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Josh Sauchak - Why he's so important to me.

Today I bawled my eyes out, not out of sadness but out of happiness because I finally got to explain to someone what Josh means to Autistic and Aspergers people and I realised during that explanation that he’s my favourite character. Not just in Watch Dogs but in the whole of existence.

Now I feel a little weird writing this because I’ve never felt this way with a character before and if you read this and start to get a little confused please bare with me.

Growing up for me was different, I always knew I was different from how I could read Lord of the Rings or Poldark at the age of six and understand every word. From how I never fit in with the other kids, from how I could only talk to adults because I was on their mental capacity levels and how I’m effected by the system for being this way. When I was finally diagnosed as an Aspergers young lady, it all made sense. Back then, I believed that I had all these quirks and was bullied a lot because I was broken. I wasn’t neurotypical, I was defective.

For me I had nobody in TV, Film or later on video games. Autistic and Aspergers people are always represented as the dependant person who burdens the carer because it’s so “difficult and challenging” to raise / care for people like us.

Because of all these things, people misunderstand people like us. They treat us differently like there is something wrong with us. We’re defective. Broken. Weird. They tell us to “just be normal” and some people say we need a cure.
Some of us are effected more than others like myself and need special attention and care, others are independent but none of us are broken.
I’m in the middle myself, I’m partially independent but sometimes I need help. Especially in social situations like meetings and phone calls or studying but I’m independent enough to fund and plan out every single detail of a trip to Montreal, Boston and New York by myself. To meet new people and old friends. I do get sensory overload and I have breakdowns so sometimes I need help myself. We’re all different though.

This teaches some of us to feel as though we aren’t worth anything. To hate who we are and some of us to more extreme measures that I myself have done and even depression. Some of us are even afraid to tell others that we’re autistic in some way even friends because just like Clark Kent in Smallville, we’re scared they’ll hate us or no longer treat us the same if they find out our “secret”. I know that means they were never really our friends but it still hurts us so much.

But then Ubisoft created Josh.
With Josh he’s independent but sometimes has sensory overloads, like when Lenni hacked Dedsec. He also has a moment when he realises some of the followers are fake and begins to fall into a breakdown. Yet his friends never told him to get over it or that he was over-reacting. They never treated him like he was broken. They never said he was that way because he’s autistic. They never pushed on it. Horatio mentions it in an audio file but never puts Josh down about it. Just Blume and how they ruined his life by marking him as people usually do. Defective.

I relate to Josh so much, when I look at him I see myself and I’ve never had that. I’ve never seen someone so like Josh/me be loved so much because they’re human. Even the little things like how he wears a green hoodie. So simple but I wear a green hoodie all the time. It’s my favourite, even more so now. Even now I struggle with acceptance of my Aspergers but it’s because of these things I speak about it constantly and try to raise awareness and acceptance and I feel with Josh. We’ve taken a huge step towards it. If only TV and film could follow Ubisoft in this way.

So thank you Ubisoft and Jonathan for making someone like Josh so people like me can have someone to relate to and see that it’s okay to be different because the right people won’t treat us like freaks, they’ll love us for who we are. I cry about this because I’m so happy because I see people play this game and love Josh so much and it gives me hope because that means neurotypical people can love me too. I honestly can’t explain it as I can in my head but I tried my absolute best to get the words out.

If you read all this, thank you. I’m sorry for the rambling, I tried.

With Stiles being gone this season, we’ve seen Lydia struggle with proving he’s real to everyone around her, because she felt it in her bones that he is. However, everyone kept doubting her, telling her that they’re worried about her mental state, that she’s imagining it, and that he never existed. This makes me think back to “Galvanize”, when Lydia is so sure that William Barrow was at the school, which the audience could see he was. Stiles said, and I quote “You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. Okay, so don’t start doubting yourself now. Barrow was there, alright? You knew it, you felt it. And, look, if you wanted to, I’d go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it.” And this is why I love their relationship, because he believes in her when no one else does, even when the facts aren’t there, he knows that she’s right, because she feels it. And that is what I think is important about this season, 6A, if you will. Stiles has always been the one listening, being there for her, even when she feels crazy. He’s always been there to support her, and it made her believe in her ability. With Stiles gone, with everyone around her doubting her feelings about him being real, it just took me back a bit. Because Stiles is gone, and he was the one who used to believe in her, and now no one does.


