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how old do you have to be before you no longer have the compulsive need to quote spongebob?

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(8) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. You feeling better?
Ignis: what about?
Gladio: Your fever.
Ignis: ?? I had no fever?
Gladio: Oh. My bad. You just looked so hot last night.
Ignis: Omfg, Gladio, not in front of the kids.


WBB is a great show.

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you know someone who's middle name is kale

yes i’ve known him for 13 years he’s a plague on my life he’s the guy that knocked my tooth out w a ping pong ball

Your ingenious fingers are
tracing maps of childish stars
along the olive oval of my face.
I become crimson on cheeks as I tell you
what was like to be the prodigal daughter
that demanded stubborned knowledge from her father
and dreamt about selfless love
on the nine cloud with her mother.
I forged my way up among the stars with love
poisoned weapons and spanish corrida tools.
in the kindergarten this was the play thing I invented.
I was lucky I was quite bright since the start
and in my spare time I used to marvel at my mother
how she kept cheerful and relaxed my father,
about the meaning of old school established manners
and how we’re not enough civilized without them.
That’s why I had to climb my way up among the stars,
to collect in my parents way the strength
of kindness and selfless love. Happy child that I was
leaning like a matryoshka doll over the toddler’s cradle.


rhcp on yonge st, toronto, july 22nd 1999


Why we climb. 

I did a 4-part comic strip this week. Everyone finds their own why. It’s almost always hard-won. Climb on.


JSP. (A/N:Keep in mind this is Dean’s Point Of View. And This is an AU.)

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“King Kwon’s, handsome and talented son, Kwon Hyuk is looking for a lovely madam to marry”

I can’t even believe this! The news made it around the kingdom faster than it takes the servants of the castle to get from place to place. Even my best friend, Jiho knew of my “search” for the perfect woman or madam to marry me, and he’s a whole kingdom away from me. I’m going to be honest. I don’t want marriage. I don’t ever want to marry someone! But as everyone says “As the King’s son you need to marry someone soon. You never know when your parents are going to step down! You need a woman by your side who will take the place as your queen and the love of your life.” But I usually ignore that shit. It’s wasn’t important back then. They started telling me stuff like this when I was only thirteen. I was a kid then. I don’t need a queen! Nor do I need a love! I can run this kingdom by myself. 

They act as if I can’t do anything by myself. I don’t even need these servants who only serve me. I’m an independent man! I don’t need a woman by myself. Single forever. There’s no problem with that. Now we had to deal with the young women of the kingdom outside of the castle. 





Trust me, I love the women of the kingdom. But sometimes they are a little over the top or in other words, too much. You could hear their screaming from inside of the walls. 

“Prince Hyuk. Your parents would like to see you.” Eunha’s soft voice called out. 

Eunha is one of the kingdom’s most trusted severants. She does a lot. Made her way up from the bottom. She was very well respected by a few high powers and royals of this kingdom and a few other kingdoms. “Got it.” I replied back walking out of the room. I walked into the throne room to see my mother and father sitting on their thrones. My father had that mean mug on his face that he had everyday, all day. It was just his face. The crown sitting up, straight on his head. The multi colored jewels shine brighter than they ever have. I wonder how long it took to do that.

It scares me. That’s gonna be on my head one day. I don’t even know if I can be king, period. My father was named one of the best things of Korea while their are many kingdoms around. Around ten, to be exact. Now my mother was a different story. My mother was a princess from a kingdom far far from ours. That kingdom disappeared a little while ago. No one knew what happened. It just vanished in thin air. Nothing was left of it. No rooms. Barely any backstories of the kingdom. I asked my mother about it and she barely knew. But she was never home. The older she got, the less she was home. 

Her and my father’s love story is just boring and overplayed. Love at first sight. Everyone woman’s fantasy, right? I just dismiss it and go about my day. My mother is the fanciest one in the whole kingdom. Everything has to be gold or she doesn’t want it. At one point she ordered a woman dead because her dress was as beautiful as gold. But I went against her order and let the woman leave the kingdom in one piece. I’m the nicest person in the whole family. 

My mother was looking just as she did everyday. Grade A. Above everyone else. She hated young women because she was jealous of their body and beauty. She often vents to some of the kitchen servants about how she was young and beautiful once. She was the main one who wanted me to get married fast!

“I want a beautiful daughter in law since I couldn’t have a daughter. Make me proud, Hyuk. Don’t choose the wrong woman. You’ll bring shame to us all.” 

