why i s my mood doing this to me

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1. Who has been the biggest influence on your life? My dad, sometimes for the good and somtimes it’s almost killed me

2. What is your favorite time of day? Why? Early evening when things start to calm down and I’ve hopefully achieved something so I can relax

3. Do you prefer to have one or few close friends or a large group of friends? I’d take either right now tbh.

4. Are you a dog or cat person? Cats 100%

5. Where is the last place you went other than home, work or school? Shopping centre

6. What song would describe your mood right now? Quickly falling from Black Magic by Little Mix to Gravity by Sara Bareilles

7. Is there a country or place you are dying to visit? I don’t like change so travel isn’t something I like but I’d suffer the hours of anxiety to go to Disney Land xD

8. Where is the farthest you’ve been from home? Hong Kong

9. Can you do any “stupid human tricks”? I don’t know what that means so I’m gonna say no lol

10. What’s one thing on your bucket list? (if you don’t have a bucket list, what’s one thing you’d like to do in the next year or two?) Graduate university

11. What is your favorite drink? I hope this means soft drink…fruit squash and water are

My Questions

1. Your unrealistic dream job?

2. Best live sporting event you’ve ever been to?

3. Fave wild animal?

4. The best film you’ve seen this year?

5. Your fave athlete?

6. Your earliest memory?

7. Fave Disney film?

8. Fave quote?

9. What is your greatest talent?

10. Fave song?

11. Celeb crush?

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- Uni is kicking my ass so it’ll take me a bit longer to get to replies in general, please know how to forgive me. I’m not going on hiatus or anything, but you know, I just need some time here because that is the thing I seem to be lacking the most. And intelligence, of course.

- I haven’t been feeling too well either relating health but I’ll live. Hopefully. This affects everything, even my mood so that’s why I feel like not talking to anyone.

- I’m seriously considering cleaning my following list because there are some peeps that doesn’t matter what I do don’t seem to want to interact with me so I see no point on continue following back when I could have a cleaner dash.

I have this thing where I can feel people’s emotions\thoughts if they’re around me, or in the next room or something. (When I say feel their thoughts, I don’t mean that I’m reading minds or something. I mean I can just feel the energy of whatever thought they’re having. It has nothing to do with how they appear outwardly.) 

Anyways, I think my mom is seriously stressed and unhinged about something. I have no idea why. I can literally feel her mood emanating from the other room, and it’s making me feel so fucking unsettled. 

Another reason why I hate the SATs

For our non-American friends, the SATs are these bullshit exams you need to take in order to be even considered for most colleges in the U.S. So, taking them and scoring well on them is a huge frikkin’ deal.

The first time I took the SAT, I had to wake up at some ungodly hour and was driven to this damn school in God-knows-where to take a four-hour exam. So I’m already not in a good mood.

The Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT were always my least favorite parts (another reason why I think it is bullshit, why do you need basically two English sections out of three total sections? Wtf? If someone sucks at English, such as myself, it makes me look like I’m not a good student when I literally excel at everything else). So I literally panic every time those sections come up.

At the exam site, the proctors are these two white guys.

So I get to one of those sections, and I try writing on and underlining the passage, when one of the proctors comes up to me and says I can’t write in the test booklet. Are you fucking serious? I have been taking practice tests for almost a year now, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WRITE IN THE TEST BOOKLET. So, I panic even more. How am I suppose to answer the questions without any notes? Or underlining? Or circling? Or using any of the skills I was taught. So, I freak out, and I KNOW I am not gonna score well on 2/3 of the test.

Whoop dee frikkin’ woo, this same asshole proctor comes to me later during the test after several sections saying “Oops, apparently you can write in the booklet.” By then, my brain is all frazzled and I already had a mental breakdown, and most of the test is already done. So, it was fucking useless.

What confused me was that I was pretty sure he saw a lot of other kids (the students taking the test at this school were predominately white) writing in the test booklet. So I wondered, “How come he didn’t approach anyone else?” But, I didn’t think too much of it because I was freaking out. 

A few hours later, we had a bathroom break. I got up to go to the door, when the same asshole proctor said “Guys wait, listen to me before you go.” So, I stop. Guess what happens several seconds after I CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY stopped. The other damn proctor grabs me and says “WAIT!” He grabbed on to my sweater and would not let go while the other proctor was giving his announcement. It’s not like I was still walking and leaving after the guy said he needed to make an announcement. I stopped, and this other proctor grabs me like I was a kid. He clenched on to my sweater and balled it up like I was two years old or like I was a damn animal. Wtf? Is everything a petting zoo for you? Is everything and everyone up for grabs? 

