why i can make it through

Carl has been through so much, he grew up in this terrible world. He’s also one of the most important characters on the show, everything that Rick has done in the show HAS BEEN FOR CARL.

And now Scott Gimple who i’m convinced can’t write anything well, has killed off the person who was supposed to make it.

Drastic Measures (Chapter Six)

True to Kimble’s word, the sublevel exit left them on the beach. They were sheltered from the main thoroughfares of Raider’s Cove for a few minutes, but Theron knew they wouldn’t have long before they were pursued. “We need to get off this planet,” he muttered. “My shuttle should be nearly finished refueling – if they haven’t impounded it yet, I can remotely pilot it to our location.”

“Would the bounty hunters think to capture your shuttle?” Xaja asked as she warily looked around.

“Hard to tell.” Theron took her hand and tugged her back to the relative shelter offered by the palm trees. “There’s still no actual law enforcement here, is there, Kimble?”

“That would require laws to enforce.” Kimble adjusted his rucksack over his shoulder. “But depending how large that pirate crew is and how smart the captain is, they might have sent people back to the docks to figure out which ship’s yours.”

“Wonderful.” Theron whirled, hearing muffled yells from inside Kimble’s residence. “We can argue a plan later. Anyone in the town who might help us?”

“With a hundred million credits on the line?”

“If we get to the jungle,” Xaja interjected, “we might be able to lose them and get the shuttle to pick us up there.”

“Yes, while trying to avoid every single animal in that jungle,” Kimble complained. “Remember the wampas from the last time we were here?”

“The most the animals are gonna do is eat us. They won’t stab us in the back for credits.”

“No, but the spice runners in there might.” Kimble gestured out in the general direction of the jungle with his hand. “The town’s expanded since we were last here, and there’s a whole lot of disreputable stuff that goes on there, even by Raider’s Cove standards. We go that way, we’re as good as dead.”

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I hate this god-damn planet plz gimme at least 20 good reasons why there is even a point in living in a country full of KKK members and a Pedo-Prez like how do you survive this without living in a cave till' it's over like we don't even have free abortions and healthcare

I can’t give you twenty good reasons, but you just gotta power through it, man.

Some things in the world really suck right now, but you have to believe it’ll get better. Believe you can make it better, even if it’s just with the little things.

And focus on the stuff that isn’t so bad, for now. If you do that, the world starts to seem like a much better place.

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After raising crickets I can't see how they're clean. I know factory farms aren't clean either but you can rinse and cook meat. Is it really safe?

That’s why I like buying from Entomo Farms- they don’t use the big plastic bin method. Rather, they have these kinda… open barn things and these almost egg-crate-esque cricket “condos.” They harvest the adults and separate them from their living space and waste. 

If you’re farming insects at home, it’s easy enough to make a grate system where the frass falls through and collects at the bottom, away from the bugs. Makes a great fertilizer!

What is Pyre and why do I think you should play it?

The short answer:

  • It’s a game for PC/Mac and PS4, by Supergiant Games (Bastion, Transistor).
  • It follows a group of characters who have been exiled to a miserable realm called the Downside, and their struggles to win freedom through a mystical set of Rites.
  • It features visual-novel-style character interaction and decision-making, alternating with the Rites, which are a sort of mystical sport that you enter into with three characters at a time.
  • The writing, worldbuilding (so much lore!), art, and music are excellent.
  • There is a strong found-family theme and a set of characters I really, really love and have many feelings about and I need to people to yell with about them. Even the antagonists are generally well-developed and interesting
  • The game deals thoughtfully with a number of themes including the meaning of sports, the nature of freedom, and friendship.

