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Imagine Dean coming back into town only to see that things have changed. That he lost you.

“Just drop it already, Sam!” Dean barked, fed up with the millions of questions his brother was asking. Dean knew coming to this town was a mistake. He knew that he was bound to see you.

“Why? Dean, I just want to know what happened. Clearly that woman means something to you, we can’t just skip town now! We checked into a motel already and we need sleep,”

The elder Winchester clenched the keys in his fists, resting his head against the cool metal of his door. Sam was right. They couldn’t leave – especially since Dean was running on about two hours of sleep. Dean Winchester did this to himself – he held on to the small amount of hope that upon stopping in this small town, that he would see you. What he didn’t expect was to see you, a sparkly ring on your left hand and a baby in your arms as you walked around the park he had driven by.

“I screwed up,” he mumbled, Sam waiting patiently for he brother to elaborate. “I walked out on her because Dad wanted me to come down to Arizona for a hunt and dammit I left so fast it makes me sick. This job, Dad, my inability to say no to the son of a bitch – and now I’ve lost her.”

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Is the "Jungkooks ideal type almost being Jimin " even real? Like... did he said in somewhere? Or just imagination lmao

Yes, it’s basically a compilation of all the things he’s ever said about his supposed “ideal type” other than it just simply being IU. Kookmin World made a video of it recently which is why it’s getting all the attention so you can find a compilation of it all here.

So I made a trash post about it before, but basically we all know Jungkook’s ideal type is IU…yet whenever he actually goes and describes traits for his ideal type none of it really correlates to IU, and he always mentions it like once and never says it again. 

So the list of thing that Kookmin World mentioned that Jungkook finds in his ideal type:

- someone who likes him 

- someone who feeds him food

- someone who makes him laugh

- someone who is cute but can’t do aegyo

…yeah, idk anyone like that. ;)

As well, the video I mentioned exists somewhere. Idk where anymore, it was hidden in one of those jikook compilation videos (Smirk Cookie????) and it was basically Jungkook being awkward on a radio show and saying his ideal type was someone with abdominal muscles and tan skin, while Jimin was in the background repeated saying “like me? so like me?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, only that me and my sister were dying because we were like “IU who? How does this correlate?” but that was just us being cynical XD

But yeah…now you know the story about Jungkook’s supposed ideal type. Perhaps, he just has no idea what he wants and is throwing about bs whenever the question is poised. But it’s just a funny coincidence, and that maybe, just maybe, he has someone in his mind whether consciously or subconsciously. ;)

…and finally since we bringing up “jungkook’s ideal type”, and there’s one thing we must NEVER forget when addressing jeon jungkook’s ideal type…

The baggy white T-shirt.


Imagine teaching Castiel how to dance

A/N: Did you want some fluff? Well I’m giving you some anyway. Tags below the cut.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Ow! Ow, Cas, you’re supposed to lead, not step on me!” you yelled.

“Sorry, I um, I’ve never done this before.” he confessed.

“I know Castiel, that’s why I’m teaching you how, remember?” you laughed, reassuring him that you weren’t made he stepped on you.

You weren’t sure why, but Cas had asked you if you would teach him how to dance. Being the good friend that you were, you agreed. The minute Sam and Dean left for their hunt, you let him drag you into the kitchen, which was filled with candles, wine, and music. If you didn’t know any better you’d say that he was up to something, considering how nervous he was, but Cas surprised you sometimes, so who knew?

“Okay so just-” you trailed off as you grabbed his arms and put them back on your waist, before wrapping your own arms around his neck- “and then just, step forward, and we go in circles, like this.”

You watched him as he tried to coordinate his steps with yours. Dancing seemed to be just one of those human things that Cas would never fully understand. But after a few minutes of some stumbling and laughter, Castiel was swinging you around the bunker’s kitchen, even dipping you a few times. This was definitely the most fun you’ve had in awhile.

As the music came to a stop, so did you and Cas. He held onto your hand and had his other hand on your waist, looking into your eyes as if he never wanted to stop. It was then that he dipped down and placed a warm gentle kiss to your lips. Another song started playing as if on queue, and you and Castiel danced, and kissed, and held each other all night.

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With little effort I did find
love, eternity; holiness
in your eyes,
now you ask me why
I do not believe
in the god
of your choosing,
and I find it a tad bit ironic
to explain my reverence
to a living goddess.
—  Kneeling at love’s altar , M.A. Tempels © 2017

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idk why shiro even asked keith to be the black paladin after him, not bc I don't think keith is worthy of it (I mean, I don't think he'd be a good fit but I get that shiro does) but because, well, who the fuck did shiro think was going to pilot the red lion if keith switched?? did he even think about that at all??? he couldn't possibly think anybody else would be a good fit for red after everything that happened

yeah @ shiro, wyd lmao


(Y/N) had just vanished in a cloud of smoke, leaving a camp full of confused Lost Boys and even more confused new comers.

