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sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

Some of my favorite frequent fliers who never fail to review my Klaroline stories

I am so lucky to have a group of reviewers who always can be counted on to check in and tell me what they think about my work. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful support you’ve given me! You guys are the reason why I feel motivated to keep writing – thank you, thank you, thank you!Some of my “frequent fliers” include:










It’s finally the end of a rather long week at work. Even though it’s been long and rather arduous week at work, it’s been a rather strange one. About four people have said thank you to me, for helping them or their family member. They told me that I was easy to talk to and they hoped that I wouldn’t leave the practice because they didn’t want to see another doctor.

It’s so touching that they are grateful, and even more unusual for people to actually say thank you. I feel a little guilty though, because out of all of these people, I can’t remember a specific thing that I’ve done that I wouldn’t have done for anyone else. I’ve not given them any special treatment.

And why do I always feel extremely uncomfortable when people compliment me? I literally don’t know how to act. I feel so stupid and undeserving of their kind words.

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Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.

A good!!

tbh, your constant positivity annoys me sometimes. and not in a way in which i dislike you. but because I’m a fairly negative person (which, of course, I’m trying to work on), constant positivity can feel a bit grating sometimes. this doesn’t mean you should stop or anything! in fact, it’s nice to see someone who isnt as brought down by negativity. This is just how i personally feel because it clashes with my negative mindset. ;v;

it’s kind of why i haven’t given you a response. i feel like we clash a bit too much to make it work atm. that’s not to say it can’t happen later— it’s just that at this moment, i think i need that kind of positivity in moderation, lest i get needlessly annoyed and snap at you when you don’t deserve it. ;;7;;

but i really do think you’re a good and cool person! i’m just really blah rn. 

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I'm gonna be so mad if it ended up being matt the one that will go with alaric with josie and lizzie

If that were to be the case, then it’d mean Carina lied, which could mean she lied about other answers she’s given. But I feel like why lie specifically in regards to the twins. What’s the most they would’ve been doing in the episode anyway?

So while it’s definitely a ‘maybe’, I’ll lean towards it not being Alaric + the twins that DG was referring to. 

Omg Rose!!! I am in tears with my jaw opened with your reading! I was truly blessed that I discovered you, really you are a God sent.

You hit the spot in many things of the reading!!

[removed pieces of this review due to sensitive subject matter and confidentiality of my client]

Rose i am very sorry for this extensive email, i don’t have many people to talk to this about and it just got me so excited that i feel you know or get a idea of what i going through and understand why i feel this way. You have given me the hope and insight i needed to move forward from this.

I cannot express the hope and inspiration you have given me with this reading, you brought a glimmer or light in my depression and like i said i know deep down in my gut that he is a blessing in my life, it just wasn’t the right time. I hope your prediction come to fruition and we do reunite and have a shot at something i know can be amazing.

Rose thanks again. Sending you all the love in world

—  Jorge; Love Reading

like ive given up on figuring out why i feel this way all the time, it didn’t change when i moved out of my parent’s place or when i changed my whole identity or when i went to college or when i started using drugs, or when i quit using drugs or when i started again or when i dropped out of college or when i changed my identity again or any of the times ive gotten a new job or moved somewhere new, no matter my circumstances i am just hounded by this unrelenting desire to Not Live

Fairy Tail Chapter 483

The Seven Stars

Well, looks like even a member of the Spriggans is no match for Jellal, especially when the blue-haired man is angry. I gotta say, I knew that Neinhart would eventually be defeated, but everything happened so fast. I really like the whole idea behind the Spriggans - 12 powerful wizards acting as Zeref’s personal shield. As far as we know, they’ve come from all around the world and even though they know they’re just pawns in the black mage’s game, they are still very loyal to him and I greatly admire that. That’s why I feel like they have not been given the attention they deserve. As the arc progresses, it feels like they are getting less and less screen time, so to say, but I hope many of them will either come back and fight the protagonists once again or the remaining Spriggans would be even more important and intriguing (as it is in the case of Eileen/Irene and her connection to Erza).

The other thing I need to get off my chest is about what happened with Jellal. The guy is powerful. His character is complex. The main thing about him right now is that he’s walking the path of redemption and he’s trying to forgive himself for what he did in the past. The focus of this battle was supposed to be on his and Kagura’s rocky relationship, although it was kind of shifted on that Eileen woman with a connection to Erza’s past. I was quite hyped to see Jellal fight, yet his battle ended way too fast. I wish we could’ve seen him fight more, I wish Neinhart would have been a bigger challenge for him.

Anyway, moving on. I’m actually happy that everyone took care of their respective Historias before Neinhart was taken down. Last week I was really hyped about a possible unison raid between Juvia and Meredy and I was beaming with joy when it actually became reality in today’s chapter. I loved how Meredy has found a new way to use her magic. In the Tenrou arc she used it to inflict pain, now she knows she can amplify one’s magic with it and I’m honestly very happy with her development.

