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New Girl

Request: Monty imagine where theres a new girl at school and the jocks bet him he cant get with her, but then he gets to know her and starts to fall for her and slowly notices himself changing omg (((’:

a/n; you guys came through with these Monty requests wow

Word Count: 591

Pairing: Montgomery De La Cruz X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I looked up from my lunch tray, seeing someone sitting across from me out of the corner of my eyes. “Can I help you?” I finally found my voice after I realized Montgomery was sitting in front of me. I’ve only been here for a month, but I’ve heard stuff about him, and we’ve bumped into each other a couple of times. 

“Just thought I’d say whats up.” He stated. glancing behind me for a second, I whipped my head around and saw his friends staring at us. As soon as they saw me look, they ducked down, acting as if they were eating and talking. “Um, why?” I responded, looking back towards him. 

“That sounded harsh, but, you’re not exactly the type of guy that just sits down and starts a conversation with the new shy girl.” I pointed out when he looked at me, searching my face for any kind of indicator on what I thought. He shrugged, “I figured I’d start now.” 

“You’re on the baseball team right?” I cracked a smile, he nodded slowly, unsure on why I was asking. “I love baseball, it’s my dad and I’s thing.” He grinned at that, “you should come to the game tomorrow.”


It’s been three months since that fateful day in the cafeteria, and I’ve never been more happy in my life, he’s different now, in a good way. 

Picking up my phone I smiled, “hey.” I sat up on my bed as I heard him and the guys talking. “Monty-” I cut myself off when I heard what they were talking about. “It was just a bet man, you don’t have to stay with her.” Bryce snickered, I felt my heart crushing. “You must have been real smooth at lunch that day.” Someone else chimed in, but I couldn’t quite figure out who was. 

Before I could hear Monty’s response, the phone cut off.


I stood, arms crossed, next to the bleachers as Monty started walking over to me. The game had just finished, of course they won, and I was happy, for my friends, not for him. I saw his smile falter when I didn’t start running over to him like always, “you okay, baby?” He mumbled, going to place a hand on my waist but I slapped it away. He yanked his hand back, looking at me in shock, “what the hell was that?” He raised his eyebrows.

I stalked off, waiting behind the bleachers, out of everyone’s sight for the most part, he followed of course, confused on my behavior. “Y/N-” “Was I a bet?” I snapped, he froze, looking at me in total shock. “How did you find out?” I scoffed at his question, “so I was.” I remarked. He tried to shake his head, but I pulled my bottom lip into my mouth, biting down on it hard. Trying to keep it from trembling. 

“Baby, I’m-” “Don’t ‘baby’ me, Montgomery.” I hissed, wiping at the tip of my nose, “I can’t believe I thought you actually cared about me.” I whispered, shaking my head as my eyes glazed over. “No, no, Y/N I do care, I care a lot.” He followed me as I started walking towards the parking lot. “It sounds fake, I get it, we started as a bet, but it’s not a bet to me anymore, I like you, a lot.” He slowed to a stop as he reached me. 

I didn’t move as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders from behind me, I nodded slightly, “okay.”


mmm au hell is hella good

Lance: We did it. We really are a good team.

I Don't Even Like High School Musical

Yesterday evening, my cousins and I went cycling in the park, and I was cycling by a baseball field, where this little girl was being taught how to play, so I passed them yelling “Hey batter batter, hey batter batter swing,” and the girl stared at me, but her mom smiled at me. She got it.

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 7x04

Perhaps the reason why my Trek through Deep Space Nine was on hold for a while, was because the universe knew that this strawberry milkshake of an episode would be exactly what I needed this week.

Season 7, Episode 4: ‘Take Me Out To the Holosuite’

It’s another beautiful day in space — until Sisko’s mood is upended by the arrival of his Petty Nemesis, one Captain Solok.

A) Love a petty nemesis, fantastic, B) am just realizing in this moment that there is no one in the Quadrant more suited to petty nemisery than Vulcans. Those people never forget a detail. In a ‘Which Line In Hamilton Are You?’ quiz all Vulcans get “Here’s an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements.”

