why i want to be a disney princess

Okay but why don’t more people like Atlantis?! like

the main character is a dude that’s brave and amazing but isn’t typically masculine

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the characters are diverse in both races and body types

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Kida is a total badass princess that literally kicks people’s ass

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they fucking made an entire language for the film (made by the same dude that developed Klingon, btw)

we have one of the most gorgeous scenes ever

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and the music is by freaking James Newton Howard, what else do you want in life?!

“I want a Disney Princess who doesn’t focus solely on falling in love!”

You mean Tiana?

“I want a Disney Princess who actually works because she wants to!”

Yeah, Tiana! 

“I want a Disney Princess who has an actual tangible goal!”

You mean Miss “I want to own my own restaurant before the age of 25″ aka Tiana?

“I want a Disney Princess who is relateable!” 

Yeah. Tiana aka “I work so much I need to be reminded by a 100-year old blind lady that having a balance of family and work is key”. 

“I want a Disney Princess who is well-written and doesn’t rely on the ‘quirky traits’ trope as an explanation for her personality.”


“I want a Disney Princess who-”



Princess Elena + Lieutenant Gabriel Nuñez

                                                       “It’s my job to protect you.” 

                                              “And it’s my job to protect everyone.”

I don't understand why everyone thinks that marichat is the sin ship

Like I totally picture those two dorks watching cartoon movies and eating a giant bowl of popcorn and arguing which disney princess are. Like:
- Chat Noir: “I’m saying that I’m Mewlan!”
- Marinette: “No way! I’m Mulan!”
- Chat: “ You can’t be Mewlan, you aren’t disguising yourself to save the country! And you don’t know how to use a blade!”
- Marinette: “Who told you I don’t! Plus you can’t be her because you are Cinderella!”
- Chat: “No way I’m Cinderella!” I want to be Mewlan!“
- Marinette: ” You just want to be her for the pun!“

Or something like that.

Why Phichit is literally the best and you can fight me if you think otherwise

Ok so we all know how important it was for him to skate to “Shall We Skate” right? But I don’t think people understand why I make such a big deal over it.

When I saw how devoted Phichit was to wanting to skate to “Shall We Skate” it reminded me of when I saw the new Disney princess, Elena of Avalor.

The key to him getting into the GPF was representation. He saw himself in the lead actor, he saw himself skating to the music in that movie, he saw himself entertaining a crowd and relating to a character in a movie who looked like him.

He probably trained day and night to get the choreography right, land his jumps, and record what it looked like in order to perfect it and move on to the next event. He probably felt like he needed to do the film justice and honor what the actor tried to portray in the film. He is an entertainer and he delivered such a great performance all because the actor looked like him and he saw himself in that.

As someone who struggles with finding representation in the media, this really spoke to me. When Phichit started crying, it reminded me of when I first saw Elena of Avalor. Seeing someone who looks like me and inspires me to do crazy things like that is so comforting in a world that tries to tell you to be a certain way. Phichit is definetly a character I relate with too just in how fun and pure he is, but it’s also important to have someone who looks like you and is from the same country and whatnot, because their victories end up being yours too.

I love the fact that they added this in the anime and have such diversity. I know it’s because its a sport where you meet people from all around the world, but I still like the gesture of including so many different personalities and such.

I could just be over analyzing the situation, but it made me cry to see someone else so moved through representation in the media. Yuri!!! On Ice was the best thing to happen to anime and I hope we see more of Phichit and the rest of the squad next year.

Why Not Galavant?

Want to watch an amazing show, but don’t want to be stuck with the binging commitment? Try Galavant. 18 episodes. 22 minutes each. Pure hilarity.

Seriously, if you wonder what the love child of Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with shades of Robbin Hood: Men in Tights and A smattering of Disney music would look like, well then you’re in luck! Because that’s Galavant!

It’s on Netflix. Go watch it. You won’t regret it,pinky-swear. 

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Anxieties begone! They’ll be replaced with super funny and catchy tunes.

