why i love zoro

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Hey I'm german and fan of your beautyful ZoSan Art. ♡ Could you draw a little baby girl with Sanjis eyebrows and light green hair? I have an ZoSan RPG with a good friend of mine and there was Zoro the "mother" an Sanji the father of a cute daugther.

Did you mean…?

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Ok so like mun, can you maybe tell us a little bit more about why you made this zoro and stuff like that I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG AND ART AND I JUST FANGIRL EVERY TIME AAAHHHHHHHHH


WELL, first off, thank you so much man <33333 nghhhhh aaaaAAAA

Ok and well, about Zoro, I don’t really know what to tell you? ahahaha…. Tbh, I made him because I had too much imagination and it just escalated. It started with some small ideas, and before I knew it, I began scribbling down more shit. AND WELL BOOM,, the zoro you have before you now!! kekekkeke~ XD

As you may all know, my Zoro looks really different from normal ones, that’s because I focused him on the one before the timeskip, where he has short hair that sticks forward instead of combed back hair, and from there it went…. > _ >

First ideas for his design; well,, He had an undercut first, which explains the back of his head where the hair doesn’t keep sticking out but is pretty shaven.
Because I focused on this Zoro (the one before the timeskip), that’s the reason why he started with no scar but Luffy is a loser bean™ and just cut him up recently……

AND WELL, that’s pretty much what I can think of now, because there’s so much more to tell but hahahaha…. l a z y k e el me X’D

<3 I wish the best for everyone reading this,, HAVE A NICE DAY MY SPARKLE BROS <3 ))

So I tried making a thing..