What bothers me a lot too is the fact that a girl that came and took the test with me saw what happened and she said she was soooooo jealous that he held on to me because he was hot (to me, he honestly looked like a bleached ghost with bad hygiene but w/e). Wtf?

I just hate how I get treated sometimes. 

-Mod R

Please don't use phan tags when you don't have to

I just personally hate dan or phil imagines and I respect that some phandom members enjoy them but why do I have to come across dan or phil x reader fanfics under the phan smut tag? Like why? I want to read gay smut about my idols (who are gay af btw) and then BAM mood killer idk if it’s only me but I just hate it so please stop it thanks


“Are we actually going to work today?”
“And what do you think I’m trying to do here!? I’m getting in the damn mood!”
“You haven’t moved from that chair for almost two hours…”
“Stop pushing me! Gosh, why’s everyone so heartless!? My boyfriend is a moron, my producer is a moron! And my songwriter is just talentless piece of shit! Who wrote these lyrics!? It’s horrible! I’m not gonna sing it!”
“Ahm… Actually, you did…”
“So what? Why did you approve it? It’s ridiculous! I don’t like it!”
“Nico, please…”
“What Nico!? It’s you goddamn job! I’m not in the mood for this shit! I’m suffering! And where the fuck is my iced latte?”
“It’s right in front you, sweetheart…”
“It’s cold! I don’t want it!”
“You just said that you want an iced latte…”
“So? I changed my mind! I want it hot! And with whipped cream! Give me my coffee!”
“Alright, alright, I’ll go ask someone to get it. Just please don’t start crying…”
“Why? Cuz you hate me for being overly emotional? I know you do! You all hate me! Every single one of you!”

[Translation] BOMB Sep’2015 Matsui Rena special interview

…It took all my free time this past week…if it’s not for Rena, I wouldn’t do it. 

[Status: Rena’s slave]

I translated it from Chinese (but also checked with the original, that’s why it took times)

Not much to say. Enjoy!

The Path of 2588 days

I have been roughly thinking about graduation since 2-3 years ago

- The day of graduation is coming close, what’s your mood right now?

very refreshed. From activities I’ve involved so far, I feel refreshed the most. Everyone around me told me that “your expression have changed” “your face looks softer” I guess my refreshing feeling came out much more than I thought.

- Is it like you have done everything that should be done?

That’s right. There’s still graduation concert, so I couldn’t feel like I have already done it all. But however, as an idol, of course, I have a feeling that “I have done everything I wanted to”

- Let’s sort out timeline before graduation a bit. Exactly when did you think about graduating, since when you officially decided?

I started to think about it 2-3 years ago, vaguely thought about “what should I do after this?” that’s the beginning. Then kept thinking about it little by little. Around 1 year ago, I went to discuss with Akimoto-san “I think like this” then which direction I should proceed, when I should graduate something like that. But at first, he had never granted me approval until recently that he agreed to it.

- What is the reason for graduation?

Since I joined the group, I have always wanted to get involve with acting. Being in the group up until now, I have been gathering many kinds of experience. I could also gain many useful experiences and emotions. However, within myself, when I felt I have already done it all, I started to think about how I can absorb some other things.  So, I gradually had an idea of “let’s get to the world outside” and “Graduation”

- SKE48 is almost 7 years now, if you could pick, for example, Best 5 memories, what would it be?

I couldn’t. Saying “I couldn’t” is a very boring answer *laugh* actually, I didn’t mean it like that but I mean all the memories are special. I couldn’t pick which one is most impressive, could be my graduation concert. Right now there’s nothing in particular, that day and the first debut day might be a huge part of ‘SKE48’ memories in my mind. But if you are talking about happy moments, there are lots!

- If you take a look back, right now, Is there any point that seems “from then on, I have changed” like a turning point?

