why i'm not good at maths

The Signs as School Subjects

Aries: P.E. because they literally thrive off competition like what

Taurus: English because both are pretty chilled back unless you start throwing books around/at them

Gemini: Maths why is every single gemini good at maths ????? how ???? teach me your ways !!??

Cancer: Biology because cute plants and stuff yeah

Leo: Drama because literally every single Leo I’ve ever met is into musical theatre ????????? why ?????????

Virgo: History because they’re always telling you to learn from past mistakes yes okay i get it murdering people is morally wrong

Libra: Food because then they can use the actual scales to balance things aw cute omg

Scorpio: Chemistry because you think you’re doing fine with Chem or Scorpio and have everything under control and then they violently explode and suddenly your life is a mess hahhahahhaa :(

Sagittarius: Geography so they can learn about the world and know where to travel away from this mess of a country lmao bye 

Capricorn: German because both use long complicated words that I can’t say or understand for shit

Aquarius: Music because they’re just on completely different level from you like they read circles with tails according to position on lines and that’s magical


has literally no one thought about shipping keith and matt, because boy do i have the ship name for you…. math

Pillow warrior

Okay, so I was like why not? I suffered from enough Maths today, so here is a little Gajevy of cuteness, randomly written straight out of the blue. Enjoy!

Sipping tea with a bestseller was truly how a peaceful Sunday needed to go by – in Levy’s opinion, at least.
And it was nothing in the near of Gajeel’s opinion who wanted to do only one thing of all: annoy her. Because yes, what other could a good boyfriend do?
Trying not to show any sign of nervousness, Levy flipped yet another page in her book. It was the fourth that she’d jumped over and didn’t read since Gajeel started his personal mission. Oh boy, was he fond of being yelled at?
Probably yes.
“Can you please stop it?” she barked, her brows furrowed as she really tried not to pinch his arm. Snail kiss, was that?
However, it did nothing as he continued on with tickling her sides with his rough and big fingers, poking in the invisible gap between her ribs and laughing maniacally in his own way. It was truly creepy seeing a grown man going back down to a pupil’s level.
“What exactly, Shrimp?”
She nickered like a horse before putting her precious book down. No way she was getting anywhere with it in his company. So, instead of answering, she grabbed a pillow to crush against his skull.
He looked positively flabbergasted as he gasped for air, still not deciding whether he should laugh or let out a battle cry. Oh, he would so crush this little bundle of knowledge into pastry!
With a smirk settled on his face of full of piercings, he threw a red, frilly pillow to her face, knowing that it couldn’t hurt her… that much. To his purest astonishment, she grinned back at him, before putting him under numerous punches – suppressed by two pillows –, not even caring about his hair that he was always so vicious for.
“Get this and that! And that too!” she laughed like a crazed woman, now standing on the couch and torturing him with numerous vehement punches. His laughs never failed to make her smile brighter.
Gajeel – having enough of her massage – narrowed his red eyes humorously, and stood up too, his plus weight making a bigger pit in the fabric of the couch, thus making Levy crash against his chest. Now, when towelling above her, she wasn’t that confident, now stopping with the cruel and pretty much one-sided fight.
His arms snaked around her tiny waist unconsciously, one cheekily grabbing her ass that made her scowl.
His smirk widened, lips stretched as far as he could, eyes shining with mirth as he muttered: “Your smile worth everything…,” and that alone made Levy’s heart flutter excitedly, her annoyed mimic melting down from her face to be replaced by the massive blush.
“Even being yelled at?”
She looked so cute with her shy behaviour, looking up at him worriedly, as if fearing he’d leave her. Gajeel snorted. Not that that’s ever likely to happen…!
“Yes Shrimp, it really does.”
… So it was no surprise for him to be crushed down by a kiss so ferocious that made his knees buckle, and their heart beat as one. Man, was he grateful for this nerd of temper!

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Back finally, Enzo didn’t said anything on why he wasn’t here those last days. It was just really visible that he wasn’t in a good health, he was looking so much tired and wasn’t really there even when he was doing his classes. Or at least while he was doing his classes for the day. Everything was just going too fast and was just breaking him down. At least, his wife was succeeding with her project. Sitting down at his desk when his last class ended, he almost immediately lied down on it, putting his head against his hands, just trying to get some rest here, a little. He wasn’t even paying attention if any student was still here or if someone was just coming to see him, after the week he passed away from the school.