why i posted this at 00:20

I'm rewatching Fire and here are my thoughts:

1:55 - look at these baby idiots laughing at each other’s jokes.
2:20 - baby Scully’s eyebrows have never seen a tweezer in their short lives
3:20 - wow, I know I’m a feminist and I’m supposed to support every woman but I already hate Phoebe
3:42 - Mulder, why are you moving so close to her?
3:52 - haha scully can’t believe this b*tch
4:01 - oooh scully dial down the sarcasm
5:10 - Phoebe has big buck teeth
6:00 - hahahahah ok I’m rewinding.
6:00 - Omg look at scully making fun of Mulder. She’s not jealous at all, is she. Scully is just legitimately having fun at Mulder’s expense. I don’t think she saw him that way yet… :)
8:16 - boy I have no patience for early seasons X-files
11:00 - oh that’s right, Mulder is afraid of fire. Ha. That was never mentioned again was it. Funny.
12:35 - whoa! Creepy fire boy
12:36 - meh, I’m fast forwarding
16:10 - oh I remember now why I only saw this episode once. Scully is barely in it.
16:11 - since I was a child I only watched this show for Dana Scully… I should’ve known 🤔
17:30 - phoebe’s clearly very manipulative. Somehow I don’t feel bad for Mulder :p
19:00 - wow, exposition much? Seriously, these scripts 😂
19:03 - SCULLY! 💜
21:00 - these kids are so cute!
25:10 - huh! Phoebe just announced to Mulder she has a room at the hotel for the night. Such a Stella Gibson move. This woman is growing on me!
25:05 - Scully calls Mulder and asks where he is. HE CHOKES before answering he’s in Boston HAHAH 😂😂😂
26:25 - whooooaaaa Mulder says he can’t meet scully cause he’s “anticipating having his hands full” I’m shook. SMOOTH, Mulder.
27:00 - aw he’s actually wrapped around phoebe’s finger. Poor thing. Get over her, Mulder.
28:30 - Scully arrives and sees them dancing together. She’s really just annoyed she has to wait.
28:36 great, now they’re kissing. Scully is literally rolling her eyes at this point.
28:38 - uh oh! Fire alarm! Scully runs into the room and interrupts their kiss yelling There’s a fire! (Lmao)
29:15 - wow, Mulder just climbed 14 floors. Now he’s afraid to go in
29:35 - wtf, is there a dragon spitting fire out the door? There’s literally one guy with the fire machine pointing out of the door, it’s ridiculous 😂
29:37 - God, I love this show.
30:04 - Mulder panicked and now the firemen have to save him too.
30:58 - the firemen brought him downstairs and scully kneels beside him and touches his hair. Bc why not.
31:13 - she’s the first thing he sees when he wakes up coughing in bed. She gives him a glass of water. Cute.
31:25 - first words out of his mouth: where’s Phoebe? (Honestly, screw you Mulder.)
31:48 - shirtless Mulder… Nice.
33:00 - well, look at Phoebe ripping Mulder’s heart out again. Hm.
33:18 - scully is still trying to show him the evidence she came all the way to Boston to show him. Mulder is sulking, literally, with his arms crossed and everything.
33:18 - David’s playing Mulder as a little boy in this episode and it’s an interesting acting choice actually. If it was a choice. 33:22 - Scully is soooo patient with him.
34:40 - ok, Scully just solved the whole case by herself.
35:00- Mulder’s shook.
35:12 - Mulder just took his robe off in front of scully and she looks thirsty
36:35 - wow Mulder arrives at the house and Phoebe was kissing the kids dad. He’s all business with her now.
37:20- yay! Scully’s here.
37-30 - she immediately notices he’s upset with something. Their connection is adorable
39:00 - look at Mulder facing his fears.
42:35 -Scully is making a British accent. IM GAY HEPL
43:00 - they have such a pure relationship ❤️

The end

ps. Thanks @beaboleyn for the suggestion :)

At night...
  • Me at 12: 30 am: It's getting kinda late, I should probably go to sleep
  • Brain: But what about that fanfiction you wanted to read? The night is young!!
  • Me: But...
  • Brain: And isn't there that post you were looking for earlier? We have a few hours before you have to do stuff, why don't we scroll down until we find it!!
  • Me: ...
  • *3 hours later*
  • Brain: Haven't you been telling yourself to finish that anime you started a couple weeks ago? Let's finish it now!!!!
  • Me: But there are 8 episodes left
  • Brain: So? They're only take 20 minutes!
  • Me at 5: 00: FML

I did this because @annabelleebythesea said “I’d like to know more about any of my followers, so I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this!” so I thought why not? 

