why i do love super junior

Are you serious??? … Grow up already!!! Why are you cutting Sungmin off? Come on it’s not like you had a real opportunity to marry him!!!😅😅 “Marry u - I do"😏 Don’t call yourself as an E.L.F…Sungmin is a member of Super Junior and we love him.🌸💙💙💙 I’m just waiting for a "little sungmin"🐰👶

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The giveaway is over!

Ohmymyeolchi’s Holiday Giveaway

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a giveaway, so I figured it was about time. I have a lot of merch from my traveling still, so I figured why not give some of it away!

Of course, my love is still Super Junior, and like usually, this giveaway is entirely Super Junior items.


  • Likes and reblogs count.
  • No giveaway blogs - that would be a blog used just to reblog giveaway posts. I’ll check.
  • You do not have to be following me.
  • This giveaway is international.
  • Your ask box must be open! If i can’t contact you within 48 hours, I will pick a different winner. I will message you several times over that period of time.
  • You have to be comfortable with giving me your email and address. Email is more reliable than tumblr
  • If you are underage, you need your parent’s permission to give me your address.
  • All the entries will be numbered and the winner will be selected through a random number generator.

Giveaway ends December 24th 11:59 PM PST!

There will be 1 winner who gets everything below



  • Oppa, Oppa CD+DVD
  • This is Love (Siwon Version)
  • A-CHA
  • The Little Prince (Ryeowook’s album)

merch (both official and unofficial)

  • Experience Korea vol. 1 (Korean)
  • SJ World drawstring bag
  • D&E The Beat Goes On poster
  • Kyuhyun Celebration poster
  • *Kyuhyun Waiting, Still poster
  • *Kyuhyun, Waiting, Still postcard
  • Heechul fan
  • Super Camp lightstick and lightstick strap
  • SMTown Live SJ bracelets
  • 2 of Donghae’s Haru&OneDay polaroid photos
  • 8 official photocards of various members from various albums (see photo 2 below cut)
  • Heechul phone charm
  • SJ signatures phone sticker
  • Super Junior bracelet
  • sapphire blue light up concert bracelet with batteries
  • heechul bookmark
  • sapphire blue SJ World volunteer lanyard
  • heechul pin
  • an absurd amount of miscellaneous photos from photobooks, albums, concerts, and gift packages (see photo 3 below cut)

I want to get this post out there sooner rather than later, because the deadline is only a few weeks away. I currently do not have the photos of all the items, but I will make sure I add links once I have photos so you can see exactly what you will be receiving (i.e photocard pics)

Keep checking in and looking at my giveaway tag for questions I’ve answered and any updates

Please read over this before asking questions, but if you have any that this post can’t answer, make sure you ask!

UPDATE (December 19)*:

Small things have been added to the list as I find more stuff, like the bracelets and pins. Photos of the prizes below the cut!

*a couple new things that have been added. These are not in the photos because I just got them. 

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*Fangirl/Bias Relationships*

Me: Look at him! Daddy AF! Yasss!

Also Me: Why is my son like this??? I didn’t raise him this way! Ugh my child!

Even More Me: Hmm… Do you think that he would mind if our first dance at our wedding was to his song? Is that weird?

Me to the Max: I want to kill him. This beautiful piece of filth needs to stop existing on my planet with his bouncy hair and flawless skin. I’m done. DONE!