You are sitting in the kitchen, sipping your tea when you hear someone sigh.

“Lucifer, you know that I can hear you, don’t you?” you roll your eyes, as he appears in the doors and smiles at you.

“Hello sunshine!”

“Why don’t you go home, Lucifer? I already have the feeling that I got hallucinations. No need to make it worse,” he smiles and sits down on the table in front of you.

“I am no hallucination. I am your angel-guardian,” you grin. “The funny thing that the thousands of the people I had to protect never knew I existed… but you, the one who can actually see me, couldn’t care less!”

“I don’t believe in angels,” you explain, leaving the cup in the sink. “I do believe in hallucinations.”

“Why do you think I am a hallucination?”

“Lucifer, consolation of my heart, can we do that tomorrow? I had a really rough day and would gladly just sleep for a few hours,” you head to the bedroom and jump in bed, hugging a pillow. “Can you turn the lights off?”

“I am a hallucination, why would I?” grumbles Lucifer, but turns the lights off and sits down in the chair, taking out a book. “Why am I not annoying the hell out of you?”

“Because you love me,” you murmur, closing your eyes. “And wouldn’t hurt me.”

“Just sleep already!” you laugh, pulling a teddy bear closer. “Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, Lucifer. Feel free to get the blanket if you get cold,” he nods, but you don’t see it, already asleep.

“She is very annoying,” states Lucifer, stroking your hair until he knows you are in the deep sleep. “My little human.”


What else am I not remembering? I’m crazy. I should have stayed on the meds. I’m crazy, I’m out of my mind. I knew it. I never should have created you. I avoid myself… Why? I’m afraid. Okay, afraid of what? Finding too much, too little, nothing at all. Do I even exist? See me, Elliot Alderson. I am here. Now I’m gone.


Negan doesn’t speak the whole ride back to The Sanctuary; when we arrive he lets me out, closes the door, and orders the nearest man to park the car.  He leaves without a word, without any acknowledgement, like I don’t exist.  Maybe I should be grateful, but I only feel useless.

I shut myself up in my room and lose myself in thoughts and memories.  I lose days thinking of my life since the fall of civilization.  I think of family, friends, neighbors, and all those I knew who never made it.  I wonder why I did.  What purpose do I serve in still existing? 

Men come in to remove Shirley’s things, bring them to her new life as Negan’s wife, and men come in to set up a space for Kaylee.  They set up a bed with pink sheets and they set up toys.  I hold Kaylee close as she cuddles a small dragon and cries herself to sleep over the loss of her mother.

I watch Kaylee adjust, get over her mother, and continue on as if nothing ever happened.  I envy it and I worry over it; a child in pain is hard to see, a child who doesn’t feel it is worse.  I want to get up and play with her, I want to leave the room and teach…I want to be able to do something, anything, but I remain in bed even as there’s an insistent knock at my door.  Even after the knocking stops and the door swings open.

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me right fuckin’ now?” His voice booms as he kicks the door shut.  “Jesus Fuckin’ Christ, this shit is fuckin’ pathetic.”

“Get out of my room!” I shoot up, pulling blankets around me as if they’re any kind of protection.

“It’s my fuckin’ room,” Negan chuckles out as his boots kick clothes and toys out of his way.  “And it’s a fuckin’ disaster!  Seriously, what the fuck?  Shirley told my ass you were one of those nit-picky fucks who needed shit clean.”

“Oh, so now you’re pumping Shirley for information on me?!”

“In more ways than one, darlin’,” he winks as he bends to pick up Kaylee’s dragon and place it on her pillow.  He straightens, stands over me, and puts hands on his hips with a disappointed sigh.  “One little fuckin’ test, which you fuckin’ passed, by the fuckin’ way, and you fuckin’ fold.”

“It wasn’t real!  I thought I was risking my life to protect this place, I was willing to die to do that for you, but it was all just a big fuckin’ set up!”

“I’m fuckin’ sorry you see it that way, I am, but…”  Negan crouches to face me, grins.  “We need to move the fuck on now so you’re gonna get your skinny ass outta bed, clean yourself up, and come with me.  I have a job for ya.  A real one.“

“I’m done being your plaything.”

