why i would trust her with my mind


Lance slowly opened his tired and heavy eyes, and looked around his room.
It was odd. He groggily glanced outside the window as they passed an asteroid field, and he rubbed his eyes, blinking rapidly.
He winced as he placed his feet on the floor, stretching.
Murmurs came from outside his door, and they faded a few ticks later.
As quiet as possible, Lance tiptoed outside, closing his door slowly and letting out a breath of relief.
He wanted to go see Blue.
He broke into a run to get to his lions hangar, a pang of homesickness in his heart that kept him going.
It wasn’t like he had nobody to talk to. His friends were understanding and caring, and he understood why they would brush him off in important situations.
He just trusted Blue. A lot.
As he stepped into the hangar, a low purr rumbled from Blue.

“Welcome, my Paladin.”

“Hey Blue. Sorry I’m here at like, 2 am. I’m just kinda sad. Mind if I sit here with you and the other lions?”

A rough purr emitted from Red, and Green flicked her tail happily.
“Thanks, Girl.”


“Where’s Lance?”
Hunk was starting to get worried about his friend, and even though they wouldn’t admit it, he knew the rest of the paladins were worried as well.
Keith was hesitant, but stood up anyways.
“I’ll go look for him. Was he in his room?”
Pidge adjusted their glasses.
“They weren’t in any of the rooms, I checked just a few minutes ago.”
Allura tapped her foot impatiently. Despite the flirting, Lance was like a brother to her.
A very, very, annoying brother.
“Well what are you waiting for?”
Her words were venom, and Shiro shivered.
Despite this, Keith shrugged and went off to look for his friend.


“He’s not even with Coran. I’m worried, you guys.”
Hunk muttered, coughing into his sleeve.
“Have you checked the Lions?”
That caught Shiros attention.
Keith sighed.
“Why would he be there? If he was homesick, why would he go to the lions?”
Shiro stared at him.
“… To talk to blue.”


“I’m not convinced. But I’ll go check there and I’ll tell you guys if he’s there. Keep looking.”
Allura bit her lip, and constantly stole glances at the floor.


~Time skip brought to you by Corans mustache~


Keith walked into the hangar, surprised.
Shiro was right.
Lance had his back to Blues paw, snoring peacefully.
But what surprised him was that the other lions were gathered around him, as if he fell asleep telling a story.
“… Lance? Lance, are you alright?”
He took a step forward, and Black growled.
Blues eyes were accusing, and Red even stared at him with an unknown expression.
Cuz y know. They’re mechanical lions.
Another step.
Lance awoke, his eyes alarmed, and stared right at Keith.
He cowered in surprise.
“Keith! I-uh-um, it’s fine! I’ll be to breakfast in a bit!”
He quickly stammered.
“It’s fine, just- just stay away from me.”
It’s not like Lance hated Keith, he just felt weird around him, since he was so serious all the time.
Yellow flicked her tail angrily, getting into a pouncing stance.
“Just let me help you-”
A loud roar shook the area, and as if as quick as lightning, there were tears flooding down Lance’s face and Red was in between Lance and Keith.
The rest of the team were there in merely a few ticks, and saying they were shocked was an understatement.
Allura was ecstatic, seeing another Lion defending a different Paladin.
It quickly turned into a frown when she saw Lance was crying.
Coran was screaming.
Hunk took a step back, hugging himself from the surprise.
Pidge stood in the front, amazed at the possibilities.
Shiro just stared at Lance.

“Stay away from the Blue Paladin.” Red roared again, standing taller.

Lance pat Reds paw, and she hesitated, sitting next to Blue with her eyes fixed on the team.

“Sorry guys. I just- when I feel homesick I just go to the lions and just- talk, I guess.”

Hunk pulled him into a hug, and soon the whole team were all hugging one another, sobbing.

“Why were you crying?”

Lance tensed when Keith asked, head tilted and curious.

“I-it-it just reminded me of when my brother would stand up for me. When.. He was alive, of course.”

“You’re not alone, Lance.”


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sketcheraserepeat  asked:

Some people blame Sansa for Ned's death, and some blame Ned for his own death. Imho, Ned dug his own grave by going to Cersei. Still, in an interview GRRM said, "Sansa was the least sympathetic of the Starks in the first book; she has become more sympathetic, partly because she comes to accept responsibility for her part in her father's death." Does this mean her actions really did contribute to his death? The interview was done by Amazon UK. I believe you've linked it in a post before. Thanks!

I have, it’s a favorite interview. I’ve also answered this question before, but not for a long time, so you get it again, this time with extra quotes and sources.

So, first and foremost – Sansa is not to blame for her father’s death. The only ones to blame are Joffrey, who gave the order; Ilyn Payne, who obeyed without question; and almost certainly the man who convinced Joffrey to go against the plans of Cersei and Varys and the small council to allow Ned to confess treason and take the black, the man who made sure Ilyn Payne and Janos Slynt were ready and waiting for the execution.

However, Sansa did unfortunately have a part in the events that led up to Ned’s execution. As did many others, not in the least Ned himself – because, after all, he did tell Cersei he knew of the true parentage of her children, and told her he would be telling Robert as soon as he returned from his hunt, and told her to flee with her children before Robert killed them all. Ned also made plans to send his daughters to safety, preparing a ship for them to travel back to Winterfell (because, unlike the common paradigm, Ned was not stupid, just… outwitted, and too merciful). However, when Robert returned several days later, deathly wounded, Ned did not tell him (he didn’t want to break his heart in his last moments on earth), only modified his will to refer to Stannis and not Joffrey. The next morning (an hour before he was informed Robert had died), Ned told Arya and Sansa that he was sending them away from King’s Landing by noon. He allowed Arya to have one last lesson with Syrio (who was coming with them), but told Sansa she could not see Joffrey before they left. And Sansa fled, crying, and went to Cersei:

She was the good girl, the obedient girl, but she had felt as wicked as Arya that morning, sneaking away from Septa Mordane, defying her lord father. She had never done anything so willful before, and she would never have done it then if she hadn’t loved Joffrey as much as she did. […] The king had been her last hope. The king could command Father to let her stay in King’s Landing and marry Prince Joffrey, Sansa knew he could, but the king had always frightened her. He was loud and rough-voiced and drunk as often as not, and he would probably have just sent her back to Lord Eddard, if they even let her see him. So she went to the queen instead, and poured out her heart, and Cersei had listened and thanked her sweetly… only then Ser Arys had escorted her to the high room in Maegor’s Holdfast and posted guards, and a few hours later, the fighting had begun outside. –AGOT, Sansa IV

