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I’m tell you guys about my dream nightmares cause well I can:

So yesterdays dream involved a medieval town, lost souls, and aztec temples and like the day started off fine. Typical dream wars and travelling the lands. But things started getting shadier and the elder knight who was guiding us was getting more ominous. And the next thing I knew there was these giant dragon like beasts with three heads but instead of heads the top of the necks were like those sea anemone tops with the tentacles. And in the middle was a large gap with rows and rows of teeth inside. And they would grab warriors and stuff and shred them apart. Eventually turning them into these Sugar Skull like angel reapers who were very sparkly and dazzling but also reallllly trying hard to dehead me with a scythe. I woke up as one lunged at me after one of the dragon anemones tried to maul me.

Second dream which was just this morning, involved a small town focusing mainly on myself, my friend (some blonde girl reminded me of my OC barbie) and her boyfriend. We’d switch from childhood to present times. Focusing on the Mother of the blonde friend. Who had gotten divorced by her husband who then remarried some hot young thing. And like this town was super creepy alright, like silent hill level but with a lot less rust and monsters. The only monster in the world was this crawler like creature that reminded me of a dread zombie, and the beasts from The Descent. But this thing could alter its shape to other people and had to be fed someone daily or else it would attack the Mother and the Daughter. So the mother constantly was tricking people into this concrete shelter where the monster laid in a room attached from the main room. But this terrible storm happens and all of us get stuck in that main room. And the mother constantly trying to get people into the side room. She was a alchoholic too. And I remember being pushed in their once at the detest of the group. But another girl had come in to rescue me and managed to drag me out before I was grabbed by the beast. But I did see it catch someone and when it got them they literally were bitten into and turned into ash and the monster just melted into the ground as if it wasn’t even there. 

By the end of my dream I know the mom constantly was trying to get rid of me and the boyfriend. I’m not sure why as neither of us had done anything wrong pff- Also there was one of those light up things that made the room diffrent colors but I wasn’t sure why until my cat woke me up by hitting me :3c; ;

Painted a hurt Fenris and Hawke sneaked in there to kiss him better - went from pure angst to 100% fluff, I do not regret.


100 Days of Youtube - (48/100)

MEET DILDDY LESTOWELL - Dan and Phil play: Dream Daddy

Marichat May Day 6: Game Night

He has already lost too many times to even count with the fingers. But Chat doesnt mind in the slightest while he can cuddle around Mari and enjoy her company.

i did this too late im sorry xD

Missing someone I shouldn’t even be thinking about.
—  March 17, 2017