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What Matters

Request- I have a request which you don’t have to do if you don’t want to or don’t have time to anyways… Deanxreader where there’s big age difference, I mean not too big but there it is and Sam or someone doesn’t support their relationship so it’s kinda messed up thanks :)

A/N- I have no idea why but this one came so naturally to me… I dunno but I just sat down and wrote and wrote! I didn’t stop to think what was going to happen it just happened lol… I can’t quite explain it… I was inspired by a youtuber today and I realized though his was in a much larger scale that we had a similar problem and his video really helped me a lot! Any who! Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count- 1486

Warning- age gap?

Dean had gone on a food run by the time you woke up. He had been extremely careful when he got up, since he didn’t want to wake you. Especially not when you were sleeping so peacefully.

You’ve been dating him for a year now, though you did have a rocky start. You were one month into being a hunter when you met him. Needless to say that you were beyond wary of people at the time and even now some part of you is still suspicious of the world. So when you bumped into two hunters, of course, you didn’t cooperate. It was your case after all.

You bumped into them a few times after that. Befriended them. Hunted with them. After six months of friendship, you found yourself extremely attracted to the older Winchester. You didn’t hide that attraction from him, though you felt he wouldn’t go for you, as you were younger than even Sam; which meant being much younger than Dean, but not to the point where it would be any issue. Not with you at least. It wasn’t for another month that he gave in to his own attraction.

Yet here you were a year later. Together.

You had waited about an hour and a half for Dean to return. You walk toward the library to check if he was there, since he wasn’t in the kitchen.

“Dean I know you’ve dated Y/N for a while now but-” You hear Sam start, causing you to freeze.

‘They’re talking about me?’ you thought.

“Yeah and?” Dean answered, not knowing what his brother was trying to say.

“It’s just that… Y/N’s younger than you… I mean– Y/N is younger than ME,” he says.

“Just barely. Why does that matter anyways?” Dean questioned, getting angry by the moment.

“You do know that you were already six years old when Y/N was born. I’m sorry but I… I don’t understand how that doesn’t bug you,” Sam admitted.

Dean was clearly taken aback. He never thought to worry about that, after all you were both adults. Not to mention that you weren’t just some fling. You were much more than that to Dean. Did you find it strange that he was older than you? He began to question himself.

You on the other hand, after hearing what Sam said, and not hearing Dean say anything in response- you weren’t so sure about your relationship. You turned back around; went to the kitchen, grabbed a beer, and wandered around the bunker aimlessly. Making a pros and cons list in your head. Should you stay with Dean or…?

It took you hours to gather your thoughts, and even then- all you could hear was Dean. “You’re just an inexperienced kid trying to act like an adult!” he had yelled at you when you were at each other’s throats, the day you had met. Over and over it replayed. You couldn’t help but feel sad, since it wasn’t long ago that he said that; less than two years.

It took Dean only a couple of minutes to actually think about it and realize that although the gap was there, he still loved you and knew that you loved him. With just that, anything anyone else would think seemed minor.

“Y/N!” Dean called. “Y/N- There you are!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been looking for you.”

You were sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall of some random room. “Oh… Hey Dean,” you answer weakly, not really looking him in the eyes.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked. He was the same Dean you always knew; same smile, same smooth way of talking, but that made it that much more difficult for you.

“Uh- I’m not sure. I just sort of came here,” you chuckled. “I’ve been thinking,” you paused. “I want to go on a hunt,” you said.

Dean looked at you curiously, “Sure. Sam’s looking for one right now,” he responded.

“No… I mean… I want to go on a hunt… by myself,” you say.

“What? Why all of a sudden? We can go toget-” he starts.

“I’m not a kid!” you shouted. Your eyes widened when you realized that you had raised your voice unnecessarily. You sighed, “I Just want to go on my own. It’s been a while you know…” you smiled at him weakly.

He looked at you, thinking back, he didn’t ever see your stubborn side, but that look in your eyes told him that you were going no matter what, “Are you sure you want to go alone?” he asked.

You nodded, “Yeah.”

He sighed, but smiled, “Alright,” he said. “If this is something you want to do, then I guess I’ll help you find a hunt.”

You stared back at him, “Okay,” you say quickly, exiting the room just as fast. You rushed toward the library, find a hunt as soon as possible.

Sam was still in there and a part of you didn’t want to see him. He looked up toward you, “Hey,” he said.

“Have you found a hunt?” you asked.