She was not privy to all of Ned’s plans regarding Stannis, the gold cloaks, etc… but she knew more than just that her father planned to spirit her and Arya away from King’s Landing. She knew when they were to leave, on what ship, how many men would be in their escort, who would have the command, where Arya was that morning, etc… all of which was useful to Cersei in planning and timing her move. –GRRM

Because Ned did not tell his daughters why he needed them to leave King’s Landing, because he did not tell Sansa that Cersei was an enemy, because Sansa trusted the queen and was desperate to stay with Joffrey, Cersei was able to draw out all of the information she knew. You can imagine the conversation: “Oh, you’re leaving, my dear?” “Yes, Father is making me go, you have to make him change his mind, please, I love Joffrey and–” “Yes, of course, sweetling, but tell me, how has your father said you will be traveling?” “Oh… there’s a Myrish ship, the Wind Witch, it’s leaving today–” “Surely your father isn’t sending you on a ship with foreign sailors, all alone.” “No, Septa Mordane and Jeyne and Arya are going too, and there’s to be a troop of ten men for our protection, led by–” “And where is your sister now, dear Sansa?” “Arya’s having a lesson with her dancing master in the Small Hall, even though she gets to bring him with us! It’s not fair…”

And after that interrogation disguised as concern, Cersei took Sansa prisoner. At the very moment Ned was making his stand in the throne room, Sansa was under armed guard in Maegor’s Holdfast. Even if, somehow, Ned had been able to escape Cersei’s coup, Janos Slynt’s betrayal, and Littlefinger’s dagger, somehow managed to get out of the Red Keep with a few men, Sansa would have already been a Lannister hostage.

As it was, because of Sansa’s information, Cersei’s men killed Syrio Forel, and killed the Stark men at the Wind Witch and set up a trap for Arya. As it was, after Ned was taken prisoner, he was quite prepared to die. He was not going to capitulate and betray his word, to tell the world the lie that he was a traitor, that he’d lied about Joffrey’s claim to the throne… until Varys reminded him about Sansa:

“So what is your answer, Lord Eddard? Give me your word that you’ll tell the queen what she wants to hear when she comes calling.”
“If I did, my word would be as hollow as an empty suit of armor. My life is not so precious to me as that.”
“Pity.” The eunuch stood. “And your daughter’s life, my lord? How precious is that?”
A chill pierced Ned’s heart. “My daughter…”
“Surely you did not think I’d forgotten about your sweet innocent, my lord? The queen most certainly has not. […] Lord Eddard, tell me… why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones? Ponder it, if you would, while you wait upon the queen. And spare a thought for this as well: The next visitor who calls on you could bring you bread and cheese and the milk of the poppy for your pain… or he could bring you Sansa’s head. The choice, my dear lord Hand, is entirely yours.”

–AGOT, Eddard XV

So, to save his daughter, one of his children who he loved more than life itself, Ned came to Baelor’s Sept, to confess his “treason”, take the black, and be sent to the Wall. And Sansa was there too, proud that because of her desperate plea for her father’s life, because of the love of her dearest Joffrey, because of the kindness of Queen Cersei, because she’d been a good girl and done as she’d been told and written Cersei’s letters to her mother and Robb to ask them to stop the fighting, that her father would be safe, and everything would be all right. Until the moment Joffrey smiled at her, and called for Ilyn Payne.

Afterwards, alone in the room in Maegor’s Holdfast, Sansa became suicidal with grief and guilt, knowing how her trust had been betrayed. Afterwards, Joffrey told her that Cersei had said she was stupid, and Sansa realized that the queen’s kindnesses and promises to help had only been lies. Afterwards, Sansa understood:

Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart, and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa would never make that mistake again. –ACOK, Sansa I

Evan Peters- Liar

Word Count: 2035

Warning: heart break, cussing, and my weird writing.

A/N: I don’t really watch Evan Peters interviews and such , so I’m sorry if this isn’t the way he’ll act.
Calm down Y/N. You’ll be okay. You are gonna live your dream! He’ll be happy. You’ll come back. At least you’re at home and no-

I snapped out of thought when Evan tapped my shoulder.

“Are you okay babe?” Evan said to me

I looked at him and gave a light smile.

“Of course I am!” I said

“You looked scared.” He said with a frown, “Are you sure?”

“A little bit. I’m just have to tell you something.” I said putting my head down.

He grabbed my hands, “You can tell me anything and you know that.”

“Okay…” I took a deep breath, “I got the job I wanted.”

I looked up to see him smiling.

“That’s great ne-” I cut Evan off.

“It’s in England.” I said looking down.

He tried to speak words, but nothing came out.

“I’m sorry Evan…” I said on the verge of tears.

“Hey…” he said quietly, “Don’t cry. We’ll see each other soon. I can visit.” He said lifting my face up with a finger. He kissed me lightly.

“It’ll be alright…”


“It’ll be alright” was the only thing floating through my mind.

“Liar…” I said as I looked at the photo.

It was him and his co-worker, Emma, kissing.

“THAT FUCKING LIAR!” I screamed as I flung a paint brush across the room.

How could he. How could he do that to me. I thought he was the one! The one who wouldn’t hurt me.

I’m wrong.

I grabbed a canvas out of a box and painted my heart out.

All I could do was paint. All I could think of was the hurt and pain running through me.

I was crying as I painted. All the colors I used expressed my emotions. Each brush stroke expressed my pain. How they were shades of blue and maroon with rough and jagged strokes.
(A/N: I think that expresses sadness and anger.)

In the end it was an abstract painting of a girl  on her knees crying, ripping her chest open to reveal her broken heart. Her head was tilted back and her long hair was so jagged, but it flowed down.

I smiled weakly as I signed my name. I felt a bit better, but a hole was still in my chest. I felt nothing there. Where is used to feel a pulse. Now I feel nothing there. It hurt.

I checked the time.
3:00 am.
(A/N: I don’t know how to convert it.)

I just took off my clothes and slept. I was drained emotionally and physically.

-Le Next Day-

I woke up with a knock on my apartment, or flat is what they say here, door.

I got up an-

“I’m leaving today!” I said


I ran to a suitcase and grabbed a shirt and sweats. I got in the restroom and did stuff.

Someone was knocking.

“THE DOOR!” I yelled with my toothbrush in my mouth. I ran to it and opened it.

“Ms. Y/L/N your ride is ready to leave.” The man said in a very thick British accent, that sounded a bit like Matthew Lewis.

“I will be down in three minutes.” I said trying to smile with a toothbrush in my mouth.

“Will you need help?” The man said.

“Yes please, but not my green bag.” I said calmly.

