why i haven't seen this pic before


Everything about her brought to mind the old religion, and I knew that the resemblance was deliberate, intended to remind her subjects that as Hephestia ruled uncontested among the gods, this woman ruled Attolia. Too bad that I had seen the Great Goddess and knew how far the Attolian queen fell short of her mark.

Who had dinner with Louis that day?

I was watching this video.

And I thought… this kitchen… I know it.

Where have I watched this kitchen before?

And the answer was simple.

This is where Louis cooked his first meal.


I’ve read a lot of speculation about the date, if Louis was with Hanna, or if Harry tweeted the pic was because he was with Louis.

But the fact is that the famous CHICKEN STUFFED WITH MOZZARELLA WRAPPED IN PARMA HAM WITH A SIDE OF HOMEMADE MASH was coocked by Louis in the XFactor’s kitchen, so one plus one…

I have nothing more to say.


anonymous asked:

What pic of Granny Ruth and a little newborn are we talking about? I haven't seen it on my dash.

Anonymous said: Ruth had pics of her and “Freddie” (the ones from the hospital) on her facebook before January 2016….

@vivillonkisses-and-amwishes submitted: So I just cringed myself into a new century trying to find the pic (in case anyone wanted to compare and contrast), the left is the grandma Ruth pic that she had on FB BEFORE Freddie’s official birth and claimed it to be Freddie at one point when the fans began to question why none of the ‘great-grandmothers’ or extended family met the baby. The Right is one we were given from Briana and Freddie’s ‘time in the hospital’ of Austin 'meeting’ Freddie for the first time, I think from Tammi’s IG.