“(Sweet Jesus.)”

Solok and Sisko each affect a superior remove while they snip and preen at each other over their respective medals of honor. Then Solok gives Sisko a rundown of the repairs his ship is going to need, and unfortunately for EVERYONE, it turns out that the work that needs to be done on the T’Kumbra’s warp core will take at least week. Aggrieved siiigh.

As he rises to depart, Solok mentions that while here he needs the use of a holosuite. Well whatever your floats your spaceboat; take it up with Quark.

“I have created a special program for my senior staff,” he continues, “and they are quite eager to resume using it.”

Sisko, in a tone that is somehow more dismissive and disinterested than not even responding: “Really.”

Oh yes really. In fact, it’s based on an Earth game.

We don’t even hear Solok say it, we just cut to Ben bouncing up to Kira like “Colonel, gather the team! I mean crew. I mean TEAM.”

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“ vongola and their first date/kiss with their s/o :) ” - Anonymous

Sure thing, Duckie~! ♥ ♥ ♥

Hope you enjoy!


Tsuna: What was it that you saw in Tsuna, really? He wasn’t good at anything outside of the mafia, so why did you show any sort of interest in him at all? Tsuna didn’t understand, but he wasn’t about to start complaining about the first girl who liked him either. At first, he had thought you only asked him out because you were dared to do it, but he was wrong. He confronted you about it, which caused your first fight, but he discovered that your affection was genuine shortly after the fight when you claimed that you didn’t ask him out because of a dare, but because you really did like him in that way.

Now the two of you were walking through the park, hand in hand as Lambo and I-pin played on the playground, playing some game that Lambo had made up with rules that only benefitted him. “Lambo! That’s not fair!” I-pin shouted, but Lambo ignored her and continued on with his happy self. You laughed slightly at the children’s antics as the two of you stopped at a bench and sat down. “He sure knows how to have a lot of fun with so little,” you said, but Tsuna only shook his head, giving you a deadpan expression. “Yeah, and he definitely knows how to annoy the hell out of you too,” he replied, looking back at the children.

You shrugged your shoulders and laughed once again, before turning your attention on Tsuna. “So, how was school?” you asked him, which earned you a rather dejected expression. “I failed another test,” he told you, disappointed in himself for not being able to do better.

“Oh, sweetie~” you said sympathetically, reaching to wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into an embrace. Tsuna quickly pulled away though, his face bright red. “_-____! What are you doing?!” he exclaimed after having previously had his face pressed against your chest. “Sorry,” you apologized quickly, laughing nervous as you ruffled up his spiky brown hair.

“I can tutor you if you’d like,” you suggested, but he quickly shook his head as ‘no.’ “It’s fine, really. I have enough tutors anyway,” he told you, which only caused you to laugh. “It’s not a matter of how many tutors you have - it’s a matter of how well their teaching method works,” you explained, which seemed to cause a lightbulb to go off in his head. “That makes sense,” Tsuna stated as he smiled at you. “Okay, I guess it couldn’t hurt to try it,” he told you, and then leaned in to kiss you lightly and quickly on the lips.

You were surprised by his actions, never thinking that he would be the one to make the first move. “That was… a little awkward,” you said, laughing heartily as Tsuna looked away with a heavy blush on his cheeks. You reached to turn his face back so that he was forced to look at you.

“Let’s try that again.”

Gokudera: “Damn it, why the hell can’t you just understand?!” Gokudera shouted at you after turning around, frustrated with the fight you two had been having for the past fifteen minutes. “I’m the right hand man of the tenth generation Vongola boss, I can’t just ignore my responsibilities because you want me too!” he shouted, which caused your face to darken out of anger. “Yeah, you mentioned that a thousand times, Hayato! You say it in every single sentence you form!” you shouted right back at him, hands placed on your hips as you stood in one position by the sink full of dirty dishes.