“Yes ma'am.” He said with a smile.

I went back to the restroom and rinsed my mouth. I packed up my toiletries, and started to think.

Where am I going to stay? I’m not going back home. I need a plan.

Maybe Y/F/N will be able to let me stay at their place.

Or you can confront him!

No little voice. I will not confront that asshole.

Fine! Suit yourself.

I’m going crazy aren’t I?

Yes. You are talking to yourself.

Maybe that little voice is right. Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe it wasn’t what I thought of. Also that I need to get checked for any mental disorders.

“Ma'am. The car is ready and so are your luggage.” The man said.

I snapped my head to him.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him politely, “I will be out.”

He nodded and left.

Time to stop thinking and relax for an hours now.

-Time Skip brought by Jimmy Dean-

So that was a lie about not thinking. I thought a lot.

About life decisions and a lot about Evan.

Was he worth my tears?

I shook the thought of my head.


Who’s picking me up?

I got my carry on from the over head compartment, and exited the plane wearily. I went to baggage claim and got my bags. The others are going to be shipped to my house. Well our house.

I sighed I turned my phone on. Should of down that earlier. Whelp!

It took a couple minutes for it to turn on, but soon all the notifications came in.




One from MySpace.

19 missed phone calls and 20 messages from him.

I texted F/N to pick me up. Even if Evan came I won’t go with that asshat.

She said she’ll be there in 46 minutes because she lived close by and no traffic.

I went to sit and relaxed.

I went to my texts and said, “We are over. Don’t look for me. Don’t speak to me. We are over.”

My fingers hovered over the send button. I breathed in and hit send. It’s over. Time down the drain.
(A/N: Even my heart is hurting writing this.)

I stare at my phone noticing all these notifications. Mostly Twitter, so my curious mind decided to check.

So many people were bashing Evans and Emma. Whelp. Serves them right.

Some people say I deserved it and they saw it coming. Those soggy ass waffles.

I decided to respond.

“If I couldn’t see it coming then… How would you?” I tweeted.
(A/N: Cringe)

I turned off all notifications except my essentials. Messaging and phone calls. I just muted Evan. Simple.

Break down again! It’s healthy.

Not this again.

You made me up. This is you. I’m telling you what you tell your friends. You even say it’s good advice, so why not take it.

Because I don’t want to cry anymore!

I said to the little voice with an annoyed expression.

I got my earbuds out and decided to try and relax.

I put my Spotify songs on shuffle and let relaxation take over me.

I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match

Great.” I mumbled to myself taking a deep breath.

What a catch, what a catch
You’ll never catch us
So just let me be
Said I’ll be fine
‘Till the hospital or American Embassy
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
They say the captain
Goes down with the ship
So, when the world ends
Will God go down with it?
Miss Flack said I still want you back
Yeah, Miss Flack said I still want you back
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
What a catch
I will never end up like him
Behind my back, I already am
Keep a calendar
This way you will always know
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch
And all I can think of
Is the way I’m the one
Who charmed the one
Who gave up on you
Who gave up on you
Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman
Maybe he won’t find out what I know
You were the last good thing
We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we’re goin’ down swinging
Dance, dance, we’re falling apart to halftime
Dance, dance, and these are the lives you’d love to lead
Dance, this is the way they’d love
If they knew how misery loved me
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
Growing up, growing up
I got troubled thoughts
And the self-esteem to match
What a catch, what a catch

I remained at the airport till my friend picked me up. I trusted them with my life, and sometimes I shouldn’t.

They took me in and they gave me everything I needed. They were great, but what lingered on my mind was.


-Time Skip: A week-

I opened the door and saw him. Why is he here!? I was about to close it, but he put his foot in the way.

“Y/N. Hear me out.”  I heard her voice say softly.

I nodded slowly unsure of what to say because if I did this would be a shit show.

“The article isn’t true.” He said to me, “We were going out to lunch together after a shoot with the cast. I was whispering something in her ear because I didn’t want others to hear, of course. They photoshopped to make us look like we were kissing. I swear. I would never hurt you. You make me so happy! You make me the happiest man!” He used small hand gestures. I looked in her eyes to see if he was lying, but he wasn’t, “I love everything about you. From how your hair smells to how sweet you are! I would never ever hurt you like this. I promised you.” He said with his voice cracking in the end.

“You really didn’t do any of it?” I said quietly.

He lightly grabbed my face.

I hesitated, but I grabbed one of his hands lightly.

“I would never lie to you for something this huge. Without you I don’t feel whole. I don’t feel me without knowing I can’t protect you. It hurts knowing I hurt you. It even hurts going home because I know you aren’t there.” He said looking me in the eye.

He really wasn’t lying.

You miss him. Go to him.

At this moment I didn’t hate this voice. It was right.

“I love you.” I said hugging him.

He hugged back almost instantly.

I pulled back and dragged him into the house.

Then I started thinking as I locked the door.

I turned back to him.

“What did you say to her?” I said to him.

He blushed.

Now it was his turn. He hesitated.

“I told her that I-I wa-wanted to m-marry you.” He said very nervously.

My eyes widened, but I smiled.

“You want to marry me?” I said sheepishly with a blush evident on my face.

“I still do.” He said confidently.

“Is that offer still up?” I said rubbing my arm.

I just got him back and I’m asking him to basically marry me.

He smiled widely and got down on one knee.

“Will you Y/N Y/L/N become my partner-in-crime for life, even in the afterlife?” He said pulling a a black box out with a beautiful ring inside.
(A/N: Imagine the ring because I don’t know your style at all.)

“Yes!” I said jumping on him.

I smashed my lips on him and he smiled into it. This kiss was a kiss that made up all the lost time.

He was my world. He made me so happy. His personality made me smile, and his looks made me smirk.

He was mine and I love him.
The next part will involve some naughty things.

Even though it nearly drowned us in angst, we have to appreciate how healthy that conversation actually was.

“I swear to you, I wanted to tell you, I tried. And then you found that ring and I just couldn’t bear to ruin that happiness.” 

~ he doesn’t dance around it, goes right for the truth, explains the situation and why he chose to act the way he did; that it was coming from a place of love.

“How could you do this?” 

~ she asks with shock, and hurt. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about at first - he thinks she’s talking about killing her grandpa but what she’s really talking about is burning his own memories. The way she says it with a hint of concern, like even though she’s mad, she’s hurting for him because if he’s gonna resort to such drastic measures, this must be eating him up inside.

“I’ve been asking myself the same question, and all I can say is that I was a broken man for a very long time and I did horrendous things..” 

