Idk why but I really like the idea of Percy being a really touchy kind of person after everything he’s been through. In a literal sense. Like, people’s touches help ground him, solidify the fact that they’re there and so is he and they’re safe.

Like, he’ll sit maybe just a little too close to people. He holds hands with his friends, no romance at all, it just makes them both feel safe. And he’ll snuggle with people and rest his head on their shoulders and he gives really warm hugs that last just a beat longer than normal.

Yeah, I just really like this idea.


Still very very upset about the pornbots that are targeting me. I just blocked and reported another five comments. Like, why are they here? There is not a single person on my blog that wants to find porn through it. Can I not share mental illness recovery related art without porn bots attacking me?! How low do you have to be to post spam on art that is trying to make people not hate themselves and not kill themselves because they are mentally ill? I am just trying to make people feel they are not alone in this stigmatized lonely fight that is mental illness. Why is this happening to me? My blog isn’t even that big compared to other art blogs.

i wish i could quit my life, move to iceland and have 80 cats who follow me around like my personal pack of wolves

  • Friend: Idk I'm just having trouble with low energy and stuff.
  • Me: Oh :/ Want to drink something?
  • Me: *walks into kitchen* *🔮🌱🌻🍵🔮*
  • Me: Here. Tea helps with everything.
  • Friend: Ha. Okay. *drinks*
  • Me: *lights candles* I like the smell of this candle ok.
  • Me: You can sit there. *Points at my favourite place for energy work*
  • -Sometime later-
  • Friend: Oh I'm better. Are you a witch or something? *laughs*
  • Me: Haha. Ha. Who knows?
  • someone: you can't call things gay!!! that's offensive!!!
  • me: no... my friend... my pal... you do not understand... I am not straight... I am making everything gay... it's called the gay agenda... look it up

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Katie btw idk why I'm telling you this now but I want to just sincerely apologise for always spamming your inbox 5000x a day like it's my journal if I ever send you too much stuff or if it gets annoying pls tell me to stop lmao :')

You say that like I myself do not plague every single person’s dashboard with 20 posts about my feelings every day 

I made a post on my FB about why I don’t like the idea of cochlear implants being forced on young children, and after getting a number of likes, someone decided to write paragraphs about how my “opinion was extreme” and “parents just want the best for their children” and “children can be cruel” and basically lecturing me on how hard deaf kids have it and why my opinion was wrong

And I’m just like ??? I AM DEAF why are YOU, a Hearing person, lecturing me about Deaf issues and basically telling me to sit down and shut up? And then two more friends posted agreeing with aforementioned friend and I just …


I’ve dealt with the stares and the twenty questions and the “can I try your hearing aids on?” and losing friends and being harassed and told to get cochlears and lectured by so many Hearing people who talk over me and been denied access to so many things

I know what being Deaf is like because I’ve lived it … have you??