“You’re not done until I say you’re done.”

“You can’t make me.”  I sound like a damned toddler and I know it, I just can’t help it.  I don’t want to deal with this, with him, or anything else.  I want to disappear with the world.

He grins more.  “I’ll fuckin’ throw your ass in the fuckin’ showers dressed.”

“I fucking dare you,” I glare.

A strong hand grabs my wrist, I twist and jerk, but it’s no use.  I’m airborne, stomach hitting his squared shoulder as hands shift to the back of my knees and hold me in place.  I attempt an arch, push at his back to straighten out and get him to drop me, but he only chuckles as he shifts me like a sack of sugar.

Fucking let me go!”  I kick, hit, wriggle, flail.  It’s pointless and I know it, but it doesn’t stop me.  “I’m done!  I’m done with you!  Let me the fuck go, you asshole!””

“Only thing you’re fuckin’ done with is this self-servin’, woe-is-fuckin’-me, depressive, bullshit.  Been a fuckin’ week, get the fuck over it.”

“I fucking hate you, Negan!”

“Yeah, well, join the fuckin’ club.”  He mutters out my real name as he carries me down the hall like an unruly child from a toy store.

So, generally, I don’t see Negan just manhandling a slightly depressed woman, but I think he feels she’s letting herself fall apart, that a gentle approach will only cause her to spiral into self-loathing more, and that she can take this tougher approach…also, Lorien dared him.  You should never dare Negan to do anything, lol!  (To clarify, he’s using, like, a lazy/disorganized fireman’s carry, haha!) The next piece will pick up where this left off. 😉

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“I took a break from photography for about 6 months or so in the beginning of last year. It was a much-needed break. I found that I was creating photo shoots that I knew would get more likes and gain me more followers. But, I soon realized that by creating images for the satisfaction, money and appraisal of others, I was losing the real reasons why I even started taking pictures. I got into photography to meet people that I would normally never cross paths with, to explore and find places I didn’t even know existed, and to photograph both the beauty and imperfections in someone. Since that break, I have been able to meet and shoot with photographers and models I have looked up to for years, and I honestly couldn’t feel more happy.” - Haley Jacobson // #localwolves

Most ridiculous “Destiel is canon” argument:

“90% of the fans are Destiel shippers and if so many people see it, it must be THERE”.   Then why is that every time I go out in an SPN t-shirt I end up talking to some fan I’ve never met before, and even in utterly nerding out over the show, no one is a Destiel shipper?  In fact, why do most of the fans not even know that this ship exists?  Why is it that at the convention I attended, most of the fans I met were not Destiel shippers (and the shippers I met knew it wasn’t canon and DIDN’T WANT IT TO BE CANON)?  Why is that every single Destiheller blog I see interacts with only the same two dozen other blogs?  There’s about a dozen “ringleaders” of a truly nasty little gang that make up the Destihellers, but otherwise, dumbasses, you’re a tiny sliver of a huge fandom.  Most of the fans are non-shippers.  Most of the people you’ve turned into ardent haters of Destiel are non-shippers.  They aren’t your hated/dreaded Wincest-shippers.  They’re just people who’re sick of you mangling everything from Dean Winchester’s character, Jensen Ackles’ family’s reputation, and the actual central story of Supernatural to the very cause you purport to both represent and attempt to further: LGBTQ+ rights.  You want to know why people LOATHE you?  They loathe you and are disgusted by you because you’re aggressive, hateful, rape-culture-promoting, abuse-glorifying, gender-stereotype-championing bitches.  You should never, ever, be conflated with or allowed to even associate yourself in the general vicinity of actual Destiel shippers, who know that a ship is a fandom invention that stays in fanon.  I know a lot of great Destiel shippers.  They do not deserve to be maligned by your existence.  Unfortunately, it happens because you’re just so damned gross & offensive.  I wish it didn’t, but unfortunately, until you all kindly fuck off out of the fandom and/or stop displaying your ugliness and your own homophobia & gendered constructs (aka your rampant hypocrisy), the lovely shippers are stuck.  