~ THIS! LINE! IS! SO! IMPORTANT! Because he was a broken man and the fact that he recognizes that his deeds were horrendous proves how much he’s changed. And the fact that he’s sharing with her that he knows he was broken - ugh. Beautiful. 

“I’m not talking about that I’m talking about this. You were about to burn your own memories why would you do that?” 

~ Here the concern for him is even more prominent in her tone. It almost sounds like she’s going to cry. She’s so concerned that he was going to burn some part of his past, because she loves every part of him, including his wrongdoings. 

“Because I was ashamed, Emma. And scared losing you and everything that matters to me.” 

~ She is everything to him. He is terrified of losing her. Do I even need to say more like omg.

“You really think that would happen after everything we’ve been through?” 

~ this is her having 100% confidence in what they have. They have made it through darkness and DEATH, and that proved to her that together they can do anything. She’s surprised and hurt that he doesn’t feel the same way. Why doesn’t he? is what she’s she’s wondering.

“How am I supposed to sit across from your mother and father at the table and look them in the eye after what I’ve done?” 

~ He’s letting her know how guilty he feels. How he’s terrified he’ll be rejected. They’re just laying all their feelings on the table and it’s so healthy I can’t even 

“I’m not saying it would be easy. You know them, you know they would forgive you, that’s who they are.” 

~ She’s validating his feelings, saying yes, it will be a big hurdle. But then she also reassures him that he is loved so much but not just her, and that nothing he does or says will get him kicked out of their lives. Ever. 

“This isn’t just about them, this is about me. I already destroyed my own family once and that was hard enough but knowing that I destroyed yours too, I just…I didn’t know how I could live with that.” 

~ YESSSSSS Killian. This is about you. And that is perfectly okay like it is 1000000% okay for you to worry about yourself instead of everyone else (including Emma) for once. You need to heal and this is the way to start, by telling the woman that you love that this is how you feel and where your head is at. Good job precious pirate good job! 

“You come to me Hook, and you lean on me, and you trust ME!” 

~ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the knife-in-the-gut line. The most beautiful line in my opinion. Cause it came from the mouth of Emma Swan, who spent her life leaning on no one. Who, after Neal, had a necklace that she wore to remind her never to trust ANYONE. And now she has a life partner that she trusts so completely and has leaned on countless, countless times (When she was watching her mother die, when she almost froze to death, when she was confused about Lily, when she was mad at her parents, all throughout Camelot, when she admitted she wanted a future but was scared, when she was in the underworld and had a scary vision, like a million bazillion times she’s gone to him and leaned on him) and now all she wants is to return the favour for him. And frankly she’s devastated that he doesn’t feel like he can lean on her. Like he is my rock, why aren’t I his? is what is going through her mind. ASDFGHJKL.

“We have to stop hiding things from each other.” 

~ She doesn’t just blame him, she knows she’s hid things from him before too and might some day do it again. They both need to stop in order for this to work.

“The man I fell in love with would know that. You would know that we would do things together.” 

~ Telling him that this together thing all originated from him. She fell in love with him because he earned her trust, but never took the lead from her; they always worked together as a team. Together. And all she wants is for them to be doing that now (and for the rest of their lives)


~ the way he splutters it. He’s so in love with her and wants to kiss her for saying these soulful things. She’s opening up to him and pouring out her soul and telling him she loves him in a poetic, wordy way, which is NOT her specialty. But at the same time his heart is aching. He’s done the last thing he wants to do in life. He’s hurt her. Fuck. 

“That is what I agreed to marry. That is what I thought we were together.”

 ~ Again, emphasis on the together, two halves of a whole. And telling him the reason she wanted to marry him so badly - because she feels safe with him. She can trust him. She can lean on him. And she thought she was that for him, too. And if she’s not? Well, they need to fix that before they can move forward.

“Until you’re ready for that..” *removes ring* “Then we can talk.” 

~ A bit of tough love, but it’s for his own good. She is NOT rejecting him or breaking up with him or some bullshit like that. Their love means more than that. She’s just telling him “Hey. I love you. And I am so, so ready to marry you. But I want our engagement to be happy and pure. And it is anything but happy and pure right now. So until we figure this out, take this back. And work through your feelings. And if you need me, I will be right here.” 



Coincidences (Steve Rogers x Short!Reader)

Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me. I’m actually contemplating if to make this a multi-part but we’ll see how this goes>.< And Enjoy!

Pairing: Steve x Short!Reader

Summary: Pre-CACW. You start off the day with people teasing you about the one thing you can’t control, your height. Then just when you thought your day couldn’t get worse it gets…better? You start seeing the same cute guy everywhere you go and you start to wonder if it is just a coincidence or fate.

Word Count:1,768

Warnings: A handful of swears.

(Y/N) – Your name

(L/N) – Last name

(s/c) – Skin colour

(B/F/N) – Best friend name

(F/R) – Favourite restaurant

(f/f) - Favourite food

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Sorry I didn’t see you there…and still, don’t,” the stranger smirks at his own retort before going on his merry way. Probably to a business meeting with CEO’s and shite based on the way his snazzy Kenneth Cole suit made him reek sophistication, it’s always these types that feel to need to be pompous jerks to everyone else. I mean, I know that my 5’2 frame isn’t helping to lessen the insults but still, you shouldn’t be so mean to someone you don’t even know. But then again, when you’re out here on these crowded streets of New York during lunch hour, who’s being nice? I’m lost in my thoughts when,

“Oomph!” my face meets stone and I violently get pushed, my bum becoming best friends with the floor. Oh wait, that’s not stone, it’s someone’s chest which is covered by a navy blue V-neck…someone’s rock-hard and muscular chest. I inwardly drool as I look up towards his face which now makes me want to melt. His baby blue eyes grant him just enough softness to complement his killer jawline and blonde hair, and not to mention the worry that he held in them which makes me smile. And let us not forget those perfectly sculpted lips which urge me to just crash-

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you there.” Alright, fantasy over.

“Don’t worry, most people don’t,” I shrug away his hand that he oh so generously set out for me with my own (s/c) colored hand and raise myself up from the ground, dusting whatever specs of gravel landed on my Levi blue jeans and a cream-colored blouse.

“Pardon me, ma’am, I meant no disrespect. I was on my,” he seems to pause as if remembering something, “iPhone and wasn’t looking at where I was going.”

“If you say so…,” I sigh, “well I guess no harm was done so enjoy the rest of your day.” I begin to walk towards my intended destination only to hear a faint “wait” from behind me causing my body to instinctually turn in his general direction, only to see him jogging towards me.

