why i am marching

My sign for the March for Science! 

Serious TMBG representation at the Seattle March for Science today!!! Before the march started we were all gathered in this park to listen to speeches and stuff, and there was a folk band playing a cover of “Why Does the Sun Shine?”, and afterwards they said it was by TMBG and I was like “HELL YEH.” And then when the actual march was starting they played the TMBG version and “Science is Real” over the PA! I was SO EXCITED.

And I’m sure y’all can guess what I was wearing:

I saw another guy wearing one too! I wanted to tell him we were shirt buddies and give him a high five or something, but he was walking quickly past and talking to someone else so I didn’t get to, unfortunately. Still cool to see another TMBG fan there though! And I love SO MUCH that they were selling the new version of the shirt to raise money for the big march in DC. What awesome guys they are!