‘D-did I do something wrong?’ Wendy asked as she looked around.

‘Apparently so.’ Pan said with a tilted head.

‘I-I didn’t mean to offend anyone-’ Wendy rambled.

‘Wendy! Remember why we’re here!’ John hissed as he pulled Micheal closer to him.

‘Oh right. We are here for Bae, and we demand you return him and us home safely.’ Wendy said in false authority.

Pan couldn’t help but chuckle at this girl’s attempt at bossing him around.

‘Cage her.’ Pan smiled as his loyal boys grabbed Wendy by her arms and began pulling her away.

‘W-What did I do?!’ she yelled.

‘Wendy!’ John and Micheal yelled as they went to chase after their sister.

‘Not so fast boys.’ Pan said as he cast a quick spell that froze the brothers in place.

‘Normally I’d let you two stay and become Lost Boys and all that, but given your connection to a certain boy of mine I can’t offer that. Now I know what you want, your sister back. And I will giver her to you…after you have served your purpose.’ Pan explained.

‘For now I am sending you home, until I need you again.’

With that all said and he broke the spell and released them before his shadow swooped down and carried them off.

‘And that is the shortest amount of time anyone has ever spent on the island.’ one of boys scoffed.

‘Don’t let Bae find out about the girl, or that the Darlings were ever even here.’ Pan announced before letting the boys go about there business.

‘Now you Felix are going to help me figure out what made (Y/N) so damn mad.’ Pan said as he made his way toward the path back to his tree house, he didn’t have to look to know Felix was following.

‘Are you serious?’ Felix asked from behind him.

‘What?’ Pan asked in confusion.

‘She’s your wife and you just brought another girl to the island, a ditzy girl at that. Now how do you think she took that?’ Felix tried to explain, but the annoyed face he received from Pan told him that he had not been clear.

‘OK, how would you feel if she introduced you to a big muscular boy who was dumb as dirt but also gorgeous?’ Felix asked.

Pan’s face soured at the thought, but then his eyes widened in realization.

He groaned as he hurried toward the tree house.

‘And he’s got it, I’ll let you and the missus have some privacy.’ Felix said before he turned and headed back to camp.

Once he was at the tree house he took a deep breath, letting himself relax enough to stop being Pan and start being Peter. He wanted to always be Peter around (Y/N).

He tried to open the door but it was locked.

‘(Y/N) let me in.’ he said.

‘Shouldn’t you be showing your new little doll how to survive this island? Unless your newest kink is necrophilia.’ (Y/N) said angrily from the other side.

‘(Y/N) it-it’s not like that I promise. Let me in so I can explain.’ Peter tried again.

‘Explain from outside.’

‘I…I thought that you would like to have another girl on the island to talk to.’ Peter admitted with red cheeks,  happy now that she couldn’t see him.

It was quiet for a while before the door was unlocked and opened a bit, but not fully, just enough for (Y/N) to look at him.

‘What?’ she asked.

Peter looked down in embarrassment. 

‘You’re the only girl here, I thought you would like having a girl to talk to about girl…stuff.’

Again it was quiet.

Before (Y/N) let out a chuckle as she opened the door all the way, revealing that she had knocked down and destroyed basically everything that was on his side of the room.

‘You should have said something earlier.’ she smiled as she snapped her fingers and repaired everything.

Peter shook his head as he chuckled himself.

‘I’m sorry for jumping the gun, but you must have known how that looked to me Peter.’ she said as she stepped outside.

‘I honestly didn’t see how it looked until Felix pointed it out.’ Peter said as he sat on the edge of their porch.

‘Seriously? You didn’t see that bringing a prettier girl home to meet your wife was a bad idea?’ she said as she sat next to him.

‘I didn’t think she was prettier than you.’ Peter said honestly.

(Y/N) looked over him and he looked back her and she saw pure honesty in his eyes.

‘You wanna know why I was really upset?’ she asked.

‘You mean other than overwhelming jealousy that someone would realize how much of a catch I am?’ he teased.

‘Shut up.’ she groaned as she hit his arm.

‘I thought you got tired of waiting for me, that I waited too long to admit how I felt.’ (Y/N) said looking at the ground below them.

Peter looked over at her in shock.

‘Before Felix came to get me, I was already planning on telling you.’

‘You like me.’ Peter smiled.

‘Yeah…I like you.’ she blushed.

‘Does that mean now we can consummate the marriage.’ Peter wiggled his eyebrows.

‘You perv, come on I’m being serious.’ she whined.

‘So am I.’ Peter said.

He pushed her back so she was laying with her legs over the edge before he placed a gentle, slow and sweet kiss on her lips.

