why i even did this

Laundry Day

Jughead x reader fluff

summary: You are doing the laundry when a certain gray hat is found. (Sorry the summary is short. This imagine is kinda short)

a/c: I’m planning on adding more chapters to this if you guys want it *wink wink*.

word count: 524

“Ugh…Why did I even agree to that stupid ass bet”, you say as you struggle to carry the laundry basket full of Jughead’s clothes to the washroom. A sigh was released through your parted lips as you drop the basket on the table near the washing machine.

Both you and Jughead agreed to a bet on who could finish their milkshakes first at Pop’s. The loser had to do the winner’s laundry for a week straight. If it wasn’t for your small appetite, due to all the french fries that were previously eaten, you lost.

As you began to sort through the pile of clothes, something caught your eye. You cautiously picked it up, in case it was a pair of underwear. As you examined it, you realised that it was the one and only hat. The hat. It must have fallen in because Jughead only washes it when he needed to, and to you, it was clean enough. You looked around, just in case someone was looking and you put it on. The hat was warm and at the same time, smelled like him. It was slightly big to the point that it hid your eyes.

When you lifted it up, you saw Jughead, leaning against the door frame, with his arms crossed. You feel your cheeks warm up as you look up at his eyes. He slowly walks to you with no expression on his face. His hand reaches your head and adjusts the hat, so he could get a better sight of your face. You feel your cheeks warm up even more.

He lets out a sigh of satisfaction with his hands now cupping your cheeks. His lips parted as if he had something to say, yet nothing came out. You both stood there, for a few seconds, feeling as if time stood still, like in the movies. But, reality hits you as he clears his throat, and you feel the warmth of his hands leave your skin.

“You don’t look terrible in that hat”, he says, scratching the back of his neck. “Not, as good as me, of course”, he says with a wink, slowly regaining his confidence.

You liked him. Or maybe even loved him. You grabbed him by his shirt and before you realised, his chest was now pressed against yours and you did not know if it was your heart that was beating rapidly, or his. The warmth on your cheeks came back, as you felt a pair of hands land on your lower back.  Attempting to look up at him, you raise your head, yet failing when the beanie that was still on your head, blocked your sight. You hear a chuckle escape from his lips.

“You are too fucking cute for your own good”, he mutters, pulling you into a tight embrace, resting his chin on top of your head.

“Am I cute enough to get out of doing the laundry?”

“Nice try, sweetheart”, he answered, smiling at the nickname he gave you. He then released you from the hug, taking the hat off your head, turning around, walking back to the living room.

  • <p> <b>Random person:</b> Can you stop shipping everything??<p/><b>Me:</b> Well, I'm stuck on my small boat in this ocean with many ships around but I can't get on any one of them because they may all drown any moment<p/><b>Random person:</b> Why did I even ask...<p/></p>

I was checking out a gif set and replies to it and came across terrible comments like “Cas doesn’t care about Dean’s pain” “Cas is abusive” “Destiel fans support domestic abuse” "Castiel only cares about Dean as a tool” because he replied “yeah when?” when Dean said he’s had worse than the injury Cas sustained at Ramiel’s hands.

Dean was clearly trying to lighten up the situation and Castiel responded in his usual dry way. So… Okay? They apparently want to have something to get angry about, so whatever.

(And apparently so do I, because why did I even check the replies in the first place…?)

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Thank you so much! I saw the tweet Ben specifically stated that he'll release the hug video if 1d win the Brit and he even tagged the other guy (Gregg I think?) honestly they're such assholes

i just like………. if you knew a hug did not even exist why did you say that (i mean i know why it was emotionally manipulative but still.)

😭👿 First Time Getting Caught Haul 👿😭 (But I’m Safe!)

☠️ Total: $127

So I was at $eph0ra and it was the ONE time I didn’t employ the “slit in a cup” or crouching method.
I had a perfume with the rfid ripped off and a lipstick in my hands and I was dropping them into my bag when suddenly an SA came skipping around the corner and caught me mid-drop. She went stone faced and we exchanged eye contact for a second so I knew I was caught. The SA ran off to a corner and started talking into her headset with her hands covering her mouth and the headset so I got out FAST. But my dumb ass decided to take the perfume and lipstick (the ones she caught me with) out my purse and put them back on a random display 😒😒😒 idk why I even did that. Now I wish I just kept them because they were 2 items I’ve been lusting after for a while.


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.