People always question me why I only love Super Junior. They say: “They’re getting old”, “They’re not even popular anymore”, “They’re so untalented”, “There are so many newer/younger groups to love”, “Why do you love ahjussis?”, and so on. Well I question that too at times. All of the members being a lot older than me and my ultimate bias being almost twice my age, what do I find so captivating about them? And the answer is: they’re Super Junior. It’s because they are Super Junior, that’s why I love them. They may not be the best singers and dancers and may not be the most attractive men in the world; but over the years I’ve been into kpop, I have never seen a group whose brotherly bond is stronger than family. I have never seen a group crying their hearts out when they fought to the point where they’ve almost disbanded (many times). I have never seen a group go through so many hidden cameras, at the brink of disbandment, and cry in relief that it was all fake. I have never seen a group and fandom so strong with the members constantly coming and going due to enlistments and still sticking together. I have never seen a group who’s able to talk about fights and mention past members so freely and comfortably (*cough cough* bless Heechul). I have never seen a group who constantly insists on the original number of members in the group after so many years (13/15). I have never seen a group still treating their past members as brothers, having no bad blood between each other. I have never seen a group that started from nothing and made the future for themselves, without the help of their company’s name. I have never seen a group whose members are so selfless that they care for the other members before themselves. I have never seen a group so humble, always finding a way to improve themselves. I have never seen a group who’s able to tease each other, even the fans, and not take it to heart. I have never seen a group whose parents and siblings are even close with one another like one big family. I have never seen a group who always promises to stay together forever, that even when they’re all old and have their own families, they will always be Super Junior. I have never seen a group sell out all of their concert tickets that they choose to have another concert to make sure all the fans can see them. I have never seen a group who would rather lose profit just so more fans can come to their concerts. I have never seen a group take photos of their fans and posting it on their SNS to thank them. I have never seen a group who makes a fool out of themselves (cross-dressing, imitations, etc) just to make us fans laugh. I have never seen a group direct/create their own MVs/performances by themselves. I have never seen a group write/compose so many songs dedicated to their fans. I have never seen a group praying and crying for their sick fans. I have never seen a group that stands/sits on the stage during concerts just to talk and spend more time with their fans. I have never seen a group like fans’ photos and even repost them on their own accounts. I have never seen a group write their own fanfictions of themselves and post it online. I have never seen a group who volunteers at their parents shops/restaurants for free, just to see their fans. I have never seen a group always extending their concert times because they have so much to say to their fans and want to sing more songs to them. I have never seen a group always so apologetic towards their fans even when the problems are not even their fault. I have never seen a group protect their fans before they even protect themselves. I have never seen a group run back on stage to interrupt the broadcast just thank their fans for helping them win the awards. I have never seen a group who tries so diligently to learn other languages, not wanting to rely on translators all the time. I have never seen a group who, after 11 years, still bows 90 degrees and gives thumb kisses to all of the fans in every section at every concert. And the list continues…SJ and ELF’s relationship aren’t just idols and fans, we are one big family, and that makes me proud to say that I’m forever an Ever Lasting Friend.

Forever disrupting Suho’s speech ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Suho: I wish that EXO can be happy and together with EXO-Ls for a long long time…….

*Baekhyun at the back swinging left and right*



Suho: *Notices B* –laughs– what you doing?

Baekhyun: Ahh why.. This is all of EXO being together

Suho: *Continues his speech*

Baekhyun: *Continues swinging*

10 seconds later–

Suho: I wish that EXO and EXO-Ls can be closer and stronger…

Baekhyun: * Changes his hands to a ‘ L’ shape*



Suho: together forever for a long long time. I love you

Chanyeol: What are you doing now?! 

Suho: *Stops his speech again*

Baekhyun: I am showing EXO-L!! L! L! L!

20 minutes later–

Suho:  EXO wants to be like Super Junior sunbaes and to be a group that lives on for more than 10 years…

Baekhyun: Ahhh Im on the screen!!!

Suho: *blahblahblah*

Baekhyun: *blinks blinks* am i preeettttyyyyy~?

Baekhyun: *blinks blinks* pretty baekhyunnie~~~~~~~ ahhh ehehhe

Suho: *Notices the screen*

Baekhyun: ———STOPS——-

Suho: *turns back* 

Baekhyun: *pretends* what?

Suho: You know i can see you clearly from the screen right–

Baekhyun: Ahhh *prevert stare* you caught me

Suho: * Continues talking*

10 Secs later–

Suho: *Still talking*

Baekhyun: *Pervert stare*

—- Chanyeol creeps in——–

Baekyeol: *Pervert stare*

Suho: *stops talking* hehehehe i cant do this anymore omg

Baekyeol: hehehehehehe

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nickname - Lilly

zodiac sign - Libra

height - 6′ or 6′1″ it really doesn’t make much of a difference when you are this tall

last thing i googled - 

favorite music artists - i have so much love to give but if i had to pick a few: EXO, Super Junior, Mamamoo, EXID, BTS, Little Mix, VIXX, GOT7, Topp Dogg, History, Infinite and basically any group i run into i love

song stuck in my head - Goodbye by 2NE1 (lowkey crying)

last movie i watched - xXx: Return of Xander Cage

last tv show i watched - Sotus: The Series

what are you wearing - t-shirt and sweatpants

when did you create this blog - october 2013

do you get asks regularly - no

why did you choose this url - because i aspire to kick butt like peggy carter and have no idea what i would change it to

gender - female

hogwarts house - Slytherin

pokemon team - ??? instinct probably ???

favorite color - green

average hours of sleep - 5 or 6

lucky number - i don’t really have one but i like square numbers

how many blankets do you sleep with - 3

following - 2077 i don’t see a large variety so if i binge through a blog, i’m probably not on my dash

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Reasons why I'll never be a kpop idol

1- I’m not Korean
2- my country is literally a forever away
3- I’m talentless
4- my definition of humor isn’t respected
5- I will call my fans ‘hoes’
6- I would question them always 'like why do u love us again? Are you sure it’s us?’
7- I would scream in every idol’s face I meet
8- I would date whoever the fuck I wanted and make it public
9- Imma be the Korean Taylor swift
10- I would creep my company and the whole Korea out
11- I would snap at whoever thinks teasing me is funny
And last
12- I have anxiety….

