why i don't have her hair

Like your great grandfather, like your grandfather-
flying is in your blood. The stars call to you. You’re a pilot.

For @hollyhark’s Kylux Daughter verse

As always, inspired by Holly’s Daughter verse (or more correctly, actively butchering her ideas lol). So I learned that their little girl loves flying and I was overwhelmed with feelings (;へ:)

So, some hug time

Carry On Countdown // Day ten {December 2nd} // Youtuber AU

carry on cast + youtube, my personal hc/au (?????)(it’s post canon but also au anna why do u always have to make things complicated idfk)

  • okay so i think it would all start with agatha
  • she would start a youtube channel with one of her friends in california
  • it’s like all aesthetically pleasing beautify + life style blog. 
  • picture make-up/ hair/ nails/ idek videos but also baking videos, house/apartment tours anything hauls. 
  • the kiddo’s over in london would start watching her, first just because it’s nice to see what agatha’s up to in ca, but they get low-key addicted to her channel because her video’s are just so nice and the aesthetic is on point.
  • i feel like baz would get hardcore addicted. like he’d love all her video’s and would literally text her about the nice clothes she showed in her haul and stuff like that. (such bonding)
  • simon would try out recipes from her baking videos and sent agatha pictures of the results and aah it’s just all so cute and nice. 
  • penny enjoys the make-up vids way more than she likes to admit.
  • anyways, baz is so into agatha’s channel and just the entire youtube thing that he’s thinking of starting one of his own
  • agatha finally convinces him to just start one and see how it’ll go. 
  • so he starts one but gets lost quite quickly because he doesn’t know what to make video’s about
  • his first video is a clothing haul and like, he does enjoy doing it, but his heart just isn’t fully in it.
  • so he makes like one meh video every 2 months, not really knowing what he’s doing until he decides that he needs to rearrange some stuff here.
  • baz starts daily vlogging.
  • lbr baz can talk a lot and just is such a snarky person. imagine him filming his day with his witty comments on the things that happen. 
  • penny and simon find it stressful at first because they always need to be sure baz doesn’t accidentally film simon’s wings/tail or penny using magic or something.
  • but like they get used to it and baz is just having a lot of fun. 
  • he notices that, because he’s filming his everyday life, he gets more out of his way to do more new stuff to make the vlogs as entertaining as possible. and it just somehow makes him more excited about just living life if that makes sense. somehow it becomes this whole therapeutic thing for him. 
  • simon and penny appear a lot in his vlogs. baz’ viewers live for sassy conversations and discussions between penny and baz. and penny has no problem with being on camera.
  • for simon it takes some time to get comfortable with speaking in front of a camera. he’s not a talkative person so this whole vlogging thing is just ???¿¿?¿?????¿? to him, but baz’ viewers find simon cute and nice.
  • baz and simon never really said anything about their relationship on baz’ channel and they don’t really act like they’re in a relationship in front of the camera. (they’re just normal them in front of the camara, but no pda stuff) so the viewers don’t really know about their relationship
  • though……after some time the viewers start to suspect things because of the way the boys sometimes look at each other and stuff.
  • sO that’s how the ship SNAZ comes about ((yes, baz’ viewers do choose the cool ship name))
  • once the shipping starts baz’ channel really starts to grow (because lbr that’s how a lot of those things work in the world of fandoms. sorry.)
  • simon and baz start to notice how baz’ viewers are shipping them and like, posting edits and fanfiction of them on the social media and they think it’s great. 
  • simon and baz are very amused by the shippers and start to act a tiny bit more pda on camera. just to make the viewers flip their shit
  • like simon will shortly rest his head on baz’ shoulder or baz brushing smudged chocolate from simon’s chin on camera and giving simon an Intense Look™ that u don’t give to ‘just friends’ ppl
  • the snaz fandom is dying. leGIT DYING 
  • simon and baz are just dying of laughter. 
  • but then the fights start on social media
  • the ‘you should say all this stuff because it’ll make simon and baz uncomfortable and i’ll ruin their friendship’ drama.
  • simon and baz see all this unfold on social media and just face palm.
  • they’re like “should we just tell them that we’re dating?”
  • they don’t want to be forced to be open about their relationship online just because people are fighting about it, but at the same time they never really wanted to hide it either. they didn’t even feel like they were purposefully hiding it.
  • it was just that at first they didn’t do pda stuff in front of a camera because simon didn’t feel fully comfortable whilst being on camera and after that it just kinda became a silent rule that they didn’t do pda stuff on camera.
  • but they never actually cared about if people knew about their relationship or not so…..
  • one day baz just starts his daily vlog whilst still being in bed, barely woken up, and you can see simon next to him in bed in the background. 
  • once that vlog is up everyone DIES
  • but the Not Shippers are just like “nono baz was just sleeping over at simon’s and penny’s it’s totally normal for them to sleep in the same bed”
  • simon and baz: *sigh*
  • second attempt of Exposing™ (not actually on youtube): baz posting a picture on instagram roses with the caption “buying flowers for my special boy @~simons ig~”
  • people die again, but still there are people like “special boy as in Special Good Friend” 
  • simon and baz are ready to cry
  • so is the snaz fandom
  • so. next vlog. there’s baz and simon in the same bed again. there’s baz calling simon “love” and there’s baz just talking to the camera about something that happened (idk, him rambling about a film he just saw with simon?) whilst simon is sitting next to him with his head resting on baz’s shoulder.
  • the entire snaz fandom is crying happy tears and feeling blessed and thanking baz for bringing this level of adorableness into their lives.
  • there are idiots tweeting. “no baz isn’t dating simon u stupid fangirls”
  • and baz being so done just tweets back. “sorry sir/madam but simon snow, cute kid, crazy hair, is in fact my boyfriend who i have been happily dating for some time now. gnight.” 
  • and the whole snaz fandom just explodes. 
  • snaz is real ya’ll 
  • (((also later, when snaz is big™ they’ll bring out sweaters and beanies with the words ‘snazzy’ on it and it’s great)))
  • ((((also also. in an interview: “so, baz, since many big youtubers are brining out a book as well?” baz: “yes. it’s called twilight. it’s out september 6th 2006.” interviewer: ???¿????¿¿?¿??))))

