why i love rapunzel so much


#jfc #you can literally see the moment Eugene decides to sacrifice himself for Rapunzel in the last gif #and that’s why this scene hurts so much #Eugene #a thief who has only ever cared about himself #does an act of complete selflessness #and gives his life to save the woman he loves #THIS IS HOW YOU OTP

Why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene

Some people are probabaly wondering why do I ship an animated couple so much. Let me explain why using just the Tangled Before Ever After movie.

1. When Rapunzel asked “Have you seen anything so beautiful?” Eugene looked at Rapunzel and said YES

2. The moments when they almost kissed and Eugene was mad/upset that he didn’t get to kiss her

3. There was a lot of hand holding moments and I thought all of them were really cute

4. Eugene poured his heart out in the proposal and Rapunzel was so happy at first to hear what he had to say

5. Rapunzel felt really bad for saying no to Eugene’s proposal

6. The guards were front of Rapunzel’s bedroom doors and Eugene was trying to do anything to see her.

7. Then Eugene poured out his heart AGAIN to what he thought was Rapunzel minutes after his proposal

8. Eugene tried to find Rapunzel after Pascal told him he didn’t know where she was.

9. When Eugene broke down the door

10. When Rapunzel wasn’t scared to show Eugene her hair

11. When Eugene wanted to make sure Rapunzel was okay wondering how she got her hair back.

12. When Rapunzel walked into her coronation and Eugene couldn’t stop staring at her (even though she was wearing a crazy wig).

13. When Eugene said “that’s my girl”

14.When Rapunzel gave Eugene a frying pan for self defense

15.When Eugene gave Rapunzel a cupcake (just like he did in the movie)

16. When Eugene didn’t understand why Rapunzel said no to his proposal but he would do ANYTHING to make her say yes and do ANYTHING to make her happy.


Eugene tries to do whatever he can to make Rapunzel happy and Rapunzel loves having Eugene in her life but doesn’t want to commit right away because she’s trying to find herself.

(Sorry most of them were about Eugene)

I have been thinking of buying Moana Blu-ray when it comes out and honestly I don’t know why. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it as much as I could either and STILL there’s something why I have this feeling I MUST get it. But one other thing troubles me too… While in English Moana’s name is Moana, in Finland her name has been changed to be Vaiana. Like Moana would say; “Um, WHAT?!” Seriously? Why the hell they have go change the name?! Moana is so much easier to say than Vaiana!

I understand it when Tangled came out that Rapunzel’s name in Finland had translated to be “Tähkäpää” (literally translated; Spike / Cob Head) but Moana’s name changed like that… WTF?  >,>

it’s official, beauty and the beast is now my other fave disney film along with tangled, and i realized why i love these 2 so much:

  • both have 2 characters as the main protagonists, ‘tangled’ bc it’s about how rapunzel and eugene’s lives get tangled, beauty and the beast bc it’s about the tale of how they changed each other’s lives
  • both have witty and great dialogue, and simple yet effective humor
  • obviously the beautiful songs and scores, all the musical scenes are magical
  • both are films for all ages, neither simple and plain nor too complicated, just well-written films that can make anyone ponder after watching it
  • both keep an air of enchantment and happiness throughout the film, w/ a few dark scenes here and there
  • the leads have fleshed-out characters even if not absolutely everything is revealed, just enough to give them a certain depth they deserve
  • both have an adorable and perfect otp that is too cute for this world
can we talk Tangled: Before Ever After right now?

I just watched the new Tangled Before Ever After show on Disney Channel and usually i hate it when they mess up the movie with reboots but oh my gosh they did such a good job. like they started to develop the queen/Rapunzel’s mom’s character as this post-adventurer who lived this insane life and actually explained why the king/father is overprotective and his decision at the end of the episode/short movie is somewhat rational from a parent’s perspective (well i’m guessing that’s what it would be if i were a parent). Eugene is exactly how i would have hoped he would have been post-Tangled which is this sassy sarcastic charming character who loves Rapunzel so so much and everything i want in a future boyfriend/husband. And Rapunzel is the same loving and adventurous character as before but even MORE badass and there is this new character named Cassandra who is Rapunzel’s friend and lady in waiting but she’s this freaking badass warrior who can fight villains with a candelabra. let’s not forget the dope villain named Lady Caine who kinda just overthrew Rapunzel’s coronation with a team of bandits and legit fought with folding fans in the most BADASS WAY POSSIBLE LIKE OHMYGOSH LOOK AT THESE DOPE FEMALE HEROINES AND VILLAINS. AND MANDY MOORE AND ZACHARY LEVI ARE VOICING AGAIN AND MANDY MOORE SINGS LIKE AN ANGEL. NOT TO MENTION THAT I REALLY LIKE THIS ART STYLE. LETS GIVE DISNEY A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THIS.

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Admins! Could you tell us your favourite disney princesses? Not like for your house, but your personal favourites please? :)


This is a really big question okay…so maybe…

although my favorite tale Disney has redone is totally Snow White. I love the original tale to death (and nearly every remake) and I have a slowly growing collection of things (especially 7 dwarfs things)

Now if we’re talking UNofficial princesses too then its most definitely 100% this candy coated cutie!!!


I love Disney. I love love love it.

Rapunzel is definitely my favorite, I just end up identifying a lot with Rapunzel characters??? I don’t know why???

But also who can forget:

Belle was my favorite since the movie came out, and it’s hard for me to give her up even though my love for Punzie knows no bounds.


This question is almost impossible. Like I was just sitting here staring at the question for like five minutes. I love them all so much and so equally.

But if I absolutely have to choose, it’s Meg.

Growing up, she was my sarcasm inspiration. She was strong-willed and knew exactly what she wanted. The god of the underworld couldn’t phase her, and I admire her so much. She’s so unfairly overlooked in Disney.

But she’s definitely tied for first with Mulan.

She taught me determination and what it means to truly be yourself. I look up to her so much every day for helping me through all my times of uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. <3

Aaand I can’t forget Nani.

I see everything I want to be in Nani. She’s the epitome of love and is one of the strongest, most hard-working and understanding Disney characters I can imagine. 


I typically don’t really like Disney movies, but I’m not even ashamed how much I adore Elsa from Frozen (even if she is technically queen).

I listened (not watched) this movie in the car with my nephew and niece driving from Tennessee to and around New Jersey. For the full 1,600 miles of the trip, Frozen was playing and I had no idea what was going on, but then I finally actually watched the movie and I fell in love. It has been a close movie to my heart ever since.

I love all the characters and frankly just how badass Elsa is. I also (I guess as a Slytherin) like Hans and the dynamics of his betrayal in his desperate thirst for power. Additionally, I’m a sucker for genuine family relationships like what Elsa and Anna develop. I cannot say enough about this movie. I totally do not cry every time.