why i like to make myself upset idk


admittedly, making fun of others’ appearance (specifically when they’ve not actually done anything that I’m aware of) is something I’ve done myself, and something I could stand to be better about.

but I do find it especially upsetting in circumstances where it’s more based on like… idk, markers of ugliness, as it were? making fun of fat people, people with teeth a certain way, people who look like average dweeby teens, etc. seems a bit more upsetting to me than being like “why does this dude look like buff arin hanson” or whatever. (not that I’ve never been hypocritical on that front, either, but, again, it’s something that we should all be more conscious about.)

autism jokes (ableism cw)

mate ya know what im autistic and heres a new perspective, my allistic friends rip the shit out of me for being an absolute retard and like its funny to me??

like we’re all savage towards each other and i honestly feel 100000x better since ive started laughing at myself, and i never take it personally because i know that they dont mean it and know that im a disabled person with real struggles

idk like i completely understand why people get upset over stuff like that because i used to be the exact same, but i feel like the world would be a lot happier and chilled if we all just laughed at ourselves

and the people that take the piss even though they dont understand and are just pricks i dont get offended by, i can just tell them to fuck off because im comfortable with myself

and like i think autism memes are super funny bc they either make no sense at all or are totally on point and relatable idk man does anyone get me?? what are other autistics opinions on this?

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hey i was wondering what u meant in ur tags about jacks tweet?? its ok if u arent comfortable saying it tho!

no, i can! it’s just kinda obscure, i guess.

jack barakat comes across as fun-loving, carefree and almost shallow at times, but there are things that have told me he really isn’t - stuff that i guess most people just don’t talk about much?

for example, he loves frank sinatra, which is truly lovely. he also loves passenger - and to be honest, for anybody who’s listened to any more passenger than just let her go, you’ll get what i mean. he has lyrics like this:

We were big eyed boys / With the salt on our skin / And we’d throw our kites to the wind // We were tired boys / With the soap on our skin / And we’d fall asleep to the wind // We’ll no longer be boys / We’ll have lines on our skin / And they’ll throw our dust to the wind
We wish our weekdays away / Spend our weekends in bed / Drink ourselves stupid / And work ourselves dead / And all just because that’s what mom and dad said we should do // We should run through the forest / We should swim in the streams / We should laugh, we should cry / We should love, we should dream

those are like, bits and pieces from different songs, but yeah. y’know, maybe jack doesn’t hear that stuff, but maybe he does.

oh, and i wasn’t part of the fandom when he and holly broke up, but i heard he was like, properly upset about it and just went real quiet, which is fucking heartbreaking, man.

then there’s this picture. it’s kinda famous around tumblr and idk, it just makes me think. i know i sometimes do the same thing (not comparing myself to him, just saying), and it’s a sense of emptiness. a confusion, a thoughtfulness, and you need the beach to remind you why you’re there.

don’t wanna get all deep and pretend i know this guy, but i really feel like there’s a lot more to him than he acts like. and him loving missing you is an example of that. because it proves he’s still a sucker for a ukulele and a song that’s a bit like a hug.

idk if that made any sense, man, but i hope it did. i’m sorry this is so long! i’m just saying that this quiet, thoughtful side of jack is one i wish came out more often. cause it’s definitely there.

i feel like writing a bible long essay as to why the office is everything that’s good in this world/why it means to me more than anything/why it’s my favorite show/why jam have always given me faith/why i have genuinely felt dead now that it’s over, but even then, i doubt my words would do my feelings justice and that makes me only more upset and i’m just a sobbing mess right now and idk what to do with myself fuck

Hey guys! Well, I have a confession to make.

Today idk what happened or why it happened but I decided that I’m gonna fight for my life. I’m gonna get better, no matter what it takes. I’m not gonna let myself get upset or sad or depressed. I’m gonna fight. I had a serious conversation with my parents today and it was like if they had opened my eyes, it’s like i can see clearly now. I hope i can do it :)

OKAY BUT WHAT IF pedro & balth never really dated???? like maybe they were flirty and went on dates but never really called them dates and just danced around the whole thing so much that they never really got around to the “defining the relationship” part. and then maybe something happens and they both blow up about it and one of them says “you’re not even my boyfriend!” or smth along those lines and the other person is like “you know what you’re fucking right” and then it just???? ends??? and maybe they don’t tell anyone they just stop “hanging out” as often and then one day at breakfast some girl emerges from pedro’s room and leaves the flat and everyone’s just like “uhhhh”. i mean it would explain why ben isn’t walking on eggshells around balth & why, annoyed as he is, he’s not too upset about peter just barging into the flat with a guy that isn’t balthazar. idk i feel like they never really got the relationship off the ground the way we think and THAT’s why things ended.

[[also from now on i will be referring to pre-RETURNS donaldson as pedro, but post-RETURNS donaldson as peter so as to somewhat unconfuse myself & my tagging system]]

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idk the way beth "died" was so ridiculous that i keep thinking all the jesus symbolism is true and she will miraculously ressurect. but at the same time why would emily go on the talking dead and cry real tears about this? i really dont think she was pretending :( and they did interviews and stuff actively talking about beth being dead. so idk its all sad and annoying :(

As far as I know, they only did it the night of and the day following and it’s been relatively quiet ever since which is strange.

I’m sorry, real tears? You do know actresses can make themselves cry at will right? Shit, I can make myself cry if I wanted to. All I have to do is think of something really upsetting like my son dying. Bam, instant sting of tears. It’s not hard. I don’t know. I saw differences and it was a little strange how she stopped and started sporadically but it is difficult to say for sure without possibly coming off as a jackass if it’s not true. So… we’ll see.

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babe, why are you upset?

Basically I just hate myself, I don’t like who I am, I don’t like the way I look, It makes me sad that I don’t have a friend who I can vent to when I’m feeling like this and I just idk it’s hard to explain but it doesn’t really matter it’s just one of those nights where you feel really shitty and hate everything but I keep telling myself that everything will be ok so don’t worry :)