Turning point, huh…being transferred to Team E is the turning point. That was timely with the time I started to think about graduation. Before then, I was mainly with 1st gen in Team S, everyone has individuality. We just gathered those individual and set the team up with unity. It was ok to do whatever you like. But being in this kind of surroundings suddenly changed to being surrounded by juniors, also got promoted as leader. That made me think “What can we do so our juniors will be better?” and I became very careful “right now, it’s not ok for me to do like this (T/N: do whatever she likes)” it was such a big thing for me. On the other hand, I realized how much I had been spoiled by everyone while I was in Team S. I really loved being a mess *laugh*

Come to think about it, getting in Team E had helped me grow as a person. Juniors really helped me a lot.

- So, let’s get back to the day you announced graduation. That day, on Jun.10,  morning issue of Nikkan Sport revealed the big news that you would officially announce graduation at that night’s ANN.

When I saw that big picture on the cover, it really made me shocked. But because of this report, many people paid attention to listen. Otherwise, there might be some fans that missed this abrupt graduation announcement.  So, we should also thank them (the newspaper). In broadcast, I had plenty of time to express my words. Compared to Theatre, this allowed me to reach more people.  Besides, it might be all the words that I want to say on the last day, Aug.31.

Can’t take “Mae no Meri” as her own song

- For Rena-chan, the last SKE48 single “Mae no Meri” MV also starts with ANN on that day.

Yes. That filming may remain for the rest of my life *laugh*, fortunately, I wore good make-up. Normally, when I host ANN, I used to go without any make-up.

- Please introduce a bit about “Mae no Meri”

Many people around me said “it’s a good song”, I really appreciate that. But, there’re also a lot of people, including members, view it as “my last song”. I, on the contrary, don’t think like that. I think it’s SKE48’s 18th single. Hope everyone could take it as SKE48’s single as it has been.

- By the way, this is the first time you are the solo center.

Yes. Really sorry, this is also not the answer you expected…*laugh*

- Let’s get a bit more lively…*laugh*

Fans also told me like this “why you look so indifferent”. I am really happy that fans are happy for me being center.  I am also glad being center. But while SKE48’s activities continue on, especially around this recent year, I clearly understand that I am still myself no matter where I stand, ones who want to see you still see you no matter where you stand. I believe that no matter you are standing in the third row or in the middle of the first row, for me, there’s no difference. Now, my trust in audiences is stronger than ever before. This is because I had been in various positions in AKB48, in the third row, in the back row, but back in SKE48, I am in the front…because I have experienced this so I have this kind of thought. Originally, this song should cover all precious things in my SKE career. But, in my mind, I still feel that it’s not only my song, it must also be the song that everyone can continue on to sing. Like even I’m not here anymore, it must still be performed in any live. When I thought about this, I just can’t take it as my own. That’s why even though I am the center, and it’s also my last single, but I don’t want to get too full of myself. I hope everyone can view this song unemotionally.

- I see. But “Mae no Meri” lyrics, Akimoto-sensei wrote it from Rena-chan’s image, right?

No, I don’t think so. Sorry I say like this, but I think any hard-working person would be like in that lyrics. So, I just perform this song while holding the thought that it can be applied to any member. If this song can make anyone who listen to it think “I’ll do my best!!”, that’d be the happiest for me.

- Please tell us your opinion about the MV, Is there anything you want to talk?

This time we went to an island in Okinawa, it was intentional surprised party for me. Everyone went ahead of me, I went there the day after ANN. From the morning, everyone started preparing together and then I arrived on the island. Though there are only few minutes of appearance, it was actually cut from the footage that had taken quite a number of hours. This MV show member’s natural posture very well.

- Coupling song “2588 nichi”, it was created for Rena-chan!!

That’s right, this song is for me. “2588 nichi” stands for the number of days from the first day I joined SKE48 to Aug.31 the last day I graduate. It’s a song written about me from Akimoto-sensei’s perspective. I want to pass my feeling on to members, express it to my fans, as in the lyrics. How should I describe it…I really love this song. My favorite is the lyrics. The theme of withered flower, like the flower’s root already withered, but there’s nothing to be sad, it withered only to bloom again next year. My graduation, you may take it as 1 withering time for an idol, but at the same time, it also means “in order to bloom again, you need to prepare from now on, so it’s alright”. The MV is like a flashback to places I’ve been since I joined SKE48. I went to the theatre and when I sang this song, I bursted into tears. In fact, I didn’t intend to cry, but my tears suddenly poured down. I felt like I performed another graduation stage alone *laugh* It’s very beautiful.