Meanwhile, the non-shippers who are actually the majority of the fandom, are enjoying the ACTUAL show as it canonically exists: a show about two brothers whose love for each other literally resulted in their saving the world.  THAT is the canon big-moral-lesson of Supernatural.  “They chose family”. 

Protection//Im Jaebum(Part 4)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note:This is the fourth part of my new mini-series! I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara


“Bambam,” you heard Jaebum’s voice emerge from the hallway he descended down minutes before, “Don’t bug (Y/N). I’m sure all of this is very confusing to her.”

“She’s the one who called me over!” Bambam groaned in defense, rolling his eyes as he stood, “Why am I getting scolded?”

“You’re not getting scolded,” Jaebum mumbled, smacking Bambam on the back of his head. It seemed as if that’s a common occurrence. “Now stop being a drama queen and take care of what Jackson told you to take care of.”

“Aish,” Bambam sighed, rubbing the back of his head as he harshly ripped the coat he had from off of the coat hanger. “Can you all stop doing that?”

“It’s too much fun,” Jaebum murmured, a satisfied smile on his face as he looked at you, “Do you need anything?”

“So tell me exactly how long I have to stay on this couch for,” you raised your eyebrow at Jaebum, crossing your arms over your chest, “I’m not going to stay immobilized for weeks.”

“You’ll be able to move tomorrow once the medication we gave you kicks in,” Jaebum sat in the recliner in front of you, “Our medicine is powerful, but it takes twenty four hours to kick in. Just stay on the couch until three tomorrow evening, and your wound should close up in no time.”

“Am I allowed to go anywhere? Or am I supposed to just stay here?”

“It would be the safest thing for you to stay here. We can’t let you roam without someone and all of us have jobs.”

“So, the myths of vampire-“

“We don’t sparkle.”

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The New Crystal Gems

An angsty drabble. I’ll try to do a fluffy speculative fic on this episode later.

Connverse (mentioned). This was so hard xD

Connie tried not to dwell on it when she saw that Lapis and Peridot were also asked to protect Beach City.

When she saw the barely masked contempt of the two gems, her fears were confirmed. She tried to ignore it, but with each exasperated sigh from Peridot, she knew …

You’ll never measure up. Why did you think you could?

With Lapis’ unimpressed response …

They’re better than you.

The trio was cornered. They weren’t near the water. There was no metal. Connie would prove herself.

With my short existence, I can make a difference …

Steven was almost too late.

Remus: And you may think I’m talking about being in Ravenclaw, but I don’t think so.  I’m sorry to all the Slytherins (I’m not being prejudiced or anything at all), but I think I should have been there because recently I’ve discovered a hostile side to me which I never knew existed.  I’m jealous and I’m violent and I’m selfish.  I don’t know why Sirius loves me.

uberredcoat  asked:

Jessica paid Wilden to record Charlotte as having never been in Rosewood the night she ‘killed’ Ali. Why did Wilden say in the pilot “I will find out what happened that summer” if he technically already knew? Answer to this question is pretty simple: The writers didn't know in 1A that Charlotte would end up being Alison's (Attempted) Killer. Charlotte's storyline wasn't created until Season 3. So with that said, Wilden didn't really knew who killed her, because Charlotte didn't ''exist'' yet.

That explanation creates a plot hole, because she did “exist” according to the show’s timeline, but just not in the mind of the writers. There has to be more to it, we can’t accept something like this.

Protection//Im Jaebum(Part 2)

Originally posted by got7kings

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note:This is the second part of my new mini-series! I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara


“What are we going to do with it?”

“I—I don’t know, okay? I panicked. Really badly.”

“Yeah, we can tell.”

You felt nauceous when you came to, and you had no idea why. The smell of blood suffocated your nostrils and made you feel sick to your stomach, so you didn’t dare to open your eyes. You heard voices around you when you began to stir, and suddenly, your heart dropped.

Did they catch me?

Opening one eye slowly, you tried to gather your surroundings. The place didn’t look dangerous; just dirty. It seemed like a mix of a studio apartment  with black brick walls and dark wood, but with bright colored carpets and other accents to make it seem less dreary.

“She’s awake.”

A boy suddenly obstructed your field of view with his face; his big brown eyes and straight multi-colored hair confusing you, making you jump.

