why i joined the navy

littlewaist-fatwallet  asked:

What age & why did you decide to join the military?

Hey there, thanks for the question!

I was 18, recently graduated high school, and had no immediate plans for college because we couldn’t afford it.

My dad had been in the Navy, but I still thought of it as really intimidating. One hot August morning we went down to Boston for Tall Ships Week. We took a tour of a cruiser.

The Navy guy giving the tour was very…large. I started thinking ‘well if HE can do it then surely I can.’ Literally, the impetus for joining the Navy was a fat Navy dude. On the drive home I started asking my dad about his experience, and soon after I contacted a recruiter to get more info.

They had me at GI Bill.

Haha, really, I was looking for an adventure, something different from what my friends were doing. It was definitely the right choice for me!

For Any Dream or Any Scheme

Summary: Enchanted Forest/LD AU. Emma grows up with the Jones brothers and eventually she and Killian fall in love. What will it take for them to get a happy ending?

 A/N: Hi! This is my first Fanfiction. I love Captain Swan and I hope you will like this fic. The title comes from Right Hand Man in Something Rotten. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this as much as possible. I would love feedback! 

 Chapter 1 

 Princess Emma could never be grateful enough that the baker was such an asshole. She was only five when he brought two starving young boys to her parents throne room to be punished for multiple accounts of theft. The baker must have been as stupid as he was a dick if he thought the gracious Queen Snow and King David were really going to reprimand the thin ten year old who was only trying to feed his little brother. Instead, they paid off the baker and welcomed the brothers into their home. Even years later, she would remember the day Liam and Killian Jones walked into her life.

 The King and Queen dotted on the boys, treating them like sons and raising them with so much charm and grace that even real princes were envious of them. Emma often made fun of how seriously they took their lessons. As children the three were inseparable, until Liam joined the navy at sixteen.

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