More information about the premise, characters, and gameplay below…

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what do you think about the whole “vote for me” thing? why did jm feel the need to say that? it was so out of place, his entire mood changed in like 0.001 sec lol. and the close-up made it even more awkward

I agree like where did that even come from? His flower comments were so weird too lol. This was early on after the DNA era started though, which was around the time when they started increasing the amount of KM moments that make the final cut. So if we want to go all tinfoil, we can think that they looked through the material and judged this to be the most ??? KM moment that would make people pay attention and talk. But that’s just tinfoil ;D

Levihan Fanfiction Favorites

I know this is a little late, but thanks for 200 followers <3

I probably could never express in words how much I love these fics, and I apologize if my thoughts are a bit all over the place or don’t make any sense, but I just want to tell you guys why I love these so much as best as I can! 
(っ˘ω˘ς )

I literally had to stop myself from going into detail about why I love every sentence of all these fanfics.

Thank you authors for writing these masterpieces!

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regarding long ass posts telling people to stop shipping their ship for whatever reason…

stop😂 literally what’s the point it’s not going to make ppl sit and think “hmm maybe i’ll stop” if anything it just makes people more pressed bc they gotta scroll through ur long post they’re gonna ignore,, why u gotta get involved w other people’s lives? get a life and stop thinking about ppl u don’t agree with if u can’t stop them and they’re not actually doing anything wrong or breaking the law etc, stay in ur damn lane n mind ur own business and go outside damn you’ll be a lot happier😂😂


After the stylist, Mila decided to take her daughter out to eat some lunch. “You must be starving. I’m surprised there’s a wait at the restaurant today.”

“It’s okay,” Blair replied, settling down on a bench. “It gives us more time to catch up. I’ve been rude. I haven’t asked about you or dad. How are you guys?”

“Your father’s brother isn’t doing too well,” Mila said with a heavy heart. “The medical costs are getting too expensive to have a nurse visit him in his home, and he’s still completely paralyzed.”

“What does that mean, mom?” Blair asked. “What will happen to him?”

“He’ll be staying with us in the guest room,” Mila said softly. 

“That’s why you guys redid it. Makes sense.” Blair ran a hand through her newly cut hair. “I can leave. I don’t mean to be in the way.”

“No, it’s okay. We didn’t think you and Castel were going to break up. that isn’t your fault and your father and I are happy to have you back. You just might need to sleep on the couch when your uncle comes.”

“It’s okay, I won’t be here long. I just wanted to cry a little and then I knew I’d have to get my life back together. I need a new job.”

Hellish Wedding | Crowley Headcanons

Anonymous Asked:  You write for SPN? Awesome! Can you write headcanons for Crowley and Y/N’s hell-ish wedding? 

yeah!!! these were so fun to write omg!

  • reblogs + tags and replies will make my entire day as i put a lot of effort into this !
  • story continues beneath the read more. let me know if you can’t access it!