“Ah ah,” you heard from behind you, feeling a pair of hands suddenly grasp your side and gently slide you back to your original position on the couch, “Don’t move too much, you’re injured.”

“You’re…” you began to say, words forming in your brain fluently but your mouth and tongue not cooperating as well as they should be from being so dry.

“No, we’re not the guys who were chasing you,” The one with multi-colored hair said, a small smirk on his face as he crossed his arms over his chest, “We’re the good guys.”

“You were eying her wounds about ten minutes ago,” Another one mumbled as he walked through the hallway, “So don’t act so good.”

“I’m just saying…” he mumbled softly, holding up his hands in defense as you shimmied your way up the couch to sit up.

“Who..” you began, a cough getting caught in your throat, the simple air feeling like a thousand knives against it as you did your best to hold it in.

“Here,” the other one said softly, reaching behind you and grabbing a blue cup with a pink straw, “I wasn’t sure if you liked coffee, so I got you water instead. I hope that’s okay…?”

“She likes coffee, you idiot. She owns the coffee shop.”

You squinted your eyes slightly upon hearing the familiar—yet, not so familiar voice. You had heard it before, but you weren’t able to place a face to the voice at that time. Until that face walked into where you were sitting from what seemed to be a kitchen area. The boy who had been a regular at your coffee shop smiled at you softly, his black hair shining under the dim lights of the—well, wherever you were. At this point, you had no clue.

“J…Jaebum?” You asked softly, sipping the nice cold water through the straw as you regained your strength little by little.

“Yes,” Jaebum nodded, “It’s me. But don’t be scared, okay? You… Were being chased earlier, when you tripped and fell…” Jaebum looked down at you and you followed his eyes to your side, which had been wrapped severely, but a red stain still bled through.

“The guys caught you, but Jaebum stopped them,” The one with blonde hair smiled as he patted Jaebum’s head, before taking a seat next him. “Almost got yourself severely put into danger, if it weren’t for this guy.”

“She’s still in danger,” The one with multi-colored hair said, “And I hate to remind you all, but we can’t keep her here with that seeping hole in the side of her.”

“It’s not a hole,” Jaebum said quickly, glaring at the other one sharply before looking at you, “It’s really just a couple of scratches. You hit your head while running and a couple of branches scraped you on the way down.”

“Why are you being so nice to me…” You looked at Jaebum softly before looking at your drink, attempting to pop the air bubbles with your straw as you chewed on your lips nervously.

“It’s a pay-back for the pastry you gave me,” Jaebum said softly, a light smirk on his face before he got up again.

 “Besides, the guys who were chasing you are our enemies. I told you they were bad news.”

“But..Why were they after me?” You asked softly, putting the in between your thighs before sighing, “I don’t understand..”

“There’s not much we can tell you about that,” the blonde one said softly, “But we can’t let you go out in the public. Not like that. You have to stay here until you heal.”

“What? But that will take weeks,” you said softly, “I don’t—I can’t, stay here for weeks! I have a job and an apartment and bills and other things!”

“(Y/N)…” Jaebum said your name softly, shocking you a bit as to how he could remember it. He kneeled down in front of you slightly.

“You were lucky this time,” He began softly.

“Very, very lucky,” The one with the Multi-Colored hair said before Jaebum shushed him.

“But, next time… You won’t be as lucky. I can guarantee you that. And I can’t let you go outside like that. None of us can..”

“But won’t it distract us if she’s here?” The blonde one said, “I can smell her blood from a mile away.”

“The only way she can go back is if one of us goes with her,” Jaebum sighed, “And unfortunately, one of us can’t be watching her every moment of the day. I was trying and as you can see, I failed.”

“You were watching me?” you said, rubbing the goosebumps from your arms as you bit your lip, “W-Why?”

“Because, you’re not like other humans, (Y/N).”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What do you mean..?”

“You…You have powers. Powers you have yet to channel because you never knew they were there. That’s why they went after to you. Myth has it, if you go after the prophet and succeed at taking her blood, that you will become blessed and have riches and glory bestowed upon you.”