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

I tag: @thyonceandfuturequeen, @xlifeisaworkofartx, @axev, @vangch, @trissofmaribor, @emiliash, @smartestpersonintheroom, @daenerystargarien, @winterishereyourgrace, @olenoely

Sorry I keep tagging you into so many things, people

a - age: 20
b - birthplace: Romania
c - current time: 00:36
d - drink you last had: Water
e - easiest person to talk to: My family, my best friend and my boyfriend
f - favorite song: I can never pick a favourite song. I have several on repeat right now but I always do. 
g - grossest memory: Not exactly a memory in the sense that it didn’t happen to me and I didn’t see it in person. But it must be these pictures of this hungover girl, that one of my friends knows, mushing her own puke in her hands. I hope she’s ok. 
h - horror yes or horror no: Generally no because I have a very active imagination but I can be persuaded. I don’t sleep well after though. 
i - in love? Yes, very much so
j - jealous of people?: Nope. It’s actually one of the traits I’m proud of myself for having. I’m not envious. 
k - IDK what to put here. Kylo Ren - Yes \o/ I don’t really get this? Sorry?!
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: I used to be edgy and say love at first sight is a lie and scoff at anyone who disagreed with me.
m - middle name: I’d rather not say. But it starts with an E
n - number of siblings: 1, a little sister I love lots and lots
o - one wish: Health, security, happiness and peace of mind for all of my loved ones. And for me, as well. 
p - person you called last: My mum
q - question you are always asked: “How have you been?’
r - reason to smile: There are some
s - song you last sang: A Romanian song played by a band I really like 
t - time you woke up: 8:30 AM 
u - underwear colour: A sort of white
v - vacation destination: Anywhere, to be honest. As long as I’m safe. 
w - worst habit: Procrastination, OVERTHINKING
x - x-rays: I’ve had some
y - your favorite food: No idea. I like loads.  
z - zodiac sign: Pisces. With Scorpio Rising, Leo Moon and Aquarius Dominant.

I got tagged by @frosty-viking

Rules: Answer 30 questions, then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better. no

Nicknames: Foxy, Sanji (don’t know why i am called this, i can’t cook food for shit), Moon Moon, Al

Gender: female

Star Sign: Scorpio


Height: 167 cm

Time: 02:00 am

Birthday: November 20th

Fave Bands: …. uhhh way to many

Fave Solo Artists: same as above

Song Stuck in My Mind: I think it’s a piece from the Legend of Zelda but i’m not sure DX

Last Movie Watched: The Departed

Last Show Watched: Voltron

When I Created My Blog: I think it was back in 2013… can’t remember wich month tho

What I Post About: Voltron, anime, animals, and other stuff, mostly what i’m interested in at the moment -_-’

Last Thing I Googled: Lotor (to get a good pic for colours)

Other Blogs I Have: @snapsfromthefoxoffiction (where i post most of my writing), @voltron-pirate-au (it’s pretty deserted…)

Why I Chose My URL: I’m lazy, i like foxes and the “zhe” to stick out a bit, Also for the Swedish idiom that’s much goes “I got a fox behind my ear” wich means someone is sneakingly smart.

Following: 302

Followers: 3 953

Fave Color: green

Average Hours of Sleep: 6-10

Lucky Number: no idea

Instruments: played the violin for a while when i was young, but play on Piano and guitar from time to time when i’m bored and there is one close by mostly i play by the ear because i can’t reade the note sheets

What I’m Wearing: my pyjamas and morning robe (spend the weekend in pjs!)

