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Best Friends Before Hoes (Austin Carlile - Of Mice & Men)

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As I waited for the band to arrive at arrivals I couldn’t keep myself still, Of Mice & Men had just finished touring and for the first time I was unable to go with them because of my work. I’d missed the boys I called my brothers, especially Austin because I’d known him all my life. Throughout the tour we all Skyped and messaged each other, and I had to deal with Alan, Aaron, Tino and Phil complaining about Austin’s new girlfriend Pamela who had gone on tour with them instead. I didn’t exactly see eye to eye with her, she hated how close Austin and I were. It actually made me glad I couldn’t tour with them because three months on a tour bus with her and I probably would have gone mad like the rest of the guys.

‘There’s my little Sammi.’

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Austin shout my name across the terminal. I turned to face him and the rest of the guys with a huge smile on my face, Pamela just glared at me from behind Austin and I rolled my eyes.

‘And there’s my big Austin.’

Austin picks me up and spins me around making me squeal before kissing my forehead and lowering me to the ground. We had a very odd kind of relationship, to the outside world it looked like we were dating because of how close and touchy feely we were around each other but to us we just really close friends.

‘I swear you keep getting smaller Sammi.’

He pats my head and I push him away playfully before I’m attacked by the other four guys and nearly knocked to the floor. They hug me and tell me how much they’ve all missed me and how awful it was not having me on tour with them as their merch girl.

‘Get off me, some of us happen to have grown up jobs and can’t jump up and down on stage every night.’

All the guys get off me but Alan stays and slings an arm around my shoulder casually but we both notice Austin giving us an odd look, was he jealous? Alan leans over and whispers in my ear.

‘I think Austin is a little jealous Sammi. You have no idea how hard it was dealing with Pam’s whining for the last three months, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She’s only using Austin for his fame and money; he should be with someone like you. It’s obvious to everyone that the two of you are made to be together. Anyway how have you been?’

I found myself blushing slightly at Alan’s comment about Austin and I dating, he was happy with Pam and I wasn’t about to ruin our friendship over something like that. I sighed and leaned against Alan before handing my phone over to him with the Twitter feed dedicated to sending me hate and death threats open.

‘Whoever set up this account is out to get me Alan. The amount of followers it has scares me and it grows each day. What does this person have against me? I don’t even know them. Some of the comments are personal, as if they know me. None of my friends would ever do something like this.’

Alan read the feed and scowled before closing the Twitter app.

‘They’re just jealous because you get to hang out with the best five people in the whole world. Just know that all of the guys love you and will defend you with our lives, you’ve supported us from the start and will always be a core member of the OM&M family Sammi. Keep your head up and keep smiling.’

I nodded at Alan and let his words sink in; I shouldn’t let this person hate get to me as much. So what if a handful of fans hated me, I had the five best friends anyone could ever want and I wasn’t going anywhere soon.

‘Hey Sammi can I have a word?’

Pam walked over to Alan and I and I actually held onto him to stop him from leaving. I didn’t like being left alone with her because she always had something cruel to say about me, whether it was my appearance or how I was sponging off the band.

‘What do you want Pam? Can’t you see Alan and I are busy?’

She gave us both one of her fake smiles which she saved for when she was around Austin.

‘I just want to say to keep you skanky hands off my man. He needs a woman in his life and not some little girl, he’s only keeping you around because he feels sorry for you. You’ll never amount to anything; you’re a useless dead weight in more than one way. I mean look at you, do you shop in the little girls department? If I ever see you touch my man again I will personally make your life a living hell.’

I was gobsmacked at her open verbal attack, especially in front of Alan who was Austin’s best friend in the whole band. Alan opened his mouth to defend me but I stopped him.

‘She’s not worth it Alan, at least I’m not a gold digging whore who looks like a clown vomited on my face. Have you heard of matching your foundation to your skin tone? The orange look makes you look old.’

I didn’t know where those words came from but when they left my lips I was proud that for once I stuck up for myself. A smirk came across Pam’s face before she slapped herself. I was confused as was Alan until we noticed Austin and the rest of the guys had stopped and were facing us. Pam started to cry and threw herself at Austin clutching her red cheek.

‘What happened babe?’

‘Sammi just slapped me and called me a gold digging whore who wears too much makeup. Why does she hate me Austin?’

I had to give Pam props she was one hell of an actress.

‘Austin it’s not what it looks like. Sammi didn’t slap Pam, she slapped herself. You should have heard the harsh things she was calling Sammi.’

Austin ignored Alan and turned to face me with fire in his eyes, I’d never seen him this mad before.

‘Why would she slap herself Sammi? I know you hate her but I never thought you’d sink this low; I can’t even look at you right now. Get out of my sight.’

Austin’s words cut deep; he was taking her side after everything the two of us had been through together. Well at least I now knew where his alliances stood.

