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I just want to say that you owe nothing to us. You certainly don't owe me anything, and I'm sure you don't owe the people who participated in the making of the video either, because that video is /our/ payment; it symbolizes /our/ gratitude. You need not do anything for us to pay back. Why? Because you already did, just by being you. And, as I said in that video, we love you, Katie! <3

Thank you so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and artist, Ryu. ❤︎ I’m so glad to be in such a caring & amazing fandom, and I love you guys so much more!! 

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I just love this movie, and considering I’ve Pokemon’d a bunch of stuff before, I figured why not give Moana the same treatment? (And it kinda gives those Sun and Moon vibes y’know?)

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Heyho Maddox! So I need advice. I'm a 12 year old artist. Everyone in school refer me as a "young artist" and I love drawing. It's my passion. But, my parents aren't supporting me and tend to get mad at me everytime I want to draw. They want me to stop and be a doctor but I don't want to. I want to be a successful artist like you. Help please?

My parents didn’t really supported me being an artist till I was 18 (when I decided to do art for good). But I understand why they push us to do something else besides art. They worry and they know its an unstable/unpredictable job. 

You are also really young at the moment. When I was your age, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer or a Veterinarian but ended up doing Animation because believe me when I say ART is just a general term of so many other specialisations that you have to consider.

Its just like if you wanna be a doctor, what kind of doctor you wanna be. Same applied with art, what kind of art based job you wanna pursue? I am currently studying animation but I like illustration very much. And there are a lot more like graphic design, interior design, fashion design, comic artist, and etc. So you do need to do more research and put more thought on what you really want focus on for art.

I will also be very real with you since you are considering this as your future and job. Art is something you really need to love and have 100% passion in doing because there are a lot of factors like rejections, criticisms and conflicts that may make you feel like shit.

If you are very sure if you are gonna give art your all, then go for it. Convince your parents in every way possible because thats ONE of the few conflicts that you need to over come. Its like an endless battle when it comes to the creative industry. Do what you strongly believe in. 

Convince yourself before you convince others.

it’s just such a great feeling to see someone as down to earth as steve who actually appreciates all the work put in by fans and is vocal about it in a positive way rather than being pretentious and tearing us down like not only the media but other artists have who think believing in a boyband and their supporters somehow makes them lesser i can really see why louis befriended steve since he pours so much love into us it’d be understandable he’d want to release a song with someone similar in that way anyway what i’m trying to say is i love and respect steve aoki much

Credit to the artist. <3
Writing by me.
“You know..I’ve never really gotten to know how truly lovely those ruby hued optics are.
Zen, why do you look so nervous? Does me being this close make you afraid? Or does it make you too excited to move and give me a worried like facade..? Tch. I could remove that silly little frown right off your face now if I wanted, but I won’t. Someone as beautiful as you deserves a proper greeting by someone as truly handsome as me.
I can’t say that I hate this cute face of yours anymore, even if you do insult my precious Eliza..but I suppose I’ll let that slide right now. What are you thinking about?
You’re so cute when you’re shy, Hyun..”
Jumin leaned forward, kissing the other tenderly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially to the person who’s been his enemy from the start, but he just didn’t care any longer.

tegan and sara are absolutely amazing. they know they have a large minority fanbase and they’re using their fame to speak up on behalf of those minorities, they’re absolutely unapologetic in being who they are and in what they stand for, and they’ve been so outspoken this entire time. tegan’s speech last night just really summed up why i’m a fan of this band. not many other artists would use their concert to speak about supporting black lives matter, lgbt activism, fighting for what’s right, calling trump out on his racism, sexism and islamophobia, but they did and continue to on social media and they’re so honest and true to themselves while doing so. i love them. i’m proud to have them to look up to, they mean the absolute world to me.