  • At first the idea of a wedding is something comical and foreign to Crowley. A wedding? In hell? It makes no sense, there’s no need for it. A reception full of demons would be both dangerous and silently chaotic- the demons don’t care what so ever who their new ‘queen’ is, and something as pure as a wedding should be as far away from the underworld as possible. Which, is precisely why he goes through with it.
  • Once he starts it’s merely ironic. Sure he loves you but despite being  brash and extra at times he doesn’t want to waste all the time and energy in setting up such an event. At the start he really only keeps it in between you and himself, choosing a main theme and where it will be held. He also tells one, maybe two of his higher up demons but doesn’t let them have a say in anything.
  • If Crowley had to pick a wedding theme, it would be something casual. No huge theme or those weird underwater setting ones. A long red carpet leading up a few steps, where you and he would stand and give each other your vows and rings. He makes a list of demons that he trusts enough, and those demons are allowed to come. However this isn’t merely an invitation, more like a demand. They might just die if they skip out.
  • Eventually Crowley finds that he actually starts to have fun with the ideas you and he comes up with. At first it was just a game of sorts in his mind, but soon he learns that he’s enjoying the planning, even if in some ways he has no idea what he’s doing. He doesn’t do weddings. Doesn’t attend them, doesn’t have them, doesn’t plan them. But he also doesn’t trust anyone else enough to do it just like how you two are planning. He’s present for all of the decorating and set-up, and while he isn’t the one doing the physical movements he is standing there criticizing everything.
  • When Rowena inevitably finds out from some demon, there are two things that can happen. If she isn’t on good terms with him (which, let’s be honest is near all the time) then she likely won’t care one bit.  If anything she’ll be bitter, not wanting her son to have really ANYTHING good in life. She’ll wave her hand and say there’s something wrong with you for seeing him as a fit husband. She’ll remark that she gives your marriage two months before it hits the gutters. However, this is a much different story if she is on good terms with him. Well, as good as the terms can be, anyways. Even if she doesn’t reside within Hell like she did at first she will burst through those doors, interrupting whatever Crowley’s doing and exclaiming, “Fergus! You’re getting married and you didn’t think to tell your mother? Don’t you know she’s the first one you come to!” Now, all the demons know.
  • He’ll try to get her to back off at first, telling her that sure, she’s invited, but she isn’t going to take part at all in the setup or ceremony. He’s also highly suspicious as to why she cares so much, but then again when isn’t there a time he’s suspicious of her motives. When she argues and butts her way into planning, he surprisingly doesn’t put his foot down as hard as you’d expect. Like I said, he doesn’t know much about wedding planning but Rowena’s a woman, and you’re a woman. You two can bond or something.
  • Throwing you under the bus, Crowley appeases his mother by telling him that she can join you on picking a dress. While this sounds horrid, it actually isn’t too bad! If she has no beef with you than she’s more tame than you might think. She is, however, a bit controlling. Being alive for as long as she has she swears up and down that no one knows fashion like her, and she really goes above and beyond in helping you choose a spectacular dress. Should you ask her why she suddenly cares so much, she’ll dramatically hold her heart and say, “Why wouldn’t I want the absolute best for my daughter-in-law? A mother’s proudest day is when her son finds a bride, after all.”
  • The wedding itself is much more flashy than you thought it would be. The long, red carpet is littered with roses (you’re not sure how those got there) and your dress drags majestically as you walk down the aisle. Still within Hell’s palace, all the white and red settles nicely with the stone walls and floors. Seeing demons rise in their seats, bowing their heads as you pass is an incredibly empowering feeling. You walk yourself up the aisle, Crowley already there waiting for you, and when you stop in front of him the reception sits down respectfully. Your veil is lifted carefully, and you come face to face with Crowley for the first time that evening.
  • His expression is smug and powerful, but among that you also see affection glimmering. He also looks prideful as he takes your hand in his own and slips the wedding ring onto your finger, then you do the same gracefully. Your vows are short- neither of you want to spill your hearts in front of a room full of demons- but they’re effective. Rowena wipes what you assume is a fake tear, but you appreciate the effort as she asks the demon sitting next to her if they’ve ever seen something so beautiful.

Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’

How to Cope with Jealous Feelings

1. Understand what jealousy is. It’s a mixture of fear and anger – usually the fear of losing someone who’s important to you, and anger at the person who is “taking over”. Recognise that it’s a destructive and negative emotion - and often nothing good comes out of it.

2. Try and figure out why you’re feeling jealous. Is it related to some past failure that is undermining your ability to trust? Are you feeling anxious and insecure? Do you suffer from low self-esteem, or fear of abandonment?

3. Be honest with yourself about how your jealousy affects other people. Do friends or partners always have to justify their actions and thoughts, or always report on where they were, or who they were with? That kind of pressure is destructive in the end, and puts a strain on relationships.

4. Find the courage to tackle your feelings. Decide to question your jealousy every time it surfaces. That will enable you to take positive steps to manage your feelings in a healthier and more constructive way. Some possible questionsto ask yourself include: “Why am I jealous about this?”; “What exactly is making me feel jealous?”; “What or who am I afraid of losing?”; “Why do I feel so threatened?”