They were both hit with a strong breeze that was so strong it shook the island, but still they kissed until they were breathless.

Finally they pulled away and took deep breaths.

‘What was that?’ (Y/N) asked.

‘A true loves kiss.’ Peter smiled down at her.

Eyes of Fire

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Request: Jealous lucifer x reader please! Maybe where reader helps another Angel groom their wings and doesn’t understand how intimate it is or why cas is so jealous. Thanks 😊 xox Hey sorry! I meant jealous lucifer because the reader is helping Cas. Thanks 😊

Warnings: Jealous!Lucifer, a little fluff.

Word Count: 524

A/N: I don’t feel like I did this justice. But I have it my best shot. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“Will you stop fidgeting Cas?” You grabbed the fidgeting angels shoulders. “How did you even manage to get your wings this dirty?” You asked as you appraised his wings

“I was on a hunt with Sam and Dean and we were hunti-“

“Ok stop right there.” You laughed. “Can I get the short non-Cas version of this story?”

“Oh, I was thrown into some mud.”

You doubled over in laughter. “Oh Cas.”

Cas turned and looked at you. “I don’t understand. What is so funny?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You Cas. You’re so adorkable.” You took the wet cloth out of his hand. He still looked confused but he turned back around and gave you access to his wings.

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TW: Choking, Hands Around Neck

Okay, so in one of the fnaf musical vlogs, Nate told Matt not to touch his neck and that it triggered him. The audience probably though it was a joke because
A. The meme was popular at that time. And
B. They joked about triggers through the outro.
Thankfully, Matt did stop when Nate asked him to, and I truly think that Nate was serious about it being a trigger. When he said it, he wasn’t smiling, and his ears went red(i noticed in plenty of game plays without his headphones, his ears go red from fear). Sure, he started to smile a little but when he explained to Matt why he wanted him to stop, but it looked very forced and uncomfortable. In graphic A(FNaF Musical), you can see very closely in the corner of his eye that it looks like his eye is starting to water. In graphic B(Life Is Brutal), he looks freaked out about this guy’s hands around his collar. Of course, it was meant for the video and Nate was supposed to look freaked out; but he looks a little more than acting scared, if you ask me. This was just a little ramble I had and thought of after talking with someone about this. Carry on with your day.

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Abel!! Why Mikuni?

Woah chill anon-san. I was just giving a suggestion for an ask blog. I’m not making one so far….— but pfffft I’m gonna answer anyways!!

If you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ps. I love Abel’s summer clothes tbh xD
Pss. I am NOT making an Abel ask blog right now. This was answered on a whim. 

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Your fandom is small, your ship's dead, hood is deader than dead and you had the worst storyline out of all ships on this show. But enjoy your 3 episodes with fake Hood!

Ahem. Four episodes, five if you count the midseason finale. If you’re gonna be disparaging, at least be accurate about it.

We all know the storyline was terrible? I don’t know why you think that’s a good argument against OQers, we hate the storyline more than anyone. lol 

Our ship is very much alive, tyvm. Robin dying did not kill the ship – it’s still full of wonderfully talented artists and writers and readers and commenters who bring their story to life day in and day out. Ships live on past character deaths, past series finales, etc. 

And our fandom is certainly not the smallest for the show, but I honestly don’t know why you think it matters? It’s certainly bigger than you think it is, so I don’t much care about your inaccurate perception of it.

Useless facts about me just because I wanna talk about myself

1. I slide with fucking nine blankets on my bed and four pillows.
2. I always wear two necklaces. One says “queero2.0” which is a joke with my friends and then the other is a cute little white star.
3. I’m always in a fucking beanie. The main three I wear are black, gray, and one that’s both black and gray. Overall though, I have over 50 beanies shoved in my desk drawer. No shit.
4. Fucking love tv shows like Steven universe, GRAVITY FALLS, stranger things, and so on. I also constantly watch random documentaries.
5. My room is always fucking clean somehow…
6. I have some painting I did up on my wall
7. My favorite number is 7,585. Don’t ask why because honestly I can’t tell you. I just like the way it looks.
8. Heh… I don’t like giving out my real name which is why everyone calls me Laf and I fucking love it.
9. I have too many mental issues to fucking count. Okay maybe I can but it’s still a lot.
10. I’m infatuated with the concept of space. What I mean by concept is just like what we could find or see or discover I guess. It’s just all extremely interesting to me and I wish to know more about it.
11. I wish to major in history and minor in arts when in college. Either earlier American history, world history, or Egyptian history.

I done. Sorry…

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Omg that new art killed me and then bring me back to life... But why nobody has pointed out the fact that those red headphones cords look like that red string of fate thing... Omg they're soulmates too OK now I'm dead again


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Lyra when did you start shipping Richonne and also what pushed you to write your first Richonne fanfic?

