why i cant i be them

hi why tf cant i rename pokemon’s nicknames still it’s such a ridiculous rule just let me change the name even if its not my pokemon like “oh you cant change the original owner’s choice in name it’s a declaration of their love”


im reading a file i mustve downloaded long ago and forgotten about afterwards. Its on consumerism of romance but it feels so heterosexual and weird like i cant relate at all even though they had made the distinction between working class and middle class interviewed people. Like some “female artist” said she thinks getting roses and poems is cliche and sappy. and some guy said that he didnt get why his girlfriend would write him poems. Like all middle class people said that receiving traditional romance symbolism (like roses or poems) is cliche, sappy, uncreative. I have no idea what straight peoples vision of romance is. Working class people answered positively to romantic symbolism, like cards, while middle class people quickly dismissed them and said theyre tacky. And every middle class person who thought that romance ought to be indicidualised and authenticated and “creative” had also said that a romantic date is “a walk on the beach in the dark” Every one of them. Which isnt weird but its notable since they all highlighted their need for authenticity and hate for traditionalism. Also what was also striking in the file was “working class people tend to go on dates outside of their homes, since they dont assiociate those with particularly romantic spaces, while middle class people tend to want to spend their time in” which was very true but ive never thought about it this way, and working class people also tend to go out more because were not as frugal (in the way of not wanting to pay for like food for your friends or whatever necessities out of simple love and care) and more giving towards people who we love.

edit: heres the file https://drive.google.com/file/d/15XUbFNcYk9CeFDrswO_4pJvQli6yEZ25/view?usp=drivesdk

Low(high) key needing some validation tonight :| I’m trying to communicate with someone who has like, SUPER high avoidance and there’s some serious stuff that kinda needs to be talked about in friendships/knowing where we stand together. Every time I bring it up they seemingly disappear on me and it really hurts and I don’t know how to deal with it?? Like I really wanna comfort them and talk with them and at least understand how they feel, but I can’t even get that far most of the time. Plus they’re like, seemingly affectionate in person and most of the time as long as nothing is serious, so I’m feeling really mixed signals and just not great in general. Hope yall are doing okay

31 Days of Holiday Cheer with Bangtan - Day 14: I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause.

Reaction where You and the BTS member’s child finds you kissing said member dressed as Santa.

{ woman pronouns bc i the draft i had didnt save and i dont have time to start over. so, enjoy if you can! .kara }

Seokjin: “Hey! That’s my daddy’s wife!! you cant have her!” “You don’t understand! She ate my cookies! I had to get them back!…..?” “Nice save.” “Shush.”

Yoongi: “Mommy….I’m telling daddy on you..” “Why’s that?”Because you’re making out with Santa Claus and not him.” “Eh. what he doesn’t know won’t kill him.”

Hoseok: “Get of my mommy! If daddy sees you he’ll be mad!” “Ahh, I see. Your daddy sent me here to take care of your mommy while he’s away.” “…to the store?” “….Yes.”

Namjoon: “This is not what it looks like.” “Oh really? So you’re not making out with my mom?” “…Exactly.”

Jimin: “Santa. It’s not in good manners to kiss someone else’s girlfriend..” “O-Oh…Wow! In yhe North Pole, that’s how we greet each other! But there’s different customs down here and I must follow them. I promise i won’t do it again..”

Taehyung: “My dad is going to hate Christmas forever now. Thanks, Santa.” “….I-Im sure we can work our differences out.”

Jeongguk: “…Is this for real?” “…No. You’re dreaming, sweet one. Scurry along back into ye slumber.” “Really, Kookie?”

i feel like a piece of shit, dion always asks me and my mom asks me some times if i could stay the night out there, but i always say no. because i dont want to. beacuse i just feel uncomfortable being out there all night, i like to be in my room. i just dont want to. and if i ever will, i want to plan it out and not have them ask me the day of. i dont know why. they live on the same property in a different house, they’re my close family. but i like to do my own thing at night. i feel so terrible. why cant i just stay out there with them once? i havent since dions been born, i never have since i moved out of there probably. i think it really hurts my moms feelings. but i dont know i just dont want to. tonight she said shes really lonely without dion there because hes at his dads, and said i should stay out there. i said no, not tonight. and when i got up to leave she started crying. i feel so terrible. why cant i just do it? i just wish they would try and plan it with me instead of asking the day of but even if they did try and plan it i would still not want to. but how shitty is that, i dont want to stay the night with my own  mom and brother. it would make them so happy. but i would be uncomfortable. but that just makes me feel even worse. i hate myself 

person: constantly talks about how their friends having friends makes them upset/angry/suicidal, talks about how they made all of their exes cut off people to prove they liked them, says shit like “im such an asshole but its what i have to do to feel better about myself!” in regards to the shit they do, when called out on all of this they only respond with something dumb like “alright sorry” 

same person: why do i have so many issues in my relationships :( why cant i keep friends :( why do people say im manipulative i have bpd i cant help it :( 


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate

Hunk truthfully liked the feeling of Keith behind him, pressing tightly against his back as if he were a backpack Hunk was taking on a long trip, full of everything he could need or want.
“Feel good?” Hunk asked pleasantly.
“Mm-hm.” Keith hummed, halfway to falling asleep already.
“Me too.” Hunk smiled a small little smile, just for himself, and it was nice to know that even after thinking he had Keith figured out there were still little things that could happen to surprise him. - ella-animine

basically just keith big spooning/backpacking hunk based off this by @waffle-walks & @ella-animine  … thank u for this beautiful idea i’m cryin 


Yukimura’s Six-Day Countdown ! Happy Birthday, Lord Yukimura ! 

I have a special piece waiting for the seventh day. Stay tuned!