“I didn’t get your name, I’m Steve Rogers at you service ma’am.” He puts out his right hand and I hesitantly, but eventually shake it with my own, seeing how my (s/c) hand fit in his pale one.

“It’s not like you need it…but mine’s (Y/N) (L/N), and there is no need to be so formal either.” My phone suddenly rings shifting my attention to the screen which vibrates with impatient texts from my friend. “And I have to run. Nice to meet you I suppose?” and I trot off before he could say anything in reply.


“What took you so long? Look I know that love-making is a slow and sensual process but that shite is for the night alright, quickies are a morning thing for a reason. Oh wait I know, you were busy untying those goddam ropes with friggin’ origami knots, I already told you those kinks are-”

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A Study in Pink

The other night my entire life changed, I think for the better, and I want to tell you about it. So this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that’s the thing with him. It’s no use trying to hide who you are (or what you are, which scares me more) because Sherlock sees right through everyone and everything in seconds. It’s remarkable but terrifying. What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Last week he seemed to genuinely not know the Earth goes round the Sun. Seriously. He didn’t know. He didn’t think the Sun went round the Earth or anything. He just didn’t care. I still can’t quite believe it, and he’s not taken kindly to me spontaneously laughing about it. In so many ways, he’s the cleverest, most incredible person I’ve ever met but there are these blank spots that partly worry me and partly brighten my day (knowing something that Sherlock doesn’t brings a sort of thrill). At least I’ve got used to him now. Well, I say that, I suspect I’ll never really get used to him. He is like no one else I’ve ever met. It’s just, on that first night, I literally had no idea of what was to come. I mean, how could I? I’ve come to learn that when you’re with Sherlock Holmes, everything is an adventure.

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Professor Evans (2/?)

Summary: Professor Evans and the reader have their tutor session and he asks her something hoping she doesn’t refuse. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris x Student!Reader 

Warnings: Nada 

Word Count: 1k

A/N: I’m so happy with the amount of love the first part got so here is the second part. Thank you for reading and feedback is always appreciated!

Part 1

Originally posted by forassgard

Y/N sat at a table that was at the corner of the coffee house, waiting for Professor Evans Chris to arrive. She kept on flipping through her notes and couldn’t seem to stop her leg from bouncing up and down, unsure if it was the amount of coffee she drank or if the nervousness was getting to her. Y/N knew that Chris was going to go easy on her and be understanding like always, but she couldn’t stop the dark thoughts from entering her mind and making her contemplate even coming to the session. As she was thinking about ditching and coming up with a lame excuse to why she left, Chris’s shadow towered her table.

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Caffeine (pt 11)

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae 

Type: Angst

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

You thought you heard Jongin say something about being too drunk to get home. Was he too drunk to get home too? Wait that didn’t make sense. He got you home.

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Rosaline loves Escalus.  Benvolio loved Stella…but look where that led both of them. Throughout the span of these seven episodes, we watched as both Rosaline and Benvolio were let down by the people that they love…and over time that was a big part of what brought them closer.  They learned that, in all of the chaos, and amidst all of the deceit and manipulation, they each had one person who would never lie to them.  Even when they couldn’t stand to look at one another, they were honest.  And so when Escalus professes his love, when Benvolio points out that she loves the Prince, that isn’t what matters, because it wasn’t enough.  Escalus loves her, yes…but it was never enough, and she knows that she deserves more.  

That is why the declaration of “I trust you” is so much more important than if she were to tell him that she loves him.  She does love him…a love that began as friendship…but moreso than that she knows that she would be able to give him her whole heart and know without a doubt that he would protect it with his life.  

That is why she would (will, does, did…you get the picture) choose Benvolio over Escalus in the end…because while her heart loves the Prince, she will never be able to trust him with it.


a/n: So, for what I’ve been told, followers get to pick a number and a character and you have to write an imagine/one shot containing the two. Feel free to submit, guys! This is my first time trying this and I am really excited. Please keep in mind that I do not write smut though lmao. (and yes, i made these prompts myself so sorry if you find it crappy).


1. “Ha! As if you actually did it.”
2. “Tell me, would you cry if I punched you on the nose?”
3. “Hypothetically speaking, of course.”
4. “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.”
5. “Why the hell are you blue?”
6. “He’s in his room, crying about who knows what.”
7. “Stop. You’re hurting my eyes.”
8. “Then that’s exactly why we should do it!”
9. “For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.”
10. “No, no! Put the knife down!”
11. “Would you die for me?”
12. “I have a secret. I really hate Christmas.”
13. “You’re a monster!”
14. “Who in the right mind would trust me?”
15. “This is the part where I tell you to mind your damn business.”
16. “Wow. True love sucks.”
17. “I can’t determine if you’re drunk or you’re just being plain weird.”
18. “Sorry, but I don’t really care anymore.”
19. “Move a little faster, would you?”
20. “You’re as pale as a ghost.”
21. “Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.”
22. “Out of all the possible people, why you?”
23. “Clearly, we’re meant to be.”
24. “Did you just vomit all over my carpet?”
25. “I’m not her/him, alright?”
26. “Stop the sarcasm.”
27. “Okay, I got to admit, you do look pretty cool.”
28. “If you say something, I won’t hesitate and slap you.”
29. “Don’t act innocent!”
30. “Close your eyes.”
31. “Clearly, you’re from hell.”
32. “Careful, you might fall for me without knowing it.”
33. “You’re lying. Again.”
34. “Sarcasm doesn’t suit you.”
35. “I beg to differ.”
36. “Don’t you know who I am?”
37. “I find you very fascinating.”
38. “I want to slap that smug grin off your face.”
39. “But you’re so nice! And he’s/she’s so …”
40. “Nobody deserves you.”
41. “That’s the worst excuse ever.”
42. “If you don’t stand up, I’ll just assume you pooped your pants.”
43. “Please be cooperative.”
44. “I don’t care if you live in a castle or whatever. I ain’t bowing down to you.”
45. “No one’s getting laid tonight.”
46. “I’ll have you know I’m usually not a damsel in distress.”
47. “No one likes a loser, babe.”
48. “How does it feel to be bad?”
49. “Ignore the blood — it’s not mine, anyway.”
50. “I am literally dating a drama queen.”
51. “The joke’s on you, sucker.”
52. “Can I have a kiss, please?”
53. “Oh, look! I don’t care!”
54. “What are you so pleased about?”
55. “You can’t buy my love.”
56. “Just concentrate.”
57. “Do you have to ask a stupid question?”
58. “Hey, it ain’t my fault I’m so attractive.”
59. “That’s a first.”
60. “Is it just my eyes or are you really glowing right now?”
61. “Don’t underestimate me too much.”
62. “Am I supposed to be offended by what you said?”
63. “Someone’s being in denial.”
64. “If you keep on saying that I might actually start believing it.”
65. “I feel like singing your name.”
66. “You’re heartless.”
67. “I dare you.”
68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”
69. “Party pooper.”
70. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”
71. “I really am lucky to have you — no matter how cheesy it sounds.”
72. “Smile and I’ll automatically translate it to I love you too.”
73. “You’re too modest for your own good.”
74. “Want to bet on it?”
75. “I am not a walking and talking dictionary!”
76. “Hey, I’m just saying.”
77. “What makes you think I’ll trust you again after this?”
78. “And how about you? What do you want?”
79. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.”
80. “Sorry to burst your bubble but I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.”
81. “Make him/her regret what he/she lost.”
82. “Pull me closer.”
83. “Were you looking for me?”
84. “You’re worth it.”
85. “No offense, but this room smells like rotten eggs.”
86. “I can’t believe someone can be so shallow!”
87. “Don’t make me wait too long.”
88. “I think you can understand it perfectly fine.”
89. “You have a dark sense of humor. I kinda like it.”
90. “Is that a grin or a scowl? I’m not sure.”
91. “Promise me, you won’t tell anyone.”
92. “Not that I’d prefer him, but he is definitely more handsome than you are.”
93. “If you’re jealous, you don’t have to be a jerk about it!”
94. “I’d gladly take you out on a date anytime.”
95. “One more mistake. Keep that in mind.”
96. “Who knew you could be so poetic?”
97. “My heart is in your hands.”
98. “For real?”
99. “Ouch! That really hurt.”
100. “Would you rather date me or would you rather date me? Say your pick.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Max x Reader where the reader is really good a sewing and embroidery and when Max rips his jacket they fix it? Thanks!