5. Work on changing any false beliefs that might be fueling your jealousy. Start this process by identifying the underlying belief, for example “If X leaves me, then I won’t have any friends”; “If Y doesn’t love me then no-one will ever want or love me”. Understand, that beliefs are often false – and that they can be changed through choice. If you change your belief, you change the way you feel.

6. Learn from your jealousy. Jealousy can help understand ourselves better – and teach us important lessons. For example, it’s natural to feel frightened when a relationship is new, and you don’t yet feel secure. This is normal and commonplace! Also, some people DO have a roving eye, and they may lack commitment in the longer term. Better you know that now, than later on.

7. Work on accepting and trusting yourself. That makes it easier to trust others, too, and lessens our tendency to feel jealous of others.

No Kissing In Front Of Me *Steve Harrington x Reader*

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Requested by Anon: Steve Harrington x Reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin has Steve over to babysit him bc Reader is supposed to be out on a date but she comes home like halfway through with like super ready eyes and tells them she found out he’s cheating on her because he stood her up to go with the other girl or something
Pairings: Dustin Henderson x Sibling! Reader & Billy Hargrove x Reader (Mentioned briefly) & Steve Harrington x Reader
Word Count: 
A/N: I couldn’t be bothered to make up a name for the reader to possibly be on a date with. Billy is someone that comes across as a cheating, maybe not taking the relationship with reader seriously, type. - Rosalie

“Why are you even going out with that jackass?” Dustin asked, watching you through the vanity mirror reflection as you got ready for your date. You muttered a soft ‘language’ to your little brother who just scoffed. “You can date anyone, literally, ANYBODY! But you go out, willingly, with Billy Hargrove?”

You sighed gently as you finished with your make up. You had been going out on a few dates with the new guy, well he wasn’t new anymore, he and his sister had been here for a few months. You didn’t really get why Dustin and his party hated him, he was kind of an asshole but so was everyone else in this town. Dustin always said, ‘There are just things that I know that you don’t, I don’t trust him’. You liked he was looking out for you but you’re the older sibling, it should be the other way round.

“Why do you hate him so much? Enough with the bullshit, what happened to make you hate him?” Dustin shrugged, shoulders slumped and eyes cast to his hands as he toyed with your comforter on your bed. “I’m going on that date, Dustin. Whatever you think of him isn’t true, he’s been nothin’ but nice to me. He doesn’t pressure me for anythin’ and he’s really sweet too. Tell me what happened and I won’t go on that date, if you tell me what happened with Billy I’ll call him off.”

Before Dustin can even open his mouth the doorbell chimes, you raise your eyebrows but Dustin sighs. You both stand up, you’re dressed in a pale pink dress with a denim jacket thrown on. Dustin opens the door, revealing Steve Harrington, his babysitter for the night, plus a new founded best friend. It was cute, how both he and Steve had a brotherly bond. They looked out for one another, it made you smile to see Dustin finally have someone to look up to, admire and Steve was someone that you trusted to lead your brother in a good direction.

You smiled as Steve looked at you. “Wow, Y/N, you look… wow.” He compliments, at loss for words and it brings a slight blush upon your cheeks as you roll your eyes at him.

“Okay, I’ll see you both in a few hours. Don’t miss me too much,” You grin waving bye at both of them and walking out of the door.

*Steve’s P.O.V kinda*

Steve stared at the door as it closed softly, watching you leave to go on a date with Billy Hargrove always rubbed him the wrong way. Knowing that someone as kind, sweet and genuinely good was hanging around with the asshole Billy, made Steve feel sick to his stomach. His blood boiled at the thought of it, it left a funny after taste in Steve’s mouth whenever you talked about your dates with Billy.

“Steve!” Dustin’s voice pulled Steve from his mind and he looked at the shithead and shrugged his shoulders in response. “Jealousy back again?”