- Say, after Rena-chan graduates, the position in “Mae no Meri” would be vacant. Is there anyone you would like to stand there?

Umm, there isn’t. Answer like this may be a bit cold, it’s not about who I want, but I wish that everyone would strive for this position. I think if it’s like this, there’d be a sense of competition. It’d enhance the group level. I am looking forward to it.

- The kenkyusei stage which composed of 7th gen members + 2nd gen draft members has also started. I can scent the new wind is coming.

Everyone is so cute, so shining, overflowed with energy. Fans also sense that and look forward to it. So, if they can continue on with the thought “we will pave our way by ourselves!!” such a strong will like this, the new form of SKE48 would be born. This can also allow them to develop rapidly. I really am looking forward to it.

Really love stage play and movies, aim for the silver screen.

- Let’s talk about after graduation. The direction is to be an actress (役者), right?

I’d like to do acting, so I hope that I could try my best doing it.

- Do you have the goal of being an actress (役者)?

Rather than thinking about how I want, I would say the one I really admire is Aoi Yu-san. Recently, I also think that Tsumabuki Satoshi-san can play a lot of different characters, compared to his image before, it’s 180 degree(totally) changed. With acting skill like that or being able to switch (characters) that much is so impressive. I think I can study from them while watching them.

- Is there any character you would like to try right now? I think your image fits with novelty-type (weird/newtype) character.

Nowadays, there are a lot of this kind of characters…although it’s worth acting, but I would like to try many different roles. My acting skill is not that outstanding, so I think I would head on with each and every character I got.

- Stage plays, movies, dramas…there are many kinds, which one do you particularly want to try?

I want to try it all, but I especially like stage plays and movies. Stage plays need a lot of practice before performance, the atmosphere in each performance is also different. You can’t act totally the same in two stages. I really am interested to this point. I had experienced in movies filming once, I think the time is very dense. You need to stuff the entire story you want to tell within 1 hour or 2, packed full with many contents, however, I was very happy being able to act well in the movie. And of course, I also really love movies, that’s why I also wish to be on silver screen as well.

- It seems you ever talked about travelling to historical places.

Ahhh…I want to see ancient tombs. Regrettably, I still don’t have a chance to go there. I have a lot of things I want to do after graduation, one of them is travelling to see ancient historical remains. And also tea catechins!!

- That is concerning body shape, maintaining the shape, isn’t it?

I absolutely have to take care of it. I need to be able to wear graduating dress beautifully, so I am concerned about my shape. But I also got teased like “are you a bride?” *laugh*

- The time for graduation concert at Toyota stadium is coming closer, may I ask how you want it to be like?

When I got asked “what do you want to do?”… For the whole live, there are many things I want to do. Like “this song have never been performed for sometimes now” or “It would be fun if we perform this song like this” etc. I’m still a bit unclear for myself. Instead of me saying want to do this or that, it would be better to leave it all to staff-san.

- You would cry, right?

I won’t cry *laugh*

- No. No. Would you cry?

I won’t. I hate being damped. It would be good to end it brightly like “haha it was fun” “see ya!“ I think ending like this would be more fun.

- Stage on Aug.31 will be the last performance. Is there any difference between performance in concert and in the theater?

I want this stage to be the end. “Te wo Tsunaginagara” stage’s setlist is really great, “Tooku ni Itemo” at the ending is so beautiful. In the concert before then, I want to create memories together with members and fans, but on Aug.31, it’s the time with Team E that I want to cherish. I really am a strange person. I even said that they don’t have to hold farewell ceremony in the last stage, but I got rejected *laugh*. So, I hope it would be a good farewell.

- Lastly, please say something to the people who are supporting SKE48’s Matsui Rena.

After graduation announcement, I became more realized how much fans concern for my sake. I am so grateful to them. I think joining SKE48 is really a good thing. Have been trying hard until now is really great, too. If graduated members couldn’t do their best, it would make juniors feel uneasy. So over this time, I wish my being could be something juniors can look up to. I want to try my best that fans could say “that graduation is so good”. And I also wish that I could repay everyone who comes to support me as an actress (役者).

Do you know what it’s like to always be left out? Always walk on the side of the group or even behind the others? Invite only two friends and just get an “I’m not in the mood” as an answer? Not knowing something big because nobody told you? Always have to ask first to hang out? Because that’s what my life is like and it might not sound that terrible, but trust me, it’s horrible.

