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Ok I’m not sure how far these posts tell the truth but i’m fucking pissed and when there is someone out there doing stuff like this I wanna help taking her down. To be honest I never understood why someone would even hate on people online because I like to keep my opinion to myself. Still I would let those people be, it’s there decision how the waste their time and mostly they don’t even get what’s wrong about it even if you tell them. But it is NOT ok to actually go around and spread rumors or actually attacking and hurting people. Like it is one thing if you send them a massage about you hating them ( which is worse enough) but ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE OR SPREADING FALSE RUMORS IS INACCEPTABLE. Do they even know how much damage they do by accusing someone to be a rapist. It’s not just his career that could end, also his private life will be affected just because some bitch has nothing better to do than going around hurting others. I’m not saying this just because it’s bts, no idol has ever done anything to deserve this they all work hard and those fucked up people have no right to judge them. I’m really angry and I hope that this person gets scolded not only by other fandoms but also mostly by exo-l’s, I know that there are some who agree with her but belive the the biggest part of this fandom isn’t like that and they would never encourage such behaviour because I know and love exo, although I’m an ARMY, and when they belive in their fans than so will I (not to mention because my best friend is an exo-l, yes people a friendship like this exists and it’s a fucking good one). Please help protect not only your but all groups, they don’t deserve this and we are better than people like that. Sorry for the long post and that I wasn’t able to express my self that we’ll but thank you for your attention I love y'all

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A little while ago i thought, 'wow retrogrades are really great i don't get why people hate them i always learn so much' but this fUCKING VENUS RETROGRADE is hitting me SO HARD

LMAO I RELATE. before every retrograde I’m like “it’s gonna be fine, nothing will happen. just continue on as usual” and then EVERYTHING HAPPENS AND IM LIKE WHAT WOAH WHY

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I don't get why people hate the word allo... it serves the same purpose as cis

Same tbh. It literally just means “not-aspec”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the word. It’s not like we use it as an insult? Heck, I call myself alloromantic and my datemate allo.

Aphobes are literally the ones who acted like it was “dirty”. I mean, how many times in the dicourse have I seen “dirty allogay” used???

–Mod Mercy

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Why are some people being so rude today? Plenty of users have talked about how they love the books but how the books clearly have problems with representation and all that.

Your guess is as good as mine. I saw that ask on Caitlin’s page tho and I fucking lost it. That shit was rude and unnecessary and ugly. And I get that we have a president who thinks it’s okay to talk like that and to treat women like objects and to make fun of people with disabilities, but come on. We have to be better than that.

And I honestly feel bad for people like that. I really do. Because you have to be hurting inside to want to put that out into the world, and to want to make someone else feel how you do on the inside.

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I'd usually say this on anon but not today. I think you're amazing and one of the kindest girls here, I love your blog soooo much and your writing as well. I hate when people are rude to you like, why? And why on anon? You've got people here that love you and that's what should matter, I LOVE YOU 💕

I’m so glad you didn’t write to me on anon, because then I got to a name on you. Thank you so much, really, this was the cutest thing ever. People like you, make my day so much better and I’m so happy you’re spreading so many good vibes. Truly, you’re a precious human being. Thank you so much for these warm and loving words, they made my heart very happy! I love you too

So I’m still getting notifications over that shitty video, and some punk ass kid told me I need to be locked up in a mental hospital for simply saying that A Serbian Film was beautifully shot. If you know me, then you know why this might have upset me a bit.

God, I fucking hate people who don’t know how movies work. It’s like talking to a brick wall with these people. Like I griped about yesterday, you’re more than welcome to not like a movie. You do you. But if you’re going to take things to that level and make it personal, I’m not going to play nice with you. You just revoked any chance of me wanting to level with you.  As someone said yesterday, comments like these are like someone saying how people who like brussel sprouts should be publicly executed just because I don’t like them personally–and I love that analogy, which just shows how absurd these people are.

This genre already gets a lot of negative criticism to begin with, and we don’t need more of you twerps following the mob mentality just because some Youtuber said so. Again, you’re entitled to your opinion to not like something, and I’m not taking that from the people who are upset with stuff like the animal killings in Cannibal Holocaust or the cadavers in Men Behind the Sun. That’s legitimate, and I get it, though other movies are guilty of this too. It’s one thing to say a movie isn’t your cup of tea, but to gun for the artist behind it is fucked up. It’s wild to see them run their mouths about something they don’t know, and when I try to ground them into reality (like I said yesterday) without putting my boot up their asses, I get told that “I’m ending this conversation because you’re wasting your time and mine”.

Okay then, whatever. Bye kids, make good choices and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’ll keep your seat warm if you want to come back and try to have the last word.

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Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

“biromantic heterosexual” isn’t a legit good thing, it’s a product of internalised homophobia in a violent homophobic society. there are no bi straight people. there are no straight gay people. apparently, this is a controversial statement. stop using the split attraction model outside of the ace spectrum. stop using the split attraction model to call people “homosexuals” to mean sexual attraction only. it’s vintage homophobia. ask yourself why you need to use the split attraction model at all and why het, gay or bi ace can’t do what the split attraction model does, only better. but especially, the more so if you’re het, stop telling gay, bi and questioning kids that “romantic and sexual attraction can be completely different from each other!”. they need to hear literally anything but “u could be homosexual heteroromantic uwu!”. you’re causing so much pain. you’re causing so much damage.

edit for transparency (OP unedited above): i learned that apparently, because i from the bottom of my heart can’t be bothered to look up the “history” of it, the split attraction model was made by and for trauma survivors after i made this post and i don’t care anymore! just because it helps you to pretend that the -sexual suffix means physical sex instead of sex as in sexus as in gender doesn’t mean it doesn’t harm us who are gay or bi. the split attraction model and people who actively and uncritically promote it are homophobic and even, yes, anti-ace and anti-aro. this whole concept is ahistorical and fundamentally useless and harmful, especially for questioning kids. there are many ways you can talk about asexuality and aromanticism without it and without promoting internalised homo- and biphobia to people.

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

SU fandom in facebook: HAHA LOOK AT THIS! *offensive jokes, terrible shippings, stupid comentaries* UWU SUPER NEAT RIGHT?? PLS LIKE AND SHARE!! 

Me: … its fine i’ll go to Tumblr