Why is Kaisoo kissing such a big deal?

When has kissing another boy been such a problem in kpop? Them kissing isn’t the worst thing ever. I’ve seen gayer.

Their own members have kissed.

Let’s not forget pervert Heechul.

Even T.O.P. and G-Dragon kissed.

It isn’t a big deal. If Super Junior can make out with each other whenever they want, then Kai and Kyungsoo should be able to kiss too. Who says it was even a love one? It could’ve been a bro kiss. And if they are more, then good for them. Gay relationships are a thing. Live with it. It’s 2015 for fuck’s sake.

Super Junior: When his girlfriend has a sexy concept that involves a lot of male idols.

Please don’t use links, it’s just so much easier to copy and paste the title XD But anyhow thank you for your request–I swear I have too much fun doing these but it’s not like that’s a bad thing! Enjoy~

Leeteuk: *Meets PD* Instead of using these guys, why not replace them with all the members of Super Junior, they would love to help!…We’ll do it for free~ I’ll make them whether they want to or not, at least they somewhat know their boundaries.

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Heechul: I don’t mind the sexy, but do you really need that many guys?  It jjust seems like a waste of money to me.

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Yesung: Oh…So I guess I’m not sexy enough to be in your concept… I get it. Maybe I can get in if I guilt her enough…*Internally smirks*

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Kangin: Um sir could you please step back from the girl?–No I’m not the director, I’m her boyfriend….Understand now?

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Shindong: Doooo yoooou haaaaave toooo??? *Pouts*

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Eunhyuk: *Hides* I know being here makes it look like I don’t trust her, but it isn’t her I don’t trust, it’s them!!!

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Donghae: Well it’s for work so I guess it’s okay, just don’t do more then what you’re comfortable with okay? 

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Siwon: *Watches MV*…..WHAT IS THIS?!?!!?! 

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Ryeowook:–You’re doing what concept with who now?! *Cringe/Smiles* Oh…that’s great~

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Kyuhyun: *Goes to studio* Take my warning–If any of you try anything on her, you will be speaking to my lawyer! Okay looks like I’ve scared them, my job here is done~

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Zhoumi: *Disguises himself* With this I should be able to protect her without being noticed. *Gets notices 5 minutes in*–Who is this Zhoumi you speak of?!

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I was tagged by @ithastobeblue​, thank you for tagging me, I like doing stuff like this. <3

A: All In - Monsta X

C: Chained Up - VIXX

T: Take Me Now - FTISLAND

U: Unfair Love - Monsta X

A: Alright - Super Junior

L: Lion Heart - Girls Generation

P: Pray (I’ll Be Your Man) - BTOB

R: Ring Ding Dong - SHINee

I: Ice Cream Cake - Red Velvet

N: Never Give Up - Shinhwa

C: Cosmic - Ryeowook & Bada

E: Error - VIXX

R: Rush - Monsta X

A: At Gwanghwamun - Kyuhyun

V: Voodoo Doll - VIXX

I: I Got A Boy - Girls Generation

Well this took a year and a day, why the fluff is my url so long? And has so many vowels holy shoot. 

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Henry and Amber's interview (more like confession)
  • >>LISTEN HERE: https://www.flitto.com/twitter/85/1455059
  • Henry: Hello everybody. I have a secret.. I have a secret guest with me. Wanna say hi?
  • Amber: Hello~
  • Henry: No. No no. Your real voice so they can..
  • Amber: Hello!
  • Henry: Alright yeah let you, why don't you, want to introduce yourself to everybody?
  • Amber: Hey what's up everybody. My name is Amber, I'm from f(x)
  • Henry: Do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: NO!
  • Henry: Come on, do you love me, yes or no?
  • Amber: Not at all
  • Henry: I know you love me Amber
  • Amber: No, I know you love me though
  • Henry: Okay I love you. Do you love me?
  • Amber: I love you too, Henry
  • Henry: Everyone she loves me. Uh..did you, you just finished your performance, right?
  • Amber: Yes, I just did
  • Henry: How do you feel?
  • Amber: Better than you!
  • Henry: OOOHH, okay okay alright. Say, say something to your all your fans
  • Amber: I love you guys thank you for supporting us, and we'll be out with something, some time in the near future.
  • Henry: Who's we? Who's we?
  • Amber: f(x)
  • Henry: Ohh I though you meant me and you!
  • Amber: Oh no no
  • Henry: You don't wanna do anything with me and you?
  • Amber: Oh no no I don't wanna do anything with you, Henry
  • Henry: Okay oh alright
  • Amber: Hah-ha
  • Henry: Okay, see ya!
  • Amber: Bye guys!

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ahhh I just did it :( I’m gonna do super junior instead haha hope u don’t mind

Who’s my bias: yesung
Whose voice I like the most: yesung
Who’s my bias wrecker: sungmin lmao
What’s my favorite moment (I’ll try to post a link): i love life
What’s my otp: -
The last song I heard by them: sorry sorry answer version (honestly why has nobody convered this yet)
Who I think dances the best: eunhyuk
Who’s I think is the funniest: omgggg the entire group i love them so much but ermmmm leeteuk and heechul? and eunhyuk and donghae and siwon and ok this isn’t gonna end pls watch suju’s ehl episode with the laughing gas and the one with the dog i’ve never laughed so much in my life
Who I wish I could grow up with: eunhyuk and kyuhyun and wook lmao

Why is there so much hate between Kpop fans? I just don’t understand why everyone is at each other’s throats all the damn time. As someone who loves seven different groups I don’t get it. I understand that we all want our idols to do well in the industry and get recognition for their talents, but why do we have to hate on other groups because of their success? It’s okay to be competitive and route for our favorite groups. But do it with class and respect. If our idols can treat other groups in a respectful manner, why can’t we?

Super Junior: When he sees you and it’s love at first sight.

Why thank you very much, I’ll make sure to do just that. Haha, these reactions are always adorable I find so with it being Super Junior this time around, I hope you enjoy!

Leeteuk: *Smiles* Oh man, ever since Sungmins wedding I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my own… now I know who it is I want to share that moment with.

Heechul: Well hello there good looking~ Are you busy later tonight because I would love to take you out, if you know what I mean. *Wink*

Yesung: *Follows you* Excuse me, I think I’m lost do you know where I can get to [location]?–Okay thanks…think you could show me the way? I’m not very good with directions. And I want to get to know you better.

Kangin: I just wanted say hi to you….Hi~ *Waves* S/He’s even cuter up close!

Shindong: *Sends aegyo in your direction* Did s/he notice me???

Eunhyuk: Choco, would you like to have another mommy/daddy? Because I see someone who could possibly fill in that role if you want ~ 

Donghae: Do any of you guys know who that person over there is?–[Y/n]? Oh okay thanks. [Y/n]…. the name of my next girl/boy-friend. 

Siwon: Hi there….You’re pretty/handsome. *Smiles* What’s my name? It’s….um….What’s my name again?

Ryeowook: *Asks members for advice* I think I’m in love…what should I do? *Gets teased about it instead*… Thanks a lot you guys, you were no help at all.

Kibum: Get yourself together, you’ve done enough roles to know how to act in these situations so just go out there and show her/him your confidence… Why can’t I remember any lines all the sudden?

Kyuhyun: If admitting I want to date her/him causes a scandal… I think I’m willing to risk it.

Zhoumi: *Tries acting natural and fails* Sooo, do you come around here often?

Henry: I know I’m technically ‘married’ but if calling it off if it means I can date someone I actually love, which is the person right in front of me, then I don’t have much a choice.

Admin Note: R.I.P Choco.

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Can I get a BBSC ship for Shinee and Super Junior (if possible). I'm usually very calm but sometimes I can get quite queeky. I like to read and listening to music. I love animals (esp. dogs, cats and horses). I do lots of different sports and people are often surprised because some of them are really uncommon. I'm currently learning Korean (that's also why I got into K-Pop. I wanted to get used to the pronounciation sl I started to listen to Korean music). Thank you! 😘


Boyfriend is…Key

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Bestfriend is…Onew

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Sibling is…Taemin

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Crush is…Minho

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Boyfriend is…Ryeowook

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Bestfriend is…Yesung

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Sibling is…Eunhyuk

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Crush is…Donghae

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I’m bored, so I’m just gonna be honest and write something about myself. No one cares but I’m just bored, so just let me do this LOL

1. A part of lyrics from a kpop song explains how I treat love or sees it. It’s from Perfection by Super Junior M where Eun Hyuk sings “And if you try too hard, the love will shatter/ I’ll step forward or back as you do.”

2. If I’m in relationship, I may keep trying to break up…I’m not used to and I hate being in a relationship…or I’m simply a jerk

3. So I have no interest in having any relationship with anyone. It’s so annoying to take time for date, text or phone with people…

4. I don’t believe there’s such thing as true love or the one

5. I don’t understand why we need to remain friends with ex. 

6. My ideal relationship is the Jang Jae-yeol and Ji Hae-soo in It’s Okay, That’s Love, so clear-cut. And they can discuss lots of things and won’t get into a fight. It’s like Jesse and Celine in Before trilogy. I think  Before trilogy sort of inspired this drama because the films were actually mentioned and discussed in one episode.

7. If I’m in a relationship, I won’t show it on any social media or tell my friends or family unless they ask. I like it to be private (like really really really private) and I think it’s nobody’s business

8. Talk too much about relationship in this 

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9. A friend and I agree that I’m like Yoo Jung in Cheese in the Trap. I’m not that intelligent or horrible, but the personality and thoughts are basically the same…

10. So when I was watching this show, some people say they don’t understand Yoo Jung, and I was the opposite…I don’t understand why they are confused about his behaviours or words 

11. My cousin and I are like Leonard and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. We said to each other that it was exactly what would happen if we lived together. There’s a scene that’s actually happening right now.  Leonard was thinking about if the girl Penny liked him or not, or really just to say the nice thing to him and kept talking. Sheldon was just listening and said “You should feel lucky that not lots of people can follow up your mind and one of them is right next to you” and then Leonard asked his opinion. Sheldon simply replied “I understand doesn’t mean I care.” My cousin keeps talking about his crush and thinking if she likes him or not. He just goes on and on and I said to him “I’m not interested in.”

12. It’s 21:02 right now

13. I woke up at around 9 am today. What a surprise.

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14. I have written to-do list, but I haven’t done any.

15. Still procrastinating.

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16. I’m studying French

17. Mais je ne sais pas rien.

18. My favourite member in Super Junior is Kyu Hyun


20. I hate bread but I eat a lot…for saving money…

21. Talking about money can trigger a war in my house. It annoys me every time. Once we start talking about or mentioning it, I’ll end it as soon as possible. When I hear my parents talking about it, I’ll just turn on the music and keep increasing the volume until I can’t hear their voice cuz they will start arguing EVERY FREAKING TIME.

22. A scene in Newsroom that Maggie questions on Michele Bachmann and Christianity is spreading in HK because one of our officials decided to quit her job to run for president and said that god chose her to do so

23. I don’t believe in Gods. I dislike churches and any religions organizations but I’m fine with the beliefs. Even though there’s god/goddess, I still won’t believe in them.

24. If there’s god/goddess and we will meet them after death, I hope he/she will say “I never say those bullshits you guys have said.”

24. I studied in a religious school but it doesn’t change me at all. Our religious teacher said S&M is sick, I told my classmate “That people, with consent, use tools to be romantic to each other and have sex joy and fun is nothing wrong. You don’t agree that, then just don’t do it yourself.”

25. There is a history teacher whom (I think )was the worst history teacher in my school. (Not because her personal thoughts but the way she teaches really sucks. I consider myself to be a history nerd and I fell asleep on her every lesson). Our classmates suddenly joked about being gay/les, and she started saying things like “I don’t understand why they kept protesting”, “Why can’t they just keep staying in the closest”. I said “We’ll all flaunt our partner to people, we’ll talk about them and why gay or les people can’t do it?” After the lesson ended, she hasn’t left and I was near her and said to my classmate something like “I don’t understand why someone can talk bullshit like this”, “Heterosexual people talking about their love and when it comes to gay or lesbian, it suddenly is a show-off thing?”, “They can’t get married. People laugh at them when they just hold hands or kiss. Of course they fucking protest. It’s unfair. It’s discrimination.”. My classmate pointed at her hinting the teacher was still there and I just said “I don’t care.”