As for Lyon and Gray’s battle against Ur, I can’t say I’m disappointed. I wanted some Lyon character development and not only did I get that, but there was also development of his relationship with Gray. The Fairy Tail wizard has found the will to keep moving on even though he’s lost so many important people. Lyon’s character, however, has mainly been connected with his desire in the beginning of the manga to surpass Ur. Now that Ur is dead, Lyon has to find another reason to keep moving forward and I liked the way Gray gave him the strength and motivation to do that.

In last week’s chapter Wendy was the one who was receiving the roughest treatment, at least in my eyes. She was badly injured and couldn’t face her Historia, at least not alone. Wendy has become strong and now she’s not only super powerful, but she actually believes it and is ready to protect her loved ones no matter what. Seeing Carla, who almost died during the fight against Dimaria, rushing in and telling Wendy that they’ll always be together (the exact same thing they promised to each other after they fought Ezel in the Tartaros arc; gotta love them parallels), made me feel really bad for ever thinking that Carla is irritating. ^_^ Even if she sometimes is, there’s no doubt that she cares really much for the little dragon slayer and would protect her like a mother protects her child.

As for Laxus and Hades’ face off, I’m still very conflicted about its purpose. I discussed that with many of you last week (thank you for sharing your thoughts about the matter with me, it was really interesting to read so many different interpretations of the whole situation ^_^) and the most popular opinion was that it’s connected to the dragon slayer’s heritage. Yet, I don’t understand why Laxus’ hostility towards FT’s second master is connected to Mavis. Ever since she shared her story with the guild, I just can’t see Precht as a bad guy. His intentions were pure, at least at first. All he wanted was to save and protect Mavis, although in the end having to deal with her curse and being exposed to knowledge about powerful magic made him become the person known as Hades. Does Laxus actually consider what Precht did to protect Mavis’ body a bad thing? Or did he mean something else by “It’s time to repent for what you did to the first” ?

Back to the main fight, well, it’s now officially over. Not only did Jellal completely defeat Neinhart, but also by striking down Simon and acknowledging he was just an illusion, Kagura made it clear that she’s decided to try and forgive Jellal for murdering her brother. Her encouraging the Crime Sorciere mage emphasized that fact even further.

As I already mentioned, Neinhart was defeated. Whether he got killed or not was not clear, but judging by how quickly he was introduced and then removed from the scene, he might not be coming back. And that is kind of sad, because I find his magic quite intriguing and feel like it could’ve been explained even further.

Back in Fairy Tail everybody was preparing for the next fight, which is most probably gonna be against the super powerful and hyped Spriggan August. Natsu wanted to go ahead and face him alone and Lucy expressed her wish to join him as well, which made me want another Original Team Natsu battle in the near future.

Also, the pink-haired dragon slayer had decided that Brandish is a good girl and freed her from her prison cell. Believing in the good in people and having faith people can change for the better is a big part of Natsu’s character, yet I’m sometimes surprised by his absolute confidence that he won’t get betrayed or back-stabbed by said people. 

Brandish experienced and learned a lot in this arc. I think she’s still trying to figure out her place in the war, but it seems like she’s starting to feel more comfortable with the Fairies now. She even shared some valuable information about the Spriggans with the guild. While August can be considered the strongest male Spriggan, there is also a certain scarlet-haired mage who’s considered the strongest female Spriggan. Yes, that’s Lady Eileen.

And speaking of her, she’s absolutely beautiful! Her hair is gorgeous and her looks remind me of a witch, although her hands are more like those of a demon.

Eileen (or Irene, as mentioned in some translations) Belserion’s connection to Erza remained a secret in this chapter, but it’s better this way. There’s already enough hype surrounding her, thanks to the possibility of her being Titania’s mother or sister, but I’d love to see Mashima gradually building up suspence before he drops the bomb. ^_^

Next week’s chapter is called The Monstrous Six. So far, six Spriggans have been defeated - Brandish, Ajeel, Wahl, Dimaria, Jacob and Neinhart. Next week’s chapter title most probably refers to the other six. And if they’re called The Monstrous Six, that means we have yet to see the protagonists struggle with their fights against Zeref’s personal squad. Out of those monsters, we know of August, Eileen, Bradman/Bloodman (the God of Death) and Invel, so there’s one or two (I’m still not sure if Serena was the 13th or the 12th Spriggan) Spriggans yet to be introduced. And if someone with a connection to one of the Fairies was kept a secret for so long, could that possibly mean the remaining Spriggan(s) might also be connected to one of the main characters?

So, what did you think of today’s chapter? ^_^ What do you think is Eileen/Irene’s connection to Erza? ^_^ And do you think we’ll get another Original Team Natsu fight so soon after the last one?

Wait. We have to wait how long for Season Three?

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"I-it's a bit cold out here, isn't it hyung?" Taehyun shivers, pulling his blue scarf around him, and his cheeks flush due to the winter chill. He leans a little closer to Mino, who slides his arm around the maknae, pulling him to his body. "Yeah," he replies, but Taehyun's warmth is really all he needs. He wriggles his nose against Taehyun's soft hair, and he hears the soft laughter that always swells his heart. "But I'm pretty warm right now."