why i love demi

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


hands to myself // selena gomez


People often ask me : Why do you love that Demi chick so much ? Why is she so special ?
And they would probably expect an answer like : ‘Cause she is pretty and popular. But guess what ? I love her because she is strong,because she is talented, because she is a true insparation, a real role model that I need. She is special because she has been throught almost the same things as I’ve been throught,because she thought me that who you are is good enought. It’s not the fame,or the popularity or money,it’s her personality. The fact that she understands,that she’ve spoke about it to the public,the fact that she didn’t hide her history. I love Demetria Devonne Lovato because she inspires me to stay strong every day,and that her music makes me sad and smile and everything. I love her cause she tought me that WHO I AM IS ALL I EVER NEED TO BE.

Demisexual Yuuri is canon in my heart and soul oh my god

  • Does NOT like anyone pushing him before he’s emotionally ready
  • Does NOT like getting touchy feely with someone he’s not comfortable with AT ALL
  • He’s slow to warm up to people but once he is, he loves them to death
  • He’s able to access his emotions really well, but only for a certain few
  • Honestly he sees people in either a familial or platonic sense and has, so far, only seen VICTOR in a sexual sense

like….. I don’t make the rules friendos………….. Demi!Yuuri

“This picture makes me feel so many mixed emotions.. I remember the day I wore the dress in the very first picture. I remember asking for spanx to flatten my stomach because I use to feel so heavy and "fat”. Now looking at this picture, you can clearly see my hip bones. It makes me sad because I wasted so many years ashamed of my body when I could’ve been living the happy and healthy life I live today. It TRULY just goes to show you that your perceptions can lie to you. OR they can make you learn to enjoy life. Fortunately looking at the picture of myself in the red dress yesterday, I not only feel so grateful for the love and support I’ve had from fans, friends and family, but… I also feel.. beautiful. I’m so excited to live my life the way I deserve to and to the complete fullest. Thank you guys once again.. I’m so thankful for my Lovatics. I love you… And never forget that staying strong is worth it.“ -Demi Lovato


“I love my girl friends more than I’ve loved any of my boyfriend because they have supported me, loved me, and always stood by my side. Some girls will drop you in five seconds for the right guy. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. That’s why I love Demi and Taylor - they support females and love to have that empowerment! I wish girls would stop hurting each other. it’s all competitive - through fashion, best friends, and boys, boys, boys! My wish is that girls would love girls more.”