why i haven't seen this before

Allura with short, poofy hair that just go swoosh!  is honestly the best idea I’ve had whole week

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…

Who had dinner with Louis that day?

I was watching this video.

And I thought… this kitchen… I know it.

Where have I watched this kitchen before?

And the answer was simple.

This is where Louis cooked his first meal.


I’ve read a lot of speculation about the date, if Louis was with Hanna, or if Harry tweeted the pic was because he was with Louis.

But the fact is that the famous CHICKEN STUFFED WITH MOZZARELLA WRAPPED IN PARMA HAM WITH A SIDE OF HOMEMADE MASH was coocked by Louis in the XFactor’s kitchen, so one plus one…

I have nothing more to say.


Harvey / Mike ; Fairy tale AU + Beauty and the Beast

“As I have said, you have no reason to trust me, and an excellent reason not to.”  
 ― Robin McKinley, Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast


Reasons why Himekawa is amazing and should be given love:

• he’s a pinchserver just trying to earn his place on the team
• yamaguchi acknowledges how nervous himekawa was before serving
• he messed up his underhand serve and just??? walked it off???
• it hit teradomari
• i would’ve cried
• wHA T EVE N W AS THA T?????
• this boy
• he is trying his best aND IS GREAT
• SERVES???????????
• his expressions are adorable

ok i know we talked about this a little before when some of the behind the scenes stuff came out, but seriously, john and mary’s front door is not in the sitting room before tst.

we can see under the stairs in mhr, and there is absolutely not a door there. so why is there suddenly a door there now?