Looks were everything to her. They weren’t so much to me. But I can’t say anything. That’s my mother. 

“Good morning, son. Did you see all those beautiful women-” 

“Mom, I’m not in the mood to discuss women right now. Is there another reason you both wanted to see me?” I interrupted. 

“Of course there is. The castle will be holding a ball where you will meet princesses from all over Korea.” Dad answered. 

“Can we hold off on this whole marriage situation? I’m not that old yet. Can I get married in a couple of years?” I asked.

“No! You’re 25 years old now, Hyuk! You need a woman in your life!” Mom shouted in my direction. Here we go again. Arguing about what I need and what I don’t need in my life. I sighed and looked at Dad, who was looking around he room trying to avoid Mom’s eyes. He knew when she opened her mouth, there was no way in getting her to stop it now. 

As she kept screaming at me, I zoned out. I thought of what it would be liked to get out of her. “Mom! I’m gonna go to Jiho’s kingdom. See you soon.” I rushed out of the throne room. “KWON HYUK! GET BACK HERE!” 

I ran to the stables and saw one of the servants brushing one of the horses hair. Luckily I knew his name. “Seokjin! My horse? Is she here?” I asked. He stopped and bowed before me. “Yes! She’s in the last stable. I just brushed her. Are you leaving the castle?” 

“Yes. I need to leave for a bit. Thanks. Keep up the good work.” I commented rushing to the last stable. “Thank you, Prince Hyuk.” Once I opened the gate, I saw her. “Good afternoon, girl. How was your night?” I asked as if she could understand me. She just nodded her head. “Saddle or no saddle? One or two?” I questioned smiling. I lead her out of the stable and out into the open. Seokjin handed me my saddle and I strapped it down to her. Seokjin set up everything else being very gentle with her. No wonder she likes him. And he’s the man that feeds her everyday, so that’s probably why. 

I climbed on top of her and got comfortable. “It’s been awhile, girl. You ready?” I patted her neck two times before kicking her slightly to make her move. I waved bye to Seokjin and made my way through the forest. 

And of course, I’m not going to Jiho’s. I just need some rest air. You know, away from the people and away from the women. I should probably find something to cover up with so no one notices me and reports they saw me in the forest. I’ll be killed if anyone found that out. Well not killed. I’m the future of this damn kingdom. They can’t afford to kill me. I’m the only son of the King and Queen. I’m the only child of the King and Queen, for that matter. 

I went toward a nearby merchant shop and bought a dark green hood to cover my clothing and my head just enough so no one could see my face. I continued my journey through the forest. It was nice, peaceful, quiet. Nothing like the castle. I feel at peace here. No one rushing me into marriage. No one telling me of appointments I didn’t make, but someone else made for me. No one begging to do something for me. I just needed to be alone. And it did feel good. 

I took a deep breath and looked up at the trees. I saw a couple of birds and lizards. I heard female’s voice and the strings of an instrument that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t name it. I dismounted and realized, she was singing. Her voice was very soft and soothing. I had to see who it was. I walked toward the beautiful sound. Suddenly it got quieter and the strings of the instrument stop. I saw a sudden flash of movement and I felt my body being tossed to the ground. I groaned as my back struck the back. It fucking hurt. Before I could say something there was a sword tip on my chin. I tensed up and looked up. It’s a girl!

“Who are you? And why are-” She froze and her eyes were widened than I have ever seen someone’s eyes be. 

She removed her sword and helped me up. She got on her knees. “Prince Hyuk! My apologies. I thought you were a thug. I have dishonored you. Please spare my life.” 

“No! Don’t get the wrong idea. I can’t kill you. It was weird just following a voice in the forest. It’s my fault. But it was pretty cool how you flipped me before I saw your face. You’re strong.” I explained helping her to her feet. 

A smile appeared on her beautiful face. It made my heart skip a beat. “You know who I am. Can I please know your name?”

“It’s Y/N. Y/N L/N.” the beautiful woman answered. 

This is the series Kai spoiled for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this. If you want this to be a series, I can make that happen. Only if you guys want it though. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for reading. Admin June

  • Josh: What's one thing you regret not being alive for?
  • Chris: [inner monologue] Wow, he asked such a serious, thoughtful question. He's really growing as a perso--
  • Josh: Is it porn? I bet it's porn.
  • Chris: [aloud] Never mind.