Seriously go watch it now. If not for me, at least watch it for the amazing Tad Cooper, a little dragon we all super believed in.

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Why Belle is awesome

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a long time, but the recent fandom discussions about whether Belle is a good role model (or whether she’s better than the princesses that came before her) has finally persuaded me to sit down and type out my feelings. 

None of this is intended as criticism of the previous Disney princesses–I know that Cinderella, for example, is inspiring to people for totally different reasons, and that’s wonderful–but I do just want to articulate why Belle means so much to me personally.

I was born in 1993, which means I was pretty much raised on Beauty and the Beast. It was the movie I watched until the vhs tape broke. Belle might be fictional, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a strong influence during my formative years.

  • Belle taught me to judge a person’s worth on their actions and intentions, not surface level virtues like charisma, charm, or beauty.

  • Belle taught me to trust my intuition about people. Sure, everyone else fawned all over Gaston, and people couldn’t understand why she would let him slip through her fingers, but it turns out her uneasiness was totally justified.

  • Belle taught me that it’s good to be passionate and geek out about what makes you happy, even if everyone around you thinks you’re weird–one day, you will find someone who will listen and will admire your enthusiasm.

  • Belle taught me that being kind and standing up for yourself (and others) are not mutually exclusive. She is sweet, gentle, and forgiving, but that doesn’t mean she allows others to treat her badly. She expect basic human respect, and speaks up when she isn’t getting it. She stands up to the Beast when he’s being a brat; she stands up to Gaston and his mob to protect the two people she loves most. It’s not that she isn’t afraid, but she doesn’t let her fear get in the way.

  • Belle taught me that sometimes it’s okay to be angry. Doesn’t make her any less “feminine” or any less good. The narrative even validates her moments of righteous anger.

  • Belle taught me that you have a right to say “no.” You don’t have to tiptoe around trying to placate assholes like Gaston. If you don’t want to marry someone–or have dinner with someone–regardless of the reason, you’re not obligated to say yes just to spare their feelings.

  • Belle taught me that it’s good to give second chances, if a person is making a sincere effort to do better.

  • Belle taught me that you don’t have to be physically strong to be self-reliant and badass in your own way. (As a rather small young woman myself, this is very important to me.) I mean no disrespect to the warrior princesses, but you don’t have to swing a sword or a bow and arrow to be a competent, independent individual with a will of your own. The fact that she’s actually physically small and dainty, and yet she stands up to such imposing figures like Gaston and the Beast, demanding to be seen as an equal, makes me admire her all the more.

  • Belle taught me that it’s okay to change your mind about someone or something, especially if circumstances have changed or your have new information. First impressions aren’t always accurate.

  • Belle taught me that it’s okay to not quite know what you want yet. Her aspirations are kind of vague, because she’s young and still figuring out her life–mostly she’s just certain of what she doesn’t want, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re really yearning for until you’re confronted with it.

Basically, I think lots of us see parts of ourselves in Belle–the imaginative daydreamer, the devoted daughter, the nerd, the outsider–and yet she’s what we strive to be. That balance of compassion and self-respect. She was inspiring to me as a child, but maybe even more so now that I’m a young adult. 

It’s Okay to be a Disney Princess

I think Auli’i Cravalho seems like a great person based on what we’ve seen of her since she was announced as Moana’s voice actress. So, I’m not trying to antagonize her with this post. But I just want to say, “Why can’t Moana be both?” Disney Princesses have shown plenty of heroism in the different films that feature them. A heroine can be a Disney Princess and a Disney Princess can be a heroine.

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Snow White escaped the Queen after the huntsman spared her and the princess’ kindness helped her enlist the help of woodland creatures who helped her find the cottage of the dwarves. When she got there, she convinced them to let her stay by earning her keep. And, even though she was cooking and cleaning for them, she still had those men wrapped around her finger. When she first met them and said “How do you do?” and they didn’t respond, she enunciated, “I said, how do you do?” Yeah, Snow White could be a little sassy. And she was assertive with the dwarves and only let them eat dinner after they all cleaned up and even got Grumpy to do it. So, yes, she fell for the witch’s trick (but she was only 14 and very sheltered in the castle as a scullery maid) and then fell asleep for the last part of the film, so the dwarves and animals had to confront the queen and she could only be woken up the kiss of the prince she liked. But people always seem to forget some of the cool stuff that she did.