He looked at you, a bit confused by the urgency in your voice, “Yeah… I think there’s a shifter in the next town over,” he informed.

“Great. I’ll pack my duffel and be on my way,” you told him.

“What?” he questioned.

“I’ll pack my duffel and be on my way,” you repeated. “Text me the details,” you add.

“Wait!” he called out but you left no room for questions and left.

You quickly packed your duffel bag and got in your car, which you hadn’t used in a while. You left, not saying goodbye to anyone. By the time Dean had noticed, it was already too late.

“What’s up with Y/N?” Sam asked Dean.

Dean stood in the garage. He didn’t answer, though he had a suspicion on why you were acting strangely. He then turned toward his brother, almost glaring at him. “I think Y/N heard what you said earlier,” he responded in a low rough voice.

Sam’s eyes widened for a second, “I- I didn’t mean-”

“Yeah well it doesn’t matter. I’ll let Y/N have their time but when they come back, you better apologize. I’m not going to lose Y/N over something so small like this,” Dean told him.

“Of course… I just-” Sam starts.

“Sam… It doesn’t matter… Our age gap or whatever the hell you want to call it… What’s important is that we care about each other. That I don’t force Y/N to do anything they don’t want and the other way around. Got it?” Dean questions.

“Yeah,” Sam answers.

Although Dean says he’ll let you have your time, he couldn’t help but worry. Especially since you left on a sour note, meaning you weren’t checking in. He tried not to pry and seem overly worried went he text you, but it was hard because he WAS worried.

You didn’t answer any text. You just focused on the hunt. That in itself only took you a day and a half, but you took an extra day just to think about your situation. The fact of the matter was that you weren’t at any point ever affected by the age gap. You were both adults. You both cared about each other. What you WERE worried about was that Dean might be bothered by it.

It had been three days since you left, and you arrived wordlessly back to the bunker. You went straight for the kitchen for some water. Dean was already in the kitchen, grabbing a beer. The second he lay his eyes on you, he swiftly walked over to you, hugging you tight.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

You were a bit shocked, “Uh… I killed it… so good.”

He chuckled, “Good work,” he said.

“Thanks. Um… Sorry for not responding and checking in… I just-” you stammer for the right words.

“You needed time. It’s alright,” he said, still hugging you.

You had hugged him back, “Thank you,” you responded. You pulled away, “Dean… I need to ask you…”

“Anything-” he said.

“Does it bother you..? Does it bother you that I’m younger than you… younger than even Sam?” you questioned.

He smiled, “Do you love me?” he asked in return.

You were confuse but still answered. “Of course I do.”

He smiled, his eyes a tad softer than usual, “I love you too,” he said.

“But-” you say.

“It doesn’t bother me. It never has,” he answered.

All you could do was hug him again. You were happy that you didn’t have to break up or hide your anxiety. You should have known better than to have run from the problem, but sometime running or taking some time gives you a bit of perspective. Enough breathing room to think about what you want and what is good for you. Of course, it did helped that your partner was understanding.

Hope you liked it! x)

Do you think Javi will be in the Olympics? I know he didn’t do great in the GPF, but I really love seeing him skate, and I would love to see him in these upcoming Olympics.

Barring injuries, Javi will definitely skate at the next Olympics. He’s the only top male skater in Spain and will have no problem making the Olympic team. He had a couple of rough days at GPF, but he’s a very strong skater and will definitely bounce back. Sometimes skaters have bad performances; not all competitions can go well. But it doesn’t mean it’s the end of their career at all. :)

idk why but even though zagitova is great I much prefer watching pogorilaya? is it experience or differences in artistry or?x you can ignore this if you’re busy lol hope you enjoyed the rus and jap nationals xxxx

It’s up to personal preference, really. But many skating fans will probably say that Anna is a better skater than Alina when it comes down to basic skating, regardless of their skating styles.

Do you speak Russian or Japanese? Do you watch translated versions of Japanese Nationals and Russian Nationals?