steve said directioners are incredible, that louis doesn’t even need a publicist, we are so organised we do everything for them and yeah he’s right, we do it cause louis doesnt seem to have an active one who truly cares about his image as artist and we want him to be taken seriously and being known in the world for what he does and his talent and his skills that’s why we put so much effort in promoting his music with all the projects and the charity drives cause nobody else does it otherwise and it’s so sad but  i am glad that steve (and louis) has recognised the work this fandom does he’s truly a blessing and an angel for louis, thank you again steve we really truly love you. 

got7 reaction to you deciding to become an artist


“Why don’t you draw me like on of your French boys”

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“ I will fully support you whatever you decide to do in life”

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“ I love that you decided to become an artist because I know you are so passionate about It”

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“ I am glad you want to become something you enjoy doing”(ignore the caption)

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“Can you paint me nude”

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“ oooohhh you can do a portrait of me right?”

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“ I am so proud of you for becoming what you’ve wanted to become for so long”

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Sorry for being so HAITUS lately I will start posting more often

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can you explain why being an artist on tumblr is difficult? Because I really want to open my own art blog but I'm scared ;;, lov you

It’s been 1 year now that I post my drawings and I noticed some things so I’ll try to explain! Also I will only talk about the kpop fandom!

  • the lack of reblogs

This is the worst, and this mainly affects writers and fanartists (but writers are the most affected by this). People love to like, but they dislike to reblog, and that’s why new artists can work very very hard but never gets attention.

For example, a drawing can have 20 likes. If 3 people reblog it the drawing can gain +50 notes or even more, and just thanks to 3 reblogs. Only 3 reblogs. Reblogging means sharing! By reblogging, the artist gets more attention, meaning more people enjoying their drawings, meaning more confidence for the artist and more drawings etc… Without reblogs it’s impossible for the artists/writers to evolve. So they stop doing what they love and it’s really really sad.

I think the reason why people don’t like to reblog is because of the “blog aesthetic”. If I take a fic as an example, some people might think that this long paragraph isn’t going to look good on their blog. So they just like it. It’s the same for drawings. If the drawings doesnt fit the theme or the aesthetic of the blog they wont reblog it. That’s why I think editors are less affected by this (doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected by this at all). Because edits are pics/gifs of the boys, it’s not words or a drawings. 

  • tumblr users are picky

Before reblogging or liking something they need to enjoy the content. And damn boy thats even more difficult. So:

 It needs to be beautiful ofc, aesthetic is always great, it can be funny but not too weird or they wont reblog it but weird memes are ok. Tumblr users love ships, but you need to draw their ships like THEY want or they will report you for “offensive content: bich im sorry but when jikook have a date, jimin takes a BLACK COFFEE NOT A CAPPUCCINO, get it rite”. Realistic drawings are the best but if an eye is too much on the left, and by too much I mean 1 millimeter then it’s good for trash. Give them the aus: astronaut!jimin au, dora the explorer!yoongi au, potatowolf!jungkook etc… AND OFC DONT DO SOMETHING TOO ORIGINAL, THEY WONT LIKE IT.

Like do you see how  its hard to produce something that people will like? At the end of the day a majority of artists wont do something that they like. Mix that with the lack of reblog and it’s harder than fire choreography.

There’s also other reasons, like the lack of networks for fanarts. or because there’s a lack of help between artists (even if it’s getting way better now) or the fact that tags aren’t tags anymore and you can tag a “jimin smut” under a screenshot of a funny twitter post about Yoongi. 

If you want to begin an art blog, do it, and dont give up, it’s not because you’re not good, it’s because sometimes tumblr sucks. 

Yep, there’s a lot of problems who can’t really be solved. So if you see a fanart that you like, maybe try to reblog it. It won’t change your life, for sure, but it might change the life of the artist.