“Prophet? Blood? What is this all about?” You looked at the four boys in disbelief. There was no way in hell that you were hearing them correctly. First, they claim that you have powers. And now, suddenly, you’re a prophet as well. There’s no way in hell that either of those things were true. You were never into witch-craft and had no idea about magical powers, nor would you know what to with them even if you did have them.

Jaebum looked around at the three boys behind him before looking at you. “You haven’t guessed yet?”

“She’s oblivious,” The one with the multi-colored hair said, “Besides, I bet it’s not even true. She doesn’t look like The Queen.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t?” The blonde one hissed, gesturing over to you, “She’s basically her twin. They have the same eyes, nose, and lips. Their hair color is very similar too, although i’m assuming (Y/N) here has dyed her hair maybe once or twice. And besides, Jaebum sniffed her out. He found her, with his own sense. The prophet is supposedly his destiny, and he’s found her finally, which is more than I could say you have done, Bambam.”

“Enough fighting,” Jaebum sighed softly, resting his head in his hands before looking up at you slightly.

“(Y/N). Us four have special abilities like you, only we got them in the most terrible way.”

“I don’t have powers, i’m telling you!” You exclaimed, a loud sigh leaving your mouth afterwords as you ran a hand through your hair.

“And i’m telling you that you do, (Y/N). You have amazing and incredible powers that you have yet to discover. You may not have been into… Powers, and the study of those sorts of things, but your mother was. Your mother was the first human ever to infuse the plasma into her own body without having the blood sucked out by a Vampire. She was the first of her kind, and she was incredibly strong. But not only that, your mother was an incredible and caring person. She was able to heal the hurt and correct the bad seeds, which is why she so easily became our Queen.” 

“What do you mean, Vampires?” You asked, your eyes widening as you felt chills run down your spine. “Vampires don’t exist. Why are you making this up about my mother?”

“Jaebum’s right, (Y/N),” The blonde haired one said, “We are all actually Vampires. Whether you believe it or not, it’s true. And you, my dear.. Are a Vampire as well. You’re a direct descendant of your mother, and your father, who was also a Vampire. Your mother died during your birth because her reproductive system wasn’t enough to hold a Vampiric embryo. You may not be a full Vampire, but something soon will awaken it inside of you.”

“My mother didn’t die during my birth. I knew my mother for the first four years of my life.”

The four boys looked at each other questioningly, before Jaebum sighed at you, “(Y/N), I-”

“I’m leaving,” You interrupted his statement, attempting to get up but failing miserably. The pain from your side seeping blood was too unbearable, you could feel your veins pumping blood to the area when you held your breath.

“You can’t leave,” Jaebum protested, “The Kin are after you, (Y/N).”

“The Kin?” you asked, patting your side softly as you squeezed your eyes shut, “What’s that?”

“The Kin is an organization bent on inflicting our curse among every living human. Those men who were after you were associated with The Kin, as their mini squadron, The Huntsmen.”

“This…This is all too much,” you say, pressing your palms into your eyes as you shook your head. “Why me? I’m nothing special.”

“Yes, you are,” The brown haired one said with a smile, “You’re a relative of the Queen, who has no more living ancestors but a grandmother and a daughter. You’re the technical Heir to the throne, but the throne was taken over by the Kin. It’s run as a dictator-ship now.  They’re not only turning all humans into Vampires, but all good Vampires they see, or any who oppose them are to be burnt to pieces. You’re our kinds only chance at survival, (Y/N).”

“Don’t dump that all on her now,” Jaebum growled, “The point now, is that she’s safe, and that she’s with us. We’ve had our based protected. Each wall and each corner have been sprayed with anti-descent spray. No Vampire will be able to sniff out this place. Which is why you need to stay here, (Y/N), where we can protect you.”

i feel as if there’s a treasure of untapped creativity within ME and i’ve yet to find the right way to express any of it i’m going mad with this fact, a realization i’ve come to long ago, really. so i’ve been terrorized for ages it seems like. i’ll die one day, they won’t know why, they’ll cut me open and find rubies and emeralds. diamonds and opals. sapphire will finally fall from my eyes n they’ll say “who knew?” they’ll inquire why i didn’t do anything with these gems inside me and you’ll all have to tell them i didn’t know how, i only hoped they’d existed, but i never knew how to glimmer as they did, all the way inside me. 

