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god i’m really not over how the first time bernie + serena meet it’s literally like a scene straight out of a fanfic…..like bernie just swaggering over to serena with a cigarette in her mouth, the classic ‘the alternator might be cactus’ line, bernie immediately sharing the whole cigarette-as-a-symbol-of-my-freedom-thing with this woman she met exactly 30 seconds ago, the iconic™ way bernie was about to text marcus telling him that her shift was shit but then after speaking to serena for like 1 minute she texts him saying it’s going great….like it was all so gay + now they’re in love can u BELIEVE IT

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lena jokingly calls kara daddy one time and it becomes like... an inside joke between them even before they're together so long story short one time they're chilling with the rest of the superfriends and lena offhandedly says "daddy, can you pass the salt?" and neither realize why everyone is staring and money is being exchanged across the table

half of me is yelling “yes!! !” but the other half rly wants 2 say “unrealistic. blockt” bc i cant stop thinking abt the ask elly @luthoring got abt lena having a mommy kink,

Not to be overshadowed by other events:

It’s him who saved her.

She… was falling too. However. He … HE SAVED HER.

It’s not only that he gave up all of his life, all of his happiness.. all of the agony he endured.. all these decades being dead inside… all for her own sake. 

All of this.. 


and she…

she doesn’t know…

Does eating gold make me look a like a golden boy?
Let me try out!

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wait there's another Vento Aureo? other then part 5?

Don’t tell anybody else, but there’s a secret, second Vento Aureo. It’s got Luigi, and Cloud Strife, and Goku, and Giorno catches Mew. It’s just between you and me, okay anon?

Joking aside, there is, in fact, only one Vento Aureo, just like there is only one Giorno Giovanna, our lord and saviour. Any others that are presented to you are false, and must be rejected.

I went to target for a shower curtain and ended up leaving with a shit ton of Star Wars merchandise. The cashier was like ‘oh does a special little someone have a birthday coming up?’ And I panicked and said yes because I didn’t really want to admit that the BB-8 and Kylo Ren toys and lightsabers are for me and Lucy to battle with. I told her I was shopping for my 'son’ who’s name I can’t even remember. And she was like 'what a sweet mother, you’re so kind spoiling him like this!’

So now I’m not ever returning to that target because if I ever see the same woman again I’ll never remember the details of my fake child.


Based off of this houseplan. There’s a lot of similar houses in my town, so I wanted to give it a go. It’s a bit wider than the plan, since I have trouble translating these older floorplans into sim houses without them being cramped. I think it turned out very cute! Not sure about that awning thing, though.

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For the prompt thing could you do the second one for Tsukki and Yams? Thanks!!

Ahhhhhhh. I’m so sorry this took FOREVER to get to. But it’s here now! If you even remember requesting it.

Tsukkiyama - “Don’t leave me.” (based on this prompt list)

Kei woke from a dream where the sky was filled with green stars. They twisted like vines and shone like the moon, casting a green hue over the world he walked in over soft, moss like ground. There had been a warm breeze and in his hand was the soft pressure of another, their fingers laced with his.

He was not sure what had pulled him from his sleep. His room was in shadow and through the open window he could see the far off street lamp signaling that it was still night. The sheet around him was pulled half off, exposing his body to the heat of the summer air.

Then he heard it again: a quiet whimpering, soft and low.

Kei turned over in the bed, his limbs heavy with the pull of sleep. There, on his side facing Kei, was Tadashi. The sheet was thrown off of him, his body curled up with his knees to his chest. Beneath his lids his eyes moved rapidly, and his face was distorted in fear, tears streaming down his cheeks. The whimpers that had woken Kei were coming from him, and even as he watched Tadashi began to quietly cry out again.

“N-no,” he whispered, eyes scrunching. “Please…Don’t go, please.”

Kei reached out a hand, gently nudging at Tadadshi’s shoulder. This was not the first time Kei had found him crying in his sleep, but it was the first time he was there lying beside him. How long had he been suffering right next to him? In his sleep addled mind Kei tried to think back to his own dream, to find the pieces that didn’t fit - the ones that hinted at what was going on around his slumbering body. Try as he might he could not find any, and he hated himself for enjoying his own world while Tadashi was in pain.

Tadashi flinched at his touch, as if he could feel it in his nightmare.

“K-kei,” he sobbed, and squeezed his eyes tighter. “Don’t leave me.”

Kei wanted to think he heard wrong, that Tadashi was not calling his name in such a desperate way. It stabbed at his heart, filling him with a guilt that he knew he didn’t deserve, but felt nonetheless. What could cause Tadashi to fear him leaving so much that he dreamed about it?

This time Kei did more than nudge at his shoulders. He half sat up on the bed and took Tadashi in both of his arms, gently shaking him.

“Tadashi,” he said, voice still thick from sleep but now with the whine of urgency. “Tadashi, wake up.”

In the dark the other boy’s eyes fluttered, then opened. He looked around, dazed and unsure, before spotting Kei holding onto him.

“Huh?” he mumbled, rubbing at his eyes. “What…”

“You were having a bad dream,” Kei said, keeping Tadashi safely in his arms. He made no attempt to move, or to try and lay back down.

“Oh.” Tadashi’s eyes retreated back into his own world again, and then his expression went from dim to worried. His lips wobbled as tears threatened again. “I remember.”

Sensing he was about to start crying again Kei pulled him in close to his chest, cradling the back of his head with one hand. “It’s alright. I’m here,” he mumbled soothingly. “Go back to sleep.”

Tadashi pressed back so he could still look up at Kei. His eyes were wide and watery, and Kei hated the look on his face more than anything he could remember.

“You-you won’t leave me, right?” Tadashi asked, his voice trembling.

“No,” Kei answered, and he kissed a spot on Tadashi’s forehead. “It was just a dream, Tadashi. I’m not leaving.”

A warm breeze blew the curtains out from the window, and Tadashi seemed to melt into Kei’s arms when it reached them. Kei’s words must have reassured him, as his eyes were growing heavy again, and he let his head fall forward and rest on Kei’s chest.

“Ever?” he said, so quiet Kei could hardly hear even this close. When he looked down Tadashi had his eyes closed and his breathing had steadied.

“Never,” Kei answered, and he too drifted back to sleep.


hello my dudes I’m very alone at this prom

You Guys Are Too Sweet WTF

Srsly. There’s something wrong with some of you. It’s Tumblr. C'mon.

Okay no jokes aside you guys are too awesome:

@tegansexual: Acts innocent what can I say? I love talking with her and she’s too adorable. Her blog is 👌 on point. Love her voice.

@spicyscholar: Idk. She’s a sinnamon roll. I’m too. But actually she’s so cool and I love talking with her. She sometimes surprises me don’t ask.

@sweetelitecinnamonrole You are too cute Wtf. Love her and has like awesome ideas??
She’s a marshmallow. Too many compliments

@felina-marlena-vasquez Awesome friends! Just 👌. Talks a lot but I really like listening to Felina! Love ya dude!

@sweetsholar-se : We don’t Talk a lot but it’s nice when we are. So nice and has cool ideas! Love her too.

@ellliebean: EM first of all, she’s too cool. Thanks for introducing me to oitnb. My Shraxel Sister. I love her art cute doodles omg. We get along well! I love talking with her.

@gnarlignton: My Shraxel Sister but really Wtf. She is awesome (like me) and her posts 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌. *Tell me your secret*

@sweet-elite-andy: FISRT OF ALL cutie pie. We don’t talk but I like seeing her on discord. She loves me I love her.