“And here’s to the fools who dream
Crazy, as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that break”
_Lala Land_

Everyone is different, but artists will always be alone. Because they perceive the world differently, they feel love differently, they express it differently, perhaps thats why they will suffer being the odd one out.
In Vietnam, drawing comic is a pipe dream to chase, because it is still young and the public seems to hestitate about it. Why buy a book by Vietnamese artist which is much much expensive than same quality books from Japan? The comic industry in Japan has dominates Vietnamese comic since I was a child, I am not complaining about it because if it hasnt, I wont find my passion. But still, I wonder what am I doing here?
I know i do it because I love it, I know I have fans, I know I have something for it, but sometimes when watching my friend doing business all great and good, then I start questioning my purpose for all of this. Our generation still affects by the mindset from previous generation, in which case, you must survive before passion and money is everything. Perhaps I unconciously used money as a ruler for my life’s purpose for so long, I actually have to ask my passion “Why are you here? I like you, but you cant support me”.

Sometimes I feel I used drawing to run from reality, from the real world and from even people who know me. Yes, feel like a dreamer. When everyone is moving forward I feel I am standing still, watching life goes by, and striking for something I’m not sure I know. My heart breaks in the process, yes. My dream, I dont know what it really is. I am a fool. Just like the song, I really am the fool.

But perhaps its ok to be a fool, the world would be so boring without fools like me. Those who sing, who dance, who write, who act, who draw, who create, are always the fools. Because we see the world differently, we feel the love differently, we express it differently, and thats why people needs us.
Because only those fools can bring color to the world.

Imp of @notepaddy, because why not.

I have so many great and interesting artists following me, love it. I used to be a part of small group of artists on online drawing board (who am i kidding, i am still part of it), but seeing so many great artists around is just incredible.

I am grateful to all artists for providing great inspiration and just being an eye candy.

Not to mention doing fanarts helps when i am not in a mood for my own art.

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Why are you so in love with science? (not meant in a bad way, I'm just curious)

I guess it’s because science just sort of makes sense to me, on a fundamental level.

The processes of science and scientific analysis are very in line with how I see the world and how I think. I’ve always been a very sort of analytic thinker. Like I was the kid who always had to know why and was always questioning everything and always tries to explain everything (to the point that I was, at time, a very obnoxious child). 

I like facts. I like seeing how things fit together. I like sorting through things and finding the bigger picture and then seeing how the individual details slot into it. 

It’s how I make sense of the world I guess. Trying to find an explanation for things I don’t understand. It’s why I was never good at being religious but am fascinated by the history of religion and how it creates and is created by society. 

And it goes beyond the purely natural and physical sciences. I feel similarly about the social sciences and history and anything that relies on critical analysis. 

On a fundamental level I want to know why. And science, at it’s core, is an attempt to answer that question. 


So here are some reasons why I love Shawn.
1. He is the most kind-hearted person/artist.
2. He puts a lot of efforts and his whole heart into his passion.
3. He cares about every human-being he probably meets.
4. He has a goal and of course he always think about the future.
5. He doesn’t get into so much trouble because he is humble and SO mature when he handles certain situations.
6. He always sees good things on the other side of every problems.
7. He doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t do drugs. He takes a good care of himself.
8. He is the clumsiest person yet he is so funny.

What about you? Repost with your reasons! ❤


Alleeeezzzz rejoignez-moi dans la laideur c’est trop bien wesh. (aussi fuck-toi tumblr pourquoi CER FLOU ALORS QUE LA TAILLE ÉTAIT PARFAITE??? )

ENGLISH TRANSLATION ! (well, I tried, please signal me any mistake :’D )


Internet is really great to get your fill of inspiration and follow lots of amazing artists ! But the bad side of it is that it can become demoralizing too… since we all sort out our creations before sharing them online. Failed things ? Clear off !

(Pic : “Noooo” “Please love meeee” )

Of course we know other artists can fail-and-don’t-put-it-online too, but when you’re never seeing their failures, and on the contrary you’re always seeing YOURS, it can become quite difficult to keep this in mind and not consider yourself like the crap amongst genius (, genius everywhere)

(Pic: “Why do they’ve got sparkles while I’ve got flies aaah”)

And, well, that’s normal, being truly confident in yourself isn’t that easy of a thing, hohoho.

