why i cry at night

I think nobody will ever truly love me. And I accept that. But it still will make me cry night after night. And that’s why I will give all the love I have inside my heart to all the people out there. And I have endless love inside me. That’s why, when I fall in love with someone, I won’t ever stop loving them.
—  dewdropheart 
  • Someone: How are you?
  • Me: Fine
  • Me Internally: It's been six days since exo dropped the eclipse teaser and announced their repack but there hasn't been any more news after that. What are they planning? Is Yixing gonna be in repack? Why did they leave for us for dead? How come Chanyeol dyed his hair sliver even though his hair has already been thinned out by dying it too many times? Why does Sehun keep on posting vague spoiler pics on his insta? Why are they in The War, who are they fighting. WHAT THE HECK DOES AN ECLIPSE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS. How come both Minseok and Yixing both decided to take their shirts off and attack me. When was the last time Baekhyun updated us about his dog. When are EXO gonna drop the date for their repack. Why do I hear my wallet crying.

i swear… i swear to GOD there was an ask pertaining to this… about embarrassing moments or something, but i… i can’t find it… so uh… i guess just… enjoy this little party memory… not one of bendy’s finer moments.

(some characters aren’t here because i have a hard time picturing them partying as hard as these four have been known to.)

betty and pearl belong to @131-di


Remember, everything will be alright,
We can meet again somewhere,
Somewhere far away from here.

happy early birthday @the-littlethiings

“I don’t… want to.. ruin our friendship…. but.. I–”

my headcanons for real!graves include:

  • how he’d saved tina’s headstrong ass multiple times over her career and was the one to personally recommend her promotion to senior auror despite this
  • started checking in on Credence as a favor to Tina b/c he’s got a soft spot for orphans and hotheaded subordinates 
  • genuinely made the offer to teach Credence magic before Grindelwald ruined everything
  • he went to school with Picquery, back when he called her Phina, and they were fiercely competitive frenemies
  • worked with Picquery for over 20 years
  • he has the driest wit and could say the most outrageous thing with a straight face
  • his sense of justice is only matched by his protectiveness, esp. when it comes to his department of aurors
  • like he would literally take a magic bullet for any of them
  • he’s a lonely guy married to his work with no social life to speak of, his retirement plan consists of “die fighting the good fight”
  • nice clothes are his guilty pleasure and he’s secretly a flashy guy, aka scorpion collar pins
  • never throws his family name around and likes to think that he made it on his own merits
  • never forgets his secretary’s birthday, always lowkey gets her a gift
  • a little self-conscious about aging, has no idea how well he’s rocking that salt and pepper look 
  • truly just a dedicated wizard cop at heart

and that is why i cry at night thinking about how no one noticed Graves was replaced by a homicidal terrorist.


my two most favorite people in the world

please don’t talk to me until you watched the masterpiece that is Lion (2016 Film) by Garth Davis 

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29. The last cuddle?

29. Last cuddle

“Are you sure you have to go?”

Will knows the answer even as he asks the question. Nico can’t just ignore a summon from the lord of the Underworld, not even as his son. Especially not as his son. 

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Nico doesn’t sound any more happy about the situation than Will does. It doesn’t really make Will feel any better. “It’ll be fine, though. Completely routine, I bet. It’s not like there’s much to do down there that I haven’t already done.

Objectively, Will knows this, too. It’s not even close to the first time Nico is being summoned to one errand or another for his father, and, well, Nico is good at what he does. He’s given Will an estimate that he’ll be done by dinner time tomorrow - although, of course, time is a little different in the Underworld, so Will has learned to give or take five hours, even with Nico’s vast knowledge and experience with this. Completely routine. Less that forty-eight hours and Nico will be home again.

It’s just… They’re nearing their thirties. They’re not supposed to go on any type of quests anymore. Normal people their age are settling down, starting families. Will already thinks them extremely lucky to have survived this long, with two wars and multiple other battles in their past. Nico especially, being a child of the Big Three and not in the best possible terms with most of the gods. Should they risk it, even with such a routine task?

“Not even two days, Will”, Nico says against Will’s temple, seemingly trying to attempt at a humorous tone and failing quite badly. “I’ll be home before you know it.”

For reasons Will doesn’t want to think about, he tries to memorize the way Nico’s arms feel around him. The warmth of Nico’s breath against his skin. The dip of his lower back when Will pulls their bodies close together, trying not to leave any space between them.

“I know. Just… just hold me a little while longer.”

If Will lets his mind explore why he does this, why he feels the need to commit every bit of Nico to his memory, why it feels like he might regret it if he doesn’t… If he lets himself slip that far, he might never let go.

(asdfghjk you can decide for yourself if this is a last cuddle before the next or if nico really is not coming back from that mission… i might die myself. thanks for the prompts!)