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Cinderella spent most of her childhood abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. She retained her kindness and never stooped to the mean and petty levels of her family. But that does not mean she just gleefully put up with their crap. She had a little bit sass and had a few sarcastic quips about her stepfamily and their cat Lucifer under her belt. Take this quote, for instance,

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day. Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.”

Also, the primary lesson Cinderella teaches us is to never give up on our dreams. That as long we believe in them, they can come true. That is a beautiful moral that not just little girls, but everyone can take something away from. 

And I’ve explained in another post how there is more to Cinderella than just marrying the prince.

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Aurora may have spent most of her film asleep, but she was a little sassy, like with her fairy guardians (she was raised by three women, that’s pretty cool, right?) And she at least had some knowledge about stranger danger when first meeting the prince. It didn’t take long for him to charm her, but she did turn away and dismiss him at first. Also, she left Phillip when she needed to and set the terms for their next meeting. I think she deserves a little credit. 

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And let’s not forget Princess Eilonwy. She maneuvered through the Horned King’s castle and allowed Taran to team up with her so that they could escape. Also, when Taran made a sexist comment about girls, “what does a girl know about swords, anyway”, oh, boy Eilonwy set him straight.

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I also talked about Ariel in that other post which I actually do recommend. But I’ll add a few points here, too. She went all kinds of adventures, including exploring sunken ships and escaping sharks. Many of these exploits of hers are shown in her prequel movie and in the 90′s TV show (and this was long before she met Eric, proving that he as her love interest, does not exclude her from being a capable heroine). Also, she is the one who saved Eric from drowning. And though she made a not entirely wise decision to run away from home and be on land, you at least have to give Ariel props for going after what she wanted, which is something the film makers made a full intent on making apparent (there was an interview from when the movie came out where this was mentioned, but I’m not quite sure where, but I’m sure the peeps that read this could find it if you’re interested :D). 

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Belle enjoys reading, even though that’s not what women usually did in her time period. She rejects the sexist, egotistical Gaston when he tries to flirt with her, insults her father (then later tries to incarcerate him if she doesn’t marry him) and tries to make her his “little wife”. She dreams of bigger and better things. She sacrifices herself for the sake of her father and later goes out to save him when he becomes ill. Belle does not take the Beast’s crap and even tries to leave when he explodes on her. When she gets attacked by wolves, she does defend herself and when the Beast saves her, she helps him back to the castle after he falls unconscious. She treats his wounds and sets him straight about his anger issues. Her patience and open-minded personality helps Beast slowly regain his humanity. And her love for him helps break the curse over him, his servants and the castle.

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Jasmine also took charge. She refused to be forced into an arranged marriage and preferred to marry who she wanted and when she wanted. She did not like being stuck in the castle, and though, like Ariel, she wasn’t that wise in running away, she still took it upon herself to get somewhere. She did not put up with the men in the story deciding her future and called Aladdin out on his lies. Also, she has a pet tiger! That’s pretty freaking cool. Sure, she had to dress up for Jafar and kissed him as a distraction. But she used her beauty against the piggish (actually he’s rather horse-like) Jafar. And Jasmine has also displayed her resolve in the extended Aladdin media, too.

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Pocahontas was just as adventurous as the last Disney princesses. She wanted more than to marry the stoic Kocoum. And, though wary, she managed to befriend John Smith and help open his mind to the beauty of the world and accepting people who aren’t the same as you. Colors of the Wind is a perfect summary of what Pocahontas teaches. Her wise, humanitarian ways stopped a conflict between her people and the Europeans. And although she cared very much about John, Pocahontas chose to stay and look after her family, friends and other peers. 

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Mulan knew that her father was too weak from a previous war injury to be drafted, so she took his place and became a soldier in the Chinese army. Yes, she had to pretend to be a man, but that’s just how it was in her time. Mulan trained and became a skilled fighter. With some help from her friends, she saved her country from invading Huns. ‘Nuff said.

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Kida kicked some serious butt in her film (including punching Mole when he said some… things… in her ear) and she took responsibility for the sake of her people, like Pocahontas did.

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Tiana worked very hard for what she dreamed of. She did not put up with Naveen’s selfish, narcissistic ways and taught him of what it meant to strive for something truly important in life (while he showed her that there is more to life than work, work, work). Though she could get down on herself, Tiana tried her hardest to obtain her dreams and in the end, refused to let people stop her (like those realtor guys). She become the owner of her own restaurant, just like she always wanted, and helped her late father’s dream become realized as well. 

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Rapunzel was trapped in a tower for her entire childhood. The reason why she didn’t try to escape is because Gothel pretended to be her mother and insisted that staying in there was for her own good. And being as sheltered as she was, Rapunzel believed her. But when she got her chance, Rapunzel made the decision to leave. She knocked Flynn out and tied him up and didn’t let him go until he agreed to help her see the floating lights like she always wanted to. On their journey, she faced pub thugs and a very intense horse and helped them reveal their better sides. She also did this with Flynn, bringing out Eugene Fitzherbert. Rapunzel used her extremely long hair as a valuable asset on her adventure with Eugene. She stood up to Gothel and was willing to sacrifice her freedom so that he would not have to die. And a tear, her care for him and sorrow over his death combined, brought Eugene back. And it appears that Rapunzel will go on many more adventures in Tangled: Before Ever After in 2017!

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Merida loves archery, sword-wielding and horseback riding. She also is very good at those things. She’s very active and goes out to explore, even climbing a tall rock structure at the beginning of the film. Merida is a very capable Disney princess. She also, like Jasmine, does not like her future being chosen for, especially when it comes to marriage. She does make unwise decisions, like trying to give her mother a spell that will make her see things Merida’s way. And it takes her a while to take responsibility for her actions. But she learns to understand her mother better (and so does her mother with her), the two bond, and she does her best to break the curse she set and make everything right again. She learns to be diplomatic and maturely express her thoughts to the men at her castle. She defends her mother and bests her father in a sword match. All the while, Merida still retains her adventurous spirit. 

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Sofia is a wonderful role model for young girls and older audiences, as well. She helps those in need, even those who have done her wrong (though she doesn’t always forgive people that easily, like when Amber took her amulet and brought a curse on their home- though that was an accident, and Amber, too, is a testament to a character learning to be more responsible and open-minded). She changes the status quo and becomes the first female member of her school’s flying derby team. Sofia makes mistakes, but she learns from them. She goes on many adventures where she and her friends learn important lessons. She’s saved her family and friends numerous times, as well. Also, the film princesses appear every now and again to help bring the moral of the episode home. 

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Anna is just as adventurous as many of the others I’ve mentioned. And she certainly has good reason, spending her entire childhood behind castle walls, similar to Rapunzel in the tower. She is very brave, going after her sister in harsh winter weather, despite their estranged status. She enlists the help of Kristoff and Sven, treks up the mountain and also confronts the giant snow creature, Marshmallow. And she gave her life to save Elsa. Sure, she took things too far, too fast with Hans, but she was desperate for affection after all those years alone and like some of the other princesses, grew up sheltered from the world. Anna’s parents were dead and she believed that the only other family she had abandoned her. She learned her lesson with Hans, though. And, well, he got what he deserved. 

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Elsa isn’t a princess, she becomes a queen early on in her film, but Pocahontas and Mulan aren’t technical princesses, either (but they are in the official lineup). So, yeah, I’m going to include her, too. I can’t just have Anna and not Elsa. Elsa dealt with many problems after growing up thinking that her powers were a curse. But after she had some time to herself, she realized that her abilities were actually capable of wonderful feats. She bested Weselton’s goons and almost killed them before Hans intervened. And with Anna’s help, she overcame her fears and brought happiness to her kingdom. And she has been a great ruler ever since. 