Neither of the admins of this blog can speak Japanese or Russian (but some people in our live chat can). We haven’t seen any translated commentary for Russian or Japanese Nationals, but you can keep an eye out for it. Sometimes subtitled videos show up on Youtube.

one of the ask made me curious: what’s the Plushenko Sex Bomb? thanks~

This #iconic program.

hi could you please elaborate on the topic of skaters turning pro?(im not sure if i used the right phrase) i only got into fs recently but im already so obsessed amd i really wish i could attend a live event. i have a focus on a single skater though (namely yuzuru) but none of the events up to the olympics really works for my uni schedule and ive heard that its possible he might retire after pyeongchang? thanks in advance

“Turning pro” back in the day when skating was very popular in the US (like during the ‘90s and early ‘00s) meant competing on the “pro” circuit - events that were a mixture of exhibitions and actual competitions, and didn’t follow ISU guidelines. The “amateur” circuit were the regular ISU competitions. Successful skaters could “turn pro” and make money at pro events, but most of those events are no longer held. Nowadays, “turning pro” basically just means retiring and skating in shows. There are still a lot of skating shows around, especially in Japan, where skating is very popular and in high demand. Some well-known ones in Japan include Fantasy on Ice, Dreams on Ice, The Ice, Friends on Ice, etc. If Yuzuru retires, he will definitely be offered invitations to many shows, not only in Japan, but it’s up to him to decide if he wishes to continue as a show skater. Some skaters continue to skate in shows for many years after retiring, but some want to move on to different parts of their life. Yuzuru hasn’t yet decided when he will retire and what exactly he will do afterwards. He might not retire after Pyeongchang at all. In any case, I hope you’ll be able to see him live someday!

thanks for teaching me the word suplex

Always happy to oblige~

Peter Pan Imagine: “I Can’t Live Without You”

Request: “19 with peter pan pls pls pls”
      “I can’t live without you…why can’t you see that?”
Hope this is alright & you enjoy reading!

Word Count: 2,146 (Needless to say, I had fun with this and also suffer from a problem called writing too much)

It was sweltering in Neverland. The leaves of the rainforest hung heavily, dew drops dripping from them, weighing down branches, causing them to close in around you from every side. You wiped your brow, pushing back your hair that was matted and clinging to your head and face from sweat.

Regardless of the heat, the hunt must carry on. Peter Pan, his best lost boys, and you would hunt every week for game at the end of the week. The meat would be cooked and eaten during Friday night bonfires. The heat gave your party an advantage, for all the animals would be tired and lazily roaming my creeks, simply waiting to be caught. On the other hand, you yourselves were exhausted and grew tired with every labored step.

As you walked in front of the rest of the boys, leading the hunt until the next animal was caught, you decided you couldn’t take it any longer. The heat was just too much. Abruptly, you pulled off your heavy loosely-hanging shirt from your body, leaving you in nothing but your clingy tank top that left half your back bare and exposed to anyone behind you. Peter, who gripped his spear tightly behind you, watched you with darkened eyes as you, thinking none of it, tied your loose shirt around your waist, under your scabbard. You ran your hand across your neck, twisting your hair frustratedly into a tighter bun to keep it out of the way. Peter watched every delicate movement of your hands, subconsciously smiling faintly to himself as he mused at the beauty of every little movement of yours.

His smile disappeared rapidly the second, however, he felt a pair of eyes resting on your skin. He turned his head sharply, to look at one of his lost boys, Rufio, nudging his friend and nodding his head in your direction, smirking.

Pan halted the party. “Find something funny, do you, boys?”

The smirk was wiped off Rufio’s face completely, replaced with the look of utmost terror and paralyzing fear. “N-No, Pan…” he stuttered weakly.

Pan’s eyes darkened with anger, but struggled to pass it off as mere annoyance. “Stop making so much bloody noise,” he hissed, “and focus on the hunt, yeah?”

Rufio gulped, and nodded frantically.

You push your way through the crowded boys and leaves, making your way to Peter and Rufio. “What are you guys doing?” you whispered, confused.

Peter Pan, never taking his burning eyes off Rufio, chuckled and crossed his arms, tucking his spear under him. “Yeah, what are we doing here, Rufio?”

Rufio lowered his head before timidly saying, “Nothing. Let’s go.”

You rolled your eyes and turned back around, this time Peter close at your heels. “We’re almost at the creek. Be quiet now, guys.” You drew your sword, walking by Peter’s side. You were so focused on hunting, you didn’t even notice Peter’s electrifying green eyes watching you in unconscious admiration. You held your breath as you stepped forward to pull aside the leaves to reveal a gently flowing creek. A deer bowed its head, drinking from it, lapping up the blissfully cool water silently. You looked towards Peter, who silently motioned to the boys to split up and circle around the deer, encircling it from all sides. You nodded at Peter, who took two crossbows from the boys and handed one to you. Together, you two took aim and fired at the deer, in sync from years of hunting together. Your arrows met their mark, and the deer staggered, before the lost boys jump from their hiding spots, trapping the deer in place.