I was actually kind of late shipping Richonne.  I didn’t ship them at all in seasons 3 or 4 just ‘cause I wasn’t looking for romance in TWD.  But then ‘Claimed’ happened.

Rick asked Michonne to stick around for Carl and I just jokingly said to my sister, “Did he just propose?”  And then my eyes got big, I gasped, and I just had a come-to-Jesus moment.  I completely spiraled into the Richonne ship from then on.  ‘Cause why the fuck shouldn’t he propose?!  They would be hot af together!  That was my line of thinking at the time. :D

Plus…something else that was nudging me along without me knowing before ‘Claimed’…I took a break from watching TWD for a while, but I was getting ready to go to this panel Norman Reedus was doing.  And being the nerd I am, I decided to research Norman Reedus so I’d have things to ask him and talk to him about if I got a chance to talk to him after the panel.  And of course I knew Norman Reedus was on TWD so I was like, ‘Okay, let me get back into that show and see what’s happening.’  So I started watching again for NR/Daryl and at the same time, I started writing a fanfic - my first TWD fanfic - about Daryl and Michonne getting together.  So basically I started writing a Dixonne fic (omg - I’m embarrassed to talk about it now lol).  Anyway, as I was writing that fic, I found it easier to write Rick/Michonne scenes.  So even when I wasn’t shipping Richonne, my subconscious was trying to tell me, ‘No, look at these two together!  They’re just so easy and natural!  Stop trying to force this Dixonne thing!)  So yeah…I was struggling with that, then I watched ‘Claimed’ and the rest is all history.

Thanks for the ask. :D

I’m gonna fcuking kill myself
pls don’t post me places without asking, I did not ever want to have my ass on Facebook, thats why I only posted it here where ppl were asking for it. I keep my tumblr stuff off Facebook for a reason, I didn’t post some of those images on Facebook for a reason, the main reason being family and friends.
If you know me at all you know this is really my personal blog and I post about my struggles with my body and appearance a lot so I really did not want to be put in the position to have people from all over the world constantly criticizing me and calling me a fat whore. I’m a real person. I have feelings. Please at least ask first.

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(this ask is the very reason why I love ENFPs haha)

1. Have I met anyone of this type?                                                                   - Yes I have two good friends and couple of acquaintances of this type.

2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?                                      - Probably.

3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?                                                                                                         - One ENFP I’ve known since we were 5 years old, and the other one I met through a mutual INTJ friend aroundd 4-5 years ago. I’ve always found it very easy to get along with this type, we’ve had lots of not only fun but interesting and #deep conversations. I always end up spending way too much time with them without even getting that exhausted. We have a very similar, stupid sense of humor.

4. First impressions?                                                                                          - They always have this “not fully present” vibe going on, bubbly, social, creative, endearing, some of my ENFP classmates have occasionally rubbed me the wrong way with their constant blabbering, adventurous, funny as hell.

5. Positive impressions?                                                                                    - So creative, excellent company, good and offbeat sense of humor, very intelligent when they choose to focus, individualistic, inspire others, have this good balance of honesty and social awareness, once again who doesn’t just love them?

6. Negative impressions?                                                                                 - This very odd, timely lack of empathy for people or things that they’ve determined to be “bad” etc., sometimes have trouble really listening and taking their time for others, afraid of conflict, sometimes too all over the place people who experience difficulty in focusing and settling down.

7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?                                            - Hmmm anything really !

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So you think that it was a classic TPTB misdirection. Why you said "classic"? I mean, did TPTB do this kind of "misdirection" thing in another opportunities with another characters or just with Beth? Because you said "classic" and I was wondering if they always do things like this.

When I say “classic” misdirection, I mean the kind of misdirection used in general performances, like a magic act. You tell and/or show your audience one thing, keeping them focused on it, while you work the magic in the background. Think of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. He used a giant machine, loud voice, smoke, and a hologram to distract his audiences from his set-up behind the curtain.

TPTB have used misdirection though. For example, they manipulated the season 5 trailer so it looked TF would be going to Washington with the Termites. While filming at the white houses, TPTb also sent a limo down the street to catch onlookers’ eyes so the white van could pull up to the bloody house.

Source (X).

an actual sneak peak lol


“She said something about me hurting her before? That I did the same to her? I honestly have no clue why this happened, she probably mistook me for someone else. I don’t even belong here.” You rubbed your head.

“She said that you did the same thing to her?” Mulligan repeated, looking at the other men. You nodded, puzzled.

“Yea, why?”

The three men exchange looks, like they were speaking to each other while keeping their mouths closed. You looked at them, wondering what they were thinking. “Guys, tell me. What’s up?” You asked again.

the chapter will be posted either friday or saturday!