why i am i not there

You know something went right in your life when you are drawing a huge pile mashed potatos with @markiplier in a bathtub on top of it! But I can’t say that I am not happy xD 

I may understand you now Mark… you know when your brain is begging you to stop but you are doing it anyway xD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone <3

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Can u do a bts scenario how they would seduce u please

bts react to seducing you

Note: All the gifs used in this reaction are not mine so credits to the owners

A/N: Thank you for the request baby~!!

Kim Seokjin ➸

Jin would be leaning his head on his palm, biting his bottom lip while watching you read your book in front of him. He’d chuckle lightly and lick his lips.

“Hey baby, would you help me..?”

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Min Yoongi ➸

Yoongi would wrap his arms around you while you were washing the dishes. He would kiss you neck and leave hickeys all over. Yoongi would press himself up against you and growl into your ear.

“We’ll do the dishes later.. we have more important things to do than that..”

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Kim Namjoon ➸

The two of you would be sitting on the couch. You would be reading your book but Namjoon would be distracting you by kissing down your neck and onto your shoulder.

“Baby let’s do something else ~”

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Jung Hoseok ➸

The two of you would be watching a movie when Hoseok’s hand lingered on your thigh, slowly moving up near your core. You would rest your hand on his shoulder and continue watching the movie.

“Baby, let’s do something else because the movie is too boring..”

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Park Jimin ➸

You would be sitting up on the counter eating your ice cream when Jimin came up to you and took your bowl away, placing it on the counter. Jimin placed his hands beside your thighs and started kissing your collarbones.

“Spread your legs baby. The ice cream can wait..”

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Kim Taehyung ➸

Taehyung would already have you pinned down against the couch, his lips attached to your jaw, neck, shoulder, and collarbone. He pulled you into his lap and continued kissing everywhere.

“You like it when I do this..?”

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Jeon Jungkook ➸

Jungkook would wrap your legs around his waist and kisses your neck, leaving hickeys with every kiss. Jungkook would press himself up against you keeping your legs around him.

“Fuck.. You make me so hard..”

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Ishida can we please do this Sleeping Beauty style, like after they dig up Ken’s body he’s totally out of it and Nishiki tries to wake him up to no avail, Tsukiyama tries and nothing, Touka tries and gets a FAST NO, then Hide steps up, smiling and hesitating and he just goes “Kaneki… let’s just go home dude” and the King suddenly zones in on him and all around Tokyo the monster starts shriveling and turning to dust and Kaneki’s crying because he didnt kill Hide and he’s right there holding him as Kaneki collapses in relief and exhaustion and Hide’s swallowing tears like “I’m glad you were able to live on to wait for me”


I am… concerned? With Kakyo and his super helpful comment about them not running away any time soon?



DO WE NOT??????


Also, since when was that an issue?

Also also, you let this happen? You watched from the side of a pool? Why do you get a say in whether they run away or not?


I can’t believe I’m sympathising more with Satsuki than Kakyo.

I can’t believe that’s where we are now.

But on the plus side Lava Lamp looks like he’s Seeing Some Things He Did Not Expect

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(To the answer you gave on Craig's height) His parents aren't his biological, so their tall genes would have no effect on him...

While I totally like the adopted!Craig headcanon, i don’t think it has been confirmed that they weren’t his actual parents in canon. Anything is possible

If this post gets 300 notes I will do a face reveal 😉

Simply because I took a picture of myself last night that is A) something I’m proud of and B) pretty much a confirmation of why Viggo should get in my bed. Hint: There are furs.