So, I suggest you something : search in your sketchbooks, sheets of paper, computer files… and gather reeeaaally failed drawings you’ve made, then post those online !

(Pic: “Here!” “Noooo that’s enough!” )

- There’s TWO CONDITIONS to follow ! - (yep)

- Failed things must be 1 year old MAX, no more ! Don’t go looking for things of eight years old or whatever, what I want here is to prove that no matter our level, we all fail sometimes !

- Failed things must be TRUE FAILED THINGS (100% authentic! ) What I mean is that you can’t post things that you deliberately made ugly. It must things that were originally intended to look good but then turned bad ! GOOD FAILS YAY ! Be honest with yourself !

Like this, we should be able to remember that we’re all unperfect and nice human beings, and it’ll be the occasion for a good laugh. It’s time to play down those things !

( I propose the #oneyearoflaideur tag ! #oneyearofugliness is OK too if you’ve got an allergy to french :D )

I really hope you’ll enjoy the idea ! °u° (pleazzz join me into uglinessss)

People glorify all the works of past artists as if they were dignified and dedicated their lives to perfect their work when in reality it’s like:
Leonardo Da Vinci procrastinated sooo much on the Mona Lisa and didn’t really give a shit about it because he was more interested in designing inventions

Caravaggio loved to pick fights and was basically the epitome of “FIGHT ME” despite being one of the most revered Baroque artists

Michelangelo basically created the Sistine Chapel the way he did as a fuck you to the Pope. When the Pope would visit and be like why the fuck are they buff and naked Michelangelo would basically say, “I’m the artist, I’m the one getting paint in my eyes so shut the fuck up”

Brunelleschi was soo paranoid about people stealing his plans and threatened by Battista, who was creating the gold doors of the baptistry, the he regularly fired and rehired workers so much that now literally no one knows how the fuck he made such a big dome with so little support.

For a long time a calligraphy signature found in the Hagia Sophia was thought to have been some sort of important saying and when they finally translated it, it was a viking who basically wrote “Haldid was here”

Art was and will always be a shit show

So, sadly (or not) Scrooge and I are both alike and I don’t have that xmas spirit, but I wanted to give a special gift for you during these days: sharing some of my treasured pearls! It was hard to pick just 11; there are lots of talented artists over here! Most are my mutuals and I had the chance to speak with them, and I can assure you they’re not only amazing artists but also pure sweethearts. Humble people who deserve more love. That’s why I’m doing this. Let’s begin.

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Hey Violet Is Trash And 🎵This Is Why🎵

This is going to be a long read and I am not going to put a “read more” because people need to read this.

I’m a firm believer that music and lyrics can be influential. I’m over 18 which means i’m a legal adult and I absolutely love all types of music. I believe artists use lyrics to either talk about their experiences, to vent or to most importantly, make a change.

I know most HV fans are really young and therefore are very impressionable. With that being said, I am going to dissect their lyrics for you since you probably don’t understand the message behind the songs. And I know you don’t, according to this:

This is a screenshot of an HV fan on the lyric video for their song “Make Up.” Make Up by Hey Violet is a song that glorifies abusive relationships. Let me repeat that: MAKE UP BY HEY VIOLET IS A SONG THAT GLORIFIES ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS. There is no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. You can not interpret the song differently.

