why i love hockey

Fun Fact: Mark Streit

His salary is currently being paid by 3 teams.

  • ~50% of his pay is covered by Tampa Bay Lightning
  • ~45% of his pay is covered by Pittsburgh Penguins

  • ~5% of his pay is covered by Philadelphia Flyers

On Friday, March 3rd, Penguins hosted the Lightning. It was Streit’s first game as a Penguin.

He scored a goal as the Pens won 5-2.

So…to recap:

  • Bolts paid him to score a goal against them
  • Pens paid him to score a goal for them

  • Flyers paid him to score a goal for their arch nemesis.

*sigh*. This is why I love hockey


hockey edit meme | 5/10 players: nick leddy

[On which Hockey Great he’d spend a day with] “Bobby Orr would probably be one of them. I’d like to go grab a couple beers with him and play some golf.”

anonymous asked:

As the season comes to an end, I just want to tell you what a blessing you are to this fandom. Thank you for everything you do, and for all of your wonderful contributions to the Caps community of tumblr. You've consistently made this corner of the internet a brighter place. Thanks again, and go Caps!!

Thanks so much, anon. I guess it really is time to let these goobers go. This community is amazing and I loved being a small part of it. 

And go Caps, you were and always will be amazing