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i think you have a gr8 style (clothes/hair) but why you never smile ? and stop these fried whiting eyes

okay seriously now. i usually reply ironically to these messages or ignore them but this is becoming a serious Issue and it’s pissing me off. STOP TELLING PEOPLE TO SMILE. stop telling them what you want them to do with their bodies in order to please you, my job is not to look happy and pretty all the time and lift the mood and you are not allowed to ask that of me. i’ve gotten this phrase thrown at me since i was a kid and i hate it and how it maintains the idea that i exist merely for everybody elses enjoyment, i’m not gonna smile for you i’m fucking ANGRY and i’m not gonna pretend otherwise so bye


Candace: “Well this is awkward.”

Cerulean: “I’m just waiting for you to talk and explain why you’re in a bad mood.”

Candace: “I’m not in a bad mood!”

Cerulean: “Mmhm.”

Candace: “I’m not in a great mood but I’m not in a bad mood. What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Cerulean: “Oh, I’m just coming to realize that this defensiveness is exactly what my family sees when they ask me what’s wrong. I’ve also started to realize that we have a lot more in common than just a love for cars. You like to put on a perfect face too and that’s fine. I get it. I do it myself. But I’m here to get to know you and I can’t do that if you won’t let me.”

Candace: “Really you’re speaking nonsense. I don’t know what you’re even talking about.”

Cerulean: “I was there when you had to make Locke leave. We were all there. We all saw that and as much as it may hurt you or embarrass you now that’s something you need to talk about.”

Candace: “Oh what, so you want to talk about how I had to make the first person I ever felt anything for leave? Or how about we talk about the fact that I’ve never, ever doubted myself before but I’m doubting my decision to let him leave now? Do you really want to go there Cerulean? Do you want to spend OUR date talking about how I may have let my first love walk away over this stupid show?”

Cerulean: “If it’ll make you feel better? Then yeah, I do. I really, really do.”

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Hi Emily, I just stumbled upon your Tumblr and you seem like a very intelligent, insightful person with a lot of good advice to give. Therefore, I humbly ask your opinion on a situation that I am in. I am 23 and have been with my boyfriend since I was 14. We live together but have been on the rocks the past couple of years, me always moving out when he yells at me and kicks me out but then I move back in. I do love him, that's why I put up with his unpredictable moods. On a separate, but (1/2)

(2/2) separate but unrelated note, I am having major issues with my sexuality. I have always identified as bisexual but have never actually done anything with a girl. My boyfriend knows I have these feelings, and is telling me that he’s okay with me experimenting. On one hand, I love him very much and do NOT feel comfortable experimenting when I am in a relationship - esp a rocky one atm. On the other, I don’t want to never explore this side of myself I’ve ignored for so long. Thoughts? Thanks!

Hi there! Wow, 9 years!

Here’s the thing: I don’t think that your two issues are unrelated. I think they are quite related. I’m not going to say that you can’t meet the person you are destined to spend your life with at the age of 14, but I think what I am saying is that relationships don’t always have to be… endgames. Not every relationship will be lifelong. This may be obvious, but it took me a good 10-15 years to figure that out, as I was trying to meet my husband as a freshman in high school.

It’s not for me to decide if a nine year relationship that started at age 14 has run its course, but from what you’re telling me, it’s not been good for the last “couple of years”. That is a long time to be on the rocks for any relationship. If you guys had met in your late 20s and had three kids together, I’d still be gently asking you if this relationship was still worth the effort you were putting into it. But, you two have literally grown up together, and people grow and morph and change as they grow. I don’t still hang out with the people I hung out with at 14. I still love them, but we’ve all changed. 

I think it’s great that your boyfriend is okay with you exploring your sexuality. I think it’s interesting that you feel a weird ping about doing it within this relationship, because I think you know this relationship may not be long for this world. 

It’s hard to make decisions that would mean the absence of a wonderful person who you’ve had in your life for so long that you can’t imagine your life without them- even if that person has erratic moods and throws you out sometimes. But there are many relationships to be had in this world- friendships, fuckships, romantic relationships, old comfortable shoe companionships, mentorships. You have to decide if this one relationship has more worth to it than any future possible relationships. You either stay where you are and try to make the relationship more functional and enjoyable for both of you, or you leave and explore. 

Good luck. 

