why i don't have a social life

  • 707: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together ;)
  • Yoosung: Why would you do that? That makes no sense. Why are you changing the alphabet for two letters??
  • 707: No, Yoosung, god, I mean you and me.
  • Yoosung: ...??? What?? Do you mean our initials? It's L for Luciel and K for Kim, and they're already next to each other.
  • 707: ...I'm trying so hard here, Yoosung.
I'm happy

Some people sing high praise of exercise and socializing…damn, are they right. I don’t know why, but today, a Thursday for crying out loud, my depression has vanished. I’m not cured, but for some reason, I was able to function. I washed my hair for the first day in a week. Someone praised my project that I worked really hard on. I went to fencing and won almost all my bouts. Someone said I looked great today. I met some new people. I actually went out of the house. I was productive for the first time in weeks. I received some really positive anons (thank you!!!)

I mean, my depression is in no way gone. I self-harmed last night. I’ve considered suicide for weeks.

But today, this weird, unusual, amazing Thursday, has been great.

I don’t know why Im posting this. I hope y'all have similar days.

We’ll see how long this good luck lasts….

-Happy Ev

this is why my friends don't know my tumblr/every social media account i have
  • my friends: hey can i see your tumblr?
  • me: sure, here
  • my friend: what? isn't this a fandom/hetalia account? what's your personal?
  • me: hetalia is my personal life, what are you talking about?

Before you spread hate comments on the internet, keep in mind the consequences it will have on not only the victim, but you yourself who is spreading the hate. No matter what you believe or whatever anyone says, nothing on the internet is anonymous, and it’s VERY easy with today’s technology to find the person behind the hate so do not let that slip of the tongue or sudden rage of anger and frustration ruin your life or future, because your life is far more important than having satisfaction for 5 seconds for being able to say what you wanted. Please keep this in mind before you comment or voice your opinion about anything in social media. Nothing is temporary. Once it’s there, it will haunt you FOREVER.

How I found rationalist tumblr/a social life, the long version

[disclaimer- I’m in a really weird easily excitable mood right now, this is written really weirdly. Will probably be very embarrassed about this later.]

Kira finds link to Slate Star Codex that some person put in a list of their favorite blogs.

It might’ve been in the comment section of Wait But Why, might have been on reddit.

Kira goes, “hmm, sounds cool”.

Kira reads a few of Scott Alexander’s posts.

Kira goes “!!!!”.

Kira binges a good half of his archives.

Kira reads the comments.

Kira goes “Oh my god a comment section that doesn’t make me want to wipe humanity from the face of the earth”.

“who are these people and where have they been hiding for my whole life?”

Kira obsessively stalks SSC’s comment section for maybe a month.

Kira finds LW, the Sequences, and HPMOR.

Kira is useless for the next two weeks, can be seen reading her Kindle, ranting at her Kindle, and threatening to throw her Kindle at a wall. 

Kira develops obsession/special interest in anything related to rationalists.

Kira finds Ozy’s blog, Scott’s twitter, figures out he has a tumblr, finds his tumblr, finds Ozy’s tumblr.

Goes ”!!!!! I can talk to these people!!!“.

make a tumblr.

follows rationalist blogs.


lurks more

lurks some more

"this Alison @sinesalvatorem person sounds really cool…”

“wait a minute I can talk to her”

“this is a thing I can do”

“wait no that’s scary”

“form letters. She has form letters. I can do form letters.”

Kira sends form letter.

Kira freaks out because that’s embarrassing.

Alison responds.

“!!!!!!” thinks Kira.

a few days later:“oh my god she likes me?”

“is this flirting? I think this is flirting”

“how do I flirt back oh my god this stressful”

“wait. did that work. are we actually dating? For real? In real life? Wait, so this means I’m gay. And poly. OK, that’s a thing I can do.”


Kira proceeds to be extremely surprised by this for the next month or so.

Kira then realizes that she can talk to other people.

Kira also realizes that it’s probably a good idea to actually post original content, because people who do that are much more interesting and then people are more likely to talk to me.

@inquisitivefeminist sends me a message! 

I effortpost at @socialjusticemunchkin and we talk!

I send the most awkward hello of all time to @sdhs-rationalist. We talk. And then we talk more. And then we meet IRL. And then I figure out that hugs are possibly the best thing yet invented.

@ghostofasecretary sends me a message! 

@ilzolende talks to me! @pistachi0n sends me a message! @segfaultvicta talked to me! I talk to @futureresearcheralex! @somnilogical sends me a random heart and puns about replies in my direction! Other people who I might have forgotten talk to me!

Suddenly I have a social life, which I’m still confused by.