(This is really cute! I actually do embroidery too :> )

Max groaned. “Damn it!”

“What’s wrong, Max?” Nikki asked, stopping in her tracks and turning around. She tilted her head, confused. “Did you step in some unknown animal’s poop again?”

“No, my hoodie! There’s a huge fucking hole in the pocket!” Max shoved a fist through the bottom of his pocket, able to fit his whole hand and some of his arm through the opening. 

Nikki squinted. “Huh.. It must have snagged on a branch or something.”

“I guess..!” He huffed, turning away from her. “I’m gonna go get David. God knows he probably knows how to sew.” Nikki followed after him. 

“Wait! Don’t go to David about this, trust me!”

“…Why?” Max stopped, annoyed that he had been halted, but also curious about what she had to say. Nikki pointed to a patch on the front of her overalls. It was poorly and obviously stitched, bright hot pink, and about half unravelled, showing the yellow shirt underneath.

“He offered to fix the hole in my overalls for me. I didn’t really mind it, but he insisted! I would have refused if I knew it was going to be this bad..” She scrunched up her nose.

“Oh. So that’s what that is.” Nikki nodded at him. 

“It’s not worth it, dude.” She warned. 

Max sighed in annoyance. “Well, then what do you suggest I do? I’m not just gonna walk around with a gaping hole in my pocket like a dumbass. Can Gwen sew?”

“Not to save her life.” Nikki shook her head and looked down for a moment, before her head shot up and she grinned. “Oh! Just go to (Y/N)! They’re great at thread and needle kind of stuff! They repaired the hole in Neil’s pants last week, and it was awesome! You could barely even tell there had been a hole at all!”

“Oh shit, you’re right. Why didn’t I think about that?” He asked, smiling now. Of course (Y/N) would fix it! He could go ask right away!

“Oh! Yeah, I can fix it no problem. I’ve got to fix Nerris’ cape first, cause I promised I would, but I’ll do this afterwards. Can you come back in a few hours?” You asked, holding his torn hoodie in your arms. A pang of disappointment shot through Max. He had hoped that he would get to stay with you while you-

“Uh, yeah! No problemo.. Thanks.” Max shook his head after he spoke, as though to clear it, and walked out of your tent. He pinched the bridge of his nose as soon as he was out of your vicinity. “Who the Hell says ‘No Problemo’ anymore?! What the fuck! God, that was so stupid!” His face was beet red as he made his way back to his tent.

The hours went by slowly, and of course everyone who saw him made a comment about how strange it was to see him without his hoodie on. Finally, it came time for him to go collect his garment, and Max once again smiled at the thought of having another excuse to visit you. Before he knew, it he was there, calling your name from outside your tent to ask if he could come in.

“Hm? Oh, yeah! Come on in, it’s all finished!” You returned, already grinning as he stepped in. “There was a, uh… The seam by your arm was starting to split too, so I fixed that for you.” Max could’ve sworn he saw a hint of red in your cheeks. “Is that okay..?” you asked. To your relief, Max seemed pleasantly surprised. 

“Oh woah, really? Thanks!” He took a step closer to you and took his hoodie, pulling it over his head. “So.. Nikki tells me that you..-” He paused and felt warmth rushing to his cheeks, thought derailed by a sudden realization. Something was different about his hoodie. Something pleasant and familiar, something comforting that gave him butterflies. The only thing he could do to cover his blush was to pretend he had an itch on his nose.

“…That I what?”

“Uh, you do embroidery. Can I see some?” His voice seemed a little shaky, almost as if he had been taken off guard by something. You picked up on it, but decided not to ask.

“Yea, sure! I could even teach you, if you wanted.” You turned and started rummaging through your bag to find your supplies, occupying yourself.

“Really? You’d teach me?” He sounded surprised.

“Yeah, sure! It’s super easy, you’d pick it up quickly. I could actually give you your first lesson now, if you’re up for it.” She grinned as she found her hoops and threads, searching now for a small pack of needles.

 “..That sounds good.” Max nestled into his hoodie, only once he was sure you weren’t looking, and a small smile formed on his blushing face as he gripped the hem of his newly repaired garment.

It smelled like you now.

An Alyanette story for a-typical April! @larvesta and @breeeliss really inspired this story!

On AO3

“Hey Ladybug! Do you have a last name, or do you want mine?” Marinette blanched. She whipped around to see a smirking Alya, completely untouched by the utter chaos around her. Uncharacteristically, Alya wasn’t recording, in fact, it looked like she didn’t have her phone out at all. Marinette quickly tore through the ropes of caramel and over to her best friend.

    “Aly-I - you! This is the middle of an Akuma attack! You need to vacate the premise immediately! Are you hurt?” She rushed out, frantically looking around to ensure the Akuma was far away. “Wait. What did you ask me?”