One particularly zealous boy made to stab it again, but you stopped him. “No!” you yelled. You rushed out to meet the lost boys, flinging your arm across its weak body to keep anyone from harming it anymore. You pointed your bow at the deer, and shot it one last time, to ensure it dies swiftly and painlessly. You turned back to the boy and glare. “There’s no need to cruel,” you chide. You may have been a hunter at heart, but you still had one. You felt disgusted any time one of the lost boys abused their weapons to hurt other creatures on the island; and that was quite often.

“What? It’s just a stupid deer!” the boy spat back, obviously annoyed at you.

“Enough,” Peter growled, pushing the growth to the side and emerging behind you. He placed his hand on your shoulder firmly; it wasn’t comforting, but it also wasn’t rough. “(Y/N)’s right. The deer is dead now. Stop wasting time and strap it up to carry it back to camp. The hunt is over.”

The stubborn lost boy rolled his eyes after turning away from Pan one last time, before following the rest of the boys as they began to lift the deer into a net to carry back. Peter spared them a glance, and nodded to Felix as they left, before turning back to you. He realized his hand was no longer on your shoulder, but he was standing barely a foot away from you. “Are you alright?” he asked you.

You shrugged numbly and turned away, eyes stinging. You didn’t know why you felt like this, but no matter how much you tried to push the feeling down, it kept resurfacing. You didn’t quite know what it was. You leaned your forehead against a tree, placing your arm high above your head against the tree, hand curled into a fist. You shut your eyes, trying to clear your thoughts. You opened your eyes a few quiet moments later and lifted your head. “It’s the boys. They just… the way they act. I just… every time I feel like I’m fitting in, that I can be just like everyone else here, they go and do things that make me just feel so sick.”

Peter couldn’t help a look of surprise pass his face. “They’re boys, (Y/N). That’s how they act.” He smiled slightly, trying to make a joke out of it to lighten the mood. “Don’t tell me you don’t have the stomach for a little hunt anymore?”

Apparently that wasn’t the right thing to say. You turned to face him, breathing heavily. “Stomach for what? Senseless torture and killing? I don’t need to be a barbarian to have fun… and it’s not because I’m a girl,” you added threateningly, before Pan even had the chance to open his mouth.

“Oh, so you’re calling us barbarians now?” Pan quipped, growing angry.

“You can be!” you yelled loudly.

Peter scoffed. “Trust me, you’ve seen nothing.” You glared at him in response, but you buckle against his deep green eyes. Peter took a step towards you, lowering his voice to a low growl in his throat, his breath warm and steady. “This is the jungle, sweetheart. Adapt, or die.”

You stepped forward challengingly, your face inches from Peter’s. “If this is what the jungle turns people into, then I choose neither. I choose escape.”

You sucked in a breath and turn away from Peter, whose wild eyes followed you with bewilderment. You disappeared into the thick brush. Peter Pan furrowed his brows and angrily banged his arm against a tree, chest heaving in frustration and confusion. He felt as if you were slipping right through his fingers, even though recently he felt greater desire for you than ever before. He snarled against the tree bark in a low whisper, “We’ll see about that.”


You hadn’t spoken to Pan in days. You hadn’t attended the bonfire the night of the hunt, and refused to engage with any of the lost boys; not even your best friend, Felix. Even though you had been at Neverland for years, and it was the only home you knew, there was so much that you could never accept. You felt so powerless here, sometimes, when Pan ordered everyone around and the boys behaved thoughtlessly and without consequence.

Tears clung to your eyelashes threateningly, and you shoved a lump down your sore, parched throat. When was the last time I drank water? You felt weak, hot, suffocated. Suddenly, you wanted nothing more to leave the island. You didn’t know where you would go, or even how you would, but even if you had to swim through the Mermaid’s Lagoon, you would. You wanted escape.

You quickly threw on your lightweight green tank top and sheathed your dagger against your belt. You crept out of your tent, checking to make sure none of the lost boys had woken up yet. It was hardly sunrise. You walked lightly over the soft, damp earth until you reached the lagoon bank. You were about to step into the cool water when you hear an icy voice behind you.

“And what exactly do you think you’re doing?”

You don’t even have to turn around. Pan, you muttered angrily under your breath.

“Am I ever going to have ONE moment of peace on this godforsaken island? What is it to you?” you swiveled around and snap coldly.

