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Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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Have you ever thought of drawing galra Keith?

Not really? I don’t exactly see the appeal of it, but, I mean, sure? Here, one (1) furry Keith for you anon 👍


\o/ Yoooo thank you, everybody!! :D
This is so cooooooll! *hughughughug*

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Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #02

Initiate Era - Master Dooku & Qui-Gon

Master Dooku has the highest standards and only chooses the most elite of the elite as his apprentices. Initiate Jinn is a prodigy and looks perfect on the records and is also exceptionally gifted in sensing the Living Force. Master Dooku thought he would make the perfect Padawan. Sometimes, Master Dooku is wrong.

Or, Master Dooku has to bribe a young Padawan Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan’s company in order to get him to do anything.

[A/N] In this AU where everyone is happy, almost no one is evil and everyone lives, Master Dooku is that grumpy grandpa who looks super scary but is actually ridiculously soft once you get to know him. Qui-Gon is his third apprentice, and all three of his Padawans are ridiculously rebellious (and spoiled) in their own ways. You’ll meet the other two soon <3

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Confused? Have no idea why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are only 3 years apart?

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hey everyone who, like me, enjoys stuff about space, comics and canonic LGBTQ+ (specifically wlw) relationships,,,,,,


It’s so good and I’m so surprised that so many people havent heard of it??? like???? it’s so good and sweet and its probably the best 12 issues of anything I’ve read. I’d die for pretty much any of the characters ngl

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So I just found out that apparently in the New 52 one of the drawbacks of Len's powers is he keeps freezing his beer (and only his beer?). The only booze he can reliably drink is some weird high octane fruity drink that Barry Allen invented when he was undercover as a bartender. I wanted to give you that mental image. Our Captain Cold, with an umbrella drink and a scowl. Have a nice day!

Oh I have that mental image :D I’ve got the New 52 Flash vol 1-5. And that? Was half the selling point for me if I’m being totally honest.

For everyone else, here is Barry and Len sitting together at a bar with Barry telling the guy how to make that drink: