why i don't have a social life

Sentence starters
  • Based on famous text-posts
  • "Bro, you look so cute right now. Dude, you are so fucking adorable."
  • "Wanna watch this murder documentary with me?"
  • "I may act like I'm sassy but if you're mean to me there's a 900% chance I'll cry."
  • "I may act like I'm clueless but actually know what's going on at al times."
  • "ATTENTION: I need attention."
  • "I don't have a nervous system. I'm a nervous system."
  • "Drugs? No thanks, the only 'high' I need is the natural rush you get from commiting a murder."
  • "I think I'm subconsciously trying to ruin my own life."
  • "Why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and never get up?"
  • "I try not to sound like an asshole but it's really hard because I am an asshole."
  • "I don't want to look 'pretty', I want to look otherwordly and vaguely threatening."
  • "I'm the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person I know."
  • "Girls are so soft and amazing and nice and beautiful and mysterious and complex and loving and caring. I don't remember what I was going to say but I'm just gay."
  • "I'd love to relax but that's just not realistic."
  • "Contrary to popular belief I'm actually soft and have feelings."
  • "This could be less hetero."
  • "To be honest I just need a hug."
  • "Why can't I be mentally chill instead of mentally ill?"
  • "This is it, this is how I die: Lack of attention."
  • "Are we just friends or is this flirting serious?"
  • "I have this problem where I isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because I'm lonely."
  • "I may be ugly but at least I have an ugly personality too. Consistency is key."
  • "I don't wanna get involved in drama I just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened."
  • "I am bysexual as in I'm not interested, goodbye."
  • "I could win an Olympic gold medal in being ignored."
  • "Fill your heart with bees. If someone breaks your heart then they have to deal with the bees."
  • "I'm so tired of not being a multimillionaire."
  • "I panic alot of other places besides the disco."
  • "Which layer of hell do you think you're going to?"
  • "My kink is being right."
  • "My kink is being home alone."
  • "You're really sensitive for a selfish asshole."
  • "I can tell myself to be heartless but in all reality, I have a big heart and can't treat people badly, that's just not me."
  • "What about netflix and kill?"
  • "No offense but why does everyone hate me?"
  • "I'm a strong independent introvert who don't need no social life."
  • "Why do I get struggles instead of snuggles?"
  • "If a conversation goes on too long without being about me, I'm out."
  • "I'm small, queer and something to fear."
  • "All this sadness is bad for my skin."
  • "I'm cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive"
  • "I'm beautiful and underappreciated."
  • "She's beauty, she's grace, she's me."
  • "Sorry for being awesome, loser."
  • "Is 'no' an emotion? Because I'm feeling it."
how I see the signs and what I want them to know
  • (side note - View of a Virgo rising, Leo sun in the 12th, Libra moon in 2nd, mercury Cancer in 11th, venus Leo in 12th, mars Leo in 11th)
  • Aries: was once my best friend, she made literally everything in my life brighter and always helped me to just enjoy things and stop worrying all the time. Also great hugs. Just simply has that energy, wherever it may be - physically, mentally, staying up until you binge watched that show, giving you their last money so you can get yourself something to eat before you starve to death, always down for a talk and a walk even if they had a packed schedule. Please don't miss out on times when you just have to take a day off to get your beautiful and strong energy back. I care about your health so please don't forget to eat properly and don't miss out on that quality time if needed.
  • Taurus: a girl from my drama class and my little sisters moon sign, I am just so in love with your sense for aesthetic. Total sunshines. I feel like I can always rely on you, super compassionate and knows how to make you feel comfortable when youre not. I love that when you have a goal in your mind, you will give your everything to achieve that! Also so humble but like I want you so desperately to know how beautiful I think you are!! I enjoy your company a lot. Please don't be afraid of changes, I know that's such a mainstream thing to write for Taurus but I really do believe that maybe sometimes you need to be reminded that life can also begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Gemini: a guy and a girl from biology class, I am literally stunned at how much these people know. Eloquent fluffballs. I could listen to you spreading knowledge 24/7, make great jokes in my opinion and just kind of knows... everyone?? Get along with so many people, can be very chill but also full of energy when they're talking about things they are interested in. Also fun-fact kings and queens. Please remind yourself to stay loyal to your true friends, you may know many people with whom you get along with so well and for sure everyone is intersting in their own way, but it's very possible to feel lonely in a crowd. Your closest friends will always get you out of that and help you, I promise.
  • Cancer: a close friend of mine, literally the most caring person I've ever met. Actual comedians. I don't know I just straight up fell in love with your humour. All the Cancers I know have or had some extreme physical problems going on, please get well soon if you read this and you're also not feeling well. Mentally on the next level, strong and kind of unbreakable. Don't hide their feelings because they just know that when you bottle up your feelings it's never going to end well. They just get you and will be there for you no matter what. Please take care of yourself just as well as you do with your friends and family, you are a true blessing and it's definitely okay to rant or cry or just let it all out.
  • Leo: my english teacher and a guy I used to be close with, very often completely misunderstood and taken for granted, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Will make you feel great after a plain shit day. I strive to be this talented at just expressing myself or being confident, even if you just want the world to think you are confident when you're actually not. Cuddly queens and kings. Better not hurt their pride because it took them a lot of time to actually get to that level and in a world where people hate on you for loving yourself, to them it feels like, despite all their work, they are not worth of loving themselves. Please don't forget that although sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see, there are caring and warm-hearted people who love you just the way you are.
  • Virgo: a girl in my class I simply adore, I always annoy you with my endless compliments. Kind of just in love with these down-to-earth and sweet people. Either super chill or worried a lot, I wish I could just hug you until you feel less stressed. Smol but strong beans you can learn a lot from. So reliable, I actually hate doing group projects and always want to do everything myself but since you share that opinion we created something I was really proud of and now we always do them together. Please remember that passion is something you shouldn't be ashamed of, you simply don't have to be because it's something you love and your needs are valid. Also dreaming big, it's possible, especially for you so why not?
  • Libra: a girl I recently got to know and am already completely amazed by, literal social butterflies who sometimes only know in hindsight how much they enjoyed the company of someone because they adapt so easily and it's rare to find someone where you can just simply be yourself. Love how they view life and that they make me want to talk more. Very open and you never feel excluded because they just know how to include everyone. Please don't forget to remind yourself who you truly are and not to lose yourself in another person, because there really is only one you no matter how good you are at adapting to literally every social situation, you are amazing and I want you to be comfortable as well.
  • Scorpio: my dad and my ex boyfriend's mom, two very caring peole in their own way. I always love how sharp their sarcasm can be. Can comfort extremely well when they want to. So many secrets and things to know about them that I can lose myself in them wanting to explore whats actually behind their shell. Teaches you life lessons. Please don't forget that humans aren't flawless and that's completely okay. You don't have to hold onto old grudges, communication is key and talking about these things, confronting these people who did you wrong will help you grow as a person.
  • Sagittarius: an old friend of mine, very cute people who get interested in so many things and they are so versatile and adventurous I absolutely love their lively nature. Memes™. Total dorks you can fall for in a second. Are actually the best partners to just talk to about anything because they will be interested and share their opinion with you. Please remind yourself that cutting off people can be a very wise decision and you don't have to keep up with everyones shit if that's just not what you're in for.
  • Capricorn: I am literally so attracted to these people it's unreal, although I kind of always think that they don't like me...... anyways, my bigger twin sisters are caps and they are humble souls who really had to fight for a lot in life sadly. So proud of you. Keep up with the hard work, you really deserve everything. So realistic and pure I have heart eyes. Supportive and extremely loyal. Will stand up for you if you need it. Straight face™ but still manages to make even the most serious people laugh. Please remind yourself to not overdo it with the work, take a day off to relax and let yourself go maybe, even if it's hard - with the right people you don't ever have to be afraid of being yourself.
  • Aquarius: my ex boyfriend whom I had a crush on for like 4 years, teached me great life lessons. Will always have a weakness for aquas, they just attract me so much, how much of a fluffy dork can you be tbh? Capacity of acceptance is incredible. So much fun to be with. Are kind of just good at everything? You can talk to them about anything, it won't feel weird, they won't question it and just talk to you about that topic. So friendly, an underrated trait in my opinion, just complete and simple friendliness you enjoy to the fullest. Please remind yourself to let people not only see your amazing shell but also your stunning core, there are people who love to talk about the same things you love and nothing about you is weird, you are special and I absolutely love it.
  • Pisces: a very sweet guy I've been texting with for the past months, very open minded and also have that sensitivity I strive to have. Very inspirational smol puppy. Actual daydreamers™, may be late to school but love deeply and would never neglect your love. Kind of hate almost everything that's planned out? (I'm sorry I just love to plan things out) will hug you no matter what. Does not fear to dream big, is very talented at artsy stuff in my opinion. Please don't forget that even if it seems hard, and yes our school system is kind of very bad,we get to have that education and your dreams will be reality if you work hard enough to achieve them. You have so much potential, please don't ever waste it.


Hello everyone! Look what I am presenting to you ^_^ I’ve been working on this for a couple of days and it was my first time doing subtitles! I tried my best to cover up the Chinese ones, ending up with YouTube-style captions.
Please note that it’s not very accurate and some parts I had to rely on context, because I just couldn’t comprehend what they were saying at certain points (if only I had the first SLS comics…)
For now, I hope you enjoy it as it is and  I will make a post that’s gonna be full of notes and all the things I had to do while translating, hoping to give you a better understanding (such as why I used certain meanings for example).

Without further ado, please enjoy it!
Also, I wrote in the beginning of the video that I would like for the video to not be uploaded on other sites. It’s OK if you want to post the link on other social media so that others can watch it here. Thank you!

DEH as Things My Mom Has Texted Me/Convos We've Had
  • Evan Hansen: *a photo of a puddle of milk* A little spilled milk. Bc there's a saying no use crying over spilled milk and I just came across a giant puddle of milk and it's funny.
  • Jared Kleinman: All I want right now is to go to KMart to avoid this situation and you KNOW how much I hate KMart.
  • Zoe Murphy: Literally why would you do that what the fu- heck?
  • Alana Beck: *photo of a meme that says "Me: don't be weird at this social event. Also me: give strangers unnecessary information about serial killers.
  • Heidi Hansen: I really want these sunglasses but honestly they're too hip and cool for me what do you think?
  • Cynthia Murphy: You need to learn tact, girl. You can NOT just ask for money outright. You have to manipulate grandma.
  • Larry Murphy: You can always exit your room if you need me, I can't always text.
Friendship and Sociability, Socionics Style
  • Introverted Alphas (INTP, ISFJ): Sure, I have friends! The same ones I've had for years! How the actual hell do you meet....new people...?
  • Extraverted Alphas (ENTP, ESFJ): I know everyone and I'm great at meeting new people but I might talk a lot of smack about them, but it's all in good fun, right?
  • Introverted Betas (INFJ, ISTP): Pets count as friends, dammit! Why is everyone calling me? I bet they need me to fix a problem. Typical.
  • Extraverted Betas (ENFJ, ESTP): We're friends if we are engaged in an activity together. After that, uhh, it depends. How's your tolerance for weirdness?
  • Introverted Deltas (INFP, ISTJ): Sure I have a social life! I'm having a beer with my sister RIGHT NOW.
  • Extraverted Deltas (ENFP, ESTJ): I don't trust anyone but I desperately want attention and for someone to listen to my ranting sooooo...Here we are.
  • Introverted Gammas (INTJ, ISFP): Leave me alone, I enjoy the "company" of whatever activity I'm engaged in.
  • Extraverted Gammas (ENTJ, ESFP): Everyone is annoying and I am uncomfortable whether I'm with them or not with them so I might as well just demand their presence.

every summer it’s the same, i just want to do things like go to museums and bookstores and aquariums etc but i have nobody to go with. why was i cursed to be an introvert with desires to go to cool exhibits but have no type of social skills to rope in people that want my company

Y'all now get to hear why I love HI Hello MV so much…

I struggle a lot with the friendships I have so I interpreted this MV to be about those kind of relationships.

Sungjin and Dowoon are already friends. Those kind of relationships can come into your life where you become friends with someone because they were apart of the group and it doesn’t lessen your relationship (sometimes it does but I’m just bitter)

Jae is the person who actively looks for friends. The social type of person who is always looking to start up a conversation or make plans with someone.

Wonpil is the opposite. While he is open and friendly he isn’t trying to hitch a ride in the truck. Wonpil’s type will quickly let new friends in if the feeling is right.

Then there is Young K (who wants to be called young k so baby I’ll try to stop calling you Brian). He is the person who doesn’t want to join everyone else. It is possible that he has been burnt before by his friends and rather be a loner. Or that he sees no need to make deeper friendships. Luckily he changes his mind and seems much happier as a result.

This isn’t a theory its just how I read it and why I like it. Tag your friendship? No. Okay. Sorry.

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Why are you insisting so hard on self-publicity ? Don't you have a life outside of social medias and a goal other than gaining followers ?

I have an amazing life and I am very fortunate due to Social Media, I have a job now that I got purely because of my social media. I occasionally get sponsors which help me get money. My goal isn’t to gain followers it is to live a fun and fulfilling life and thanks to this I am able to do this. Just unfollow me if you do not like it I understand

anonymous asked:

This is for Amanda and Heather - the real Amanda and Heather. We love you, we haven't forgotten you, and it's only a matter of time before you're free. Don't give up, guys. It's way easier to conquer territory than it is to hold it.

What? Are you really saying I’m not the true Amanda? I’m insulted. You can’t just go around saying that without proof, those insinuations could really harm a lot of people. Have some courtesy and respect, you’ll find that life goes much more smoothly for you. And don’t accuse the social media directors of community service organizations of being impostors– have you lost all traces of anything resembling self-control

I can finally understand the reasons why the old social media director never came back to work. This is truly a completely thankless job, and I’ll be glad once I’m promoted and don’t have to come here any longer.


Apex talks about her day *shrugs*

Whoa so like, my psychiatrists prescribed me some anti-anxiety pill so I don’t have panic attacks the middle of my public speaking class. Yo…I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life. I’m almost always in a state of panic when it comes to social situations or thinking about my work load. But I feel so good right now. Like, for once I feel like I can actually function in front of a crowd without breaking down into tears for no reason. Like that was the most frustrating part. I would be totally ready to talk to the class, notes in hand, excited even…but then as soon as step upfront, my eyes start to water and my entire body starts to shake. People would always ask me “what are you afraid of?” When that’s the problem, I don’t know! I have no idea fam! I just start crying! My body won’t listen!
But today, aside from my voice occasionally shaking, I felt so comfortable after taking the pills. I was even able to look at people’s faces! It was so cool!
The final exam for the course is to perform three speeches in front of the class. I think I’m ready for them now.^^

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This is going to sound weird..but? I'm feeling really sad? Prom was today and I wasn't able to go because of my crippling anxiety and aspergers; but now I'm just seeing photos all over various social medias of my friends looking great and happy and I just really wished I had been there? I haven't been to school in almost a year now so it would have been weird to go and that's also why I don't feel like I'm allowed to be sad.. :/ I'm just incredibly lost, sorry for dumping this on you :(

hey anon!! speaking from experience, missing out on something definitely isn’t the end game. i know prom is like made out to be this big thing in someone’s life and if all your friends are there without you it can suck. but you don’t need to be dressed in a fancy suit or dress to have a good time. once, in the fear of “missing out”, i went to a party and i felt so sick the whole time. i didn’t want to talk to anyone and the people i knew were preoccupied with other people. it was terrifying and i ended up throwing up out of nervousness and left (oops in their toilet of course - not like just on the ground). if you know you can’t handle a social situation it’s fine to not go! there are other chances in life to do better things :-) and that time will come eventually you just might have to be a bit patient!

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Don't post about your tattoo publicly if you're not gunna tell people what it's for when they ask. If it's so secret to y'all then don't show it off. Or else just be normal and answer the question when someone's curious what the tattoo means. It's not that hard

Because it’s my social media for my friends. You’re random accounts that follow me. I can post what I want because again it’s my twitter and I don’t have to explain anything because it’s my life? Why the fuck are you so interested. Weird ass people holy shit

My Social Life:
  • Someone: Why don't you make more friends? Why are you always on your phone?
  • Me: Well, I have nothing to talk about to anyone unless it's about anime so that narrows it down to 3 people I can actually talk to
  • Someone: Then stop watching anime isn't that a show for kids?
  • Me: Don't mess with me I legit learned to fight from anime
  • Someone: Doesn't that contradict what you said before
  • Me:
  • Me: I hate normal people
MBTI as texts I've sent
  • INFP: *to crush* https://youtu.be/xt5ghXdq6Z0
  • ENFJ: You know how the saying goes: if he's not Shia Labeouf, he's not worth it.
  • ISTP: dude can we bring a bottle of vanilla extract and snort it?
  • ENTP: my sister asked me for a role model for a school project and I told her Tony Montana and Jordan Belfort would definitely impress her teachers.
  • INTP: Mom, I do have a social life, but I'm not going out right now. I'm employing the use of my brain. I know you might have forgotten how yours works, but mine is still functioning impeccably.
  • ENTJ: Now I'm not trying to be controlling or anything, but if you don't do what I say, I'm going to come over to your house and burn your prized DVD collection and fuck your dad.
  • INFJ: *removes almost everyone from groupchat* *text messages from everyone removed asking why* I need a detox from my fake friends. Like you.
  • ESFP: Ok, your life sucks. Anyways, back to me...
  • ESTJ: Wow, it really smells like updog in here...
  • ISFJ: *about 8 times* Ok it's not a big deal but will you just ASK him why he unfollowed me
  • ESTP: How much would you pay me to smear blood on my phone, set it on video, and then throw it into this shark tank?
  • ESFJ: Littering will lead you to homicide and how do you think I'll feel raising a homicide-er
  • INTJ: *leaves read receipts on* *opens message* *doesn't reply*
  • ISTJ: I would come over but... wait your older brother's home this week? ok sweet I'll be there
  • ISFP: *replies to groupchat with only Wayne's World gifs*
  • ENFP: *to crush* Yeah I think I broke the new record. I woke up 8 p.m. on saturday and spent the past 12 hours looking up math pickup lines.

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why do you take so long to reply to ims?

1 - not in the mood. 
2 - people keep on sending messages & I get easily overwhelmed when speaking too much ooc. 
3 - I actually have something better to do? 
4 - I have a life. 
6 - I’m not the most social person ever so if you can’t handle that, you’re welcome to leave. 

Also I’m tired that people keep on pushing and pushing and pushing me to reply to IM’s. I’ll reply whenever I feel in the mood to. Just please, respect that. I’m flooded with drafts & yes sometimes I don’t reply to some people and reply to others. It’s a thing that happens normally. If you want to talk about this properly, show your face & we’ll have a discussion about how tumblr is not my life okay.