Steve rolled his eyes and sat down, Dustin had got into his pea-sized brain that Steve was jealous. Jealous that Billy got to date you and not him, which was ridiculous. Steve Harrington doesn’t get jealous, he doesn’t even know why he’d be jealous. It’s just you. Dustin’s older sister. Who was sweet, kind and beautiful, who had this thing where if she laughs too hard she hiccups?

“I’m not jealous of Billy Hargrove,” Steve states, turning the TV on and looking at the VHS movies that Dustin had picked to watch tonight. “What do I have to be jealous about?”

Dustin rolled his eyes, sitting down also. “Are you pretending to be dumb or are you actually this stupid all of the time?” That receives a stern glare from Harrington, “I know she’s my sister but I am told constantly that she’s beautiful, plus she has to be somewhat good looking because ” Dustin gestures to his smiling face and Steve tries not to chuckle at that. “It’s okay if you like-like her, better you than Billy.”

Steve puts in the movie and that leaves him to think over what Dustin has said. He glances at Dustin who is consumed by the movie, mouth slightly agape as he fully zoned in on the SyFy movie. Steve had grown accustomed to life with the kids, looking after the little shits was now just second nature to him. You were sort of a package deal, you didn’t know about any of the events with the upside down world but you managed to still be part of their lives. You were sort of an innocence that everyone loved, you knew something has happened but you preferred to not know.

It’s for the better that way. Steve liked that you weren’t carrying any of the weight, that you managed to still be a supportive person but in a way that was different for everyone. It was hard to keep that life away from you, it’s partly why he hates you are dating Billy. If you knew what had happened, you wouldn’t be dating him but he had made a promise. To the boys, to Eleven, to Hopper and Joyce to not tell.

“So, you wouldn’t mind if I dated Y/N?” Steve asked, eyes trained on the TV. “I know she’s dating Billy but if that didn’t work out-”

“Steve, you have my permission to date my sister. No kissing in front of me, that’s all I ask.” Steve smiles slightly and both go back to watching the movie, halfway in when the front door crashes open. “Son-of-a-bitch!” Dustin yells, turning his head to see his sister standing in the doorway, he holds his hand over his heart.

It takes both boys a few seconds to realise you’re crying. Eyes red, small sobs escaping your lips and you throw your purse to the floor and pull off your shoes, running past them towards your room ignoring their yells of your name. Steve looks at Dustin who is just as shocked as he is by your outburst.

“You don’t think Billy…” Dustin trails off, instantly Steve is to his feet and Dustin follows him down the short hall to your door where Steve knocks on the door. “Y/N, we’re coming in!” Dustin yells, knowing you never lock your door anyway.

Steve opens the door silently and both peak in. Your laying on your bed, hair a mess of curls and crying into a pillow. Dustin walks passed Steve, sitting down beside your head and petting your hair softly, trying to comfort you silently. Steve awkwardly sits down, placing a hand on the small of your back and rubbing comforting circles. They wait till your sobs had quieted down, listening to cry was one of the worst things Steve has endured. Yeah, he’s had to fight demogorgons but this was another level.

“Y/N, what happened?” Steve asked and you lifted your head, hair sticking your tear stained cheeks that are red and blotchy. You wipe your eyes with the back of your hand, anger swept through them but also sadness. “Did Billy… do something… like-”

“No.” You shake your head, fresh tears welling in your eyes. “He turned up with another girl, with Stacy. He’s been seeing her behind my back, cause I wasn’t putting out.” Dustin’s face flashed with anger. “I’m such a stupid shit head!” You groaned, accepting the hug from your little brother and Steve scoffed, causing both Henderson siblings to look at him.

Steve shakes his head. “Billy is the shithead. You deserve better than him, got it? A guy like that isn’t worth your tears, you’re too good for him. If he can’t keep it in his pants that’s his fault, not yours.” You raised your eyebrows at Steve, who crossed his arms and glared at the wall opposite him. “I should punch him in the face again for doing that to you.”