Number of Blankets with Which I Sleep: one

Dream Job: Become an illustrator and writer (or work with animation)

Dream Trip: Scotland, Ireland or Japan, hmm maybe even Hawaii

Fave Food: PANCAKES! 

I tag whoever want to do this

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1. name/nickname:

2. gender: 

3. star sign:

4. height:

5. hogwarts house:

6. favorite animal: dog

7. hours of sleep: 6-15

8. dogs or cats: dogs (I love cats too)

9. number of blankets: six

10. dream trip: kakslauttanen arctic resort

11. dream job: Teaching abroad

12. time:

13. birthday:

14. favorite bands: mostly anything from 50s’-00s’

15. favorite solo artists: Marina and the Diamonds, Elvis

17. last movie i watched: Citizen Kane

18. last show i watched: Boruto

19. when did i create my blog: August 2017

20. what do i post/reblog: anything naruto/naruto related

21. last thing i googled: Chocolate cosmos flower

22. other blogs:

23. do i get asks: Nah

24. why i choose my URL: Naruto has 720 episodes and 700 chapters

25. following: 111

26. followers: 40

27. lucky number: 

28. favorite instrument: Harp

29. what am i wearing: pineapple PJ pants and penguin PJ shirt

30. favorite food: anything spicy or sweet

31. nationality:

32. favorite song: don’t have one yet

33. last book read: Geisha of Gion (it was great! I recommend it!)

34. top three fictional universes i’d like to join: DC comic universe with a good Superman, uhhh


So, I’m enough above 1000 followers now that unless I really put my foot in my mouth, I’ll regard it as a milestone crossed. So, thank you so very much everyone!

This giveaway will close at 14:00 GMT+1 on the 31th of August, 2015. The winners will be picked with a random number generator.

Here’s the rules:

* Must follow me, and sadly not open to new followers.
* No giveaway blogs.
* If a winner haven’t claimed their prize by 20:00 GMT+1, September 2, I will pick a new winner. Please keep your inboxes open so that I can message you.
* The usual terms of my commissions apply in regards to content I will do or not.

(Tumblr is in no way associated with this giveaway)


Hey, everyone! I’ve hit an incredible milestone and as a thank you for your appreciation and support, wanted to give you something in return. I haven’t the resources or money to make a merchandise giveaway at the moment (fingers crossed for the next giveaway) so I’ve decided to make an edit giveaway. I will be making personalised gifsets, edits, picspams, fanmixes… basically anything your heart desires! As long as it’s within the realm of possibility and within my fandoms, it’s yours.

  • You must be following me (please don’t follower-jump, it’s rude),
  • You have to reblog this post (likes don’t count) until March 21st 2015, 20:00 GMT,
  • You may reblog this as many times as you want,
  • I’m planning to pick 15 people, but I may pick more if this post gets popular,
  • I will be using a random generator to pick the winners,
  • Please make sure your ask box is open so I may contact you if you win the giveaway.

Again, thank you very much for this incredible number. You guys are the reason why I still log in to this website and why I’m still so enthusiastic about my fandoms. I hope I can thank you for your support in some small measure.

It's Olive's "I don't have much, but it's my Birthday and I want to have a Giveaway!" Giveaway.

Prize 1 “Green is a nice colour. In fact, it’s my favorite colour!” :

Prize 2 “Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.” :

Prize 3 “That’s just a mask? Yeah.” :

Prize 4 “Is that a dragon?!” :

1st Gen Shadow/Lemon/Purple


1. You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice if you did. (Followers from before this post will get something extra if they win.)

2. One reblog per person. I will check! Likes don’t count.

3. List the prizes in the order of the one you want most. If you don’t want one, leave it out (i.e 1,3,4).

4. To make sure people are reading this, tell me your favorite dragon species, and why. Only people who answer this will be eligible to win.

5. The winner will be picked with a RNG.

6. Make sure to put your username and number. (forgot to add that at first).


Thursday, September 18th (My Birthday!) around 20:00 server time

Good luck! :3