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Elena is a princess learning to rule her kingdom as queen. She defended her family from a wicked sorceress and was stuck in Sofia’s amulet for a few decades. Once she was freed, she defeated the villain and now is becoming a capable monarch while also going on several daring adventures with her family and friends.

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So, there is nothing wrong with considering Moana as a Disney princess (I also think it makes sense because she is a chief’s daughter like Pocahontas). She will display brave, empowering traits just like the other royalty before her. A princess can be a heroine just as much as a heroine can be princess. Those two things do not have to or need to be mutually exclusive. Disney has been proving that for decades and with the arrival of Moana this fall, I think we can see that it will continue on for many more years to come.

I don’t want Frozen 2 to come out. I’m afraid when it does all the Frozen fuzz will start up again and become even bigger than it is now. And it will destroy the newest princess movie Moana killing its merch and the fandom. Besides Frozen was fine how it was it’s had it’s spotlight for years now. Too much in fact. Why not do something else like another POC princess that would be awesome.


Baby gay throwback: 16 year old me losing my SHIT meeting the princesses at disney world and having ….. no idea why … because i was TOTALLy straight right!!!!!!

Potential spoilers for Moana ahead.

I don’t think people really understand how different Moana’s character motivation is. From what I have seen, people hear “How far I’ll go” and see it as one more Disney princess who wants something different, or bigger, than what she has, but that’s not the case. In the past, when a Disney princess wants more, or wants to be themselves, they leave. And I know what you’re thinking, “But wait! That’s just what Moana did. She left.” Which is true. She did leave, but why she left is what makes her unique.

If plot hadn’t forced her to, Moana would have stayed. She would have done her duty to her people. You see it throughout the first major musical number. Moana is drawn to the sea, but is physically and emotionally drawn back to her responsibilities on the island. She only leaves when it becomes necessary and even then she is pushed. She tells her Tutu that she can’t leave her, not now, and it’s only when it becomes clear that her duty is to make right what Maui made wrong, that she actually leaves. She leaves with eyes wet with tears she can’t shed because she has work to do. She has to save her family.

When most people think of family they think of their parents, siblings, and maybe grandparents. When islanders think of family, we think of everyone. Her whole island is her family, by blood or by marriage, and those connections are celebrated and cherished. So when Moana is afraid of disappointing her family, she is not thinking of her disapproving father or her supportive grandmother. She is thinking of all her people. All the lives at risk if she fails, because when they look to the future there she is.

In movies past, when a Disney character is at their lowest, they have a moment of self-actualization where they come to terms with what makes them different and embrace it. For Moana, her moment of actualization comes when she realizes that what she thought made her different is in reality what connects her to her people. She sees the spirits of her ancestors nodding their approval as they pass in ships to worlds unknown. This is the moment she becomes a wayfinder, because this is the moment she truly understands where she came from and only once she has that figured out can she find where she is going.

That is what makes Moana special. She doesn’t just want adventure in the great wide somewhere, she doesn’t just want to be out there or a part of someone’s world. She doesn’t want to leave her family, she just wants to leave her island.