“This is my island, and you follow my rules.” Peter jumped down from a tree’s thick branch, landing on the ground lightly.

“Not if I’m not on your island!” you yelled back.

Peter’s eyes darkened and he shot you a death glare, making your blood run cold. “No one leaves without my permission. Get away from the lagoon right now, (Y/N).” He stalked towards you threateningly.

You turned away stubbornly. “No!” You were about to jump in when Peter grabbed your wrist, wrenching you back into him and away from the water.

What is your problem, Pan??” you yelled loudly. Peter simply stared at you with dark eyes, holding both your wrists with each hand tightly, even as you struggled to escape.

“What exactly are you trying to do?” Peter asked angrily.

“Why do you even care? Why don’t you ever just leave me alone? If I’m gone even for ten minutes you come find me, but you never do the same for anyone else. Felix can disappear for a whole day, and you never worry. The lost boys run around senselessly doing whatever the hell they want, and you don’t even care! You never punish them for all the horrible things they do. And I, I never do anything, and you’re always punishing and suffocating me.” Your words tumbled over one another as you yelled against in Peter’s face, each word spat with the greatest amount of spite you could muster. You never dared to utter these words before out of fear of Pan, but you couldn’t hold them back anymore. Tears clung to your eyelashes stubbornly, much to your embarrassment.

Peter Pan grew still, shocked and confused. His grip on your wrist had tightened while you spoke out of anger, but they began to loosen out of shock. “Is it such a punishment that I care?”

You heaved heatedly, frustrated, and gasping for breath. Your chest rose and fell, sweat crawling down from your neck down to your shirt. “Why can’t you just let me go, Peter?” you asked in a voice barely above a whisper, staring imploringly into his eyes, begging with your own for release.

“Because I can’t live without you…why can’t you see that?” Peter released your wrists and stepped closer yet towards you. “Because… I love you.”

You stared at him, dumbfounded, as his eyes showed more raw emotion than you had ever seen before. His brow furrowed and he stared into you with a look of such yearning and desire, you had to blink and glance away. Suddenly, you were completely cautious of how close he was to you, and of how his shirt clung to his chest due to the heat and outlined his broad shoulders and arms. You felt his heated and ragged breath falling rapidly, his lips parted in both exhaustion and hunger. “Peter, I…” Before you could even reply, Peter took your face in his hands and leaned down to kiss you hungrily. You closed your eyes in surprise as his lips crashed into yours, but soon you melted into his touch. You felt him kiss you hungrily – roughly at first – before you slowed into a passionate rhythm. As you parted, you stared only into each other’s eyes.

Peter gazed at you with a newfound look of unbridled admiration and love. He was no longer trying to hide it, from you or from himself. “Now I’m never letting you go,” he breathed, his voice shaking.

You leaned back up into him, and as your mouth brushed against his, you whispered, “And now I’m not going anywhere.” As your lips reconnected, you realized this was all you had wanted for months. Peter. “I love you too, Peter,” you muttered against his mouth.

Prompt request

Warren Worthington III x Reader

Summary:  Hey with the prompts can I get 12 with Warren he says it to the reader. Thanks.

Prompt: “You’re the worst person I’ve ever met and I loathe the sight of you.”



Warren had no idea why he disliked you so much, or why you bothered him. You were the nicest person at this school, and the only one who wasn’t afraid to talk to him. But maybe that was his problem, he liked you and you were to good for him. He couldn’t have you.

That’s why he was so cold to you.Yet you were still so nice to him.

You knew it probably had to do with the way he was treated, and how he probably was never cared about or befriended in his life, so you tried not to let his cold demeanor scare you or push you away, but sometimes the things he said really did hurt. 

Like what happened today for example.

You saw Warren sitting alone in the courtyard. He was watching the younger students play basketball, and once and awhile his gaze would shift to the people riding bikes around the school, and occasionally over to the group you sat in with Scott, Peter, Jean, and the rest of the gang.

You told your group goodbye, before making your way over to Warren. 

Warren tensed as he saw you walking over trying to calm himself down a little before freaking out. He stiffened as you sat next to him and smiled.

‘Ignore her.’ He said to himself. But it was harder said than done.

As you smiled at him and said hello Warren forced himself to sigh, leaning back into the bench you both were on, and turned his head away from you.

You frowned but quickly replaced it with a small smile, not giving up.

“How’s your day been today?” You asked.


“Uhm…What do you think of the new book Professor assigned? Are you excited to read it?”