“Again?” You asked slightly amused that he had even punched Billy for the first time. Dustin looks wide-eyed at Steve who does the same, you sighed. “Need to know, right?” They nod and smiled slightly. “Thank you, both of you for being here. I think I’m going to call it a night.” They nod, Dustin gets up and leaves the room first but Steve hesitates, making you look at him slightly confused.

He shuffles slightly nervously. “Y/N… have a good sleep.” Steve sighs before leaving your room, kicking himself for not saying anything to you about his true feelings.


It had been almost a week since that godawful date with Billy. You tried to keep yourself occupied, extra schoolwork and hanging out with Nancy. The humiliation of that day was what hurt you the most, Billy had let you believe the date was still on, he didn’t cancel or say anything about what was happening with Stacy. He let you walk in, alone and see him with another girl like he planned it or something.

Walking down the street towards your house you hear arguing. Well, more of bickering between two people. You glance up to see Steve and Dustin in the driveway of your home, Dustin was meant to be at Mike’s studying and Steve, well he was meant to be off being Steve somewhere else- having a day off from being the kid’s mom. You frown as you walk closer, Steve is holding roses and Dustin has his radio headset on, seemingly talking over it whilst simultaneously walking to Steve.

“What’s going on?” You asked walking closer, Dustin jumps slightly and turns to you with a nervous smile. “I thought you were going to Mike’s tonight?” You asked with a slight frown at his reaction.

It’s a solid minute before anyone speaks up. “I’m helping Steve… he’s got a date.” You nod slowly and glance at Steve, who is nervously stood holding the roses and smiling awkwardly. A pang of something shoots through your chest, whoever he was taking on a date was a lucky girl.

“Oh.” Is all you can manage, “Well, have fun and don’t take all of my brother’s advice.” You try to chuckle and smile but it sounds forced, you go to walk around them and inside the house, to cry to your mother but you’re stopped by someone tugging on your wrist.

You frown up at Steve. “Y/N, I need to tell you something.” You nod and turn back towards Steve, waiting for whatever he needs to say, he stares at you for a moment. “Fuck it!”

Before you can process what is happening his lips are on yours, his hands holding your shoulders and the roses fall to the floor beside your feet. You instantly respond, melting into the kiss that’s unlike anything you’ve ever had. You feel Steve smile against your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist as yours rest against his neck.

“GROSS!” You pull apart and look at Dustin, who is horrified. “I said no kissing in front of me, that was the only rule. You asshole.” he picks up his bike, muttering curse words and names at Steve, “one fucking rule, can even follow that. I do everything to help this guy, this is how he repays me.”

Steve purses his lips and holds back the chuckle. “Thank you, shithead,” Steve calls, Dustin turns and flips him off before riding off down the street to Mikes. “It was worth breaking that one rule.” Steve shrugged at you, you chuckled lightly nudging him, he bends down and picks up the roses again. “Prepare to go on the best date of your life.” He challenges, pulling you by your hand towards his car.

“Is this the first time you’ve hung out with someone your own age in a while?” You smirk as Steve blinks at you, mock offence. “How will they survive without you?”

Steve rolled his eyes, opening your door before walking around to his side and starting the engine to the car. It’s silent as he begins to drive off towards your date destination, “I do need to stop in to make sure they all get home okay.” He mutters causing you to chuckle at him, he sighs and chuckles along with you.