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I grew up in a house that only had the original trilogy. I never knew the prequels existed until I was like 14. All I ever thought was that it was weird that 'A New Hope' was called episode 6. From the age of 5 to 18 I never really cared about Star Wars. I mean I didn't mind it, but I didn't like it. I couldn't connect cause I didn't understand why or how any of this happened... and then I watched the prequels a few months ago & I'm almost 19 now. Basically; THE PREQUELS DESERVE ALL THE LOVE.

I KNOW!!!!!! i saw all 6 for the first time when i was 18 and my gut reaction was that i liked the prequels a lot better and it wasn’t until afterwards that i went on the internet and saw that everyone hates them and i was so confused bc i’d thought they were better


The Truth (SodapopxReader)

“Why do you always do it, huh?” Sodapop muttered, he didn’t know how to look at you anymore- at the girl he once knew. The girl that was once so pure and innocent… she had changed, she was tainted almost. “Why do you sleep with random guys? You’re worth so much more than that.” 

“Soda, just drop it.” 

“Drop it?” He huffed, his eyes narrowing. “You’ve changed, you’re not the same old Y/N I used to know. The girl I used to know, heck, my best friend, would never do this to herself. What happened to her? Because I miss her.” 

“She’s gone, Soda… she doesn’t exist. I killed her.” 

“What happened to her… what happened to you? You used to be so…” He scoured his mind for the best possible word to describe how you used to be. “Gold.”

“You wouldn’t understand, Soda.” 

“Try me” His big eyes stared into your own, his eyes filling up with tears. “I just want you back. You can tell me anything, you know that, after all these years.” 

“Soda… I’m disgusting… I’m wrong. I’m impure.” You whispered shamefully, wiping away your tears. And for a second, Sodapop could finally see your vulnerability, he could see the very girl you had tried to destroy. 

“Hey, hey… look at me, come on baby.” You looked him in the eye and he pressed his lips to your forehead. “You’re not disgusting or impure… why would you think that?” 

“You won’t look at me the same, just leave it, please” You begged, you pleaded with his eyes, hoping to god that he would forget every single word that you had uttered. 

“No… Y/N, not until you tell me the truth. I will never judge you, or think of you differently. You’re not this type of girl, you dig? I want to know why she has been hiding.”: 

“Do you promise you won’t hate me? I know I’m disgusting and I’m trying to change myself, I promise. I’-” He cut you off with a sigh, his finger pressing to your lips as he shushed you. 

“You’re not, and you never will be disgusting. So please, tell me, let it all out, okay?” He wrapped his arms around you, and you sank into his arms gratefully… you needed to feel someone’s arms around you, someone who wasn’t going to use you for your body, someone’s arms who wasn’t in it for sex and to get them off for an hour. 

“I sleep with them because I’m impure… I- I like girls, okay? And no matter how many guys I fuck… I just can’t seem to stop thinking about them. I don’t know why I’m like this… why I would rather a girl hold me and love me, instead of a guy- the way it should be. I screw these guys because it doesn’t seem right to love a boy… My parent’s would be so disgusted with me if they knew. They’d kick me out, Soda, they’d disown me, heck, half the town would… maybe even you. I’m so sorry, Soda.” 

Soda was silent for a few minutes, but his arms never wandered away from you, his fingers trailed it’s way up and down your back slowly and you felt his breath tickling your neck.

“You’re not disgusting” He said softly, pulling your hair away from your face so he could look into your eyes. “You’re not impure or unclean, you’re you… and I hope to god that one day you’ll stop being so damn ashamed of yourself. I’m a strong believer that God made us all the way we are for a reason, and if you like girls, there’s a reason for that too. Some people might not understand it, but I’m going to be here the whole way.” 

“I love you. Soda” You said softly, a watery smile tugging at your lips.

▸ broken tides

{ like the tides, my heart is broken }

Theme: Kuroko no Basket ✕ BIGBANG
Song: “Haru Haru” by BIGBANG
Character: Akashi Seijūrō
Words: 421 words
Requested by: anonymous (hospital au)

His red eyes watched as his fingers trembled. His hand gripped the other in an attempt to calm his shaking nerves. Christ. Has the stoicism in his heart disappeared? Have the years he trained himself to keep an emotionless facade on gone by as if they never happened? He balled his hands into fists. Breathe, breathe. Let go. This was nothing. He’s been through this before. Why was it more difficult now? What made it different?