More Silence.

“What about the homework assignment? Did you-”

“Will you shut up!” He yelled interrupting you causing you to jump back and everyone in the courtyard to watch you two.

“I-I’m…” You didn’t know what to say.

“Jesus you’re so annoying! Can’’t you tell I don’t like you.” He yelled a little louder.

He almost immediately apologizing as he saw the look on your face. Why was he doing this? He could fix everything right now, make things right. Tell you how he really feels.

But his insecurities got in the way.

“You’re the worst person I’ve ever met and I loathe the sight of you.” He finished yelling, breathing heavily.

And when the first tear fell from your face he immediately hated himself.

“I’m…I’m sorry, I didn’t” You didn’t even finish your sentence before you ran off wiping your eyes.

anonymous asked:

(Y o: ) Y woke up startled to a knock on his door, in a cold state of fear himself. It wasn't the knock that roused him from sleep... Regardless, he knew the only person who would wake him at this hour was X... And he knew why. The boy had it so much worse than him, so he put on his best facade to get ready and help him, ignoring his own problem... He crossed the room and opened the door, tiredly looking at X and immediately welcoming him... But it was clear Y was shaken, even under the smile.

Upon seeing Y at his door giving him a tired look, he couldn’t help but to notice he looked off as well. 

“Uh, you… know why I’m here, obviously. Are you okay though? You look like a mess.” he asked, his hand immediately resting on the olders cheek.



- I know Sinclair asked. About whether I had the shot. Why didn’t you tell him the truth?
- Why didn’t you shoot me?

X Company - 2x03 - Schein Und Sein

Saying I Love You...

Originally posted by giffing-the-screen

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader

Warnings: None, maybe some fluff.

Based on the prompt: Saying I love you. Imagine the words resting quietly on the air, spoken in time with the rising sun and the soft whispers of the morning.

A/N: Wow guys, it’s been a while since I don’t post something. Don’t think I had abandoned you, it’s just that some serious problems have been happening in my life and that’s why I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to. Anyway, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy.

You woke up in the early hours of the morning to find yourself trapped inside a pair of strong arms. You turned around as sleepy as you were to become face to face with the person whose arms were holding you tight to them. As you laid your eyes on his long eyelashes, high cheekbones and full lips, memories came flooding your mind.

You remembered a house, a feeling of disappointment, tears rolling down your cheeks and an angry cry. You remembered dialing his number and him coming immediately to you, you remembered a bar table and jars of beer, a motorcycle riding you home and a desperate plea, begging him to stay with you through the night.

So it did happen, your dreams hadn’t been a lie, your so called boyfriend had left you for someone else. You couldn’t say that you really loved him, because you didn’t, not yet at least, but you did cared for him and trusted him completely.

To be honest you had developed a crush on America’s Sweetheart, Steve Rogers, but alas he only saw you as a friend, or so you thought. Over time he had become something like your best friend and confident; and unbeknownst to you he had also became infatuated with you.

Lying in his arms you glanced at the clock on your night stand, it was only 3 in the morning, which meant you had a few more hours to sleep. Sheltering yourself in the warmth and safety of his embrace, you drifted to a peaceful sleep.

The next time you woke up it was because of his warm breath against your neck. Slowly you noticed he was talking in murmured whispers that sounded more like a confession.

Trying not to distract him, you tries to listen to whatever he was saying.

“Y/N, I know I probably won’t ever gather the courage to say this to your face, but I just wanted to get it out of my chest, and what better way to do it than to looking at your beautiful face. I have fallen for you in a way I didn’t think I’d be able to ever again. You have bewitched me in body and soul and I can’t stop thinking about you, not even when I’m on a mission.”

Your eyes were starting to water with tears and you couldn’t listen any longer without saying anything. Carefully you opened your eyes and looked up to meet his, which startled him a little at first, but before he could say anything else, you decided to speak.

“So you’ve fallen for me, huh? Who would’ve thought?” You made a slight pause, gathering the courage to confess to him as well. “Actually I have fallen for you as well, hard. You haunt my every thought and my dreams, so, I guess what I’m trying to say is that the feelings are mutual.”

Even through the darkness of the room you could see him smiling from ear to ear. He suddenly looks at you as if preparing himself to say something to you. Finally, as the sun begins to rise outside and the quiet murmurs of the morning start to fill your ears, he says what you’ve been dying to hear and what he’s been dying to tell you.

“I love you.”