why i cry every night

The moon asked me why I was crying myself to sleep every night. I told her it was because of you and she replied “The one you love should make you forget what sadness feels like.” So I realized that you are not the one I should be loving and I cannot choose who I love but if I could I think I would still choose you.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram)

i just noticed this little detail in the battle with snowdrake

i just want to hug them so bad. they’re so sad about their mom, and they ran away from home because their dad wasn’t supportive enough

of course it smells like a wet pillow, i bet they’re crying every night. why do i feel so sorry for a pun-loving snowflake bird i don’t understand

anonymous asked:

I'm so unhappy with my life rn, I hate everything about it. I cry every night and the worst part is why do I keep thinking of death

Try to change your daily routine. Do different things and try new hobbies. Talk to people on tumblr, we understand those feelings. You don’t have to be alone with it. Things can and will change if you try. You are strong and you can change your life. It’s not easy but it is possible. Don’t give up!

Why do I let you keep breaking me?
Why do I let you step all over me?
Why do i let you keep lying to me?
Why do i let myself cry every night?
Why do i blame myself
Why do i hate myself
No person that loves themself would take this pain…
—  via @imiisshim on instagram

In group dynamics, there’s something psychologists call “savior behavior.

Often one person in the group feels like they need to save the others from a threat or an emotion that he or she believes is dangerous.
Sometimes those people are children of parents with drug or alcohol problems. […]
They want to help, that’s a good thing.
But sometimes when we try to help one person, another person gets hurt.
Sometimes that person’s ourselves, sometimes it’s someone else.

@ladysekh and rampant-noodle  both asked for an ugly-crying Sollux for Cry Night!  Although this is definitely ladysekh’s “because somebody close to him was hurt/killed” rather than “sad video-game ending” UoU

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my love for gay actors

i was so confused as to why all of my favorite male actors are gay. I obviously have a problem with loving gay men and some subliminal thing about wanting what you can’t have and what not, but i thought there must be more than that. Then i figured it out.

There must be an outstanding number of gay male actors. Think about it, at one point they were all theatre kids, and thats not to say all guys in the theatre are gay, but normally if you are a gay guy in high school, you join theatre. Therefor a lot of the now fantastic, successful actors are now gay. mystery solved- problem persisting.

This is so unfair. Why does she get to move on with her life so easily and I’m stuck crying over her every other night? Why doesn’t she love me like I love her? Why does she get to be happy and I stay hurting? God why does all this hurt so much?