(Decided to end it funny. Hopefully, whoever requested this likes it. I had fun writing it, I like the whole Dustin’s sister thing, I like writing the reader as one of the kids sibling. - Rosalie)

soft allura headcanons

she’s strong and determined but i love seeing her gentle side

  • at night she brushes her hair and it’s silky and smells like lavender shampoo. the mice climb up her shoulders and help her with little tangles she can’t reach
  • allura: “coran, i am absolutely too old for teddy bears” coran: “alright then. in that case, i’ll throw mr snuffles out with the rest of the space garbage?”
    • allura: “now wait just one quiznakking second-”
  • she likes her tea sweet because she can’t stand bitter drinks 
  • she watches altean romcoms until late into the night and screams into her pillow during sappy scenes, cheeks flushed and a wide grin on her face
  • pidge and her have sleepovers where they play monopoly in allura’s room and put each other’s hair into little braids 
  • allura: “rise up and take your planet back from the galra! with voltron’s help, i will personally ensure your liberation!!”
    • also allura: “keith, is that cute girl looking at me? don’t look at her. don’t- she’s looking?! oh my god, do i look alright? actually don’t tell me, i’m just- oh quiznak, we have to get out of here”
  • she likes makeup and when they stop at a mall, she spends hours in space sephora excitedly going through lipsticks and eyeshadows
  • at breakfast, lance blows milk out of his nose and allura giggles so hard she starts to cry 
  • hunk paints her nails and she tells him about her childhood on altea
  • she puts on soft piano music and dances around her room, letting her hair stream out behind her in glossy waves
  • shiro: “ok team, we’re descending on this planet and- princess, why do you keep laughing?” allura: “shiro, i cannot take you seriously with food goo on your chin” 
  • allura makes sure to take a flower from every planet they visit so she can press them into books in her library and keep them forever
  • allura: “coran…i want to fall in love” coran: “well, who do you have in mind princess?” 
    • allura sighing: “a cute girl or boy. pretty eyes. they have to like the mice” 
  • she sings the mice to sleep in a soft voice but before she knows it, she’s also out like a light, curled into her silk sheets and breathing gently
  • on a foreign planet, allura discovers a library built by her father back when alteans were space-farers. the team find her sitting alone in a corner, crying, with books in her lap and the mice patting at her face. they all hold onto their princess and hug her tight 
To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.2

[pt.1] [p.2] [pt.3 End]

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The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. But at the same time, the more I thought about this whole situation, the more I feel as though I was overreacting. He was right, I’m only his girlfriend - we’re not tied down to one another and he can hang with whoever he wants to hang out with. But her. She’s always liked Jungkook even though we’ve been together for this long, she never gave up on him and he knows what feelings she has for him. Do you blame me for being insecure? For being scared of the fact that I might end up losing the man I see my future with because of her? But it’s all too late now, there’s no use in being scared, or insecure because it all happened. Everything he ever assured you of, that they’ll only ever remain as friends, that he won’t do anything to lead her on, that he won’t hurt you like that, all those things he said, they meant nothing because those are all the things he did. 

I hear a knock on my door and I dreaded who stood behind it, but to my pleasant surprise I guess it wasn’t Jungkook.

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Okay but the way she is interacting with Max Martin and Shellback is EVERYTHING. She isn’t sitting there letting them build a song around her. She has the ideas, she has the bridges and the hooks. She stands there like a boss and takes control. Like, she is fully radiating confidence and poise and self-assurety. They work together, they respect her, and it’s truly collaborative. But what’s more, it’s clearly her song, her voice, her ideas.

So if ONE MORE PERSON comes at me saying she’s just a cog in their pop machine I swear to god I will throw my computer at them with just this “making of” on repeat so they can learn through osmosis.


today’s gonna be heckin busy so I won’t be able to draw anything for you guys so here’s some out-of-sequence-none-spoiler-incredibly-rough-doodle-comic-sneak-peaks

it’s an 18 pager so gonna take a while but its a fun one :>

;dimple (m)

pairing—kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings—smut, comedy, slight angst/drama, romance, slow burn, roommates/friends
words— 14,725

:: summary— What’s the rule again? How many dates does it take for you have sex with a guy? Three? Five? Ten?! What if all this waiting and you can’t remember how to do it? It’s been so long since the last time you swear you’ve forgotten! You’re desperate, and that’s how you end up asking your roommate for help. Only trouble is, you get much more than you bargained for…

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