Why are they all dressed up and alone in the bar in the promo? Did Mike ask her to have a drink and then she asked who was going and he said “Just me. And you.”??? Then did Ginny get all dressed up and curl her hair to look nice in case it was a date??? And it totally was??? And they don’t say it but it is???

Moodboard  ➤ Queen Victoria. 

You know, Uncle. There have been times when I have doubted my own judgement. But there is one thing of which I am quite certain. That however many mistakes I have made, or perhaps I’m yet to make, I know I am a better monarch than you could ever be.

Sorry for not being productive lately, I’ve been terribly ill these last couple days. 

That pic of chibi Natsu with long hair did me in, thus giving me enough energy to doodle this. Long hair for eeeeevvvvverrrrrrrry oooooone. My other ships have also been started with all the hairs, hopefully I will get them up shortly.

Unresolved question: can someone please explain WHY Daisy would take off the sports bra/top and change into a sweater that is falling off her shoulder with zero chest support?  Especially right before she was about to go out and literally fight for her and Jemma’s lives?  Because, like, serious.  Pretty much any woman I know, who was preparing for that, would make sure her clothing was properly supportive and probably tie her hair back.  This whole 90s Kelly Kapowski off-the-shoulder sweater with no bra is a giant pile of BS.

Still windy out! But also River and dresses, man.


‘Gigi’s disease pretty much only causes dry skin and hair loss. Sometimes it can make people have depression, puffy eyes, gain weight, muscle pain, or have fatigue but that’s not in every case. Her voice being crackly has nothing to do it with it. Stop making excuses for anything people don’t like about her as being because of a really common and not serious disease, that’s why people never believe it when celebs say they’re sick or have something. Gigi just has a crackly voice.’

I seriously have the most random dreams. I was just sitting in bed next to Fred and Lana (like you do). It was morning, so Lana was still dressed in her bath robe and her hair was a little disheveled. Fred was already changed into a navy-blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. He was lying casually over one side of the bed and he kept asking me random questions about my life. I felt bad for him because I’m so boring. I was basically just giving him ‘yes/no’ answers. He asked me if I wanted to share their breakfast, and I said no thanks (because I don’t eat eggs). Then he asked me if I have a boyfriend, and I was like, ha! no. Lana was content just smiling and listening to our conversation, but tbh she seemed far more interested in the food. 😆

things that beca mitchell notices:

  • when chloe gets her hair trimmed
  • when chloe has had her morning starbucks or not
  • when chloe’s voice gets tired from singing
  • when chloe is making her nervous face
  • when chloe is at her jiggle juice limit
  • when chloe really hates a song
  • when chloe isn’t interested in someone
  • when chloe is hiding something

things that beca mitchell does not notice:

  • chloe being in love with her

About Fem!John’s haircut. Agaaaiiin.
It will never be boring. ;D

By the way, there was a headcanon (not mine, but I think it also would look awesome) there she didn’t just grow her hair but also dyed. But I have no idea which colour might it be, though I do really want to draw it. Actually I’m just too shy to ask the person I’ve heard this headcanon from, hehe…
So… I will just let it be so for now.

Besides, she’ll be perfect with any haircut, won’t she? <3

Honestly, with Ladybug’s eyelashes, I’m not surprised that Papillon hates her.

He just want beautiful eyelashes.

Also, Chat Noir deserves good eyelashes too!

(If you are wondering if I purposely choose the caps to look as if they are in rage over their lack of beautiful eyelashes, the answer’s yes.)


Hubby and I just watched the episode (so my rewatch), and I was thinking about how when Amethyst says this, it’s not reversed. It’s broken and slurred, but understandable, the first bit of understandable speech she’s made since she started talking backwards. And it hit me that the reason it sounds so strained is because it IS. She’s dying here, literally falling apart, and her gemstone is a hair away from splitting in two. Amethyst is fighting SO HARD right now to speak to Steven in a way he can understand. It’s so important to her that she get these words out.


It’s easy to miss because it’s played for laughs, but this is incredibly important to her character. Amethyst has so much trouble with actual, personal emotions, even with Steven, whose emotions she should be able to trust more than anyone else. She’s dying, and what may well be her last action, one she has to struggle to carry out in a way that HE will understand, is to dismiss what he feels. It’s not enough for Amethyst to just say it, STEVEN MUST HEAR IT OR IT DOESN’T COUNT. Otherwise his feelings will still be out there, full of sincerity and power. Amethyst can’t abide it.

It’s easy to not think about what Amethyst is saying or doing most of the time because it’s funny. I think that’s exactly WHY she does it. Pearl and her innumerable issues are laid out like an all you can eat lunchtime buffet, while Amethyst is a fucking circus down the street, so distracting you never notice the restaurant’s open.

It’s heartbreaking that right at the end, more than anything else, Amethyst needed to dismiss the idea that she mattered and anyone truly cared about her at all.

[Once again reminding that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and I appreciate your help in staying that way!]

Hello, kitten…

I should be asleep but instead I’m awake and I drew Dark and flipsidemivy together and I have an essay due later today and ;alksdj;flksjdf :V

I would like to remind everyone why Obi decided to stay at the castle in the first place.


  • Cosima: I love you... but this straight hair isn't what I signed up for when I agreed to be your science gf
  • Delphine: God I'm just trying something new why do you always have to stifle my creativity