“It’s always 'Juudaime this’ and 'Juudaime that’ and 'Where is the Juudaime’ or 'Is the Juudaime harmed’ every single damn day!” you yelled at him as you turned around and began to wash the dishes that Gokudera was supposed to have already done, but couldn’t because of his “responsibilities” as the right hand man of the tenth. “What do you want from me?! I told you when we got together that I’m a very busy person, I don’t always have time to deal with a relationship!” Gokudera yelled back at you, his irritation clearly shown by how many cigarette butts were in the ashtray on the table. Gokudera put the one he had just finished smoking before lighting up another one.

“What do I want? What do I want?!” you growled as you turned back around to face him. “I want to spend some time with my boyfriend, that’s what I want! All I ask from you is a few hours a day to spend with each other like a normal couple, but noooo! You always have to run off to save the Juudaime’s ass when the other guardians are perfectly capable of doing it!” you shouted, drying your hands on a towel. You marched over to him and plucked the cigarette out of his hand, taking a long drag off it before handing it back to him. “I understand you have work to do, but you are also in a relationship, so you need to learn how to juggle both without concentrating on one and neglecting the other, like you’re doing right now!” you growled out as you went to get a drink from the fridge.

“Oh, if you understood, you wouldn’t be nagging me like you are right now!” Gokudera shouted at you, chewing on the end of the cigarette that hung from between his lips. You shook your head and rolled your eyes, turning to look at him as he marched towards you in anger. “You’re the one who doesn’t understand!” you retorted as you turned away from him. “Sometimes I wonder why we’re even in a relationship,” you said, giving up on the fight now.

Before you could even continue with the dishes though, Gokudera had turned you back around and planted one on your lips all of a sudden. You pushed him away, angry that he had the nerve to do that after the things he had said to you. “What the hell, Hayato?!” you shouted as you glared at him.

“Don’t say things like that.”

Yamamoto: “Wow, that was a lot of fun, Yamamoto-kun!” you said giddily, smiling happily as you walked down the dimly lit street with your smaller, left hand being held in Yamamoto Takeshi’s warm, right hand. “I never thought I would have had so much fun at a batting cage,” you said as Takeshi walked you back to your home. Takeshi had asked you out close to a week ago, and you happily agreed. Who wouldn’t want to go out with the most popular baseball star in the school? You were definitely not about to turn down a date with him, no matter how surprised you were that he was even remotely interested in you.

You always thought he had a thing for that Haru girl from Midori-chuu that hung around him and his group, but apparently not. “Haha, see? That’s why I love baseball so much,” Takeshi told you, loving the feeling of your rather cold hand pressed against his warm ones. Silence filled the air for a long time before Takeshi finally spoke once again. “You know, your hands are really cold,” he told you, bringing your hand up to his mouth to blow on it in an attempt to warm it up. Stifling a scoff, you nodded your head and looked up at him. “Yeah, my hands have always been naturally cold like this. It’s actually fun to touch my mom’s cheek and watch her freak out about how cold they are,” you said, laughing along with Takeshi.

“Well, you know what they say,” Takeshi said as the two of you finally reached your front door. “Cold hands lead to a warm heart,” he said causing you to blush heavily and look away, to which he laughed at slightly. “You’re so cute when you blush, ____,” he told you, laughing when your blush darkened even more. Once it finally went away and Takeshi had stopped laughing, you looked up at him with a smile.

“I had a really great time, Yamamoto-kun~” you told him, to which he just waved his hand in the air as if to dismiss your statement.

“Just call me Takeshi,” he told you, smiling as you nodded. “Okay, Takeshi,” you replied as you turned your head to look at your front door. “I should head inside now. My dad is probably worried about me since I hardly ever stay out this late,” you told him, jabbing a thumb toward your front door. Takeshi nodded his head, reaching to touch your cheek lightly with his fingertips. “Okay. I’ll see you in school tomorrow?” he asked, earning a nod from you which made him smile.

“We should do his again sometime,” you said, before Takeshi leaned down and placed a very sweet, chaste kiss on your lips. When he pulled away, your face was just as red as before. He smiled and watched as you walked inside your house before turning and walking towards the sushi shop he and his dad resided in.

