why i upload this shit


ITS SUMMER. I liked the lighting here, but it does force me to realise that the sun does completely bleach and obliterate my eyebrows

I think it’d be cool if Daniel was a reoccurring character. David would probably go out of his way to find him a white uniform.


I may be slightly frustrated

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“Oh, bother. Am I dead?”
“Dead?” The stableboy laughed, warmly and without malice. “No, Ser Daniel, you’re not dead. You fell off your horse is all.”

introducing ser daniel, perhaps the clumsiest knight in all the realm, and philip, the stableboy with a kind smile and a knack for training animals (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Heyllo. I’ve been slowly gnawing away at a concept for a short film called ‘Wizard Goon’. Which I would reallyreallyreaLLy like to make next year, 

I wouldn’t usually upload this kind of stuff until I had something more substantial to show, but there’s some other stuff, albeit exciting stuff, coming up that will likely be pushing it back to later in 2k17 than I’d like. 

So for that reason and a couple of others, thought I’d just ralph up some of this bile now. 

This is Isabel.