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Vampire Senpais!~ Can I have Cecil, Ren, Ranmaru, and Otoya feeding on their s/o, only to have some other vampire walk in and tell them they're not doing it right and try to show how to 'properly' feed using s/o?

||there is a reason why you and i are not allowed to ever be physically together; we’d wreck everything and like we’d be a mess of utapri ideas, titty opposites, and screams probably and yes titty opposites was a necessary item to be listed. whispers you know what gets me in the mood to write this bs and nsfw stuff? Diabolik Lovers ost and sucking sounds. Save my soul please. Also, sorry. I got a tad lazy with Oto-nii’s. Whispers. The true big brother.

CECIL: Pressing into the couch, ______ closed their eyes. He promised he’d be gentle. So far, he’s kept true to that promise. A gentle moan escaped their lips would sharp fangs poked at the smooth, sensitive skin. “C-Cecil—”
Cecil sat up, running a hand through his hair with a weak groan. Of all the times to Camus come and bitch him something, honestly.
“You’re doing it all wrong, stupid.”
Cecil felt himself get thrown back off the couch and on the floor. “Hey, C-Camus!”
“Let me show how it’s done.”
Camus pulled up ______ holding their hands tightly. “First things first.” He placed one hand on their shoulder and the on their neck. Leaning in, he grazed his lips against ______’s jawline.
“Hey, stop that! ______’s mine, not yours!”

OTOYA: Otoya giggled, sinking his fangs in. With his s/o squirming underneath him, trying to find out with to do with their hands, moans slipped out of their mouth. When it was all said and done, Otoya let them go and sat on their waist, smiling down at them.
“Nee, are you okay? Sleepy?”
“Otoya, you took to much if they’re that tired.”
Looking up, Otoya say his roommate, setting aside a book. He didn’t see Tokiya’s right to but in, though he was right. _______ looked beyond exhausted. It looked like they were going to pass out.
“You can’t keep binging like that. You’ll kill them. Go get them something to eat and bring water.”

RANMARU: “You said it wasn’t going to hurt, Ranny,” cried ______. “I-I thought you had it this time.”
“I-I thought I did it right. I’m sorry, ______.” Ranmaru rubbed his next, looking down. This was the third time he’d messed up. He just was so eager that he forgot where it would and wouldn’t hurt his s/o.
“May I demonstrate?” asked a soft voice.
All in one swift movement, Ai was behind ______, sucking on a sensitive spot on the crook of their neck.
“R-Ranmaru,” they panted, reaching out to him. Their hand felt as a pair of fangs slowly sank into their neck. Instead of the agonizing grunt from pain that normally came from ______ in this situation, a gentle moan was released. Though, Ai slowly broke away from the smooth skin, wiping his mouth. “Try being a bit gentler, Kurosaki.”
Ranmaru watched almost amazed. He wanted to hit Mikaze, but his body wouldn’t move. What was wrong with him?

REN: “R-Ren.”
“It’s okay, no one is here. You can be as loud as you want.”
Ren sat down on the bed, his fragile little s/o wrapped about his torso. Their legs wrapped about his waist, their arms around his shoulders.
“Come on, you need to let go. You know, where I feed,” he whispered.
Reluctantly, _______ let go, throwing off their shirt. They tried to cover up, feeling a bit uneasy, but Ren only grabbed their hands, intertwining their fingers together.
“It’s okay. I’ve told you, you look just fine.”
“Jinguji, you know very well that it’s dangerous to drink from the chest. You know exactly where you are suppose to drink. What if your beloved ______ where to die?”
Ren shot his head up, seeing his roommate, Masato. He was not in the mood for a lesson. Though, no doubt that scared the little one that Ren loved.
“Ren, is that true?”
“Well, it is. But, I wouldn’t let it happen. I am very careful.”
Masato trudged on over, setting his hands on ______’s shoulders. He slowly opened his mouth. “This is how you should do it.”
“Wait!” Ren hissed, pulling down with him. “You’re not going to make my ______ your dinner!”

It begins again.

I took a pill to control an anxiety attack this morning at work.

Things that have been said to me since then:

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you okay?”

“You look sick.” (I’m not sick.) “Then why do you look like that?”

(Because she knew I have an appointment on Wednesday.) “What is your doctor’s appointment for?”

“Really, though, what’s wrong?”