“That really was a lot of fun.”

TYL!Lambo: “____-san! Let’s go to the park!” a five year old Lambo shouted as he grabbed hold of your hand and dragged you to the door of the Sawada household. You and Bianchi were best friends, so when you heard that she was staying in Japan with a nice family, you just had to fly out there to meet the family who was taking care of your bestie. “W-wait, Lambo-san! I’m talking to Bianchi!” you said, but you didn’t really have the heart to tell him 'no.’ “B-bianchi, we’ll talk more later!” you shouted back to your friend, following the small cow dressed child out of the house and towards the park.

“Lambo-san has a lot of games that we can play! Do you want to hear them?” Lambo asked you as he led the way to the park, his tiny little hand gripping your pinky finger as you walked alongside him. “Sure, Lambo-san~” you said with a smile, to which Lambo began to cheer.

“Okay, so there’s 'The Princess and the Dragon’, and…” Lambo went on to explain every single game he had ever played at the park, the rules of the games, and how you were supposed to win it. You couldn’t help but notice that every single game had rules that benefitted only him. Lambo was so caught up in his explanations of the games that he didn’t notice he was about to trip over a rather big rock until it was too late. You stifled a giggle as you looked down at Lambo still lying on the floor, mumbling something in Japanese that you didn’t understand.

“That hurt Lambo-san!” the boy suddenly shouted and pulled out a rather large purple bazooka, pointing it at his head a moment later. “L-lamo, don’t!” you shouted, trying to stop him but you were too late - he pulled the trigger. A large puff of pink smoke enveloped the boy, and when it dissipated, a taller male dressed in khakis, a long sleeved cow print shirt with a black overshirt stood in Lambo’s place. Looking at him, you could have sworn he looked just like an older version of Lambo. Maybe he was Lambo’s older brother?

“Ah, ____. It’s good to see you again,” the teen said, earning a confused look from you. “W-who are you?” you asked him, which caused him to smirk as he stepped forward. “You don’t know about the 10 year bazooka yet, do you?” he asked you, smiling when you shook your head as 'no.’ “Ask Bianchi next time you see her. She’ll tell you about it. But since I don’t have very much time here, I’m going to take full advantage of it,” he said, and before you could ask him what he meant, his lips were on yours. You pushed him away and wiped your mouth on the back of your sleeve, an angry expression on your face. “What the hell?!” you shouted, earning a chuckle from him.

“Don’t worry, you’ll understand once Bianchi explains it to you,” he said just before a cloud of smoke enveloped him once more and a five year old Lambo replaced him.

Okay, this was beyond weird.

Ryohei: “Go Ryohei~!” you shouted from ring side as you watched your boyfriend of two months box with some other kid from a rivaling school. You smiled brightly as the crowd cheered him on, soon joining in the chant, pumping your fist in the air along with everyone else who was watching the fight as well. “You can do it, Ryohei! Kick his ass!” you shouted suddenly, just before Ryohei swung with his right hand and hit the other boxer in the jaw, knocking his tooth out as well as causing him to hit the floor. You listened intently as the referee began his count to ten, soon joining in along with the rest of the crowd.

“One!” you shouted, smiling as Ryohei went to his corner and let his coaches take care of his cuts and gave him some water, pouring it over the top of his head and into his mouth.

“Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!” Ryohei’s opponent began to get onto his feet, but every time he tried, he’d fall back down.

“Eight! Nine! Ten!” his opponent was almost to his feet by the time the referee and crowd had reached zero, but again he fell down, this time not even bothering to get back up.

“Knock out!” the referee shouted, and the crowd began to cheer wildly, you included. You climbed into the ring and went straight to Ryohei, wrapping your arms around him tightly as he swung you around, ecstatic that he won the fight. Ryohei had fought this guy at least four times before, and all four times, he had lost. Saying that he was ecstatic was a bit of an understatement.