    Alya let out a tinkling laugh, smirk stretching into an endeared grin.

    “I asked if you wanted my last name. I’d settle for a date if that was too much to ask.” She added with a wink, completely unaware to the grinding halt Marinette’s mind had screeched to.

    “I… are.. Are you hitting on me?” She asked, fully aware that if Chat had said the same thing it wouldn’t have been a blip on her radar. Alya laughed and Marinette couldn’t figure out why there were sirens going off in her head.

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to score a date with the cutest savior of Paris? I’ll let you get back to work, you know how find me!” With that, Alya took off running, bringing Marinette back to the battle, shoving the sirens to the back of her mind as she turned to the Confectioner.

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Sparks Chapter 16

Originally posted by livvy1800

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Black and White

Sirius x Reader

requested; (Anon) can please do sirius black x slytherin reader (based on the song fall for you by secondhand serenadeand) the reader is the girl who showed sirius that we both have dark and light inside us all. the song is up to you. i love your writing btw!

a/n; I tried my best with the dark vs light concept, and might’ve gone a bit overboard…but I hope you like it. Also I apologize for not using the song, it just didn’t fit well with where the story was going. 

warnings; mentions of self harm (scars), abuse, and family problems. 

From the day he met her, Sirius knew two things. The first; she would flip his world upside down. The second; she’s not as pure as she seems.

“Hi, is this seat taken? There’s no more room in any of the other compartments.” A (H/c) haired girl asked, poking her head through the doorway of the Marauder’s train compartment. Her bright, (E/c) eyes twinkling in the light, and her Slytherin tie worn proudly around her neck.

“Go ahead, you can join us.” Remus’s comment had broken Sirius out of his daze.

“Thanks, I’m (Y/n) by the way, (Y/n) (L/n).”

For the next few hours, that train compartment was vibrating  with conversation. At first it was simple, lighthearted conversation; introductions, houses, quidditch, the upcoming Halloween. But before they knew it the Marauders were becoming more trusting with the Slytherin girl. They talked about family issues and troubles at school.

“I think that If Lucius Malfoy finds joy in bullying people, he’s an awful person. You shouldn’t enjoy hurting people.” Sirius had said, to see if she’d jump to defend her housemate.

“People aren’t just black and white, in my opinion,” she replied, “I think that everyone has a locked box in their mind, where they keep all their problems, internal conflicts, and insecurities locked up for no one to see. The type of person they portray is a result of what is locked in the box. For example Remus is smart and focuses a lot on his studies, he’s a little timid, and he doesn’t seem like the kind of person you’d expect from Gryffindor. But he is a Gryffindor because he must have a secret locked up in that box of his that he’s brave enough to confront on his own, but also brave enough to consult in his friends with.”

Remus tensed, “That was scarily true.” he mutters to James.

Sirius narrowed his eyes at the pretty girl, “Alright then, what about me?”

(Y/n) sighed, “Sirius Black is a Gryffindor at heart. You’re loyal to your friends, you’re cocky and confident, you’re a flirt, you don’t show any shame for anything, you’re a trickster, and in battle you choose one side and put all your trust in that one side. This is why if anyone you trusted were to betray you, you would drop them immediately unable to trust them any longer. Your locked box contains family issues, you and your brother were never very close, and you can see him making the wrong decisions in the future. You don’t agree with your parents’ views, and have been practically kicked out because you believe in differently. Sirius Black, you have trust issues, and that is why you refuse to see good in people you don’t trust, and bad in people you do.”

The compartment was quiet as the train came to a halt, they had arrived at Hogwarts. Sirius cleared his throat, “That was, very…accurate.”

She nodded, standing and gathering her belongings. “I know, it’s why you don’t trust me.” she said with a soft smile. “Hopefully I’ll have some of you in my classes this year.” and with one swift motion, she was gone.

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A Familiar Pattern

My entry for the ML Ultimate Guess Who Challenge! I can finally reveal it! Thank you for everyone who read and participated in the challenge. I am so happy I got in the top 10 most kudos! Thank you so much!

Ao3 link here! And read the rest of the fics in the Challenge too!

“Damn it!”

Marinette jumped at the unexpected outburst. She had thought she was alone in the locker room.  This morning had been hectic and she hadn’t had any time to do her makeup or even properly fix her hair before she had to run to class. That wasn’t an unusual occurrence for her so she often took this time during lunch to at least make herself presentable for afternoon classes.

The previous night had been particularly interesting. An akuma had attacked late in the evening and taken multiple transformations before Chat Noir and her were able to defeat it. When they finally managed to defeat it they found that they each had a fresh transformation.

They spent the next few hours in a way that had become a habit over the past few weeks: wrapped in each other’s arms, passionately making out.

Her feelings for Chat had started slowly, morphing from platonic to romantic so gradually that she didn’t even notice it until she was suddenly overcome with the desire to kiss him. And kiss they did. It was like they were making up for lost time. All the time over the past three years that they could have been kissing they were trying to fit in the past few weeks. Her lips almost felt bruised from the sheer amount of kisses.

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anonymous asked:

Elgang + El Masters (Solace, Denif, Ebalon) reactions to getting carried by Servant Nell/Maid Leah?

Elsword: “Ugh… This is sort of embarrassing…”

Aisha: “P-put me down!  Don’t you know you shouldn’t carry a lady without her permission?  Ugh, I’m definitely not enjoying this, idiot!”

Rena: “I see absolutely nothing wrong with being carried by a somewhat handsome Nasod after a battle.  Eve, can you program him to give massages?”

Raven: “How the fuck can this thing even lift me?  With all the metal in my body, I weigh about two hundred pounds.  I couldn’t even lift me.  What even is this?”

Eve: “Ah, perfect.  Another Nasod to rebuild my kingdom.  Though it seems his intelligence is… limited.”

Chung: “Um, is it really safe to be carried by a Nasod?  It could kill me at any point!”

Ara: “please don’t drop me please don’t drop me please don’t drop me please don’t-”

Elesis: “Aww, heck yeah!  This is cool!  Eve, why can’t all Nasods be like this?  wait crap I’m sorry don’t slap me”

Add: “How… fascinating.  I wonder if anyone would mind if I just… took this unit apart?”

Lu: “Uhuhuhu!  Ciel, take notes!  This is how a queen should be properly carried by her loyal servant!”

Ciel: “This would be much more enjoyable if Lu weren’t yelling at me.  Hmm… Can this Nasod bake cookies?”

Rose: “Zero.  What is this thing doing.  Zero, stop snickering and help me. ZERO I SWEAR ON THE PRINCESS’ NAME I WILL SHOOT YOU IF YOU DON’T-”

Ain: “Put me down.  Now.”

