why i love hockey

So, I had a bad day. One of those bad days where it just keeps getting worse, and then it looked up. Free pizza, my team won. But then, I check my to-do list. I have all the things to do for an 8am class. Congrats, dude.

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so I was watching bits of old hockey games and I watched the game last year stars vs pens where tyler scored the gwg with 3 seconds left and then at the end of the game the team was cellying and I found this

basically jordie is looking at tyler with the same proud big brother face he gives jamie and so it has been decided that jordie is the team’s universal big brother and nothing can shake me of this I don’t care that half the team is older than him he’s everyone’s big brother

OMGCP Fic Request

You know what I want? I want a fic from the perspective of one of the doctors/nurses that saved Jack’s life in the hospital, or one of the aides at rehab. Their perspective during the event itself, and then after he signs with the Falconers. Like, maybe even meeting him again bc they are actual hockey fans obvi and just being like “I’m so proud of this boy. I’m so happy he’s doing well.” Just…I don’t know why but I want this. I love to see my hockey son doing well, and I like it when others recognize his accomplishments. -_(^_^)_-

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I cant stop watching this