“I won!” Ryohei shouted happily, earning a nod from you. “Yeah, you wo- mmph!” you exclaimed, but you were cut off as soon as you felt Ryohei’s lips on yours in an unexpected kiss. When he pulled away, he just laughed at your red face and set you down, leaning to kiss you once again but this time on the forehead. “I had a feeling you were going to blush like that when I kissed you for the first time.”

Hibari: You and Kyoya had been friends for years - you went to preschool together, and you shared practically everything, from juice boxes and crayons to paperwork and notes for a big test. You talked about everything together, but lately Kyoya had become a lot more reclusive than usual, preferring to avoid you rather than be around you. It was unusual behavior for Kyoya, and you didn’t understand what was causing him to act this way. Did you do something wrong? Was it this whole mafia business he was getting involved in? You didn’t know, but you needed to find out.

So there you were, a spray paint can in your hand and graffiti art on the wall in front of you. You were purposely trying to get in trouble so that Kyoya would have no other choice but to give you detention and deal with your presence for at least an hour. It didn’t take long, or very much spray paint, until Kyoya showed up with a dark expression on his face, drawn to trouble the same way a bee was drawn to honey. “What do you think you’re doing to the walls of Namimori Middle School?” Kyoya asked in a menacing tone. You smirked, before putting on a scared expression and turning around nervously to face your best friend. “W-well I… uhm… I thought the school could use a little art?” you said, which only earned you a smack to the head with one of his tonfas.

“Detention, now. Go,” Kyoya told you, pointing to the door after taking your spray paint away. Your shoulders slumped and you turned to go, though you were secretly happy that your plan had succeeded. Now Kyoya would have no other option but to deal with you. You were silent for a very long time after you had reached the detention room, Kyoya close behind you. He sat at the front of the room, you at one of the desks. Suddenly, the silence was broken by the icy tone in Kyoya’s voice when he spoke. “I know what you’re doing, ____. You can drop the act,” he told you, which earned him a groan from you.

“How did you know?”

“I know you,” Kyoya said simply, standing up and walking over to the desk you sat at. He placed his hands on the desk and leaned forward, just enough to make you uncomfortable as his steel eyes bore into yours. “W-what are you doing, Kyoya?” you asked him, which only caused him to smirk. “That’s for me to know, and you to find out, herbivore,” Kyoya told you, before he placed a sweet kiss on your lips, held for a few moments, and then pulled away. You stare at him with a dumbfounded expression on your face.

“… Is that why you’ve been avoiding me?” you asked him.

“Yes. Now be quiet, you’re in detention.”

Mukuro: Sitting there on the tattered couch, Mukuro leaned against the arm of the couch with one leg laid out on the couch, the other resting on the floor, and you leaning back against his chest. One of his arms rested on the back of the couch, his other arm wrapped loosely around your waist as the two of you watched Chrome, Fran, Chikusa, and M.M. throw water balloons at Ken below the “stage” of sorts that the couch was placed on. “This is their way of getting Ken to take a shower?” you asked, watching them in amusement as the three bombarded Ken with water balloon after water balloon, so much that it was difficult for him to defend himself or even dodge.

“Yeah. He refuses to shower more than once a month, so Chrome came up with this idea,” Mukuro told you, laughing that weird little laugh of his as he watched the group have their little water balloon fight. “Clever girl,” you said, laughing as well at the sight of Ken completely soaked from head to toe. “Yeah, she is,” Mukuro responded, before turning his attention on you completely. “So, how was your day?” he asked suddenly, causing you to shrug as a response. “It was okay, I guess. Nothing exciting happened, as usual,” you told him with a sigh. Mukuro reached up and ruffled your hair, then he kissed the top of your head and looked back over to the others, falling silent for a long time.

“You know, we’ve been together about three months now, and we still haven’t kissed,” you pointed out, sitting upright and turning around so that you could face him. Mukuro looked at you, tilted his head as he thought about it for a moment, then smiled and chuckled, “Kufufu, I think ____ is right.” Mukuro sat up as well and leaned forward, capturing your chin in between his thumb and forefinger. “Maybe we can change that right now,” he said with a smile, leaning further in until your lips made contact. It was a short, chaste kiss, but it was full of tenderness and sincerity, and that caused your heart to soar.