Make up talks about how the girl (*Rena, who by the way was seventeen when she first sang this) likes to piss off her partner to the point of screaming and throwing shit in order to get herself to the edge for better and rougher make up sex. Yes, this song is also about make up sex. Here are the lyrics: 

“It’s so fun finding new ways to piss you off
Say we’re done pretending it’s the end of us
Nights like this are better when you think that is
Gonna be our final kiss, I got you where I want you

This is the part where I smash your shit. This is the part when you think of this
You know it turns me on to hate you. This is the part when you play my games
‘Cos you know I love when you scream my name. Baby come on let’s wake the neighbors

All of a sudden you break up chicks for the make up, sing it
Na na na na na na, for the make up sing it
Na na na na na na, for the make up

Dear it looks, It looked good on your pretty face
I’ve got you hooked I know you know you love the chase
Nights like this are better when you think that is
Gonna be our final kiss, I got you where I want you
… [repeat]
Nights like this are better when you think that is Gonna be our final kiss ooh Now read my lips you’re better when you think that is gonna be our final kiss, I got you where I want you ooh”

The italicized and/or bolded lyrics are the lyrics that literally say what the song is about. The lyrics that are missing are of them repeating a verse or the chorus.

These are screenshots of other HV fans in the same video trying to defend HV’s lyrics. Here’s the problem with their statements; NO WHERE IN THE SONG DOES IT SAY “DON’T END UP IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP” OR THAT THEY DON’T APPROVE OF SUCH RELATIONSHIPS OR EVEN MEAN IT IN AN IRONIC WAY. On the contrary, the song states that they love and want to be in those kinds of relationships. The song is even written in first perspective. [They don’t say “he, she, they, or them” they say/mean “I, you, me, us”]

These comments would make more sense if they were talking about the song “Treat You Better” by Shawn Mendes. Which also includes a domestic abuse hotline at the end of the music video.

[There is indication of emotional and mental abuse in these lyrics. They’re italicized and bolded above.]

Read this until you fully understand it:


Mental and emotional abuse still counts as abuse. If your partner is making you feel less than, manipulating you or purposely pissing you off (to get off) etc. Then that is an abusive relationship and you should get help immediately.

The first screenshot is why I am making this post. That fan (and all the others who defend HV’s actions) genuinely concern me. Hey Violet are creating fans with that type of mentality. Hey Violet are getting more and more influential with their younger fan-base. This is not something I am making up to hate on HV; it is real and it is exhibited in the comment section on that video. If your heart doesn’t break for those kids when you read those screenshots, then there’s something wrong with you and you need to reevaluate your priorities.

Make Up isn’t the only problematic song HV/CB (with Casey) have produced. There’s: “Bean Freaks” (CB) and HV’s newer songs “Guys My Age” and “Brand New Moves.”
As my fellow old Cherri Bomb fan @licktheass-tonirwin has stated before; Rena likes to dive into the “Lolita” thing.

Lolita/Nymphet: a young nymph, a sexually attractive young girl, a sexually precocious girl or young woman.

The term “Lolita” comes from the book by the same name. It’s a novel about a young girl and her sexual relationship with a much older guy. Which is why young girls get called that when they are in sexual/romantic relationships with much older men. Which is basically what the song “Guys My Age” is about. With lyrics like “Guys my age don’t know how to touch me. Guys my age don’t know how to please me. Guys my age don’t know how to love me good.” These lyrics only lead me to believe it’s a song about wanting an older man because, apparently they’ll know how to touch, please and love this (recently turned) eighteen year old girl.

Bean Freaks was written by their mother, Ana and the drummer from Lostprophets. It’s a big (bad) metaphor about sex. (Keep in mind Rena was about 15/16 when she was performing this song.)

The song “Brand New Moves” is also a song about sex and it also glorifies bad relationships. With lyrics like "you can have me any way you like, yeah.“ "Treat me wrongly baby, it feels so right, yeah.” And “since the last time we danced I learned some brand new moves, uh. (I want to try them on you.)”

Hey Violet are selling sexually-charged songs to their target audience; young and impressionable kids. That’s who they’re marketed to sell to.
Songs like “Fuqboi” are just here to pander to the older teens.

[Pandering: a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.]

With such a ridiculous song, I think they were trying to make a “female anthem” against boy-kind, but it’s not about empowering, it’s about selling and making a hit… Which is, like I said, pandering.