why i love ohno


└ My first-ever attempt _φ(・_・ with calli marker pens as an adult leftie who struggled with traditional calli pens.

A new “dream~” to work towards? (⌒-⌒; )

Sakuraiba Osaka report 11/26/15


sakurai gave aiba a birthday gift a month before his birthday and that day was on “good couples day” (11/22/15)

-S「ベストアーティストの待ち時間みんな何してたの?」 A「翔ちゃんだけ見てたよ」 O「おれは他の人も見てるよ」                                                                                           

Sakurai: What did you guys do during free/waiting time on best artist?

Aiba: I was only looking at sho chan 

Ohno: I was looking at other people too

-During make a wish aiba touched sho’s butt again 

-from twi -Credits to the owner


[The Digitalian Tour 2014]: Cute happy baby watching “Disco Star” ♥