Your expression remained the same when he pulled away, lips still slightly puckered and eyes still closed. “… Wow~” you finally said, letting your face return to normal as you opened your eyes to look at him. “That was…” you couldn’t find the right word for it, but luckily, Mukuro did.


Chrome: “You’re so cute when you’re all shy like that, Chrome-chan~” you cooed as you gripped the the petite girl’s hand tightly. The two of you had been together for a little over a month now, but Chrome was just now beginning to warm up to you. At the beginning of your relationship, she was always much too shy to even hold your hand in public, but now the two of you were walking down the street hand in hand. You were slowly making progress with pulling the illusionist out of her shell; you didn’t want to force her to do anything she was uncomfortable with, so you took things as slow as possible until she felt comfortable enough to do certain things with you.

“Th-thank you,” Chrome whispered as she looked at the ground, a small smile on her red tinted face. She held your right hand with her left, her right hand pressing that black leather bag of hers against her chest as the two of you walked down the street. She had her little quirks, this being one of many, and you found every single one to be more adorable than the last. “So, do you want to go get some ice cream?” you suggested, to which she nodded. “Great~! My treat!” you said, earning a smile from the violet eyed girl. “You’re so kind, ____,” she said softly as you began to drag her to the nearest ice cream shop.

“Go find a table, I’ll get the ice cream, okay?” you told her, to which she nodded before rushing off to find a good seat by the window, which just so happened to be her favorite place to sit. You watched her rush off for a moment, then turned to the cashier and held up two fingers. “I’ll have one mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone, and one chocolate chip cookie dough, also in a waffle cone. Oh, and could you put sprinkles on the mint one, and two cherries on the cookie dough?” you asked, to which the cashier nodded and typed in your order to get the price. “That’ll be $7.50 total, please,” he told you. You nodded and pulled a ten dollar bill out of your pocket, handing it over to him and waiting for your change. He gave you $2.50 back, handed you a receipt, then went off to make your ice cream. Chrome sat at the table in the corner of the room next to the window. When she saw you smiling at her, she smiled back and waved. Soon after, the man returned with your ice cream cones.

“Thank you so much~” you thanked the cashier, before rushing off to the table that Chrome had chosen. Handing over the mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, you took the seat in front of her and began to eat your ice cream. “This place is supposed to have the best ice cream in all of Namimori,” you told her when she hesitated to start eating the ice cream. Did you get the wrong kind? “I-I know, but it’s so expensive compared to what I usually buy,” Chrome said as she began to eat her own cone, her eye lighting up at the taste of it. “It’s worth it though, right?” you said, licking the small drip of melted ice cream on the side of the cone.

The two of you sat in silence for a while, until you noticed Chrome had a bit of ice cream smeared on her lips. “Oh, let me get that for you,” you said, but instead of using a napkin to remove the ice cream, you leaned over the table and pressed your lips against hers for the first time, licking at the small amount of ice cream before pulling away. When you looked at Chromes face, it was bright red - redder than the flames of storm. “_-____! Wh-what did you do that for?” she stammered, causing you to giggle.

“You’re so cute when you’re flustered like that~”

honestly the fact miyuki’s hobby is cooking is really hilarious. like this is miyuki fucking kazuya, cleanup, genius catcher, fucking captain of seidou. this is the guy who got a winning home-run in the seiko game despite injuries, with batting average of .272, a manipulative genius of the field. imagine this tanuki fucking cooking, wearing an apron and cooking. just with a several pots on a fucking stove, talking to the managers about seasonings and shit. imagine him watching cooking competitions and yelling at the screen at the dense and stuck up people with their shit dishes. imagine him going to the grocery store and couponing for every single fucking thing and always buying too much food just no, miyuki just NO STOP YOU DORK.