why i stan you

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Why do you stan Jackson he fucking hates black people. I can't stan a racist

ok so first WHY do I stan Jackson 

I have such a long list to reasons why do I stan him,and it would take while but I can sum up this with simple - because he is freaking gorgeous in and out 

and second yes look how he hates them


and calling Jackson ( man who choosed Nicki Minay, who like dark skin girls, and who like american black artist/ rappers works)  racist is ridiculous

peace anon

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Mamamoo has been doing a lot of bad things why do you keep reblogging them :(

I don’t stan them, and I started listening to them recently, so I might not know about a lot of things, I just enjoy their music and aesthetic that’s why I keep reblogging them.
I also know only about two controversies, for one of them they apologised and the recent one turned out to be a misunderstanding. as far as I’ve read, as I said I don’t know much about them
I believe that most of groups/idols(or just people in general) are problematic and we should educate them and ourselves and others in general and not just unstan or ignore.

I’m so sorry, idk if I even make sense at this point, I have the biggest migraine and I can barely see because of it. But I really wanted to answer it so it’s not like I’m ignoring it. I’m sorry if I don’t make sense at all.

Mood: wants to support the groups but doesn’t want to support companies that take advantage of young children and teenagers who would do anything to achieve their dreams and who get overworked, underpaid and abused 24/7


You and Sebastian had a big fight and a haven’t spoken in days. He knows you’ve been planning on hosting a party for a long time, but since you’re mad at each other, he doesn’t intend on going. However, the second he gets a call from one of your guests telling him your ex, Tom, is there, Sebastian wastes no time in showing up, afraid that he’ll do anything to try and get you back.