Solace: “….How did this thing get into my palace?  Why did I even trust Adrian?”

Ebalon: “This is a surprise.  Hello, little Nasod.  Are you not fully finished or something?”


anonymous asked:

I feel like the main reason the writers have taken 18 months to allow Oliver & Felicity to start talking about their relationship issues is because they're hoping everyone will have forgotten what actually caused the breakup. They're couching it in terms of what Felicity has to learn about Oliver. The betrayal was 100% Oliver's. For Felicity to have to just accept his reasons as valid means their 'new' relationship is hollow, and, frankly, borderline toxic.

Actually, I couldn’t disagree more about the reason for the wait for the reunion. The real reason was they wanted to explore other s/l’s to develop Oliver and Felicity as individual characters which would have made it difficult to do when they were together. The writers have confirmed this in multiple interviews. 

If I was going to use the words hollow and borderline toxic about the Olicity relationship (even though they’re not my preferred descriptors), I’d use it about the 323 and S4a Olicity relationship. Those two lied to themselves and each other throughout the entire affair about who they were, about what they needed from a partner, what they could offer. It wasn’t done maliciously, but both sides lied to the other about who they were at their cores, mainly from lack of self-comprehension and understanding. They were enabling each other in their delusions about the life they were leading. Yes, there were sweet moments and obvious real love going on there, but you can love someone and still harm them and their growth. This is what Olicity V1 was for me. It had the surface look of perfection but scratch all that pretty away and there were a swirling vortex of lies, fantasy and delusion. 

I agree 100% that Oliver was wrong in lying. I don’t excuse him at all. But I think taking sides in this break up kind of defeats the purpose of the actual break up from a writing POV. Some people seem concerned that Felicity is being made the bad guy in the break up because the writers chose to grow her and give her insight into Oliver’s actions. I believe that to be the complete opposite of what the writers were going for. Felicity is such an important character in her own right and as a partner for Oliver, that she had to go to her own island. I simply don’t see them choosing to open up Felicity’s character and s/l’s as some underhanded way of making her the bad guy in the break up. It hasn’t come across that way to me, and I believe firmly it wasn’t the intent. 

Before Felicity’s advice to Oliver, whilst very solid and true, could come across as a bit glib. Kind of like people who don’t have a drinking problem just telling alcoholics to stop drinking. Or thin people telling obese ones to stop eating and do more exercise. Or extroverts telling introverts just to get out there and practice being with other people and they’ll start to feel more comfortable. The advice per se isn’t wrong, but it doesn’t mean that much coming from someone who hasn’t struggled with the kinds of things that resulted in those kind of pain killing behaviours in the first place. They don’t understand the complexities of what drives a person to keep on eating even though they aren’t hungry and feel physically sick from all that food and the self-loathing that follows. It’s so much more powerful and can sometimes be so much more pointed when it comes from someone who’s been through the same thing. 

Which brings me to a point I wanted to make after this episode and seeing some of the reactions by people about this whole Oliver vs Felicity thing and how I believe they’re taking it the wrong way. Here’s the thing, there is a difference between blind trust and trust. Felicity is accusing of Oliver not having her back after all the times she backed him up when he made dodgy calls. Well, here’s the thing - maybe she shouldn’t have. Maybe, if she’d understood his trauma and PTSD and general mindset better, she would have slammed her foot down and said no, jackass, taking on Ra’s by yourself is a dumb ass idea. It’s coming from a loner/siege mentality and that’s just not your reality anymore. Maybe if Felicity had done that, then Oliver would have been forced to look at what he was doing and more more importantly, why he was doing it a whole lot sooner. 

Now, in saying that, I’m not putting any blame on Felicity. Oliver did what he did. It’s on him. And heroes always take 10 times as long to learn lessons as everyone else, because you’ve got to fill episode after episode with their journey. However, my point is, Oliver has gone through making all of those missteps, all of those bad calls that endangered himself and got a lot of people hurt/killed. Is it really a matter of trust when he’s seeing Felicity make all the same mistakes he did and not backing her on doing the same dumb ass stuff he did that hurt so many people? Are we really going to call that a lack of trust? I can see why Felicity would feel like that in the moment, but is that what we, with our clear heads are going to takeaway from all of this? Are we really going to let the most hurting, disorientated person lead us out of the forest? Is that a good game plan? 

The point of this episode, in my mind at least, is not to assign blame. It’s to point out how freakin’ complicated it all is! Arrow and in turn, Olicity, operates in the grey. If Olicity can’t navigate the grey between them, work out what is the best way to support each other in hard times, then they’re doomed. And supporting one another is sometimes telling the other person they’re being a dumb ass, and they’re doing things wrong. That’s a valid way to love someone. It’s an acknowledgement of our imperfections and failings. At different times one of them is going to be right, and one of them wrong. And other times they’ll both be right, or both be wrong. There are no sides in a functioning partnership. It’s a continual give and take. A continual negotiation and re-negotiation of terms and requirements. A relationship has to be able to have a lot of give in it, so it can take all the pressures that are always being applied to it. 

I believe the last thing the writers want to do is for us to forget why these two broke up. They want us to remember why Oliver did what he did (hence the FB sex and pillow talk I’m assuming we’re going to get). They want it fresh in everyone’s mind as to how and why Oliver did what he did. So we can compare it to the how and why of Felicity making a wrong call. Again, not so her bad call can neutralise Oliver’s bad call. That’s not the intent. That’d be like saying - oh, he had an affair, so she can have an affair and that makes them equal. No, absolutely not. This is all about highlighting the challenges in the lives they’ve chosen to have. It’s giving insight to both sides, that, given the right set of circumstances, Felicity can isolate herself and go on off her own, and Oliver can be the voice of reason. It’s to show that for all their differences, they’re both going to be facing down the same kind of challenges and now, much more as equals, because Felicity has actually experienced the loss, rage, helplessness, fear and grief Oliver has. To a lesser extent, but then, Felicity isn’t as hard headed as Oliver, she can learn her lessons more quickly. 

I guess all of this is just a (very) long winded way of not reducing this magnificent piece of character exploration and exposition to a Oliver vs Felicity thing - who is to blame and who isn’t. This is about how these people react under the same pressures. It’s about understanding each other in a much more real way. It’s not about blame. It’s about accountability from both sides. We are all accountable in our relationships. Olicity weren’t demonstrating that properly when they first got together. They couldn’t give each other what they truly needed. Now, they can. They’re equals. Equally screwed up. Equally magnificent. <3