26. Also one time our teacher, I think he’s one of the seniors, encouraged us to join a parade that supports “one male one female, one husband one wife” marriage. I was so pissed off. Schools should never encourage students to join any parades. You may be a religious school and only accept heterosexual marriage, but it doesn’t mean you can do that to students. During a lunch time, I was leaving the school and this jerk just came back. Then I started singing Fuck you by Lily Allen loudly, you know, the “So you say It’s not okay to be gay “ part. I sang it so loud to make sure he didn’t miss any word.

27. Basically I’m a aggressive and rebellious piece of shit.

28. My uni classmate is religious but she is far away from these jerks. 

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 She basically just said “that religious teacher is crazy” and she supports LGBT+ rights. 

And when I mentioned how close Dan and Phil are, she just started making kissing noises…

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29. I’m sort of interested in Kong: Skull Island because it was set during  Vietnam War. In some interview they talk about how it affects the story and characters, and I’m so interested the relationship between human and nature. In trailer you can see how human disrespect nature as they drop bomb on the island for them to make a map. This topic is mentioned in some interview too, so I think they try to discuss about it but I somehow think it’s gonna suck…at least after watching the trailers, it doesn’t make me feel “I’m so gonna watch it”. It just makes me feel like “It will suck”…

30. So many films try to build their universe, Marvel, DC and now King Kong vs Godzilla … 

31. I mean it’s fun to have some connection between films, but not too much. A film should exist for itself, not for the other films.


33. I have watched Sherlock. I’m shocked by the Holmes sibling, but I still think the first two seasons are the best. The third and this one is just…it’s not terrible but it’s not that good.

34. I know the enemy must be insane and intelligent to be the final boss, but since it’s the same type, I’m just bored.

35. I don’t think this time the villain is terrified. I think he is just annoying LOL.

36. I’m waiting for Stranger Things and Sense8, also A Series of Unfortunate Events.

37. And Sense8 is so brillianttttttttttttttttttttt

38. it’s 38, should stop here.

When They Ask: Why Super Junior?

There are a lot of things that I love about Super Junior but do you know my absolute favourite thing? It’s their interviews. I’m not talking about the person who is talking at the time about some concert/tour/event/show I’m talking about the other members. I’m talking about the ones you cant help but notice as your eyes drift from the spokesperson (usually Leeteuk) to the rest of them.

Now there will be two members staring at each other lovingly, one of them barely suppressing a grin and the other knocking their knee to his smiling counterpart; all cheesy and bromantic; as if it’s their first year together as group members and they can’t help but marvel at the fact that they are so different yet so alike! They continue staring at each other and only stop to acknowledge their poor leader for all of his efforts or to take a peek at the other members who are surely busy with their own small misadventures.

Then, we will have three members who are clearly way too distracted to be sitting at an interview. They’ll play with each other’s lapels, coats, accessories, hair and even take an eyelash out of each others’ eyes with their zoomed in attention. They’ll quickly sneak a glance at the two loving bros bellow them and try to interfere with their sweet, quiet moments because they like to tease each other like that.

Then there will be the two who have a running inside joke between themselves and can’t stop laughing, pointing or winking at each other because the spokesperson has said or done something that has obviously hit too close to their joke. Oh he’ll be the butt of their teasing later and they can’t wait for it.

Lastly there will be that tired,overworked member that keeps tapping his foot and sighing out loud, exhausted and wishing to be in bed instead of at a boring interview with unequally distributed lines and little to keep his attention; but there’ll be that one member who notices, that one person who places a hand on his thigh and gently whispers “Does it hurt?” or “Are you alright?” And the other member will either pout and exaggerate his pain just to get more attention lavished on him, or he’ll slowly nod and give a brief smile; knowing that no matter what, his members got his back.

All I’m saying is that the reason why I stan Super Junior and no other group it’s because I look at them and I envy them. Whenever I see a band, or a celebrity, there’s always a part of me that goes “It’s not that glamorous. These guys are just people behind all that money and fame.” And while the same rings true for SJ, people watch them with a feeling of warmth and longing inside them. Why? Because they’re thinking “I wish I had someone who’d look at me like they look at each other. I wish someone would touch me in that soft, assuring way; or share a pure moment of mischief among my tiring, cumbersome schedule in life.”

Most people look at SJ and as they remember all those times when they should have hated each other, broken up or left to peruse a bigger dream; they ponder those moments and think: “I wish I had that.”


An assortment of WonKyu pictures (2/2) from the last two days ~ These two love birds, from Kyuhyun’s sister’s wedding to Incheon airport, were inseparable ❤️‍ And they both seemed to be in a very good mood having each other company ❤️‍ In the last two pics, don’t they look like a couple going on their own honeymoon? 😍

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