‘Screw you Carlile. If you can’t see how much of a bitch she is then maybe you’re perfect together. All of you can get your own ride home.’

I all but ran past the guys and a smirking Pam as tears pricked my eyes as I left the airport distraught. Austin and I had never once had a single fight but since Pam came into our lives was this the end of us?


I managed to calm Pam down by the time we got back to my place, I couldn’t believe Sammi would do something like that. Yes Pam wasn’t the easiest of people to get to know and yes the guys hated her but I expected support from my best friend. Maybe Sammi and I were going in different directions.

Before Sammi slapped Pam I overheard her telling Alan how the Twitter hate was getting worse. Since my phone was dead and I saw Pam had left her laptop open I decided to do a little investigating. However when I typed in Twitter I was shocked to see the account that Pam was logged into. She was logged into the hate account dedicated to hating on Sammi, but why?

As I scrolled through the tweets I saw one that was posted not long after the airport, it was very detailed and called out for Sammi to kill herself because she was dead weight and I only kept her around because I was sorry she’d never be as famous as me. I unlocked Pam’s phone and opened the email attached to the Twitter and was appalled to see that she was the creator.

‘Hi babe what are you doing? Oh shit it’s not what it looks like.’

Pam tried to tackle the laptop and phone out of my hands but I managed to keep a hold of them. She didn’t sound sorry in her tone.

‘Why Pam? What did Sammi ever do to you?’

She smirked and flicked her hair over one shoulder.

‘It started off as a little fun and then I realised that my words were getting to her and I actually enjoy ripping her apart. Most of your fans hate me and love her, but now I gave her haters a home and they love me Austin. Look at my followers.’

‘Did you slap yourself at the airport?’

She nodded and smiled.

‘I did and it was so easy to blame Sammi and you just told her to get out of your life. No she’s no longer in the picture we can be together with no distractions babe.’

I now felt awful for the way I treated my best friend, her and Alan tried to tell me but I was so in love with Pam that I thought they weren’t being honest. Pam tries to wrap her arms around my shoulders and kiss me but I shove her away roughly and stand up.

‘Get the hell out of my apartment Pam. We’re done; I will not have you send death threats to my best friend. Sammi has never once asked me for money and rejects it when I offer it to her, where as you on the other hand spend and spend. Get out of my life for good Pamela.’

She looks shocked before swearing under her breath and storming out of the front door. I needed to make it up to Sammi and see if she’d forgive me for earlier, I’d never yelled out at her before and I made her cry. Now I knew where the hate was coming from maybe I could defend her more.


Baking always made me feel better. I’d just pulled out a fresh batch of choc chip cookies. I’d been ignoring the guys calls and messages wanting some alone time. I’d taken a bubble bath and gotten into my Totoro onesie before putting in The Little Mermaid which was my favourite Disney film. I intended to have a cookie and Disney night to forget everything that happened at the airport.

The front door of the apartment opens and I sighed, forgetting that all the guys had a key because they practically lived here when not at the studio.

‘Whoever it is go away I’m not in the mood.’

I felt strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and before I could scream I relaxed upon seeing familiar tattoos up the length of their arm. Still in his grasp I turned around and looked up from under the hood of the onesie. Austin stood smirking down at me.

‘What do you want Austin? Didn’t you say enough earlier?’

His smirk falters and turns into a frown.

‘I never should have yelled out you Sammi. I broke up with Pam. It turns out she’s behind the Twitter hate account, I should have believed you and Alan but I thought I loved her.’

I was shocked to hear the revelation that Pam was behind all the hate that explained all the personal remarks. I should have been madder at Austin but I’d never been able to stay mad at him for long, I sighed and wrapped my small arms around his waist.

‘I never liked the bitch anyway and neither did the guys. You could do so much better Austin. Now I’ve just baked some cookies and have paused The Little Mermaid, how about we forget all our problems tonight?’

Austin chuckles and rests his chin on top of my head.

‘I think Disney and cookies sound perfect Sammi.’

Austin and I snuggled up on the sofa with the plate of cookies between us as I resumed the movie. Austin gave the best cuddles and sometimes I never wanted to leave his embrace. We fed each other cookies and half way through the film I noticed Austin was paying more attention to me then he was to the movie.

‘Are you okay Austin?’

He grins and strokes my hair.

‘I would do this every day with you if I could Sammi.’

My heart fluttered a little at his casual remark. Did Austin like me? I needed to test the waters.

‘Then why don’t we.’

At first he looks surprised by my answer but it quickly changes into an unreadable expression before he cups my chin and brings his lips to mine gently. What made the moment more cliché was the song ‘Kiss the Girl’ started to play in the background as I deepened the kiss.

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When people ask me why I left Austin and I tell them it's because I hate hipster trash, now I can show them your blog and they can understand what a true self righteous hipster is like. You are a typical text book example of "that one white girl."

And I look beautiful and radiant while doing it and Austin doesn’t miss you 💘