“The chances are slim.”

He knew that already. He didn’t need a goddamn doctor with two hundred years of experience to tell him something he could see with his own eyes.

An IV inserted into the hand. A face mask. Limp body on the bed. Who couldn’t tell?

“I don’t want to give you hope that might not exist. Saying your goodbyes now might make it easier.”

Did it really? Did anything ever make any death easier? Death was death. It was permanent and nothing could change that. Nothing ever made it lighter. Nothing would ease the pain that wrenched his heart. It was as if a vine had twisted around his soul and tightened and tightened, taking the breath out of his lungs as if he was dying himself.

Akashi inhaled a shaky breath and took a hand and covered it with his. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. I’m sorry I couldn’t be stronger.” His fingers squeezed his father’s. “I apologize that I can’t be everything you needed me to be.”

A cough brought his attention to his father’s face. His eyes fluttered open and Akashi felt his heart pinch once more. The man he’d looked up to for so long. The man he loathed for having ruined his childhood. The man he admired for all his successes and honors, lied weakly in his bed. But it didn’t lessen his respect for him in the least.

“All I’ve ever been is proud of you, Seijūrō. Although I don’t tell you that or show any of that, I am. I am proud of everything you’ve accomplished. I’m sure your mother would have been too.”

Fuck. Fuck.

“I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. I know I haven’t been the best father, but I know you will be one in the future if you decide to do so.”

His father will never see his spouse.

His father will never see his grandchildren.

His father will never see them age.

“You’re strong, despite what you believe. Stay strong, Seijūrō. I believe in you.”

Y’know, can I just say that I think that this episode actually made me ship Outlaw Queen more? And let me tell you why.

That man just died to save her. Not just died – ended. He knew, he knew exactly what would happen. No underworld, no afterlife, nothing. You will end. And he volunteered. He would rather face that – rather never see his children grow, rather never see Marian in the afterlife, rather end, blink out of existence in a moment and be gone – than have her die. 

He volunteered himself in her stead, and then he stepped in front of her without a moment’s hesitation, and I don’t even care that we never got an “I love you” because I cannot think of a bigger “I love you” than that. 

And she knows. She just told us that she knows - that that is true love, he loved her truly, he loved her so much he let himself end so that she wouldn’t. 

And the last thing he did? The very last thing? Turn around. So the last thing he saw in his existence was the face of the woman he loves.

Y’all, I ship it so hard. SO HARD. What is there NOT to ship in that? That is some true love soulmate shit right there.


What else am I not remembering? I’m crazy. I should have stayed on the meds. I’m crazy, I’m out of my mind. I knew it. I never should have created you. I avoid myself… Why? I’m afraid. Okay, afraid of what? Finding too much, too little, nothing at all. Do I even exist? See me, Elliot Alderson. I am here. Now I’m gone.

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As soon as Scott became the Alpha, JD had no idea what to do with Derek's storyline. Because Derek's very existence made Scott look weak af. Why was it so hard for him to write Derek as part of the pack? As a mentor figure? As a Deputy? Can you imagine Hoech & Dyl pitching their scenes together to JD & then he's like nah, I think Derek should get mind raped again. Wtf man.

We’ve talked about it on the podcast a few times, but as soon as Scott became alpha we knew immediately Derek was going to lose him. And Scott never had a desire for Derek to be a part of his pack. In fact, the only link was Stiles. Stiles was the only one who even noticed Derek was missing in s4 and that was after he’d been possessed by a fox spirit. Antis love to act like Scott and Derek had this connection, but Scott always felt like Derek was competition. And evidently so did JD.

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You know what really sucks, being in love with someone who doesn't recognize you even exist, or them acknowledging you do exist but could care less. Even though we never made contact, ever, because we are of the same sex, I always knew deep down I would never forget those eyes. You know that saying, when you fall in love at first sight, that's what happened. I still don't know why, its like a curse. The universe connected us but we were never ment to be together :(

I completely understand this feeling, sometimes it makes me so sad too. Try to stay strong and positive and in time you will move on.