why i i'm so addicted to tumblr

Why is tumblr so reluctant to discuss animal rights?

Seriously? We’re well-read on subjects like feminism, racism, transphobia, etc. but as soon as someone mentions animal rights it’s all “HEY SPOT THE VEGAN HAHAHA!!”

Animals live through AWFUL conditions in slaughter factories and likewise, not only so that we can have meat, but milk and cheese and cream as well.

I’m not saying we should all stop eating meat or dairy products, nor am I saying ALL meat/dairy-factories are the source of all evil, but can we at least acknowledge the problem and discuss it?


Well now I know why these two have so many fanfictions with them being paired together, lol.
The dialogue in this game is so suggestive.

Don’t know why I am a wrapped up in
Yesterday’s, last years
Why my heart won’t stay still at cliche hours
Why do I still feel the dust in my nose
Still dripping memories
I won’t let go of anything, I earned that good feeling
Fought so hard
Just to be at ease
For a night
I want to relive, relive, relive
Read over every text
Make sure my heart flutters the same
I’m still in love with 3 people
And I’d leave them all just for one last hit

Book the same hotel, please smell the same
Bring along the grey backpack with the rips along the seams
I wasn’t satisfied last time
But I get full off the memories
Savor them down, suck you up
You as in the concept
Of having normalcy
Things should be this way, I know
I shouldn’t be this way, I know
Just the way you are is a way enough
Keep lighting up my phone

—  I’ve Been Awful Lately, E.L.