Things I’ve Written In Fanfics
  • “You are the wind beneath my carcass.”
  • “I am Shakespeare and I approve of thy message.”
  • “I just popped my kneecap and my life flashed before my eyes.”
  • “If it was legal I would make love to this hamburger.”
  • “Pretty sure life’s problems can be solved with a Mickey Mouse waffle.”
  • “When you die can I dissect your body?”
  • “In another life I want to be a barbarian that knits doilies.”
  • “I appreciate your concern but a stuffed reindeer’s not going to ward off intruders.”
  • “I like the idea of being a majestic whale that screams ‘MOTHERFUCKER’ as I cannonball on my enemies.”
  • “I’m positive that stealing a swimming pool would make Santa sad.”
  • “I drink juice boxes while judging people.”
  • “I’m working on my Disney princess name. How does ‘Snow Gay’ sound?”
  • “Why do you have a tattoo that says ‘Kittylicious’ on your butt?”
  • “Sweet dreams you burnt turnip.”
  • “I have achieved the ultimate state of animu.”
  • “Crying for twelve minutes after watching Pooh Bear is perfectly normal.”
  • “Why did you stick a rose petal up your nose?!”
  • *squints eyes* “I want to say that that…. is a finger.”
  • “What does LMAO mean? ‘Laughing my anger out’? I do that often. And then I want to stab someone.”
  • “That is illegal everywhere.”
  • “When someone sends me an emoji I have to send the same one back more times than they did. Otherwise they’ve asserted their dominance and I can’t have that.”
Okay, Disney, I’ve had a bone to pick with you for a while

Where the hell is “Tiana’s Place”? Don’t get smart and say New Orleans, I mean for real. Why have you not made a Tiana’s Place at one of your parks?

I see no possible reason why you wouldn’t have built a restaurant like this yet. It’s cute, classy, and would be totally fun. You could serve creole food (as well as just plain american fair for the less adventurous.)

It would be pretty as hell inside

It would be fun for kids and adults, you could have dancing and a band playing. You could have a magician (bonus points if he’s dressed liked Facilier. Or train your Faciler face person to do short tarot card readings! Or get a mama Odi!)

The face characters could come in and out, but there’s always a set time Tiana and Naveen would be there (and if they aren’t you can say their in the kitchen cooking up a storm!) Jazz music! Lots of Jazz and swing. You could have workshops with Tiana for kids to learn stuff like the charleston, or cooking!

And then night or during the day a couple times a week you could have a second line (small New Orleans style jazz parade) with a brass band and Tiana and Naveen leading it, all the way to the restaurant.

And Oh my god, do you consider how many people would love a place like that to get married at the park! Having a wedding second line too? How fun that would be?

Disney, you are really missing out by not playing up the fact you have a character that opened their own restaurant (outside of Remi from Ratatouille but that’s another rant) and I’m really sick of The Princess and the Frog being among your more ignored movies. Put it at Epcot near the river or just anywhere! Heck, I know I stayed at a New Orleans style resort area of yours when I was like six! (Is that still around? I don’t remember what it was called, but there were Gator statues with instruments that would tie in really well…)

In conclusion


Silvia: Rory, you’re my favourite sister. Am I your favourite sister?

Aurora: You’re my only-

Silvia: So in that case you’ll tell me the truth if anything happens, right? 

Aurora: … what do you want?

Silvia: Do we have a Philomel group chat?


Silvia: Why am I not in it?

Aurora: Because!

Silvia: Because?

Aurora: Mom said you’ll try to ruin the Disney Princess wedding plans. 

kidcore asks, no littles allowed

I wanted to make some asks…i’m sorry if they’re not too good.

1. what’s your favorite cartoon?

2. Do you still collect stuffies/plushies?

3. What’s your favorite disney/non disney princess?

4. Why do you regress?

5. What’s your favorite part of kidcore?

6. What’s your aesthetic like?

7. what’s your current fandom/obsession?

8. favorite movie?

9. favorite food?

10. describe your perfect day.

11. Do you have a comfort object?

12. Are you a fan of visual stimming?

13. What always helps you unwind?

14. free question, ask me anything!

After the Charlie and Matteusz angst of the finale I just want scenes of them just being happy is that too much to ask.

I want to see them on sitting around on a Sunday, it’s raining outside and they’re sat huddled under a duvet watching old Disney films because Charlie needs to be educated on why Mulan is the best Disney Princess.

I want to see Charlie asking Matteusz endless questions about music, magazines and why on earth Kim Kardashian is famous.

And them going to the supermarket and buying at least one new thing for Charlie to try every time they go.

Them being that one ridiculously in love couple at college who make everyone want to puke with how adorable they are.

Seriously we deserve this for the shit they put us through.