“Why are you in such a CRAPPY mood?”

“It’s a good thing you aren’t talking to customers this morning!”

“Is it something I did?”

And my response to everyone…

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

I’m serious, this is my fault. I’ve spent so much time faking happy that I’ve broken the feature and it’s showing through.

Mohr: In all seriousness, that’s a huge part of my writing process. A lot of heads do this digitally now, with Scrivener, but I’m a very tactile learner, so I need analog index cards, moving them all about, trying out various sequences for the book’s architecture. Do you do something similar in your drafting process?

Cooke Newman: I’m big on files filled with legal-sized sheets of paper. And I’m a big fan of Scrivener as well! But I do this kind of circular outlining for every scene that I write, asking myself questions like What does my character want in this moment? Why does he want it? What is the mood of this scene? What happens next? Mostly free-associating. It gives me something to stare at as I face the blank screen.

Mohr: I always wished to be a better planner. It seems more elegant, while my trial and error process is more akin to someone scratching an awful case of poison oak. We are all trying to accomplish the same goal, telling a compelling story, but it’s cool to see artists go about it in such varied ways.

8 Questions

I was tagged by the beautiful scarfient, thank you~!! n_n 

1. Write your name in song titles

  • Lying from You – Linkin Park
  • Ah Yeah – EXID
  • If I – Gray
  • Lionheart – SNSD
  • A Place for My Head - Linkin Park

2. Why did you choose your url? 

It’s a nickname my brown friends called me and I wasn’t in the mood for creating something unique lol. 

3. What’s your middle name?
Laila (We go by the middle names)

4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?
Saiyan princess lmfao. 

5. What’s your favorite colour?

6. What’s your favorite song?
In the End by Linkin Park

7. Top three fandoms?
I don’t do fandoms. 

8. Why do you like Tumblr?
It’s just interesting. 

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daisy-uzumaki asked:

Do you do smut

In regards to this question; at first I was going to reply with much sass, and what have you but then I took a step back.  I was in a particularly violent mood when this was sent which is why it has taken me so long to respond.

I’m not sure whether you sent this while on mobile where you cannot view a blogger’s blog pages, or if you just didn’t care enough to even skim the bold/underlined rules on my rules page but I will just go ahead and quote myself.

{ Smut is frowned upon!  Fade-to-black scenes, or agreeing that the two have done the do are fine.  I don’t mind seeing others writing it, but I won’t write it with anyone.  I am in a healthy relationship, and I want to keep it that way.  I feel extremely uncomfortable even thinking about writing smut with another role-player, so it’s a no-no.  I can write smut myself if it is in drabble form, or if sent an ask with NSFW intent for a meme. }

There you have it, folks.  This by no means says anything about disliking smut being on my dashboard.  I don’t mind reading it, seeing it, hearing it, or whatever the case may be.  I just do not write smut with people.

anonymous asked:

My ex always made me put on condoms on him, like ALWAYS and I hated it! It was so weird!


to any guys out there who are reading this…PUT ON YOUR OWN FUCKING CONDOMS. ITS NOT SEXY, ITS NOT HOT, ITS NOT ROMANTIC TO INSIST YOUR PARTNER DO IT FOR YOU. it’s generally awkward, takes us about twice as long and really kills the mood….

So I received the last three published Emelan books today! The cover for Battle Magic is in a different style, which bothers me, but it’s not too bad. Not horribly different. I can live. These were the only paperbacks that were offered. But there’s just something…

Here are all my other Emelan books. I like that they are the same size and match. It’s very aesthetically pleasing to me. It puts me in a very good mood.

scholastic have mercy on me why do you do this why can’t publishers be sensitive to my needs

Okay so if you know me in real life you would know that I have really white teeth. Even though I personally can not stand my teeth(my upper set of teeth stick out but they are all straight due to the fact I had braces) all my friends never fail to bring up the fact that they’re really white and straight. So every once in a while when im in a good mood I laugh and smile like crazy and people just go “booze why are teeth so white” then someone just responds “they’re so white because she’s dark” like bitch?????? My skin tone has nothing to do with how well i clean my teeth????? And for you to even say that really fucks me up like I express how picky I am about teeth and you have the audacity to claim “she has white teeth because she has dark skin” like are you hearing yourself????? I had to refrian myself from giving her the worst side eyes i could muster good gad ignorance is annoying